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The "Two Legit to Quit" Challenge

Try to listen to "Too Legit to Quit" by MC Hammer without doing the hand motions. Just try. You won't be able to help yourself. Here's the song on iTunes and the album on amazon. (This contest is only open to those born before 1982)

The music video for 2 Legit to Quit is classic. You got hamma pants, lines shaved into haircuts, blinding dance moves, fireballs, and mighty shoulderpads.

At around 3:35 in the video, it gets REALLY interesting. MC appears in a yellow jumpsuit convulsing on the stage--then cuts to a magical glowing orb rising out of MC's hand--then fades to a series of clips featuring the HOTTEST SPORTS STARS OF THE DAY:

3:50 Jose Canseco sporting the pinnacle in cool--Oakley sunglasses

3:52 Isaiah Thomas (poor guy got roped into this trainwreck)

3:56 Kirby Puckett (of World Champion Minnesta Twins--the homer hanky team) doing the hand motions! See! Kirby couldn't help himself!

4:02 All-time stolen base leader Rickey Henderson giving credibility to the sport of baseball with the flattest eraser top haircut ever. He also appears to be holding a sandwich of some sort. Like he couldn't put the sandwich down for the video. "Naw man! this sammich is tasty for this tasty song! And it's a HAM sammich for MC HAMMA" That's right pure ham. The part that edited out was Rickey saying, "I'm the greatest base steala eva--" Right Ricky, NEXT.

4:04 Deion Sanders (no surprise) and some other schmuck.

4:09 That white basketball dude that had to spin a basketball on his finger, cuz nobody would knows who he was.

4:18 Then the video really takes off to the hightest levels when MC is floats down to the stage and it cuts to DAVID HASSELHOFF... oh wait maybe it's a young Roger Clemens. If the mighty Roger Clemens--greatest baseball pitcher EVER--cannot help himself from 2 Legit 2 Quit, then you surely stand no chance.

5:05 San Antonio Spurs rookie phenom David Robinson--the moron does the legit hand motion backwards. Uh, David, that's the Loser hand gesture backwards to yourself

But the closer is the sealer. The video pulls out to show that it was all a corporate exec watchin it in a video room. He's geeking out over MC:

"He's AMAAAZING! I've seen anything like that in my LIFE. That GUY can DANCE. I mean--dont' get me wrong--he's no Frank Gus." (whoever the frick that is).

Then he gets quiet and serious, "What do you reckon Mike?"

A white glove raises up and slowly does the too legit to quit hand gesture.

EVEN MICHAEL JACKSON CAN'T HELP IT! (But he does gets the order all screwed up. Michael does it Too *pauses* Legit *pauses* Too *pauses* Legit *pauses* Too *pauses... thinks oh crap what's the next hand gesture?* Quit) Was that really Michael Jackson after all?

You can watch the entire music video here:

Note: If you can watch this entire video without doing the hand gesture, you are truly amazing. But I bet it can never EVER be done. Go ahead and try. I will gleefully watch as you end up doing the peace sign, the L sign, and the hand swipe.

By Matt Maldre on Jun 22, 06 | 5:00 am  |   [14095] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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Hammer was truly 2-legit.

Wondering what he is up to currently?

check out his blog... that's right M.C. Hammer has a blog

Posted by: Andy on Jun 22, 06 | 10:03 am

"4:09 That white basketball dude that had to spin a basketball on his finger, cuz nobody would knows who he was."...

Chris Mullen is his name. played for the golden state warriors...

Posted by: nolan chan on Jun 23, 06 | 12:38 pm

oh mAn

he signs his blog posts

From my sidekick

matt, you should sign your blog posts!

Posted by: lisa on Jun 23, 06 | 1:32 pm

"he signs his blog posts --Hammertime"

Does that mean that M.C. Hammer has stayed true to his Hammertime roots.... or is he pathetically hanging on to the past?

Posted by: Andy on Jun 24, 06 | 10:49 am

Chris Mullen also played for indiana.

Posted by: Dictionary on Dec 27, 06 | 7:07 pm

Frank Gus? Hahaha...

He says:
"Don't get me wrong. He's no threat to us."

Posted by: TomNoHandle on Jan 04, 07 | 9:03 pm

I'll correct myself -

Posted by: viktor on Jul 09, 09 | 9:00 am

The "other schmuck" with Deion Sanders is Andre Rison. The played together for the Atlanta Falcons at the time. More importantly, he's the guy that had his mansion burned down by Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes from the group TLC.

Posted by: Yogi on Dec 30, 10 | 6:12 am

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