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15 footlong toss

The Christmas Tree Throwing Challenge

When you throw away your tree, make sure to literally THROW it away. Walk your tree out to your curb / dumpster / alley. Stop about 20 feet short of where you would normally place your tree. Then try to throw the tree as far as you can! How far can you throw a Christmas […]

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January art check-in

Now is the perfect time to start making art. It’s the new year! Let’s make a resolution to make more art this year. Once a month, I’ll make a post asking people to leave a comment about whatever project everyone is working on at the moment.┬áIt’ll be a fun way to see what people are […]

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Stack of postcards

Unlimited postal mail

Have you ever thought about sending a postal package to someone, and wished you could send it for free? The hassle of having to go to a post office, wait in line, and pay x-amount of money. Blerg. I want to just set the package outside my door, have it picked up, and sent. I […]

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flowers in hair

Cultural practice of wearing flowers every day

What if our culture had a custom where everyone wore a flower every day–including to work and on the weekends. People would wear the flower(s) on their shirt, in their hair, or maybe around the waist. (Men, too). We might have a brighter, happier culture to see that every day on every one. But what […]

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I voted sticker

I voted sticker or scrap of paper?

What would you rather get when you finish voting? A sticker or a little sheet of paper? Today was the first time I got a sticker today for voting, but I rather miss the scrap of paper from Chicago. As I placed my sticker on my jacket this morning, I felt a little self-conscious. Almost […]

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Bokeh behind growing red tulips

My first outdoor photos with my new Nikon D610

Stepping outside the Tribune Tower with my new Nikon D610 around my neck. Lo and behold the tulips are starting to come out of the ground! Photographing the budding tulips on the median of Michigan Avenue has become a semi-annual tradition for me (2010, 2013, 2014). With multiple lanes of traffic whizzing by, breaking out […]

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Who wrote most of the articles you read this year?

Take all the articles you’ve read the past year. Imagine if you could automatically build a list the author names who wrote most of those articles? Would you find that sort of service helpful? On my content strategy blog, I write about such an idea. Read the post and let me know what you think […]

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Evernote blog drafts

How I built up 901 unpublished blog drafts

Ever run out of ideas for what to write about? My cousin Peter was experiencing writers block for his blog. Here’s how to build up a list of ideas to write about. 1. Keep ALL your blog drafts in one place. You might have ideas on scraps of paper. Or in various email drafts. Put […]

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traffic stats for from 2008 to 2015

A new coming soon!

In the coming weeks, a redesigned will be launched. All 25,000 comments will be back on the site–including all the comments from Facebook. I’m also hoping that all the blog posts will be categorized and tagged. Although that feature might come later. From 2008-2011, was regularly pulling in 70,000 visitors a month. But […]

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