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List of official team colors for professional sports

There should be a list of the official team colors for professional teams. So I'm starting one here. I'm accepting the colors for any team in the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Seeing that I'm a designer for the Tribune, let's start with the Chicago Cubs.
Pantone 294, Pantone 186: Chicago Cubs
This is a little weird, because the official Tribune Company blue is Pantone 293.
source: Matthew Maldre, Tribune designer

Here's a few more colors I found:
Pantone 294: Los Angeles Dodgers
Pantone 288: New York Mets
Pantone 288: Kansas City Royals

Pantone 342: Masters golf tournament

In addition to leaving the color and team name, please also give a source where you got that color. We can only know how official something is if we know where that color number came from, otherwise, someone could just be guessing what the color is.

Let's start building a list of the official team colors.

Thank you

By Matt Maldre on Jan 11, 07 | 5:00 am  |   [82703] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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"Dodger blue" is MY color! Wow!

Posted by: Tom on Jan 11, 07 | 6:55 am

Another resource might be provided by Glidden's new officially licensed "Team Colors" line of paints.

You could grab a bunch of their paint chips and match-up the Pantone colors.
~ Don The Idea Guy

Posted by: Don The Idea Guy on Jan 29, 07 | 12:35 pm


I am a graphic designer who is trying to create mini banners for professional teams. I am having a hard time locating official Pantone colors for teams too. If you have found any colors (particularly for NFL teams), please let me know. Thank you.

BTW- I often know a teams "official" color name, yet cannot locate the Pantone value, ie., "Seal Brown" = ???

Posted by: Brendan on Aug 23, 07 | 7:41 am

Have you narrowed it down to one?

Posted by: on Nov 28, 07 | 2:50 pm

here are some more

Posted by: brian on Mar 11, 08 | 2:27 pm

Posted by: brian on Mar 11, 08 | 2:35 pm

Brian, thanks for those links. However, all those pdfs are for "Proposed Franchise Colors." That is they are for concept only. They are not the real colors that the teams are using. I appreciate you posting the links, it's a nice effort. Our search continues for the official team colors.

Posted by: spudart on Mar 11, 08 | 2:57 pm

I can't understand why teams don't put this information on their official sites.

I just found this on

What are the official color shades of the Packers? -- Tim (Clarksville, TN)

This isn't on the FAQ page of, but it should be (and soon will be). The official Packers colors are Dark Green (PMS 5535-C), Gold (PMS 1235-C) and White.

I am not the Tim that sent in this question, but it just goes to show you that great minds think alike.

Good luck compiling your list. If I get the time, I'll snoop around on the other team sites for the info.

Posted by: Tim on Apr 09, 08 | 7:28 pm

all NFL colors...check this out

Posted by: Mike on May 22, 08 | 11:13 am

does anyone have the same thing for NCAA Division I football teams?

Posted by: Rosie on Sep 07, 08 | 11:17 pm


Posted by: Matt Brady on Dec 20, 08 | 1:18 pm

In anyone's guess,does the old red uniform of the atl falcons look more like a cherry red or a primary red?

Posted by: falconfan5832 on Feb 04, 09 | 8:10 am

Really good, thanks alor for the NFL charts....

Does anyone have the NHL pantone color charts.

Posted by: Sophie from Mtl on Feb 11, 09 | 1:20 pm

Does anyone know the Colorado Rockies Pantone Color (Purple)


Posted by: 12alx on Apr 08, 09 | 9:52 am

I believe the proper Pantone purple for the Colorado Rockies is 273

Posted by: Tom on Apr 08, 09 | 11:14 am

I am looking for the official Chicago Cubs Gray paint color. If anybody has any ideas on where I could find it i would appreciate it.

Posted by: Lindsey on Apr 10, 09 | 5:02 pm

I found this .xml file while searching google for the Houston Astros Pantone colors. It has american & national league baseball pantone colors. I'm unsure of the source but it may help some of you out there.

Posted by: Pboy on Apr 24, 09 | 11:35 am

I am looking for the official PMS colors for the new york mets. I have been looking all over and can not seem to find it. Can anyone help?

Posted by: Chrismac on May 04, 09 | 9:43 am

The link for the XML file was not working. I am looking for the Pantone for the Washington Nationals Red. If anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it

Posted by: skwishi on May 04, 09 | 11:55 pm

I have the xlsx file if any one needs it. The file has the 2002 MLB PANTONE chart.
Post your email and I will send it to you. Sorry in advance if it take a while...

Does anyone hav the NHL PANTONE chart?


Posted by: 12alx on May 07, 09 | 6:40 pm

I'm looking for the pantone colors for the quebec nordiques??

Posted by: Will on May 18, 09 | 12:11 pm

I am looking for the current pantone colors for the Denver Broncos...can anybody help?
It is very much appreciated!

Posted by: Froglip on Jun 08, 09 | 10:57 pm

I can't get this link to work

does anyone know of anywere else I can find a NFL color chart?

I make crochet hats and I was wanting to make a few to match popular team colors.

Posted by: Jessie on Aug 23, 09 | 10:02 am

I am looking for the pantone (pms) color both Red and Gold for the KC. Chiefs...

Posted by: George on Sep 05, 09 | 10:05 am


The KC Chiefs colors are as follows:

CMYK 0 100 100 0
CMYK 0 25 100 0

Posted by: Chris on Nov 06, 09 | 10:48 am

I am looking for a team dont know what leage it is iall i know is that its the devils and its spelled out with a pitchfork through it the colors are teal blue or turquoise and purple please help

Posted by: chloe on Dec 15, 09 | 8:58 pm

Hello I am working on my senior thesis at Parsons The New School for Design and it invovles the relationship between colors and sports. I desperately need the pantone colors for the NBA,MLB, and NFL. If anybody has them and could send them to me I would GREATLY appreciate it! Any information at all would be amazing

Posted by: Parinaz on Feb 18, 10 | 9:39 am

Thank you for the Pantone 294 for Chicago Cubs blue. Does anyone have a PMS number of the Cubs' red and/or gray? Thank you.

Posted by: bk on Mar 02, 10 | 3:31 pm

BK, the red for the Cubs is Pantone 186.

Posted by: spudart on Mar 02, 10 | 3:45 pm

this website gives you hex values for colors and pantone chart with other colors that are close. you can also find team colors on wikipedia

Posted by: bshaw on Apr 13, 10 | 2:07 pm

I've been looking everywhere for the Pantone numbers for the New York Jets & the New York Giants. You posted a great list but still can't find these two. Please let me know if anyone has found those numbers for their pantone colors 2010. The other links do not work...Thank you so much

Posted by: Patty on Aug 25, 10 | 3:09 pm

Did you ever find all the team colors? I'm also looking for a list and can't find one.

Posted by: joyce on Sep 04, 10 | 4:32 pm

Los Angeles ANGELS of Anaheim colors PLEASE!

Posted by: cc on Dec 20, 10 | 4:49 pm

I am looking for a list of sports teams and their pantone colors. Do you have one to share?

Posted by: on Feb 22, 11 | 10:43 am

After running across your site I found this site...

Posted by: Liz Howard on Mar 15, 11 | 5:08 pm

Thank you Liz for giving a link that shows the RGB HTML values for the team colors. Please note that these are not the Pantone colors, and thus aren't accurate for printing.

Posted by: spudart on Mar 15, 11 | 5:22 pm

Washington nationals pantone red is 200 and the blue is 280

Posted by: rick on Apr 12, 11 | 8:54 pm

I need the colors for :

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Adm Dodgers White

Posted by: Sugey on May 17, 11 | 6:59 pm

Posted by: ben on Jun 24, 11 | 1:38 pm

I'm glad to see that you guys are compiling this information. If there is another location with an organized list of what you currently have compiled please let me know. Keep up the good work.


Posted by: Pat Viste on Jul 11, 11 | 11:10 am

Looking for the PMS colors for the dark blue, red and grey in the Anaheim Angels logo

Posted by: on Aug 04, 11 | 5:29 pm

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