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What is the most popular team color combination in sports?

Of all the sports from baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), football (NFL) and hockey (NHL) I've recorded the team color combination for each team. Each team got two colors: a primary color and a secondary color.
What would you say is the most popular color combination in sports?

By Matt Maldre on Jun 15, 04 | 8:36 am  |   [6166] Hits  |  color permalink | archives

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my vote is for red and black.

Posted by: unlikelymoose on Jun 15, 04 | 2:38 pm

Blue and white ... but that's with only half a cuppa joe in me and not thinking about it too much

Posted by: Tom on Jun 16, 04 | 6:13 am

I'm looking for a kid sized cardboard cutout of hockey players

Posted by: Tony C. Nardi on Sep 19, 04 | 8:09 pm

of generic hockey players or cutouts featuring real hockey player personalities?

Posted by: spudart on Sep 20, 04 | 8:22 am

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Posted by: Jonathan Silverman on Aug 15, 06 | 9:58 pm

red and blue

Posted by: aaron on Jul 27, 07 | 6:45 pm

Red and Black.
Is this right?

Posted by: Jim Punch on Jul 30, 07 | 5:52 pm

What are the Pantone numbers for the Chicago Cubs (MLB) blue and orange/red?

Posted by: Michael Warnock on Aug 18, 08 | 11:58 am

Michael, funny you should ask, because I made a blog post about official team colors at:

The Cubs colors are: Pantone 294, Pantone 186: Chicago Cubs

Posted by: spudart on Aug 18, 08 | 12:01 pm

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