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The top 21 places where my last 500 comments have landed

I've been posting of all my comments on delicious since March 2009. A couple days ago I hit my 1,500th comment. It was on srhbth's photo, 201009endofsept0060a (pictured above). On April 17, 2010 I covered my first 1000 comments. Now let's see where comments 1,000 to 1,500 went.

Here's the top 21 places where my last 500 comments have landed.

74 comments: vivagirlco on flickr
48 comments: unlikelymoose blog
38 comments: spudart blog
37 comments: spudart on flickr
30 comments: srhbth on flickr
22 comments: sparxmind blog
18 comments: assignment-chicago blog
7 comments: windycitizen website
6 comments: andertoons blog
5 comments: artinstitutechicago on flickr
5 comments: imaginepub blog
5 comments: lakeshorebranding blog
4 comments: chicagonow website
4 comments: techcocktail blog
4 comments: chicagoist website
4 comments: liska blog
4 comments: makingcreativematter blog
4 comments: artisantalent blog
4 comments: deepblueskies on flickr
4 comments: digicat on flickr
4 comments: kellyhafermann on flickr
4 comments: sparx on flickr
4 comments: summerdressgirl on flickr
Note, this does not include twitter or facebook.

  1. Once again vivagirlco's photos rank at the top.
    Both vivagirlco and srhbth are the most productive posters in my Google Reader. Both post about 300 photos per month. I enjoy commenting on their wonderful photos.

  2. I'm happy to see that I commented more on my brother's blog (unlikelymoose) than my own.
    He posts good fun creative stuff.

  3. New people on the list.
    There's a bunch of new blogs on this list. The top newbie is Assignment Chicago, a fantastic blog from my photographer friend Alex Garcia with the Chicago Tribune. Seriously, it's one of the best blogs in the world.
    I've been making an effort to comment on design industry blogs in chicago this year: imaginepub, lakeshorebranding, techcocktail, liska, artisantalent.

    By Matt Maldre on Oct 05, 10 | 7:36 am  |   [1992] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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