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Most common street names in America

The U.S. Census Bureau reports in the 1993 Census and You
* Second (10,866)
* Third (10,131)
* First (9,898)
* Fourth (9,190)
* Park (8,926)
* Fifth (8,186)
* Main (7,644)
* Sixth (7,283)
* Oak (6,946)
* Seventh (6,377)
* Pine (6,170)
* Maple (6,103)
* Cedar (5,644)
* Eighth (5,524)
* Elm (5,233)
* View (5,202)
* Washington (4,974)
* Ninth (4,908)
* Lake (4,901)
* Hill (4,877)
It's funny how "second" is first on this list. That's because there's a bunch of other names for "first" like main, center, state, etc.

It's neat to break this list out into the most popular trees:
* Oak (6,946)
* Pine (6,170)
* Maple (6,103)
* Cedar (5,644)
* Elm (5,233)

Or by geographical features:
* Park (8,926)
* View (5,202)
* Lake (4,901)
* Hill (4,877)

By Matt Maldre on Oct 05, 06 | 5:00 am  |   [68160] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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The image used in this post is from Little Lissa on flickr.

Posted by: spudart on Oct 05, 06 | 9:45 am

I tried finding a list of the most common trees in America so then I could cross-reference it against the most popular street names with trees and see if they go in the same order. But I could not find the list anywhere online. Lots of lists that order the most popular trees by state, but not by all of America.

But I did manage to find an interesting list:
List of Famous Trees. How cool is that? A famous tree. I want to visit these!

Posted by: spudart on Oct 05, 06 | 10:03 am

It's a pity that all those towns are mostly identical. Without a GPS, one could not say where in the US he actually is. All streets of the same name, the same shape, the same building styles ... Your cities are more of the ... type that any town in any other part of the world.

Posted by: Georgie on Aug 04, 09 | 6:34 am

not satisfied with the list of the street names...i know that there's a lot more of please do search most of it..i really am interested...

Posted by: iranski on Dec 05, 09 | 9:35 pm

wtf? seriously - not happy with the street names here - there are none as far as i can see i totally agrees with iranski and DISAGREE with keisha - like what are you, an omelet?

Posted by: angel on Nov 16, 10 | 10:50 pm

i agree angel i'm not very plesed with the street names either.

Posted by: on Aug 03, 11 | 8:08 am

I wonder where Broadway ranks. I've been through about 10 towns in the last 2 years with a Broadway St or Avenue

Posted by: Craig on Nov 18, 11 | 9:34 pm

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