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First Name Popularity Table

VISIT THIS LINK HERE: First Name Popularity Table

A very interesting graph of how names become popular over the past century

Posted by: spudart on Oct 06, 03 | 8:30 am | Profile
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Thanks to tom for emailing me this link.

Posted by: spudart on Oct 06, 03 | 8:31 am

It's interesting how girl names are much more sporatic over the years, while the boy names are more stable.

Posted by: spudart on Oct 06, 03 | 8:32 am

It's much easier to analyze the boys names.

The 90's have some stupid a55 pansie names: Brandon, Joshua, and Tyler.

It's interesting that "Brian" was a hot name in only the 70s.

Charles was a solid name until the end of the 50s. And William was a solid bet until the mid 70s.

Now Michael, Matthew, and Christopher the solid bets.

Posted by: unlikelymoose.com on Oct 08, 03 | 9:35 am

Emily has been in the top three for the last 7 years? wow.

Elizabeth has seen a revival. That's rare to see a revival after 60 years.

The most shocking is to see Mary at number one for a solid 77 years & either number one or two for 85 consectutive years, then in a matter of 8 years, it completely falls off the map. What happened in the 60's that everyone avoided Mary? ....oh maybe it was cuz people started calling pot Mary Jane. I bet that's it. Interesting. A cultural reference knocks off the most popular name.

Posted by: unlikelymoose.com on Oct 08, 03 | 9:41 am

Mary sounds like an old-fashioned name. But then there's Something about Mary

Posted by: spudart on Oct 08, 03 | 9:50 am

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