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Buying stickers online

sticker file

Does anyone know of any fantastic websites that sell stickers for super duper cheap? My sticker file at work is getting quite low. I want to rebolster this library to pure sticker delight.

I usually pay about $1 for a thing of stickers. Which is a decent price. It seems that most places sell stickers for $2 for a package. I'm sorry, but that's too much. There has gotta be a place that sells stickers on the super cheap if you buy a bunch.

By Matt Maldre on Oct 15, 10 | 3:39 pm  |   [9681] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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Posted by: Tom on Oct 15, 10 | 4:18 pm

Tom! How could I not have thought of Oriental Trading?! They have great deals... +five minutes later+ Y'know what? They don't really have any stickers I want. They are pretty much of the cheesemo aesthetic. Like this goofy smile face stickers:

Posted by: spudart on Oct 15, 10 | 4:32 pm

Yeah, I must admit I did a "sticker" search over there and started to wonder what you thought of them. There is another site like OTC but I can't recall it right now ... not that they wouldn't also have cheesemo stickers.

Several years ago I called Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Company looking for a specific sticker that I coveted back in the 80's and while they had no plans to bring it back, the guy I was talking to said he had some on his desk ... and sent them to me for free!

Keep us posted on what you find. I'll keep sleuthing for you.

Posted by: Tom on Oct 16, 10 | 12:42 pm

Here's another one ... more licensed stickers than OTC

Posted by: Tom on Oct 16, 10 | 12:43 pm

What was the sticker you coveted in the 80s?

Posted by: spudart on Oct 16, 10 | 1:38 pm

I spent some time looking for an image of the sticker, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my files. The sticker is a Mrs. Grossman crocodille. Something tells me that I mailed something to you once with one of those little guys on the envelope.

Posted by: Tom on Oct 19, 10 | 8:43 am

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