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Thank you email to Quiznos

Quiznos emailed me a coupon today. I was happy. Thus I emailed Quiznos with my thanks. Here’s the email:


My dear quiznos rock star,

Perfect timing. My friend and I were just talking about expanding our lunch horizons. Quiznos should fit the bill. It’s a little bit more of a walk from the Tribune Tower, but this coupon would make it worth it.

Thank you my coupon friend.


It’s fun sending fun thank you emails. Oh and btw, don’t try printing the above coupon out. It’s too small. I don’t think they will accept that image. Instead try out this link:

One Response to Thank you email to Quiznos

  1. Matt Maldre February 10, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    Oh no! Quiznos did not recieve my message. ========================= Your message did not reach the following recipient(s): [email”>[/email”> on Wed, 10 Feb 2010 14:18:53 -0600 The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not report a specific reason. Check the address and try again. If it still fails, contact your system administrator. <[″> #5.0.0 smtp; 5.1.0 – Unknown address error 550-‘No such user – psmtp’ (delivery attempts: 0)> =========================

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