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a way to get rid of an tv

I had an old crappy tv that nobody wanted anymore, so I put the tv in the alley with this sign

I'd love to see the look the person's face who found it. And espicially when the person takes it and uses it in their home. They will have this neat story to tell.

By Matt Maldre on Jan 24, 03 | 9:41 am  |   [2389] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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That's great!

When I moved out of the Ravenswood Neighborhood, I had an RCA 19" color TV that didn't work at all...Maybe it could've been fixed, but I didn't go to the trouble. It had been sitting in my sun porch for several months, and now that I was moving, it was time to get rid of it. I hauled it down three flights of stairs, down the gangway, out the back and to the dumpster. I set it down next to the dumpster. I went back up stairs to get a bag of trash, which I also took down to the dumpster. When I got there, the TV had already been taken! Less than 5 minutes! Amazing! I hope whoever took it was able to fix it.

Posted by: Tom on Jan 24, 03 | 11:43 am

LOL!! That's so great! I wanna take a trip to Chicago now just so that I can go "discover" that TV! :)

Posted by: Rose on Jan 24, 03 | 10:04 pm

I went to get the Tv, and it's gone! :O( Looks like someone bet me to it! ;) hee..hee...

Posted by: Rose CryStal :O) qwistoeqwistoe on Feb 10, 03 | 2:32 am

I have the Tv at my place, it works great! :O) ... a big thanks.. :)

Posted by: Rose Crystal on Jul 10, 03 | 3:41 am

I can't read the sign, what does it say???????????

Posted by: JV on Dec 16, 05 | 5:44 am

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