Go to the sales section for more info.
AH HA! Here it is! I clickity clicked the link and found the whole story over here! Nice job!

Posted by: Tom on Jul 22, 08 | 4:41 pm

ha! Yes, thanks for pointing that out, Tom. I explain a bit more about having to click on the image over in that blog post to get to this page.

Posted by: spudart on Jul 22, 08 | 4:44 pm

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Corny joke

A friend of mine writes a bi-weekly humor column where one of the columns was about how corn is taking over everything with the new ethanol fuel, and how many items are made from corn products. I thought it would be funny to make a little art installation (aka practical joke) where hundreds of print-outs of corn covered his desk. This is printmaking at its finest (that is, prints from the computer. hehe)

Posted by: spudart on Dec 31, 07 | 2:55 pm | Profile

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