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The world's best Facebook status messages

Here's a growing collection of the funniest Facebook status messages I have seen. Feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment with hilarious facebook status messages you have read.

Erik M. Transformers 2 comes out Wednesday. Too bad Michael Jackson didn't live long enough to see tformers2. He would have loved it. So sad.

Erik M. I just opened the memory card slot on the company digital camera and seriously thought, "oh no I just spoiled the film".


Marco B. My dog must've been on an Old Style and White Castle bender earlier in the week, judging by the little gifts she keeps leaving in the yard and the basement.

(and classic comment) Matt Maldre at 9:12pm June 27
I ate a bunch of PostŪ grape-nuts yessterday and I know what you mean.

Erik M. my brother started to collect Roy Smalley, Jr baseball cards (he found a great deal on an autographed card...50 cents or sumthin'). He couldn't figure out why he felt intrinsic value for this player. Then I figured out that his son, Roy Smalley III is on the lengendary R.B.I. Baseball game. So he started to subconsciously collect baseball cards because a player's son was on a video game from the 1980s.


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A few weeks ago, one of my friends was on a Metra train that was delayed due to problems on the train ahead of them. The conductor came on the loudspeaker to inform the passengers that they were delayed because the train ahead of them "busted a nut on the caboose." Of course, Ryan posted this as a status update, Best .Metra Conductor. Announcement. Ever.

Posted by: Winona on Jun 29, 09 | 10:24 am

Wendy A i dreamed i doodled a headless pirate, with spraying blood and the words "ARGHH!!!" coming out of his neck.

Posted by: spudart on Aug 09, 09 | 6:25 pm

Everthing will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, then it's not the end

Posted by: Adnan4ever on Apr 08, 10 | 12:17 pm

Erik M: Welcome to Chicago, you big shiny silver pasta
bowl. Enjoy your stay, Stanley.

Posted by: spudart on Jun 10, 10 | 2:29 pm

Hi folks!

I love to stand beside yourself :D
Just found a lot more fun stuff from facebook on:

Is this out of your facebook profile?

Posted by: Domi on Feb 19, 11 | 9:21 am

‎"Do you like water? You do?? Good.... Then you already like 72% of me..."

Posted by: aRella on Aug 11, 11 | 12:27 pm

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