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average movie screen size?

What is average size of a screen in a theater?

By Matt Maldre on Mar 03, 05 | 7:52 am  |   [43519] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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When you step back it seems quite odd that strangers gather together in a big room with high ceilings to watch a movie projected onto a large screen.

The most common aspect ratio for movie screens is 1.85:1 to 2.35:1. The filmmakers decide the aspect ratio of a film and preferences differ from director to director. Often larger epic films, such as Gladiator, Titanic, and Star Wars are filmed with the wider scope of 2.35:1 to create a sense of being larger-than-life. Smaller, more personal films tend to favor the less gigantic 1.85:1 ratio. (source)

But what would be the actual size of an average movie screen? I would say 30-foot by 70-foot.

Posted by: spudart on Mar 03, 05 | 8:00 am

The average reflectivity of a movie screen is a Pearlescent 15%. To make a pearlescent or silver screen, a reflective coating is added to the matte white vinyl. A glass bead screen actually has thousands of tiny glass marbles embedded in a transparent coating on the surface of the screen. (

Posted by: spudart on Mar 03, 05 | 8:06 am

Does the average movie screen absorb or reflect most of the infrared spectrum of light? And does the infrared spectrum harm the screen over time?

Posted by: Randy on Aug 03, 11 | 8:42 pm

Randy does the movie project shoot infrared light? I'm not sure it does. (but i don't know)

Posted by: spudart on Aug 04, 11 | 7:09 am

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