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Sticky Note Comics: I like to fart

What other sounds do farts make? Leave them in the comments please.

By Matt Maldre on Jun 23, 05 | 1:24 pm  |   [11522] Hits  |  Sticky Note Comics permalink | archives

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I think you should cut back on the potato chips, buddy

Posted by: Tom on Jun 23, 05 | 4:16 pm

Oh i forgot to put down the text of this comic so search engines can index it.

The text is:
PERSON 1: I like to hear the different sounds of fart I can make.
PERSON 2: crap, that was a stinky one!

Posted by: spudart on Jun 23, 05 | 4:39 pm


Posted by: on Jun 24, 05 | 8:20 pm


Posted by: on Jun 24, 05 | 8:21 pm

i love the google ad for this page. It's one the best yet!

Fart Machines
Remote Control Fart Machine Below retail - featuring 5 noises.

Posted by: on Jun 24, 05 | 8:24 pm


Posted by: Danyell on Jul 02, 05 | 12:12 pm


Posted by: ripster on Aug 23, 05 | 2:10 pm

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