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Yoda Giga Pet


another bidding war.

Posted by: spudart on Feb 10, 04 | 8:16 am | Profile
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oh wow, i put in a few bids for
The auction ended at a whopping $36.75! Geez! I was willing to drop $5 on this, but freakin $36.75?

Posted by: spudart on Feb 11, 04 | 7:50 am

wise you are for stopping at $5.

Fools they became for bidding 36 dollar.


Posted by: unlikelymoose.com on Feb 11, 04 | 11:34 am

haven't you heard of proxy bidding?

Posted by: laura k. on Feb 11, 04 | 5:48 pm

i didn't receive a xmas card from Erik. i guess the force was not with me in 2003.

Posted by: laura k. on Feb 11, 04 | 5:49 pm

HA! Cool Christmas Card, Erik.

I was going to ask the same thing, about proxy bidding. That's the only way I bid on ebay. If $5 was your max. then start out by bidding $5.

Different people find different values in things. I would imagine a Yoda Giga Pet would do well, considering you have the Yoda collectors, and Giga Pet collectors, especially since Giga Pets seem to be in very short supply.

Posted by: Tom on Feb 12, 04 | 7:12 am

Proxy bidding is cool, but as I'm placing the proxy bid, sometimes I wonder if I really would possibly want to pay that much (if the auction indeed does go that high).

Posted by: spudart on Feb 12, 04 | 7:36 am

And therin lies the rub: Sometimes placing a proxy bid isn't about how much you are willing to pay, but how much you are willing to bid based on what you think other bidders will perceive the value to be. I've been at live auctions where I've bid more than I would only because someone was bidding against me and I wanted to win. The same thing happens on ebay. It's CRA-ZY!

Posted by: Tom on Feb 12, 04 | 8:20 am

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