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Dodgeball strategies, secrets and tips: Part 1 of 7

Here is a in-depth series of dodgeball strategies to improve your game and destroy the competition:
1) Pre-Game
2) Equipment
3) Throwing Techniques
4) Attack Strategies during the Game
5) Ball Control
6) Distractions and
7) Catching
(click any of these links to read more about this topic)

Today's topic is 1) Pre-Game:

  • Before the game get with your team and assign a "hit list." Decide who are the the top three best players on your opponents team. Assign each person a number. When your team has two or more balls, call out the number for synchronized targets.

  • Warmup and practice throwing before the game. It shows that you practice and thereby intimidates.

  • A few days before you play, watch Dodgeball the Movie to get the cultural feel for the game of Dodgeball.

  • Buy the same type of ball that the National Amateur Dodgeball Association uses: An 8-inch Gator Skin ball for $13.88 (available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.)

While you're at it, buy some dodgeball mugs and tshits at cafepress:

By Matt Maldre on May 04, 05 | 3:03 am  |   [218466] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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i just learned that they won't let kids play dodgeball in school anymore. i don't understand that. did anyone ever have a negative experience from playing dodgeball??

Posted by: lisa on May 04, 05 | 7:42 am

My gf's mom tells me dodgeball is alive and well in downstate IL. They're even playing with the red rubber balls that are also used in kickball and 4-square.

Posted by: Abhay on May 04, 05 | 7:49 am

oh man, those are the ones that hurt. i think we are raising kids to be big babies around here :(

Posted by: lisa on May 04, 05 | 7:57 am

Look at you! That's great! Was this a one-time tournament or will it be on-going?

I played dodge ball in school and I was actually quite good. My trick was to stay back until my team was down to just a couple of players [we usually started with close to 20 on each team] ... and then BRING IT ON, so to speak :^D

Posted by: Tom on May 04, 05 | 7:59 am

i had many many negative dodgeball experiences as a kid. i never had a positive experience. what's fun about getting smacked by a big red rubber ball? i was terrified. it was torture. i'm glad they've abolished it.

Posted by: laura on May 04, 05 | 8:46 am

This was a one-time tournament held at the Sport Center in Schaumberg, Illinois. It was called the Spring Tune-up 2005. It's held every year around this time at the same place.

Six players on a team at once. Each match is a best of three series. Each game is five minutes. The team with the most players left after five minutes wins.

We won all three or four of our matches 2 games to 1. I don't recall what the final result was of every single game... like how many people were left in each individual game.

The playoffs however, were just a best of one game. That's it. Single elminiation one game. That sucked, because you really need a three game series to determine the best winner. We lost our first playoff game. But we were the best team in our division being undefeated in the matches.

Posted by: spudart on May 04, 05 | 10:20 am

Oh. here's a link the events page for the National Amateur Dodgeball Association:

Posted by: spudart on May 04, 05 | 10:21 am

Did your team have a name?

Posted by: Tom on May 04, 05 | 10:47 am

Our team name was YounGuns.

Posted by: spudart on May 04, 05 | 11:03 am

The NADA Outdoor National Championships is on July 22, 2005 at Olympic Park, Schaumburg, IL. The YounGuns plan on representin. I welcome anyone to form a team and compete against us.

Posted by: spudart on May 04, 05 | 11:07 am

i thought it was the 23rd? the 22nd is a saturday...

Posted by: lisa on May 04, 05 | 12:41 pm

i mean, uh the 22nd is a friday, its the youth tournament. the adult tourney is on the 23rd.

Posted by: lisa on May 04, 05 | 12:42 pm

yeah! i saw that it seemed to be the wrong day too! so i emailed but i got a bounceback saying that delivery failed to that address.

Posted by: spudart on May 04, 05 | 1:25 pm

Ya'll are just too cool for school!

Posted by: Tom on May 04, 05 | 1:28 pm

Lisa is going to compete with the kids.

Posted by: Abhay on May 04, 05 | 1:52 pm

hey spudart...i live in schaumburg, il and my team is planin on going...what age division r u in...if u r in high school, we hope to verse u

Posted by: mike on May 19, 05 | 5:54 am

i also say that the 8th grade team that won it last year lives here and goes to my school...they plan on bein there too...they are also in high school now

Posted by: mike on May 19, 05 | 5:56 am

hey mike, I'm in the adult league. I'm 29. And we will be sporting a new team name. I don't know if I'm allowed to say what it will be. Oh the drama! What is your team name, mike? (how unfair, i won't say what my team name is, but I ask you what yours is. ha!)

Posted by: spudart on May 19, 05 | 6:14 am

i dont know yet...when i find out...ill tell ......where do u live...g2g to school...misisng the be on at noon

Posted by: mike on May 19, 05 | 6:19 am

hey team name will be average something friends team who is entering is called goes to my school...acually, there will be like six teams coming to it from my school ncluding the one team who one the tournament last year...i look forward to meeting your team there...txt bk soon

Posted by: mike on May 19, 05 | 11:06 am

i will probably come to watch on sat. anyways because some of my friends dads and moms will be in it...u should come on fri. to meet me...txt bk soon

Posted by: mike on May 19, 05 | 11:08 am

where is ur team coming from anyways...txt bk

Posted by: mike on May 19, 05 | 11:12 am

my team name will be...
thats the name i know its gay but thats the name my team wanted LOL

Posted by: mike on May 19, 05 | 2:54 pm

why dont u stay as YounGuns...that is a good name...and if u made it to the semis last year...then teams will be even more terrified by u when they here they are playing u 'cause they will remember u from last year...i think that is relevant and right...what do u think spudart

Posted by: mike on May 20, 05 | 5:48 am

well, not to be a tease, but our new name will be REALLY COOL. However, your strategy of keeping the same name is a very good one. In fact, I may include that somewhere in my dodgeball tips series!

I wonder how the competition differs from the high school games vs. the adult games. Like maybe the high school games are more wacky. That would be fun.

WhipporWhills. that's funny.

Posted by: spudart on May 20, 05 | 8:00 am

I have organized a group of dodgeball players and every week it gets bigger, and soon we will have tournaments and such...does anyone have any fun variations of dodgeball they would like to share (valuable tips would be nice too!)


Posted by: Phoenix007 on May 20, 05 | 11:45 pm

I have organized a group of dodgeball players and every week it gets bigger, and soon we will have tournaments and such...does anyone have any fun variations of dodgeball they would like to share (valuable tips would be nice too!)


Posted by: Phoenix007 on May 20, 05 | 11:45 pm

thank you...i might enter in the adult one just to see how good we are...wat is the first, second, and thrid place prize anyways for adults

Posted by: mike on May 23, 05 | 10:01 am

I'm on the executive of an organization called THE CANADIAN INTRAMURAL AND RECREATION ASSOCIATION. I'm writing a book on dodegabll games and am up to about 40 games. Let me know if you have any great variations, and for goodeness sake keep playing down there. In Canada this game rocks - probably cause we're indoors for 8 months a year

Posted by: Anderson on Jun 07, 05 | 7:40 pm

40 variations on the game of dodgeball? whoa. I'm curious about all these different styles. Any sneek peek teasers? Even a list of like five games would be neat to hear. When does the book come out?

Posted by: spudart on Sep 14, 05 | 3:31 am

i play in a league in long island dodgeball rules man!

Posted by: matt plujazzle on Nov 15, 05 | 9:18 am

Salutations! We found your information very helpful! As of recently, we were in quite a predicament when we found out that we to play a serious game of dodgeball in front of the entire student body for winter pepfest. Needless to say, we'd never had much experience in this field of athletics. However, your site gave us the confidence we needed to excel to the greatest dodgeball heights. While we did not win and went home with several black eyes, superficial wounds, blows to the ego, 2 bloody noses, and fractured eyelash----we appreciate your insightful dodgeball tips.

Posted by: Queens of the Dodge on Feb 17, 06 | 11:59 am

We have monthly tournaments! They are great fun and exciting! There is so much energy in the gym while we play.

This tournament is quite developed... including MVP awards, team spirit awards and the grand prize for winners, a championship belt and free t-shirts. The organizers are planning to get a league going too. We have been playing almost a year and a half now. There are some really good strategies the guy's there use.

Check out the website at

Your info and strategies are some that I have not seen yet in my tournaments.. they were great ideas and I am going to try them out with my team.

Cheers and keep up the love for DODGEBALL!

Posted by: anthony on Feb 22, 06 | 1:30 pm

yoo they banned dodgeball in our school, but they brought it back this year in a dodgeball tournament... it's insane... recommend it to your school advisors

Posted by: Cain on May 24, 06 | 8:19 pm

we play with volleyballs at our school

Posted by: Enaz on Jan 18, 07 | 1:35 pm

haha this site made my school project.

No copy and paste though

Posted by: trwent on May 08, 07 | 7:24 am

Not olny does the sport of dodgeball promite teamwork, leadership, and fairplay, it also seperates the weak from the strong, in an age group. instead of adhearing to the now conventional train of thought that sports should encorperate all, dogeball allws to strong fast and smart to excell, where the slow dimwitted children get pummled merscelesly. its evolution people, the srongest win and the weak lose. our team plays a blitzcreig stlye, and aims to end every game in under 55 seconds. we have also found that listening to certen music genras and groups exponetaly increases ones physical performance. For instance if you enter to Protest the hero, or DMX blasting, you will not olny immediatly de-moralize you opponent, but get your team ready to run to the lien, and play their best.

we have already competed and got 2nd in one tournament, and are begining our fall training, for another.

Team PlutotoBase
Nova Scotia, Canada

Posted by: CH3BRONKA on Sep 09, 07 | 5:56 pm


Posted by: Berry on Oct 24, 07 | 9:04 pm

Also since my last comment wasnt a tip, heres one. If your the last member of your team, give most of the balls to the other team set or leave a ball near the line and another kept w/ you. Rush them block all of their throws (which should be easy if your good) Once near it they should all be ball-less and defenseless running toward the back leaving you w/ two simple shots.

Posted by: Chad-wick on Oct 25, 07 | 12:04 am

I go to highschool in Toronto and dodgeball is allowed here. We're having a tournament next week. Lol, that's why i'm on this site i was searching for tips to win.

Posted by: Ray on Nov 08, 07 | 7:06 pm

Ray, if your looking for tips to win, read the opening section, it was really helpful in the development of our fall training program. Also, I recomend, a nice simple play called (or we call it anyway) the Plutoto hussle.
Ok, one player two balls, runs to mid court, throws a lob well over the head of the opponent. the opponent, reaches up for an easy out, and you nail, him/her with your remaining shot, works literelly every time, if your accuracy is good.

Team PlutotoBase,
Nova Scotia, Canada

Posted by: CH3BRONKA on Nov 27, 07 | 10:46 am

in our school playing dodgeball depends on your gym period b/c some of our coaches laugh at kids who get hit badly. at one point we've played games of dodgeball with all tennis balls your nuts

Posted by: agaga on Jan 30, 08 | 8:29 pm

wow that sounds like one hell of a class, where do you go to school?


Posted by: CH3BRONKA on Feb 04, 08 | 10:17 am

Long Island, New York

Posted by: agaga on Feb 06, 08 | 2:47 pm

i'm now thinking about moving... lol

Posted by: CH3BRONKA on Feb 27, 08 | 3:08 pm

are the gator skin balls the foam ones? And my junior high plays dodge ball every week!!!!:)

Posted by: Todd on Feb 27, 08 | 4:01 pm

Gator Skin balls are the foam ones. Yes.

Posted by: spudart on Feb 27, 08 | 4:40 pm

I was just persuaded to join a dodgeball team w/my bf as captain. its a blast but i find i cant throw worth crap and my catching is nothing to sing about either.and so,this page is brilliant. thanks for the tips!!!!

Posted by: lindsay on Mar 09, 08 | 5:00 pm

I have a dodgeball tournament for scholl tomorrow so u still can

Posted by: Henry on Jun 19, 08 | 2:59 pm

I would like to thank the person who wrote "Dodgeball secret and tips". We are virgins to the game and we need all the help we can get. Our team is playing in Cherry Grove, Fire Island. Wish us luck!

Posted by: Gayle on Jul 16, 08 | 1:54 pm

hay guys.
i smoke
i need help!
im so good at dodgeball.
xxxx i love you potato chips xxxx

Posted by: levi and haryy buh. on Oct 24, 08 | 3:31 am

awsme! This site really help pump up my game to da next level! My teams gonna play dodgeball tomorrow, its gonna be intense! And yea, some schools still have dodgeball, my highschool hosts it annually every year :D

Posted by: Some Dude on Nov 17, 08 | 10:43 pm

these are studllyisticallylikedness pre game crud things. I'll plan on using them in the studlyistic future of our studleylike cruddy world. Bi.

Posted by: Bob Flower on Dec 04, 08 | 5:08 pm

mike is a retard his last name is jackson

Posted by: ryan on Dec 17, 08 | 3:54 pm

ur right ryan

Posted by: dude on Dec 17, 08 | 3:55 pm

i hate mike too who doesnt

Posted by: rocknroll on Dec 17, 08 | 3:56 pm

mikes awsome shut ur mouth me and mike are coolio

Posted by: coolio on Dec 17, 08 | 3:57 pm

I am a kid and we have dodgeball games 4 times a week .

Posted by: parker olny 10 years old on Dec 21, 08 | 11:57 am

We used to play dodge ball with whatever ball we could find. Imagine a cool fall morning and and getting nailed in the neck with a wet, partially deflated asketball, by the biggest kid in school...My teacher thought it was a large hickey! It was worth it, we won!

Posted by: John R on Jan 16, 09 | 5:03 pm

Why is Ryan obsessed with mike jack?

Posted by: Hana on Jan 20, 09 | 6:40 pm

this page is one of the best sites for dodgeball ever i love it i think whoever wrote it should get a medal oh and people my stratigy is simple since i can whip a ball 500000 mph but cant aim catch i mean think about it your getting someone out and plus getting a teamate in who will also get some one out im also a wide reciever and can catch pretty much any thing you can throw shoot kick or drop at my head so just always catch even if you think you wont catch it unless your the last person in but siriosly catch als if you sit down they will bounce off your chest into your lap witch is pretty good but if youre playing a lot of your enemys maby not so goood

Posted by: ryan on Jan 26, 09 | 6:29 pm

p.s. hannah im not the same STUPID ryan up there i a guy who loves dodge ball i dont even know who mike is

Posted by: ryan on Jan 26, 09 | 6:31 pm

parker rock on dude dodgeballs awsome i use to play dodge ball when i was 8

Posted by: ryan on Jan 26, 09 | 6:33 pm

i love dodge ball
0 0> db
^ guy
my pic is of a guy getting hit with a dodge ball

Posted by: ryan on Jan 26, 09 | 6:39 pm

I play dodgeball at school in england at the moment, and if i dont mind saying so myself im probablys the best in my year group. i just look forward and dont focus m,y eyesight on anything aparet fropm balls, so i catch - out, then throw - out. I dont usually pick up balls from the floor either [ We dont use official rules btw] so as not to risk being hit when im bending down to pick one up. generally at the ned its always me and some other lads on the pitch but i completely destroy them with my incrediblystong throw. I have huge arm muscles so its pretty easy to throw and hurt people.

Posted by: Adam Kicks on Jan 28, 09 | 10:35 am

Dodgeball competitors and fans,

We will be hosting The Chuck N' Duck Dodgeball Tournament on March 28th, 2009 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in the Williams Center Athletic Complex. This event will be complete with concessions, awards, competition, and plenty of fun for athletes and spectators alike. I encourage you to sign your team up early to ensure a spot in the tournament. My email is if you would like a flyer with more detailed information along with our tournament format and rules.

Thank you,

Jeremy Miller
Tournament Director
The Chuck N' Duck

Posted by: Jeremy Miller on Jan 30, 09 | 10:56 pm

hello I just got elected to coach/supervise a dodgeball team and I haven't played in years. it's for my son's team I'll take any trick plays or stratages anyone can offer. thank you in advance. oh and I'll post the resaults after the turnament that is sometime in febuary.

Posted by: new coach on Feb 04, 09 | 7:30 pm

hello im joe and im in year 8 and for harmony day we are playing dodgeball thanks so much for all the tips and tricks i think my team and me will go far with these

Posted by: joe tyldesley on Mar 19, 09 | 3:23 pm

I hadn't played since high school. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I even got hit in the face and I didn't care. IT's great cardio, great fun. The only bad part is when you lose but even them it's fun. I just can't believe I ever stopped. I think I'll be a part of my dodgeball leage for quite some time.

Posted by: KEVIN on May 14, 09 | 11:27 am

`we still play dodgeball @ ma skool!

we have a annual dodgeball tournament every year!

Posted by: tp on May 22, 09 | 6:08 pm

I just stay back and not throw any balls. But I am the best doger and the best catcher. So the people who can doge and catch should stay in the back, even if they are good throwers. but is you are a really great thrower then you should throw.

Posted by: Tipo on May 23, 09 | 12:23 pm

at the start of the game only fast players go and try to get a ball if your slow then the opposing player will get you out

Posted by: jlhp on Oct 13, 09 | 2:56 pm

PEOPLE R STARTING 2 PLAY DODGEBALL IN RITARD WAYS, like not using the ball as a shield and head shots not counting and stuff, i mean its untrue to the game. MERIE NEW YEER

Posted by: POSTED BY: on Dec 31, 09 | 11:09 am

I'm a 10year old who plays dodgeball with other 5th graders,with 3rd and 4th graders.I'm in a dodgeball tournement,not good at it, have good players on our team ,I'm letting my team down and I'm not the sporty type.On Monday I have to play.Help!Tips anyone?

Posted by: Alicia on Jan 08, 10 | 9:19 pm

I am a 6th grader who is playing in a dodgeball tournament against grade 7 and 8. We have 4 grade 8's and 6 grade 6's any good tips please!

Posted by: Emma.I on Jan 15, 10 | 4:28 pm

When I was a kid, I just ran in circles like a weakling

Posted by: LOLO on Feb 13, 10 | 11:36 am

im still allowed to play dodgeball at my school.

Posted by: Lucas on May 09, 10 | 3:01 am

WOW, u spudart people think ur so cool deleting my perfectly true, fine, and honest comments.

Posted by: Billy Mays on Jun 10, 10 | 4:09 pm

By the way SPUD, I left some ART on page 7 2

Posted by: Billy Mays on Jun 10, 10 | 4:10 pm

Is there an international federation of dodgeball ?

Posted by: jeu de tarot on Jul 12, 10 | 7:25 am

we still play dodgeball in chicago ill its alive out here

Posted by: tony on Jan 14, 11 | 1:27 pm

But I am the best doger and the best catcher. So the people who can doge and catch should stay in the back,

Posted by: dmaa on Apr 27, 11 | 3:47 pm

my school has a dodgball tournament after school for a $500 cash prize.

Posted by: mike b on Nov 10, 11 | 1:45 pm

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