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Is “Greetings Earthling” an appropriate salutation? [webcomic]

Surprise your co-workers or friends by welcoming them with a “Greetings Earthling!”

Try to guess if they are wondering if you are an alien or human being. If you aren’t sure, the internet’s Triangle of Knowledge waits to help: Yahoo Answers,, and Quora. Great answers came from Quora, including one from an astronaut! Here’s the original question posted:

Does greetings, earthling imply you are an alien or greeting your fellow earthling?

An informative 465-word answer was given by Michael Wilson. He explored terms like: “pragmatics of conversation” and “the Maxim of Quantity.” The answer is so good, that I transformed his answer into a webcomic. Please enjoy and share on twitter. (The astronaut answer is below the webcomic.)

Greetings, Earthling [webcomic]

Quora not only dished up that great detailed answer, but former NASA Astronaut Garret Reisman also responded!

Astronaut: my customary greeting was hello, Earthling!

Looking at this guy’s profile online, it seems legit. Astronauts are so cool. If a real-life astronaut says this phrase, then it’s immediately in the cool book of salutations to regularly say. resulted in some quicky goofball answers:

used by a terran to address other terran

an alien would call us terrans not earthlings

Humorous that he keeps calling Earthlings as terrans. I had to google terrans to see what in the world they are. (For the unknowing: aliens call humans terrans). Crowtrobot confirms that aliens don’t use the word “earthlings.”

Yahoo Answers also yielded some quick bites. The best response coming from “Mike”:

I never heard an alien say that

Mike gives a very logical answer. However, I never met a logical alien, so I don’t think they are logical.



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2 Responses to Is “Greetings Earthling” an appropriate salutation? [webcomic]

  1. unlikelymoose October 19, 2013 at 3:26 am #

    I wouldn’t necessary consider Yahoo Answers,, and Quora to be the Triangle of Knowledge, but rather the Triangle of Opinion. It’s super cool you got an astronaut to respond. This webcomic thing is really neat.

  2. Matt Maldre October 21, 2013 at 7:59 am #

    Triangle of Opinion. Yeah. Although i like the irony behind calling them Triangle of Knowledge. Maybe I should call it the Triangle of Semi-Knowledge. That makes it even more funny.

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