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Walgreens shoppers with a receipt can fill out a survey and win $3,000 CASH. You can fill out the form and tell about your experiences from your recent Walgreens visit.

Great Walgreens cashiers are the best. I have a favorite cashier at the Walgreens across from the Tribune Tower in Chicago. Her name is Pilar. Today I got one of those receipts from Walgreens that says "How are we doing? Enter our monthly sweepstakes for $3,000 CASH. Visit to take a short survey about this Walgreens visit." Pilar delightfully pointed out to me that I should go to the website and fill out the survey. So I did. Who doesn't want to win $3,000 CASH?

There's a question on the survey, "What did you like most about your recent visit to Walgreens? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)" I love how they put in all caps "PLEASE BE SPECIFIC." My response:

The cashier Pilar was wonderful, as always. Pilar is the #1 reason why I go to Walgreens almost every day after lunch. She's a delightful older woman that truly enjoys her job. She recommends yummy candy to me. She's nice and sweet. Has great attention to detail. Pilar knows what I like and she points out great deals to me. Pilar is able to resolve problems in a professional manner. Very friendly. Very helpful.
A few steps down in the survey they asked to rate the cashier by these five qualities:
Greeting or acknowledging you
Helping you quickly
Being knowledgeable about the locations of products
Being able to resolve any problems or provide options to help you
Making you feel they care about you
Next time I'm going to construct my "Please be specific" essay to follow these five points. It's fun giving praise to cashiers.

Here's some praises other Walgreens shoppers gave to their cashiers:
"Very accomodating. Always helpful. They deal with people from all over the world." --Frank Davis

"I love to shop walgreens because they have real good deals. the cashiers are very helpful with finding things and knowing where everythings located at." --Alice

"I love going to walgreens cause they have almost everything I need for school and holidays ect.. the list goes on I go there everytime I get some spending money :))" --DeMarco Horace
Do you have a favorite cashier, either at Walgreens or elsewhere?
Please tell us about your favorite cashier in the comments. Thank you.

By Matt Maldre on May 04, 11 | 6:17 pm  |   [323394] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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very good sevice everytime i shop

Posted by: mary on May 04, 11 | 8:49 pm

Where do you shop, Mary? At Walgreens? Do you have a favorite cashier there?

Posted by: spudart on May 04, 11 | 8:58 pm

I always return to Walgreen's to make pictures from my camera's SD card, because of the quickness and effenciency of the camera departments employees, as well as Tiffany's knowledge and willingness to help.
Pete, at the front register is quick, efficient and wastes no time in checking you out.

Posted by: Ray on May 04, 11 | 9:57 pm

This Walgreens is my neighborhood store. I frequent it at least once or twice a week. I should remember the employees names but I don't I just remember that all the cashiers I have dealt with are very friendly and helpful,

Posted by: gloria reyes on May 05, 11 | 1:34 am

I like to shop at walgreens. I know most everyone who works there by name. It's allmost like visiting friends while I shop>

Posted by: James on May 05, 11 | 6:03 am

I always receive very helpful and curteous service from the Ironwood, Michigan Walgreens store. The staff is always friendly. I shop frequently at this store because of the convenience, coupons, and special deals!

Posted by: Tammie Ruby on May 05, 11 | 8:20 am

At the County Road 30 Walgreens location in Maple Grove, MN I bought some 35mm film that evidently is being continued I bought the film that they had and helpful Samone checked other locations and said that the Elk River Store showed three packs of three. She called the store to verify that store really had them, they did so she asked that they put them aside with my name. Two days later I picked up the film which they had indeed set aside with my name. At least now I can have nine more rolls to use in my "obsolete" 35MM camera that takes pictures with the beat of them. It is my opinion that Samone went above and beyond the normal expectations of regular service. Samone certainly deserves an "attagirl.

Posted by: Roger Parkhouse on May 05, 11 | 11:30 am

Everything at this Walgreens was so refreshing and clean the air was so fresh and new, I will go back.

Posted by: Gloria M. on May 05, 11 | 12:04 pm

Walgreen's prescription department on Gol Course Rd. In Rio Rancho, NM has always been courteous, professional and very helpful. We are very happy they are they to serve us.

Posted by: William Kappes on May 05, 11 | 12:11 pm

I love my Walgreens. Everybody knows my name there. One employee even brought me a quilting book she found at a resale shop. Also, our Walgreens is exactly 5 miles from our home.

Posted by: Carolyn Musgrove on May 05, 11 | 12:17 pm

Great job, they seem to realy care.

Posted by: Mark Johnson on May 05, 11 | 12:35 pm

Just pulled all my precripitions from Walgreens store # 4358. This after being a customer of the same location for 12 years. This after the pharmacy filled a WRONG prescription!!!! Not thinking that I would have to AGAIN check them, {yes have had problems B4}, came home & took them 3x's a day ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY WERE MY SLEEPING PILLS! THANKS, BUT NO THANKS, They can not even take the time to take a price gun and mark everythingf, and ck your slip, over charging is what they are known for!!!

Posted by: Donna on May 05, 11 | 1:42 pm

The clerks at Walgreens are always very helpful. I appreciate that I can usually count oon excellent service.

Posted by: Sharon Patton on May 05, 11 | 2:02 pm

I visit Walgreen's several times each week.Like the store employees and Pharmacy.

Posted by: John Kells on May 05, 11 | 2:24 pm

Good work! Most of all , I had 2 stroke so I get my medicine in this phamemcy.every month. It's fast and good location I ready like this store. The people that works there are really respectful and nice. I wish there is a monthly phamemcy deliver to the patients home, because I forget to call,and come to get my med. But forgot the names. It is hard to remember some time then I ran out of med.

Sign May Thao Dob:4/01/1971

Posted by: May moua thao on May 05, 11 | 4:39 pm

I was trying to do a survey on and can't seem to find the survey, so it seems to be a wast of time.

Posted by: Linda Kniss on May 05, 11 | 4:50 pm

The service I receive is always curteous and timely ,my prescriptions are always ready for pickup at the time requested thur the internet. Continue the great service.

Posted by: dave on May 05, 11 | 5:07 pm

I was at the Walgreens on Circle and Airport in Colorado Springs, and there was a solider behind me and not only did your clerk give me the attention I deserve, but also made me realize how much we respect, and owe anyone in the armed forces, I shook his hand and so did your clerk, if was very moving, than you.

Posted by: Renee Lewis on May 05, 11 | 5:42 pm

Convenient, clean, and friendly. I enjoy walgreens for the little things that I need each and every day.

Posted by: mark rehm on May 05, 11 | 7:07 pm

quick and courtest service every time,and always friendly.

Posted by: Brenda Metheny on May 05, 11 | 11:01 pm

I go to my WALGREENS seven days a week. I am always treated like a member of the Walgreen family. Great service every visit.

Posted by: ernest smith on May 06, 11 | 1:08 am


Posted by: JEANETTE HAWK on May 06, 11 | 3:20 am

Great customer service

Posted by: Jackie Starnes on May 06, 11 | 1:30 pm

I would have really liked to fill out a survey but could not find it...:(

Posted by: ME on May 06, 11 | 1:32 pm

everything is easy to find and the employees are very helpful

Posted by: bryan on May 06, 11 | 1:58 pm

Service is always great. If Walgreen gets busy they always get another checker.

Posted by: Kathleen Del Prado on May 06, 11 | 2:14 pm

This is easy. Walgreens the clean. well stocked and curteous store where everyone smiles and are friendly.

Posted by: Dominick DiMassino on May 06, 11 | 2:42 pm

I go to the Walgreens at 530 Mid Rivers Mall Drive St. Perters MoThe people who work there are great especially Karen in the photo department. She goes beyond here normal services to help. Great employee. Thanks Cancer free Don....

Posted by: Don Cummings on May 06, 11 | 2:59 pm


Posted by: ANNIE SCOTT on May 06, 11 | 3:48 pm

I enjoy shopping at walgreens, the all your employees are very helpful.

Posted by: kimberly on May 06, 11 | 4:01 pm

I shop at the Garden city Stoe#7972. The clerk I like to wait on me is Dorothy. She is pleasant & curtiuos to all custermers.

Posted by: Marilyn Cawthon on May 06, 11 | 4:29 pm

This has always been my favorite store to shop. The sales are always excellent and 97% of the times I visit I find exactly what I'm looking for and some. never a bad shopping experience at Walgreens. Thx

Posted by: jack johnson on May 06, 11 | 4:36 pm

I always like Walgreens specials.

Posted by: Evalyn Gannett on May 06, 11 | 5:04 pm

I like wallgreens

Posted by: Raymond on May 06, 11 | 5:12 pm

love walgreens they are the best

Posted by: mack johnson on May 06, 11 | 6:33 pm

I just want you to know that Bettie Fresberg is always so helpful to me & many others all the time and she should be recognized.

Posted by: ElsieFlemmer on May 06, 11 | 8:01 pm

I love the fact that everywhere you go can find a walgreens on some street corner and they always have special offers..You can be in need in the the late morning hours and you will find a walgreens open somwhere.

Posted by: c.j. riggins on May 06, 11 | 9:26 pm

The employees are exceptional at the Faribault, MN store.

Posted by: Cathy Thielbar on May 06, 11 | 9:30 pm

I like walgreens for the little things that I need each and every day.

Posted by: Peggy Bomkamp on May 06, 11 | 10:08 pm

Walgreens is very awesome because when my hubby forgets things I don't have to go too far to get what we need, by that time it's a good time for me to take a breather and take my time in the store. YAY!!!!
Everyone is awesome and very helpful so thanks walgreens!

Posted by: Shanie Carlston on May 07, 11 | 3:06 am

Walgreens above CVS anytime!Thank You!

Posted by: Paul Golda on May 07, 11 | 7:38 am

TAZ has helped me before and when I came in this time he remembered my name and greeted me with a big smile. He took a brief moment while he was checking everything to chat and encouraged me to call if I had any questions.

Posted by: KPiazza on May 07, 11 | 9:34 am

Wlgreens in Plattsburgh NY has the best cashews.

Posted by: Ernest on May 07, 11 | 10:41 am

I have been going to walgreens for my prescription for years, I have never had a problem. I find the pharmacy to be very helpful.

Posted by: Cheryl on May 07, 11 | 11:01 am

Had service through drive-thru only. It was fine.

Posted by: Mary Taylor on May 07, 11 | 12:19 pm

A great store to shop in as the place is clean and the help is great.

Posted by: LeRoyKrejcarek on May 07, 11 | 12:50 pm

Shopping at Walgreens #4869 is always a pleasant experience & Rohit helps me always find exactly what i need.I appreciate him & the rest of the Walgreens staff.

Posted by: Chauncey S. on May 07, 11 | 1:01 pm

i'm in your store two to three times a week for misc. items. I always find what I need

Posted by: Leland jossy on May 07, 11 | 1:10 pm

none at all

Posted by: ray on May 07, 11 | 1:21 pm


Posted by: MARGARET on May 07, 11 | 2:18 pm

I use the photo department all the time at walgreens and the service is always spectactular. I like the way that I can order prints online and be able to drive there within an hour or the next day to pick the up. The photos are always very vivid in color and I like the weekly coupons they offer as well.

Posted by: Kimberly on May 07, 11 | 3:39 pm

A very enjoyable shopping experience as usual at my neighborhood Walgreens.

Posted by: L Parnell on May 07, 11 | 5:19 pm

I thiink walgreens care about there customers

Posted by: Estella bohanna on May 07, 11 | 6:09 pm

I get all my prescriptions filled here at 49thstreetand 9th ave . All are very friendly and helpful . they all are very friendly and we can talk and joke about all things

Posted by: Joanne on May 07, 11 | 6:45 pm

i like walgreens real good.

Posted by: michael on May 07, 11 | 6:52 pm

always can go directly to what I need or their is someone there to help.

Posted by: ruby sumler on May 07, 11 | 6:59 pm

always can go directly to what I need or their will be someone there to help.

Posted by: ruby sumler on May 07, 11 | 7:05 pm

thanks walgren

Posted by: ruby sumler on May 07, 11 | 7:07 pm

I like to shop at Walgreens because most of the employees are very friendly and helpful. My favorite employee at Walgreens in Trashers Corner, Bothell,WA is Rosalie she seems to care for me.

Posted by: Chintita on May 07, 11 | 8:18 pm

great service

Posted by: gabe on May 07, 11 | 8:24 pm

where can I fill out the survey, this is not good way to get feedback, or they just dont want feedback

Posted by: jvaldez on May 07, 11 | 9:10 pm

How are we doing? Well, I went to your monthly sweepstakes site to enter the $3000.00 cash survey and found no survey. What's going on? Why the change to the new format. It's ridiculous! If it an't broke, why fix it? In the meantime I'm still not able to take your survey as you request. So what are you going to do about it?

Posted by: Ray on May 08, 11 | 1:06 am

They were very helpful and offered their help while looking for an item. coupons are great and I save lots of money. This week alone i saved 73.67 and even got 6 free rewards dollars to use. I love saving Thank you walmart.

Posted by: Trudy on May 08, 11 | 1:48 am

walgreens always has great services

Posted by: denise on May 08, 11 | 5:38 am

Walgreens always is a pleasure to shop. Quick to get in and out, fast check out, and lots of products. Excellent photo department.

Posted by: Linda Herman on May 08, 11 | 11:18 am

Whenever I go to the Walgreens' in North East,Md 21901 the staff there are very friendly and curtious. They always ask how am I doing and if I need help with anything. The staff in the pharmacy are very compassionate when I lost my sister 4 months ago they gave me their condolances. I get some great deals there. I have been dealing with them for years and will continue to do so.
Thank you,
Dee Foster

Posted by: DEE FOSTER on May 08, 11 | 1:49 pm

Walgreens is an reall good place to shop at everytime I need something I can always go to walgreens and get it walgreens is an reall good reliable source great place I love Walgreens keep up the good work on pleasing people.

Posted by: Lamont on May 08, 11 | 1:49 pm

when to pharmacy less then 30 min, on 3 new prescriptions.. very happy May 7,2011 at 2:30pm ...Atl,ga Metropolitan parkway

Posted by: sheena LITTLE on May 08, 11 | 2:21 pm

Everyone is so nice and helpful

Posted by: deborah kline on May 08, 11 | 3:30 pm

The young manrunning the photo shop was very helpful. He took time to actually make copies of my photographs for me. I will go back to this Walgreens store.

Posted by: herman shoemaker on May 08, 11 | 4:55 pm

Often sale prices are advertised and then when I check the bill, the sale prices are NOT what has been charged me. On yesterday's bill May 7, 2011 2:00 p.m. I was charged 4,99 each for 3 cartons of Dr Pep and 1 of MT Dew which the ad on the dispaly said 4 for $14.96 When I called this to the attention of the clerk, she called the manager over and they gave me a refund. BUT THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME and I have to continually check the bills. This may not win me $3,000 but hopefully it will wake up the powers that be so that I can trust that the bills will be correct.

Posted by: Nancy Ruben on May 08, 11 | 7:53 pm

Good experience,very helpfull

Posted by: Chris Bennett on May 08, 11 | 9:36 pm

walgreens 89th biscayne miami fla. very nice cashier there

Posted by: Tom Tabak on May 08, 11 | 10:54 pm

Walgrens is always friendly an well staffed always willing to help if can't fin d what your looking for an pricies are always competive along with great sales.

Posted by: Norman Skyles on May 08, 11 | 11:41 pm

I love walgreens they are so helpfore whene i come in thank you for all your help.

Posted by: jerome wright on May 09, 11 | 6:00 am

Very helpfull!

Posted by: Naide nascimento on May 09, 11 | 9:38 am

love the cashiers for all their help

Posted by: n amans on May 09, 11 | 9:55 am

Walgreens is a great place i go there every day.

Posted by: paul harrington on May 09, 11 | 10:02 am

My experience at Walgreens,this morning was kinda bad & turned great! First, I bought a CTA bus card, then as I was about to leave the store, I remember I need a pair of slippers so I turned around and I ended up buying a pair of plastic sandals.. My mind was so busy on a lot of things that I forgot to take back with me my CTA card that I laid on top of the shelf sandals. While on the bus, I felt so bad because I realized I forgot take back my CTA card from that shelf. While at work, I felt so bad,but as I thought about, I realized that I should call Walgreens & should report it. The store manager was so helpful to me to try find it for me, & I was so happy to know that it was still there. The CTA card was not really that much, but what I appreciate is the effort & time extended to me by the store manager.. Btw, this store is in 322 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Il.
Thank you so much Walgreens & hope you will always have good, helpful staff like this lady(sorry, I forgot to get her name, but it happened this morning of May 9, 2011. I really feel great with this experience.

Posted by: Crispina Nguyen on May 09, 11 | 10:27 am

I always enjoy shopping at Walgreens-great variety and great prices

Posted by: susanna kelleher on May 09, 11 | 12:09 pm

My expierence at Walgreens has always
been what I have been looking for i n a
drug store/Pharmacy is conveient and the cashiers are friendly and quick

Posted by: Sharon Lehman on May 09, 11 | 12:49 pm

I enjoy my store very much. They have what i need,the store is always clean and bright. When i need a small gift,i can always find something there. Love it.

Posted by: Joan Dillon on May 09, 11 | 3:27 pm

I had a good experience in your store today. The service was good.

Posted by: Sandy on May 09, 11 | 3:55 pm

Always find that the people there are always smiling and helpful

Posted by: Nancy on May 09, 11 | 6:11 pm

I feel welcome at Walgreens. Always find what I need and at a good price. The staff is warm and friendly, knowledgeble.

Posted by: EILEEN on May 09, 11 | 8:37 pm

the stores are always clean and neat and not full of merchaindise to be racked like your competiors.

Posted by: r.c.kiss on May 09, 11 | 8:55 pm


Posted by: MARIO S. JAITOV on May 09, 11 | 8:59 pm

me gusta la tienda.buenos precios!!

Posted by: karina on May 09, 11 | 11:06 pm


Posted by: jOSE vILLAR on May 10, 11 | 9:28 am

All Walgreen people are polite, helpful to me every time I shop at any location in Huntsville, Al...

Posted by: carl cramer III on May 10, 11 | 2:04 pm


Posted by: Roger Garibay Sr on May 10, 11 | 3:54 pm

Employee was very helpful in directing me to items of interest and they were right where she said they were, GREAT help!

Flo, was and has always been so enthusiastic on any visit I have made to Walgreen.

Posted by: Wayne Mason on May 10, 11 | 4:56 pm

I went to Walgreens to have some pics developed, but was also on a mission for my 1st time 'couponing' for most people this would be a fairly easy mission, but I have a 2 and a half yr old & a 10mos old. As I was trying to 'pick' out my pics & keep the children semi-entertained, a sweet young man came to help me...not only with the kids but with ?'s I had on the pictures. I decided to do my 'smart shopping' as I waited for the pics to develop (which he did for me because he new my circumstance) Basically, this young man made my shopping much more pleasant & I will be going back to find out his name & thank him again. :)

Posted by: heather tyrie on May 10, 11 | 5:31 pm

my trip to walgreens was a freat trip. I got what I needed at my home town walgreens. My cats wont starve because a fast trip to my home town walgreens. My kid will feel better because I got the medicen he needed for because he is sick at my home town walgreens. thank you for reading I hope you chose me for the grand prize. I will come back to my home town walgreens.

Posted by: pete szaszfai on May 10, 11 | 5:56 pm

Very Satisfied With Customer Service.

Posted by: Louis R Montoya on May 10, 11 | 7:07 pm

I'm Always Pleased With the service @ Walgreen's.

Posted by: Louis R Montoya on May 10, 11 | 7:09 pm

Walgreen is the best store with everything i like .I like visiting it every two weeks.I love walgreen.

Posted by: gursimran kaur on May 10, 11 | 8:47 pm

I love the walreen where I fill my prescriptions. Everyone is so kind and helpful from the pharmisists to the cashiers. Every week I go through the Ad and always find sales on things that I need.

Posted by: Ellen Egel on May 11, 11 | 10:31 am

Very accommodating. Staff very courteous and helpful.

Posted by: KEVANS on May 11, 11 | 11:09 am


Posted by: Charlotte Flores on May 11, 11 | 11:26 am

like shopping at walgreens fo sales items.

Posted by: wayne mccoy on May 11, 11 | 12:26 pm

Very enjoyable and front cashiers are the greatest.

Posted by: Bill Hatcher on May 11, 11 | 2:06 pm

Jut stopped fo omething sweet. Cashier was very attentive & friendly.
She handled my transaction very quickly and we had a bit of a chat until the next customer came along.
I am always treated well when I go to Walgreens.

Posted by: MASH on May 11, 11 | 2:19 pm

I recently changed from another well known chain pharmacy after 15 years, why? The Walgren's on Baltimore Pike in Springfield, PA is the best, the customer service is outstanding: I recently picked up a prescription which was a cash purchase. (waiting for medicare to start July 1). The pharmacist took the time to ask if I had coverage, when I explained the situation to her, she enrolled me in the Walgren's assistnce program! How wonderful that she took the time saving me money that I greatly appreciated.Walgren's is my pharmacy of choice!

Posted by: BERNICE SIERCHIO on May 11, 11 | 3:50 pm

I submit the Mukilteo, WA employee, JANETTE, as being an outstanding representative, I have met every one of this stores employees and each is one of whom you should be proud. It is a "happy store" which I visit almost daily -- only 5 minutes walk.


Posted by: Col. Jack R. Moore USMC ret on May 11, 11 | 6:04 pm

always enjoy going to walgreen on barnwell Road and emanuel church drive in Columbia sc. Staff and pharmacy always friendly and ready to help anytime ..both my husband and I feel appreciate that we have a place we can trust and receive help. thanks

Posted by: Clara Gantes on May 11, 11 | 8:49 pm

I like the store it looks so clean and everything is very organize!

Posted by: Eutiquio Hernandez on May 11, 11 | 10:00 pm

One of my favorite stops for shopping. Prefer it to other drugstores.

Posted by: lee greenberg on May 12, 11 | 1:09 am

I had a heart attack several years ago and am on medication which I purchase at Walgreens. The thing I like about the cashiers & the Pharmaist is they are amazing. They always let me know when
I should'nt take certain over the counter drugs with the medications with
my prescriptions. They are helpful in trying to figure out the most economical way for me to purchase my drugsTHANK YOU Loganville, Ga Wallgreens

Posted by: thomas walters on May 12, 11 | 7:56 am

I like the way they let you know when prescriptions are ready!

Posted by: EK on May 12, 11 | 9:12 am

the manageris always helpfulland soare his clerks.

Posted by: robert brauer on May 12, 11 | 9:29 am

Shopping at Walgreens is always a

pleasant experience.

Posted by: James Horton on May 12, 11 | 10:45 am

If we can't locate something, they take us to where it is. Always greet us with a smile. Thanks for THIS opportunity! Anne G. Pack Note: WE prefer the Surprise, AZ branch over the SUN CITY WEST where we live.

Posted by: Anne G.Pack on May 12, 11 | 12:04 pm

I always used Walgreens in Dickinson Tx because the cashiers look out for coupons to help me save money. I recently moved to Pearland Tx and visited the store at 3287 E Broadway. The cashier not only offered me a coupon in May 2011 saving book but mentioned the product was buy one get 50 % off , so I pourchased one more at that great price. I like the customer friendly service I always receive from your stores.

Posted by: Mary Dymovck on May 12, 11 | 12:48 pm

Doris is an excellent cashier! I like to have her wait on me. Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Shirley on May 12, 11 | 12:52 pm

i always go to walgreens almost for everitin

Posted by: tony on May 12, 11 | 1:08 pm

I always find great savings and bargains at Walgreeens, There was a comparable Walgreens brand for the product that I needed and the price was 2 dollars less than the nationallly advertised brand. And the ingredients in the Walgreens brand were exactly the same as the the nationally advertised brand. In this economy , with gas prices avaraging $4 a gallon, that $2 savings makes a big difference on my limited budget. Thanks Walgreens!

Posted by: Rossana V Williams on May 12, 11 | 1:19 pm

My favorite Walgreens store is the one at 21106 Kuykendahl Road , Spring Tx. The cashier here, Susan offered help to find the stuff i needed to buy, She was very nice and courteous to me and the rest of the costomers during my store visit. Keep up the good work attitude. Susan!!!

Posted by: Zeny Pacificador on May 12, 11 | 1:40 pm

The primary reason I enjoy shopping at Wal Green is because they have a nitch for offering quality products and service to the various ethic groups in our community. Each ethic groups have different needs and Wal Green does a great job supplying the community needs, as a whole. Well done Wal Green! Mr. B. James

Posted by: Mr. B. JAMES on May 12, 11 | 2:08 pm

i like walgreens cause its close by

Posted by: carmen on May 12, 11 | 2:10 pm


Posted by: ALICE MCPHILLIPSJOE on May 12, 11 | 2:13 pm

nice service

Posted by: suada on May 12, 11 | 3:51 pm

I LOVE WALGREENS... they are so much cheaper... the staff is always nice to you!!!

Posted by: chrissy on May 12, 11 | 4:09 pm

I LOVE WALGREENS.... they are allot cheaper then cvs or anybody else... i am always there gettin print outs off my digital camera or just doing a lil shopping...

Posted by: chrissy on May 12, 11 | 4:14 pm

I always have great service. The cashier is nice and helpful too! I usually shop at least once a week, sometimes more.

Posted by: Lou Butenschoen on May 12, 11 | 4:31 pm

Love my Walgreens - everyone is always so nice and helpful there.

Posted by: Tracy on May 12, 11 | 6:03 pm

I get my scrips from Walgreens in Marion Oaks of Ocala, FL. I have the auto fill and really enjoy being able to just check on line, see that my meds are ready and going to pick them up. The Pharmacist and staff are all very friendly and helpful/

By the way I came here to TELLWAG to do a survey but do not find anywhere to do that. That is disappointing.

Posted by: DeeDee on May 12, 11 | 8:09 pm

I always receive great customer service from Walgreens. The Pharmacy Staff is THE BEST!! I recommend Walgreens to others all the time. They are the most trusted pharmacy when it comes to medications.

Posted by: Pat Passow on May 12, 11 | 8:37 pm

I love the convenience of the store. It has friendly employees and easy to find product shelves & aisles. The store is not to big---just right for convenience store..........I love sale papers, because I love love love sales.............

Posted by: Donna Jean Ryder on May 12, 11 | 8:51 pm

There are four (4) Walgreen stores between where my daughter lives in Naples (Fl), and my home in Estero (Fl) on the West side of Rt. 41.
When I return home at the end of the day from watching my grandchildren, I quite often stop to shop at one of these stores. They all have friendly and helpful personnel to assist in any way possible. The stores are remarkably clean and well organized. Since all the stores are basically arranged the same, it's easy to forget which one I'm in. But this makes it easy to navigate my way around no matter what store I'm in. Today I stopped in the North Naples store to pick up a "few" items, and emerged 2 hours later with much more!! I needed to pick up several greeting cards, and probably read every card. It's something I really enjoy doing, and never feel like I have to hurry to leave. I would never buy greeting cards elsewhere - the Walgreens selection is the best, and I would never feel embarassed about taking so long. I also had to buy a few cosmetic items, and again the selection and the way everything is arranged, plus good sales items, makes Walgreens the only place I will shop for cosmetics. Shopping in Walgreens is ALWAYS A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!

Posted by: Dorothy on May 12, 11 | 9:52 pm


Posted by: jerrilyn graffa on May 12, 11 | 10:10 pm

very fast and helpfull service .

Posted by: roy brown on May 12, 11 | 10:46 pm

Walgreens has been my family pharmacy for the last 15 years. I don't give that kind of loyalty lightly. In truth, the pharmacy manager (Colin Boggs) is very knowledgeable on prescription and supplement issues and I have more confidence in his opinions than those of my regular care physician - who shall remain nameless. The general merchandise section always has many of the things I need on a regular basis at competitive prices, and I will shop for them there rather than drive across town to save a few pennies at Wal-Mart. Two extras - Walgreens is open 24/7 and the staff is outstanding. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and most of them have been with the store nearly as long as I have - we know each other on a first-name basis. It takes a superior business to command that level of loyalty in employees and customers. Thanks for knowing how to do business well and then doing it.

Posted by: Grant Branson on May 13, 11 | 12:13 am

I shop at Walgreens atleast 4-5 times a week.

Posted by: Meri Badolato on May 13, 11 | 10:34 am

I really like that Walgreens is so close to the job, I can pick up snacks, and they always have sales.

Posted by: Cynthia Johnson on May 13, 11 | 1:52 pm

I really like that Walgreens is so close to the job, I can pick up snacks, and they always have sales.

Posted by: Cynthia Johnson on May 13, 11 | 2:02 pm

ii find that Wallgreens has the very most persomable employees anywhere.
No matter which one i go to the service is immpecable,

Posted by: ANGELA WHITSON on May 13, 11 | 4:33 pm

I feel at home when i go to wallgreen. service is excellent

Posted by: geneve jamieson on May 13, 11 | 4:44 pm

walgerrns is the only store that i use for al my meds thy are all helpful when i need help

Posted by: jim hillj on May 13, 11 | 4:53 pm

Walgreens is like my 4th Meal. I have it on my mind all the time. besides the helpful staff and easy to find items I would say their pretty well equipt with the best and they dont move their store around every two weeks.

Posted by: Karen Rily on May 13, 11 | 5:14 pm

Wallgreens is my favorite store ! They always have everything I need ! The staff is always very friendly and helpful too . :)

Posted by: Pamela Galyon on May 13, 11 | 6:10 pm

I volunteer at a thrift store for Victims of Domestic violence in Peoria AZ. Right next to the store is a Walgreens.

Every time I go in the same cashier ALWAYS greets me with a heart felt smile.

The other day my allergies kicked up and he recommended something for it.

Now that doesnt sound like much to most people but he truly cared about me feeling bad and I saw it in his eyes.

He is definitely an asset to your company.

I want you to know how special he is to the good people of Peoria AZ and how wonderful he is to me.

His name is Francisco. 107th Ave/Peoria Ave store number 5568

Posted by: carol on May 13, 11 | 8:26 pm

filled this out befor & don:t know where it wene--store at conor of 35.av. /deer valley road phoenix az. igo every day all are extra plesent know u on the street other stores, evan in car. carl backsections. & other dept.------betty all over cathy photo & other.---connie cosmetics-----pharmacy all know u when u come up. one of the best stores.

Posted by: ruby anderson on May 13, 11 | 10:04 pm

Like the variety and convience.

Posted by: Chris Thomann-Shepard on May 14, 11 | 1:49 am

aah io siempre voi a walgreeennnnzz pu ke ta barabaraa ii aii de todoooo juummm los chickllessss jujju F<3

Posted by: COCO on May 14, 11 | 11:54 am

I have my prescriptions filled at the Walagreen's at 7490 Haggerty Rd, West Bloomfield. I am not blaming the employee, I am blaming the management. Every time I have a prescription filled I use the drive in window. I either am told "be with you shortly" and wait anywhere 5 to 7 minutes. There is usually one person working in the pharmacy. If there are 2, one is on the phone taking prescription orders. I am so discussed with this that when I can, I believe I will change from Walgreen's to another pharmacy.

Posted by: Elizabeth Seip on May 14, 11 | 12:35 pm

I grew up near a Walgreens and have always frequented my local Walgreens for a variety of purchases.

Posted by: Lori Harhon on May 14, 11 | 1:18 pm

You have what I needed

Posted by: james szwedo on May 14, 11 | 4:18 pm

I like being greeted every time that I visit walgreens

Posted by: antonia king on May 14, 11 | 7:32 pm

I love going to walgreens because it is close and they always have what i need. My favorite is the Manager Jim..

Posted by: jayne on May 14, 11 | 9:25 pm

i liked walking around in a nice peaceful envirnment. Everyone was polite. :)

Posted by: unicorn lover on May 14, 11 | 9:34 pm

I live about five minutes away from Walgreen's located on 1880 E. Irvington Tucson Arizona.
One of the outstanding Items that stands out at Walgreen's, is Customer Service, employee's Knowledge and curtsy, is, what makes you standout among the others.
-Stella in Cosmetic department is always willing to stop what she's doing and help customers, pointing out ad specials helps me save money.
She's always busy with re-stocking or helping other customers always with a smile and willing to go out of her way 110% .... WAY TO WALGREEN'S !!!
keep Up The Great Work !!!!!

Posted by: Patrica Salazar on May 14, 11 | 11:33 pm

I live about five minutes away from Walgreen's located on 1880 E. Irvington Tucson Arizona.
One of the outstanding Items that stands out at Walgreen's, is Customer Service, employee's Knowledge and curtsy, is, what makes you standout among the others.
-Stella in Cosmetic department is always willing to stop what she's doing and help customers, pointing out ad specials helps me save money.
She's always busy with re-stocking or helping other customers always with a smile and willing to go out of her way 110% .... WAY TO WALGREEN'S !!!
keep Up The Great Work !!!!!

Posted by: Patrica Salazar on May 14, 11 | 11:38 pm

your store in South Daytona is great.They always take special care of us.Caroline and Rick are the best.

Posted by: Carla Frazier on May 15, 11 | 3:09 am


Posted by: JANICE on May 15, 11 | 8:23 am

Walgreens staff is very pleasant and helpful. They always make you feel welcome with their beautiful smile. The store is very clean and organized. I can always find what I need in their store. The prices is very reasonable. I love the dollar section. Which every Walgreens I stop at the staff is friendly. The main one I go to is near my home in Garner, NC. I will continue to go to Walgreens.

Posted by: joyce ann beaman on May 15, 11 | 9:36 am

I like shopping at Walgreens, good sales, good service.

Posted by: Frances Miller on May 15, 11 | 10:11 am

We have had problems with walgreens in the past. So we were doubtful during our recent dilemma. We were on our way to disney world and realized we did not have enough of my granddaughters ADHD MEDICINE. We didnt have. Her medicaid card and after going to walmart we learned that the Dr.failed to fill out he Rx correctly rendering it unfillable according to them. Walgreens was next door so we gave them a try. Imagine our surprise of how helpful Heather and Meryl were once we explained our delimmas! Since we had her original pill bottle Heather was able to fill it! Meryl called walmart to get her insurance number and filled the Rx in less than 5 minutes! We wanted to thank both Heather & Meryl of the goldsboro NC, ash street store. They both deserve to be awarded a customer appreciation reward. Without these 2 ladies our Disney trip would not have been as enjoyable. We are very grateful for them treating us aspeople and not just the next one in line.

Posted by: becky derderian on May 15, 11 | 11:37 am


Posted by: on May 15, 11 | 2:00 pm

en los años que llevo visitando los walgreens he podido apreciar buen trato, buenos productos a buenos precios y sobre todo el personal que trabaja en estos lugares esta muy bien preparado, me indican donde esta cada producto que yo necesito, con muy buena educacion

Posted by: roberto on May 15, 11 | 2:15 pm

en los años que llevo visitando los walgreens he podido apreciar buen trato, buenos preductos a buenos precios y sobre todo el personal que trabaja en estos lugares esta muy bien preparado, me indican donde esta cada producto que yo necesito con muy buena educacion.

Posted by: roberto on May 15, 11 | 2:23 pm

I shop at the store on N Roan St. Johnsonb City TN. I could not be happier with your one employee Paula, she goes out of her way to make sure you are satisfied with your purchases. She is also very polite, whenever she sees me she goes out of her way to say HEY GIRLIE, which always makes me feel special.

Posted by: Gail Masters on May 15, 11 | 3:31 pm

the clerks at Walgreens are always friendly and ready to help you.

Posted by: Janet Miller on May 15, 11 | 4:28 pm

I am shopping at a new Walgreens and had been waiting for a long time. Service is wonderful and everyone is so helpful.

Posted by: Doris on May 15, 11 | 4:41 pm

We have been going to Walgreens for over 50 over years. We have had a few problems but have always worked them out with no hard feelings. Thank You

Posted by: Ned Parcell on May 15, 11 | 5:25 pm

I have had great severs it the walgreens in Purcell Oklahoma. Thay are very nice and kind. And are very glad to always Help me. Thanks a lot.

Posted by: clara lewis on May 15, 11 | 6:05 pm

the store is very good in south plainfield

Posted by: guillermo on May 15, 11 | 6:56 pm

el servicio en la tienda es estupendo le agradecemos mucho

Posted by: guillermo on May 15, 11 | 6:58 pm

Walgreens is friendly and has good prices.

Posted by: Kathy London on May 15, 11 | 7:08 pm

The walgreens here in CT, you will find never to be disappointed it is great!!! The cashiers are always kind and helpful and never let me down when I need help.Its always a pleasure going there being greeted with a friendly hello. If every store was like this I would definately enjoy going shopping!!!!! So I hope your walgreens is just as fantastic and wonderful as ours down in CT.

Posted by: Micheal on May 15, 11 | 7:45 pm

Today I shopped at my Walgreens in Kalispell Montana. When the always very helpful Evie said, ...Hey I sure can help you check out here if you are finished shopping ! With such a bright smile on her face, I replied, great ! Then she told me of your new smaller region survey sweepstakes and said,... I just wanted to mention as I so love hearing that my customers have more of a chance for winning!... Showed me she is a true customer service sales person. Being a customer service oriented person myself I really thank you for having people like Evie with integrity and sincerity :-) Linda Todd-Coldiron

Posted by: LInda Todd-Coldiron on May 15, 11 | 8:06 pm

I fequent Walgreens at least once a week and sometimes twice. Generally it is to pick up some of the specials that are in the weekly ads. Today, i needed to pick up a perscription for my husband and needed extra assistance of which was provided to me by the pharmacist and a young man who was walking the aisles assisting those who were looking for one thing or another. I simply like the friendly individuals employed by the company at MY Walgreen and will continue to shop there.

Posted by: Bernice Nared on May 15, 11 | 8:50 pm

I have shopped at 29th se California Topeka, ks for the last 20yrs, and there is a reason for that. Cashiers are informed and courtious, Camera and cosmetic's alway's knowlegable of Walgreens productive and helpful, pharmacy excellent.

Posted by: Lisa Longstaff on May 15, 11 | 9:38 pm

Shopping at the Chestnut St. store is always a positive experience. I was looking for office supplies and the store had exactly what I needed.

Posted by: Linda on May 16, 11 | 12:31 am

everyone was friendly

Posted by: kristy on May 16, 11 | 7:49 am

Walgreen makes my life much easier. Quick, convenient. Best of the best.

Posted by: Jim Michopoulos on May 16, 11 | 8:04 am

I lost my script that my Dr. had written on Friday 5/ 13/ 2011. It was a med I coudn't go without. Called Drs. service and he called it in.Twenty minutes later I went to my Walgreens and they had it filled and ready for me. I love the service at the pharmacy and the store is always clean and organized by the staff. Ifeel like familywhen I go there.I'll never go anywhere else.

Posted by: Bernadette Cantwell on May 16, 11 | 10:09 am

I always enjoy shopping at Walgreens. You have a well stocked store and I can always find what I am looking for. I also appreciate the sales items. They help when you are on fixed income. The staff is always helpful and knows where to find products I am looking for. They are prompt and check out and friendly. Greeted with a smile.

Posted by: Cynthia Beauchamp on May 16, 11 | 10:20 am


Posted by: BARBARA KENNEDY on May 16, 11 | 12:22 pm

Walreens has been very helpful and nice.

Posted by: christina lukasik on May 16, 11 | 12:47 pm

Every time I go into Walgreens. I am always greeted with a smile, And the workers are so friendly and pleasent to be around. They filled my husband's precription in a little while and I have never had to wait more than five minutes. That is the way a drug store should be. Clean, friendly and prompt.

Posted by: Judy Snipes on May 16, 11 | 1:46 pm

Danika at the Pleasant Crossing Store in Rogers, AR is the greatest. She makes you feel like one of her family. Walgreen employees from Texas to Missouri that we've dealt with all go "the extra mile". Thanks

Posted by: Carmaleita on May 16, 11 | 2:47 pm

Wonderful store. Always have great salespeople. Today the sales clerk actually help me find what I was looking for.

Posted by: Mary on May 16, 11 | 3:26 pm

Experience is always the same because we get all our Rx's and other needs filled there.

Posted by: Betty on May 16, 11 | 4:08 pm

WALGREENS, WALGREENS, is always nice and Clean..Seeing the employee's smiling Ffaces, is good to be seen...

WALGREENS, WALGREENS, the place where I like to go.... Shopping for items with prices so low... Meeting old classmates, one will never know...

WALGREENS, WALGREENS, your looking real good... Wish every business was as hot.... CVS can't touch you and they never will... Only at WALGREENS the best place to shop, seeing old friends and to chill...

Dedicated to the Walgreens in Stony Point NY... Store looks awesome, with the new remodel....

Posted by: James Blackwell on May 16, 11 | 4:50 pm

The cashier was very helpful and efficient which I really appreciated today!! I was trying to get home again before the rain started again.

Posted by: JOY on May 16, 11 | 4:51 pm

excellant. been using wallgeens my whole life. i am 46.

Posted by: jon hanson on May 16, 11 | 4:59 pm

very dissapointed. Shopped this morning for sales in Sundaypaper, only one of the five items i wanted were on the shelves. Went to TARGET and got better deals than advertised sales at Walgreens. Someone needs to rethink there sales promos

Posted by: jwatts on May 16, 11 | 6:09 pm

the lady that helped me was busy stocking shelves but she took the time to direct me to what i was looking for thanks.

Posted by: IRWIN on May 16, 11 | 6:30 pm

All of the employees at Walgreens are friendly and helpful . I drive 20 minutes across town to get prescriptions, vitamins, over the counter medications and if I'm in a hurry or not feeling good it's nice to be able to do one stop shopping for many different things.

Posted by: Barbara DeKam on May 16, 11 | 6:33 pm

You had a great sale on L'Oreal cosmetice and Kiss Nails. I stocked up.
You actually had "long" Kiss nails which I have been looking for for about a year. What a joy. I even went to LA to look for them. I don't know why I didn't go to Walgreens. My Mistake.
I will from now on.


Posted by: Charline Villandry on May 16, 11 | 6:34 pm

good prices i like

Posted by: Jose Iniguez on May 16, 11 | 7:00 pm

good products, nice people

Posted by: earthma on May 16, 11 | 9:07 pm

nice people, good products--what's better than that?

Posted by: earthma on May 16, 11 | 9:09 pm

yo siempre compro en walgreens,porque siempre encuentro lo que busco a buen precio,el servicio es exselente y las personas que trabajan ahì son muy amables, gracias.

Posted by: Teresa Velazquez on May 16, 11 | 11:29 pm

I frequent Walgreen 5 times a week. I purchase daily newspapers and prescriptions. My favorite cashier is Sarah. I like the way im treated.

Posted by Randy, May 16, 11, 12:02

Posted by: Randall Carlson on May 17, 11 | 12:01 am

I has go to Walgreens tonight at apple valley mn. I'am very great for got some thing for my make up and for my hair also i very like for that thing for me and anjoy because i got very good thing for me cheaperand and i got discount some thing for my hair also .I has been to go Walgreens 1 time ago and now 2 time for me and now i think i very like Walgreens for shoping very good price thank you very much . one thing i very like there i seem nice woman for cashier waiting for me look some thing when i stay at counter cashier for check bill but i still not ready for my thing so she can wait me and smile to me can wait me for when i ready for check bill so she look at me ask for me i am ready for check ? when i ready then i say Yes i ready and when i finish check i buy a little thing but she still ask me for bag take my thing so I say Yes i want bag and she can take care of me very well .i very happy she not say some thing when i still not ready and can wait me untill am finish .So i like Walgreens service every thing great i will go back shoping again ..and i like woman cashier too,,and every thing for shoping every thing graet,,

Posted by: Steve on May 17, 11 | 4:26 am

i have a fairly new walgreens in newton mass. everytime i go there to pick up my prescritions, which sometimes is 3-4x a week there is a young man at the pharmacy counter that is so pleasant, he knows my name and my address and could not be more accomodating to my needs. it is always a pleasure to go to walgreens in newton. everyone is pleasant and helpful and the store is clean and beautiful!!!! thanks Walgreesn!!

Posted by: Denise Leigh on May 17, 11 | 6:04 am

I shop at CVS ,but today I went to Walgreens it looks like I should have
been going there all the time , the service was excellent ,keep up the good work employees.

Posted by: Barbara Green on May 17, 11 | 7:59 am

I shop walgreens and have for years. The reason is simple it is like family . When I go to Tampa ,Florida . I receive the same type of service that I receive in Indianapolis. Prescription service is always about you and your needs.

Posted by: william (Bill) Austin on May 17, 11 | 8:06 am

i love walgreens i go at least twice a day i may miss a day or two but when i do i miss my walgreens

Posted by: doggaguyton on May 17, 11 | 1:42 pm

Great service. Always have in stock the prescription I need and offer a suggestion on how I can save money.

Posted by: Don Nobis on May 17, 11 | 3:43 pm

I like the way they are polite and smile when you make a purchase. I also like how helpful the pharmacist always is.It always smells so nice, like your favorite store.

Posted by: Jerry W. Beaver on May 17, 11 | 4:34 pm

Been shopping this Walgreens for years and the helpfulness and products are the best. Thank you for your staff and service

Posted by: GRACIE on May 17, 11 | 5:26 pm

I've never had problem that an employee at walgreens couldn't help me with. Perscriptions purchased in the past were ready quick and the check out lines move fast, so there's waiting or delay.

Posted by: Lee De Leon on May 17, 11 | 6:22 pm

i shop at walgreens 3to5 times aweek.
all wase a good place to shop

Posted by: drue on May 17, 11 | 8:03 pm

i love walgreens and your praices

Posted by: carlos toledo on May 17, 11 | 9:49 pm

i love walgreens and your praices

Posted by: carlos toledo on May 17, 11 | 9:52 pm

Great prices, courteous and efficient service, what more could you want.

Posted by: Robert Matteson on May 17, 11 | 10:50 pm

Always helpful, if I can't find what I want....clerks always around to assist.

Posted by: Angie Meyer on May 18, 11 | 7:17 am

walgreens is a very nice neat store

Posted by: norma reber on May 18, 11 | 7:35 am

I have a favorite Walgreens and it isn't the closest to my house but I go there because of the one girl in the photo dept. SHE is the BEST-she has helped me so many times with making pictures, ordering pictures and just ringing up my purchases...Her name is, Roxy-if everyone was even a little like Roxy this world would definitely be a better place.

Posted by: Cheryl Pope on May 18, 11 | 8:54 am

Fast friendly service and their sales are awesome. Love the convience and hours. Great store.

Posted by: Eugenia Painter on May 18, 11 | 10:24 am

You can always count on Walgreens to meet your every need with courtesy and privacy.

Posted by: Connie Barnhouse on May 18, 11 | 10:29 am

I always go to the Walgreens located on the corner of Market St and Frazier Ave in Chattanooga, Tn. The service is GREAT! Friendly, courteous, and helpful staff working there. It's very convenient from my house and everytime I go, I'm greeted with smiles and warmth. I would recommend this one to anyone!! ;-) Thanks, Jeffrey

Posted by: Jeffrey on May 18, 11 | 11:50 am

i lovewalgreens

Posted by: marionsaulnier on May 18, 11 | 11:56 am


Posted by: thomas grant moore on May 18, 11 | 12:41 pm

Clean store, friendly workers and an outstanding manager (3994 Tyrone Blvd, St. Petersburg, Fl). No complaints from me.

Posted by: Bill Peyton on May 18, 11 | 12:42 pm

I go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions from the pharmacist/cashier, I try to look for name badge and thank them by name.
Today, the pharmacist/cashier noticed my hat, I had a poppy hook around my 1st Armored Division Pin. She thought it was a Rose. No, I said it is Poppy.
She was very courteous and helpful.

Posted by: EARL MACK on May 18, 11 | 1:30 pm

I go to Walgreens all the time for my prescriptions.Mr Brown is the best at his job and is very nice to all that go there.Thanks

Posted by: Andrew Carter on May 18, 11 | 1:31 pm

I go to Walgreens all the time for my prescriptions.Mr Brown is the best at his job and is very nice to all that go there.Thanks

Posted by: Andrew Carter on May 18, 11 | 1:37 pm

you guys have great sale prices and even beeter customer service!

Posted by: donna on May 18, 11 | 3:02 pm

the main thing i like about walgreens is when you need something,vitamens over the counter medicines,m snachs or anything else you will be able to find it at w/gs. stores stores

Posted by: do winstead on May 18, 11 | 3:31 pm

The service at the Middletown RI Walgreens is great and they are always friendly. The service at the pharmacy is fast and efficient and they always explain your medication to you. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Aaron Wilson on May 18, 11 | 3:39 pm

Walgreens always have what I need an there open 24 hrs. I get a lot done there thank you! Welgreens making life a little easyer.

Posted by: elena on May 18, 11 | 4:15 pm

I like the drive thru@ Walgreens.
D. Bowers

Posted by: Dorothy Bowers on May 18, 11 | 5:48 pm

Thank you, Ray for helping with my prescription on May 18, I had been to 5 pharmancy's and no one could help me. Lincoln Park, Southfield and Fort St.

Posted by: LaDonna Andrews on May 18, 11 | 6:45 pm

I love going to Walgreens. 7929 Kirby Dr location. The front counter person Ellen kept asking me if I needed help. kittoria took me aisle to aisle helping my get what I needed.

Thank you Walgreeens! This Army soldier appreciates you!!

Posted by: Valerie James on May 18, 11 | 7:29 pm

I used to go to Walgreens just for the pharmacy. I love Walgreen's pharmacy and their drive-up window. The Staff and the Pharmacist are very friendly, caring, and very informative when it comes to taking your medications. The Drive-up window was very busy one day, so my daughter and I went inside. WE LOVE WALGREENS!!!! They have a great variety of items, and some things I wouldn't expect them to have. Their prices are very competitive and their coupons are the best!!! All the employees go out of their way to help you, making your experience a great one, and that makes you wanting to come back again and again.

Posted by: Christy S on May 18, 11 | 11:18 pm


Posted by: on May 18, 11 | 11:58 pm

Ms Barbara, Photo shop manager
at 1210 Wedgewood, El Paso, TX
does an excellent job at her department
She is courteous, polite, fast service
and always advise me of photo specials
going on. I shop three to four times at
this location due to her proffesonal
service and knowledge of her department.

Posted by: Joe Ruelas on May 19, 11 | 12:35 am

I have the poor service in the world they never have my medication o0n time plus they have a bad cutomer service ....!!!!!!

Posted by: JULIO RODRIGUEZ on May 19, 11 | 7:04 am

Jeffrey at Walgreens store in smyrana ga is very nice and very proffessional

Posted by: starla on May 19, 11 | 9:35 am

This past Monday I stopped at the Walgreens e to pick up some Nutrient drinks for my Dad. Their circular said 2 for $11.00 with a store coupon of $1.00. Scott rang up the purchases but $11.00 came up. I explained I thought that it was $10.00 with a plain coupon in the circular. He explained that you had to get it from another small pamphlet that of course I didn't have. He found one in the store, ripped it out and gave me the $1.00 discount. He was pleasant, courterous and accomadating to me. You are lucky to have him working in your store.

Posted by: Christine on May 19, 11 | 12:14 pm

i am happy

Posted by: john m. johnson on May 19, 11 | 12:18 pm

Perla at walgreens scotts valley is very helpful and professional.

Posted by: ted on May 19, 11 | 1:01 pm

This is real easy...Walgreens saves me money!! Friendly staff, always a Hello when I walk thru the door. Assistance is quick, never have to stand around and wait. My store is always clean, shiny and smells good. Never go away have me as long as you are there when I need you.

Posted by: Peggy Tasker on May 19, 11 | 3:40 pm

Juan'm deaf ,interested the sweepstake .Juan 'm hope get to winning. Big Lot merchandise is pleasure variety prescription @ food market. Juan 've #survey is 0650-5276-665 @ password is 5110-5192-016 for rules sweepstakes.

Posted by: Juan A. Fuentes on May 19, 11 | 4:07 pm

Why would Walgreens advertise something they don't carry? I was in the store in West Sacramento today and wanted to buy the Magnum Ice Cream Bars in the add. The clerk told me Walgreens doesn't carry them and she wouldn't give me a rain check because she said Walgreens would never have them.

Posted by: Ronald on May 19, 11 | 4:22 pm

I Love Walgreens!!!
I Get all my stuff there it's the Best
One stop store in America!
I will alway shop there!!!

Posted by: Renee Lehman on May 19, 11 | 5:32 pm

All went well

Posted by: J Sheehy on May 19, 11 | 5:53 pm

love walgreens they have stuff no one else has sometimes , i love to go in there to see all the different and good buys they have !

Posted by: Rhonda on May 19, 11 | 8:54 pm

I love Walgreens. Every time i go i allways find what i am looking for. Wether it is a quick snake or something that i need for school they allways have it. Walgreens also has has the best selection in things. I love goingg to Walgreens!

Posted by: Petar Andzic on May 19, 11 | 9:13 pm

The walgreen's store that I frequently visit in Hickory hills,Illinois is very accomidating and the staff are very friendly and cordial.I enjoy the valuable coupons that are available.

Posted by: rickey williams on May 19, 11 | 9:22 pm

The casher was very helpful as she always is. For a 71 year young lady she deserves a raise for her knowledge & politeness to all her customers. She always puts a smile on my face whenever she is at the check out.

Posted by: Bryan Colbert on May 19, 11 | 10:15 pm

I always like shoppin in Walgreen. I can get everything I need. Its very clean, well arranged and available everything we need. I need for my personal or for my family or for my kids. I enjoy shopping Walgreen. Thank You Walgreen.
Survey# 0119-7271-118

Posted by: Tariq Jamil on May 19, 11 | 10:43 pm

every body at walgreensat nebraska ave in florida are very nice and its easy to walk to

Posted by: sandy darrow on May 20, 11 | 6:49 am

I love Corner Drug Walgreen's in Red Wing, Mn. The other day when I went in I felt so dizzy I had to grab their bar by the door. Thank God they have a bar. One of their pharmacist was at the pick up line and I told her what happened. I had just started a new blood pressure med 2 weeks before. She immediately took my blood pressure and advised me to cut the pill in half and take it at nite. My doctor confirmed this was exactly what to do. I tried it last nite and I felt no dizziness yesterday or this morning. I will be following up with my doctor in about 2 weeks. When I went in yesterday to pick up some more meds she came from behind the pharmacy to ask me how I was doing. Her name is Rebecca. I really appreciated the concern. Since I have over 50 different meds I need a pharmacy that helps check drug interactions and cares so much.

Posted by: Peg Edel on May 20, 11 | 8:49 am

The staff @ Walgreens/Lawrenceville, Ga. Old Norcress & Herrington roads are always friendly, greet you with a smile and display a family friendly attitude...

Posted by: remolex on May 20, 11 | 10:27 am

The pharmacy at Walgreens in Monticello IN is the best. If there is a problem, which I seem to always have to ask for something extra, they never complain. Excellent to explain the med.

Posted by: Carol Bacon on May 20, 11 | 10:34 am

Never shopped there much, but since started going again, for the coupons and sales.

Posted by: KIM WARNER on May 20, 11 | 12:49 pm

How do I get into the survey

Posted by: ruth born on May 20, 11 | 4:51 pm

Walgreens siempre se ha caracterizado por ser una de las tiendas mas populares y con la mejor atencion al publico y me gusta ests, por estar cerca de mi domicilio.

Posted by: Maria C.Lopez on May 20, 11 | 6:24 pm

i love to shop there

Posted by: kim bucchino on May 20, 11 | 9:21 pm

The Walgreens where I shop is located at 63rd & Kedzie. I can't remember the dashiers names, but they are all always pleasant and willing to help you if needed. You need more like them.

Posted by: christineyvo on May 21, 11 | 12:24 am

friendly and helpful every time

Posted by: pat5ricia wright on May 21, 11 | 8:22 am

walgreens always has what I want and need most of the time. I love that it is so close to my house and food stoe too.

Posted by: sally on May 21, 11 | 9:27 am

We were in the Sandwich store this am...the young lady that waited on us was very patient and kind...
we would highly recommend her as one of our favoriate cashiers..
Mrs Betty Hiveley
Sandwich, il

Posted by: Betty J Hiveley on May 21, 11 | 10:41 am

We have two Walgreen Stores neary. The closest is within a quarter of a mile and the other larger store about a mile and a half. My wife & I frequent both. For quick in and out we use the closest one and that is the one, Store 8634. Cashiers are very helpful and the store is of a more personal nature - They know us and what we purchase most so recommend related items that also prove to be repeat items. Very helpful. Today the cashier indicated that you had the All 2X for a two for one which I purchassed for the sale price. Very good service you do not receive everywhere!

Posted by: Raymond Jones on May 21, 11 | 11:41 am

Always great prices and value, they're the Wal???? of drug stores.

Posted by: allan on May 21, 11 | 11:56 am

I love wallgreens, they have realy good prices, and all are very polite

Posted by: Kimberly on May 21, 11 | 2:04 pm

ur services r good

Posted by: keithsatchwill on May 21, 11 | 3:28 pm

Walgreens is a great store and pharmacy.

Posted by: K Hickman on May 21, 11 | 3:31 pm

Walgreen has served me very well each visit and the service has been very professional and always kind.

Posted by: Timothy J. ONeill Sr. on May 21, 11 | 4:55 pm

I like the UNIQUE items found in Walgreens. They always have items that can not be found anywhere else say for instance "As seen on TV" or uniquie little holiday gifts. Also a big fan when they have coupons and list the sale items.

Posted by: Lynnette Veik on May 21, 11 | 8:38 pm

First time I used the Drive thru. It was a smooth transaction!!

Posted by: BeverlyTILL on May 21, 11 | 9:19 pm


Posted by: DEAN HICKLEN on May 21, 11 | 9:20 pm

walgreens is the greatest i enjoy shopping thier and the cashiers are friendly.and they have reasonable price.

Posted by: mary on May 22, 11 | 1:57 am

Customer Service was great. I was in & out with no problem.

Posted by: Smurfetta on May 22, 11 | 9:38 am

Walgreens is such a convinence for me and my family.

Posted by: Shawna on May 22, 11 | 10:31 am

Early morning is the best time to stop before work... great crew working then

Posted by: sandy rose on May 22, 11 | 11:00 am

Is a pleasure shopping at walgreens , the people are very kind , they are always there to help people.

Posted by: Evelyn Martinez on May 22, 11 | 3:12 pm

The walreens store on Bardstown Rd. near 265 Louisville Ky. has the best staff. They greet you and lead you to the item you want not just point the way. I shop there often and have never had bad service

Posted by: Sandra Mac on May 22, 11 | 3:24 pm

I love Walgreens sales. I save lots of money every month shopping at Walgreens.

Posted by: debra kopsie-arnold on May 22, 11 | 6:42 pm

Walgreens is a good place to get what you need and save money: they have a lot of items on sale everyweek and that's great!

Posted by: Marcia Sopena on May 22, 11 | 7:03 pm

i love shopping at walgreen

Posted by: sheikh on May 22, 11 | 10:37 pm

i love shopping at walgreen

Posted by: sheikh on May 22, 11 | 10:44 pm

love walgreen

Posted by: sheikh on May 22, 11 | 11:37 pm

Walgreen pharmacy is very helpful. They take there time to answer your questions and are patient when you don't understand.

Posted by: Terri on May 22, 11 | 11:40 pm

I frequent Walgreens on a regular basis for everything from work related items to everyday needs and prescriptions. I have always found exactly what i am in need of, and if i have any questions someone is always available to lend a helping hand.

Posted by: on May 23, 11 | 7:07 am

I always have my film done up there,and always get it when they say it will be ready. I like the people,they are always willing to help if you have a question. I just like the place.

Posted by: Joan Dillon on May 23, 11 | 8:53 am

I like to shop at Walgreens friendly staff
and close to my home.

Posted by: Miguel on May 23, 11 | 9:13 am

Mike at the pharmacy at McHahon and Unser in Albuquerque went out of his way to fix a prescription problem that could have caused me problems. He reseached it on a Saturday, called me at home and had the prescription authorized and ready to pick up the next day

Posted by: Peggy Hoffman on May 23, 11 | 11:08 am

Walgreens is convenient, employees are friendly and helpful. Cashiers are efficient and friendly

Posted by: karen Christensen on May 23, 11 | 11:22 am

Walgreens is convenient, employees are friendly and helpful. Cashiers are efficient and friendly

Posted by: Karen on May 23, 11 | 11:22 am

Always have great service and find the items that I need at a geat price!

Posted by: Jerry Seesholtz on May 23, 11 | 11:40 am

The Lancaster Ohio store on E Main Street gives great customer service everytime I go in to the store. Always have what I need at a great price. Thanks Walgreen

Posted by: Jerry Seesholtz on May 23, 11 | 11:43 am

Everyone in the pharmacy is so nice. They all work so well as a team. I never have any problems finding things that I need, and never hard to find an employee if you do need help. Also very close to home.

Posted by: kelly tracy on May 23, 11 | 1:04 pm

Sale items posted in the sale ad paper were not updated in the store register computer. I informed the cashier about two items that for which I was overcharged.

Posted by: Kathleen on May 23, 11 | 2:28 pm

I get all my drugs their

Posted by: Mindy Miraldi on May 23, 11 | 2:29 pm

The Walgreens on Magazine New Orleans has the most professional,kind associate,her name is Loretta.The other stores here have no respect or kind words for their customers,I don't like being ignored if I am I don't go back to any store.Loretta is sincere and real people.

Posted by: Darby Miller on May 23, 11 | 2:46 pm

I like enjoy shopping at walgreen. The help are friendly and helpful.

Posted by: wanda hitt on May 23, 11 | 4:51 pm

Excellent service and very good values.

Posted by: Julie on May 23, 11 | 5:09 pm

I appreciate Walgreens for of its conviences. It's like having your necessities at your fingertips. Keep doing a great job servicing your customers.

Posted by: Linda Crockett on May 23, 11 | 5:56 pm

i went to walgreens at 6819 watt ave and the cashier was verry nice i almost for got my bag. and she reminded me. it helps when someone else is thinking even when i forgot to get my bag. i hope her name was on the recept but i dont see it it was may 22 2011 at 8:39 pm RFN# 1069-3270-3857-1105-2220

Posted by: shelby junious on May 23, 11 | 6:05 pm

I just love shopping at walgreen, everyone so friendly .

Posted by: SARAH VANN on May 23, 11 | 6:09 pm

Ijust love shopping at walgreen, everyone so friendly also it is near my home

Posted by: SARAH VANN on May 23, 11 | 6:16 pm

love the store

Posted by: E A on May 23, 11 | 6:21 pm

This Walgreen is very convenient for me. I will use it frequently.

Posted by: Gene Brown on May 23, 11 | 8:33 pm

Hello My Name is Patricia and I had a really nice visit to the walgreens here where i live. one of my favorites is linda and the other one is stephenie they are both always nice to me when i come in the store and when i leave they always tell me to have a nice day.

Posted by: Patricia on May 23, 11 | 9:36 pm

Great store for shopping, close to home, thanks Walgreens and all your friendly workers.

Posted by: Lewis on May 23, 11 | 9:43 pm

This is only the second time shopping at Wallgreens I fine the store very clean and all items priced. Staff was very helpfull. Would recommened it to everyone

Posted by: Hubert Johnson on May 23, 11 | 11:04 pm

I enjoy going to Walgreens. They are always nice and very helpful. It's also
conveniently located for me, not far from my home.

Posted by: L R on May 23, 11 | 11:24 pm

We had lost are insurance and knew my meds were going to be expensive, I had a card I had gotten free on line to help some. but when I went to fill my prescriptions Stephanie took the on line card, put all the info in, ran it through and then said I think you can save more money by joining the Walgreens card she took all the info out entered the new, and even paying the 20.00 for the card she saved us over 180.00 and I have a 3 month supply not just a months. I never felt rushed or like I was a bother to her she is great and I will continue to shop the Saint Helens Oregon Walgreens,because of her.Many store promise customer service but at this Walgreens it happens, Thank You Stephanie for great customer service and a caring heart C Adams

Posted by: carla adams on May 23, 11 | 11:47 pm

My Walgreens pharmacy is always very friendly and professional. I wish I knew their names as they always know mine when I come. If they don't have my meds in stock they will call around even to other stores until it is found. I can't say enough good things about them!

Posted by: M Armstrong on May 24, 11 | 3:59 am

Where's the survey?

Posted by: M Armstrong on May 24, 11 | 4:12 am

each time i go to walgreens i have wonderful service each and every time i go there keep up the great work

Posted by: darlene burrow on May 24, 11 | 8:46 am

I find great buys at my local Walgreen's. Good service from staff. However, I miss the rebates. I prefer them to the new system.

Posted by: M.E. Fent on May 24, 11 | 10:04 am

I always have a wonderful service every time I visited Walgreens, they are friendly and helpful.

Posted by: Felina L. lopez on May 24, 11 | 11:41 am

I like the staff and they always have cool stuff .

Posted by: karla on May 24, 11 | 12:12 pm

I went to Walgreens yesterday, and I excellent service in the pharmacy.

Posted by: cathy v. on May 24, 11 | 1:40 pm

I have been trying to find the "so-called" survey to try to win the $3000 cash that Walgreen's advertises. I guess it is a bunch of malarky like everything else. If this is it it is NOT a survey. What the heck is TELLWAG anyway? Anyone got any idea?

Posted by: Janice Sumahit on May 24, 11 | 2:55 pm

I appreciate the personnel at Walgreens. They are always so cheerful and are ready to help whenever I have a question about where to find items.

Posted by: Delmar A. Schuh on May 24, 11 | 3:20 pm

I Appreciate the personnel at Walgreens. They are always so cheerful and ready to help whenever I have a question about where to find items. A really nice place to visit to purchase items.

Posted by: Del Schuh on May 24, 11 | 3:34 pm

My boyfriend and i like our Walgreens in Gallup, NM. we go shopping at midnight, buy our favorite ice cream "Ben and Jerrys", mmm? The cashiers' are all very nice to us, great customer service.!.. Sometimes we prefer Walgreens over Wal-mart..

Posted by: Danna Ashley on May 24, 11 | 3:51 pm

I love Walgreen's, the cashiers are very friendly and they have candy that I can not find anywhere else.

Posted by: Sonia Crawford on May 24, 11 | 5:00 pm

I today the cashier was so helpful make me want to go back

Posted by: DELORES on May 24, 11 | 6:07 pm

I have always had so much help in cosmetics. Walgreens has even been kind to see if they have a coupon for the product I,m buying. The cashiers are so friendly and right there to check me out when I,m ready. Thanks Walmart!

Posted by: Mary on May 24, 11 | 6:10 pm

for the first time an cashier save me some money and was very nice

Posted by: DELORES on May 24, 11 | 6:11 pm

the knowledgeable and friendly people. Customer Service to me is the thing that makes a store great, and my Walgreens store has great Customer Service.

Posted by: Patricia Morrison on May 24, 11 | 8:51 pm

I love Walgreens ! I love the fact that they will text when my prescription is ready. No need for me to asume it is. Thanks Walgreens!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Nicole Morgan on May 24, 11 | 10:16 pm

Walgreens OBX what a nice place to shop

Posted by: Donatello on May 25, 11 | 8:47 am

I love Walgreens. They always have my pescriptions ready when they say they will.

Posted by: Dawn Sperry on May 25, 11 | 9:57 am


Posted by: david villalobos on May 25, 11 | 12:08 pm

nice people

Posted by: david villalobos on May 25, 11 | 12:11 pm

Always fast and friendly service.

Posted by: Caro Miller on May 25, 11 | 1:36 pm

Just wanted to say that there is a really great person working at the wilkesbarre township bvd store named "cash", you are so lucky to have him in your company!!!!

Posted by: Mogin on May 25, 11 | 4:31 pm

Why when you have a special coupon or sale your managers never order enough product,you lose more customers that way and the company spends a lot to attract them and keep them, some of your managers leave a lot to be desired. I hate to have to beg for rain checks. they should be offered when the product is out.

Posted by: margaret healey on May 25, 11 | 5:15 pm

There is not only one special favorite cashier but all have been very special...all have great personalities and friendly. Walgreens is my go to store .

Posted by: Helen on May 25, 11 | 5:48 pm

I started going to this Walgreens bacause the ATM machine wasa very convenient to our home and always available on the weekends. Later I discovered the sale crew is extemeely helpful and know where every product is locasted. They also keep extra coupons by their registers and even clip out appropriate ones just for me--an extra savings.

Posted by: Sharoooooon on May 25, 11 | 7:26 pm

In Cape Girardeau, Mo we have a great checker, Irene that takes very good care of us.

Posted by: Catherine Allison on May 25, 11 | 8:16 pm

My first time at this location--very nice gentleman at the counter. I would definatley go back there. Very friendly

Posted by: Linda Fedyszyn on May 25, 11 | 10:20 pm

Incredulous service-I brought photos in to be developed, the photo machine gave me a completion time of a few hours. I have not been in this Walgreens (Santa Margarita Pkwy-Mission Viejo) for almost a year. Before my photo company went out of business, I dealt with this store quite a bit. When entering the mgr (Ernie Dayrit) immediately recognized me and addressed me by name. He helped me scan some photos. When your photo machine said 'to come back in a few hours'-Ernie said " if you can give me two minutes your photos will be done". And they were. Great service!

Posted by: Brian Casey on May 26, 11 | 12:35 am

i like my walgreens, its personal to its cusotmers

Posted by: inez on May 26, 11 | 8:31 am

one stop shopping.....saves time...saves
gas....saves aggrivation....walgreens is the receipe for a successful shopping day.

Posted by: jim dasaro on May 26, 11 | 9:55 am

The cashier was cheerful and very plesant

Posted by: Fran Peregrine on May 26, 11 | 10:57 am

Using the Walgreens at Prospect and Andrews for my prescriptions; is really a pleasure because of the "Pharmacy Technician" named DOTTIE. It seems to me that she goes above and beyond her job every time that I see her. She is Polite and uses my name "Mr. Pelott" when I see her. this added acknowledgements makes her a G R E A T asset to the store.

Posted by: Dave Pelott` on May 26, 11 | 11:20 am

Good service.

Posted by: Tina on May 26, 11 | 11:59 am

i always have great serviceat walgreens iam a very good custome do a lot of my shopping there because of the sevice and the prices their my store i feel

Posted by: carmen roeder on May 26, 11 | 12:56 pm

My daughter & I are in Walgreens almost daily. We get our perscriptions and usually find good bargains for something we need. We love your store and it is so close to where we live.

Loretta & Cheryl
Leffew Torbett

Posted by: Loretta Leffew & Cheryl Torbett on May 26, 11 | 1:02 pm

Always a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere most every time I enter the store. Brenda especially is always smiling and welcoming us to the store.

Posted by: Tammy Cassidy on May 26, 11 | 1:53 pm

I love the 43rd St Walgreen's in Bradenton, Fl. all of the customer care employees and managers are exceptional nice. I most especially like the cosmetic consultant, Candida, she has the sweetest personality and even though I do not wear make-up; she always finds something for me to purchase out of her dept. She introduced me to Merlott products. I'm loving them so much...Thanks for a good staff.

Posted by: vV SPANN on May 26, 11 | 2:34 pm

I visit the Walgreen's at 839 N Market St Wilmington, DE 19801 about every other day. There is a girl in the Pharmacy who is always kind , no matter how busy it is, and she really knows her job. Her name is Marsha and she has been an ENORMOUS help to me on several occasions when there has been a mix-up with my prescriptions or refills. She is even-tempered and always has a smile on her face when dealing with her customers no matter how difficult they may be. She certainly deserves to be recognized for the great job she does for you

Posted by: Donna Cullen on May 26, 11 | 3:44 pm

i was able to go inside and was able
to come right out with my iteam.

Posted by: leshea on May 26, 11 | 7:39 pm

I love this store..........

Posted by: amber on May 26, 11 | 8:32 pm

I can always find just what I am looking for and then afew things I didn't know I needed. I love how they open another checkstand when 2 or more people are in line.

Posted by: Donna Westbrook on May 26, 11 | 9:29 pm

I shop at the Walgreens in Mukwonago WI and I must tell you that the clerk in to cosmetic department named JILL is so very courteous and helpful, I am always happy to see her there when I need to find a product.

Posted by: Pat Johnson on May 26, 11 | 10:29 pm

I have been going to Wallgreen ever since they built it in Cornelius OR. I think the staff at the photo shop is great as well as other floor sales people. However I have decided that I will no longer fill mine and my wife prescription. I have had many problems.Example you call in and they ask when would you like the prec. picked up, you give the time and when you go there it's not ready, and the last visit, there was only one person by the name of Roxanne, that was busy taking care of another customer, but never acknowledged me standing for 15 minutes, and when I went up she went to the drive up, never apologized for the waite, and when she finally came to me, she said that it was not ready, had absolutly no customer service class. there are other times when they fell short, but I do not have enough paper to fill the slot, I will not fill mi presc. there any more

Posted by: Victor on May 26, 11 | 10:50 pm

Patricia was very helpful with my photo
order. copies, developing and all that goes with the what I had done. Walgreens in Ontario, Or. is the store where I shop.

Posted by: Gladys on May 27, 11 | 8:11 am

Leticia at the Walgreens at Wilson and Clark has always been pleasant and
professional to our 4 staff members when we go in. She also saves me money by pointing out sale items that I
need when I ask her. We check the ads together and with me on a close budget is really appreciated. She is great!

Posted by: Elizabeth on May 27, 11 | 8:16 am

I really like the cosmetics dept. they have a young Asian girl (I don't know her name) But she is always friendly and can point me in the right for the products I need.

Posted by: P.Mormello on May 27, 11 | 9:00 am

My Wallgreens is a fantastic store to trade at due to the people that work there, and the products available. The visits are always soo pleasant.

Posted by: Wayne Kearney on May 27, 11 | 9:56 am

I love going to our local Walgreens. I have gone to different local pharmacies in the past, but I find Walgreens to be a relaxing place to shop, they seem to have a better selection. Their staff is always helpful and pleasant.

Posted by: jeffrey spragg on May 27, 11 | 10:28 am

My Walgreen's is a half mile from my house, which makes it very onvenient. I stop there about twice a week to pick up prescriptions and/or shop for little things I forgot when buying groceries at the big stores. The drive-thru for meds is VERY convenient, as I am wheelchair bound, and my driver does not have to get me out of the car. The staff in the store are all pleasant and helpful. The shelves have a good assortment of a huge variety of items.

Posted by: Marian Maas on May 27, 11 | 10:47 am

The pharmacy is VERY BUSY. The manager is EXTREMELY RUDE to his employees! He is curt on the phone, too. We have shopped here for 15 years. This is the WORST MANAGER you have EVER had! The staff just grit their teeth and continue on.

Posted by: Joy Peterson on May 27, 11 | 11:39 am

Everytime I shop at Walgreens, I always find what I am looking for , and if I don't there is always someone to help me. I leave always good that I went to Walgreens first before any where else. Thanks

Posted by: christine on May 27, 11 | 12:52 pm

The reason I like shopping at Walgreens is because they have everything that you may ever are looking for...I work across the street, and it makes me feel so secure to know, if I forgot something at home...all I have to do is run over to Walgreens...The cashier there is wonderful, too...

Posted by: Janet on May 27, 11 | 2:09 pm

i had no problem finding my cold tablets and was in and out in 3 minutes

Posted by: maryl-lee on May 27, 11 | 2:37 pm

I love using the walgreens web site to order my pictures ( and I take alot of photos!) from the comfort of my own home and pick them up at my convienence.

Posted by: anna on May 27, 11 | 4:45 pm

Every thing was easy to find at the store in South Holland.

Posted by: Bruce Jackson Jr on May 27, 11 | 4:50 pm

Items are easy to find in the store in South Holland. The people were very helpful.

Posted by: Bruce Jackson Jr on May 27, 11 | 5:00 pm

Our visit today was special. I picked up my prescription and it wasn't quite ready so the Pharmacist took it and fixed it immediately for me. That was really nice of her.

Her name is Libby and the tech was Mary

Posted by: paulette fritz on May 27, 11 | 5:01 pm

I really love shopping at Walgreens! Everyone working there is always helpful and very nice.

Posted by: Ferdinand on May 27, 11 | 5:13 pm

I really like the drive thru window at Walgreens in DeRidder, LA. It is great for the on the go people which is almost everyone. I also like how our pharmacy stays open until 10:00 pm during the week. In this busy paced world, many people can't go to the pharmacy until later at night. Our Walgreens does their best to get your prescriptions filled at the fastest rate possible. Thanks DeRidder, LA pharmacy workers for a job well done.

Posted by: Doris Johnson on May 27, 11 | 6:14 pm

i absolutly lov walgreens,i get my prescriptions there and i can order them online,or i can drop them off in their convient drive threw service.they also have alot of diffrent departments,you can get anything there,their seasonal merchandise is great!and my favorite one is close to my work so i can stop there on my way to or from work.

Posted by: susan mcnulty on May 27, 11 | 6:21 pm

Thanks to Mel and Felicity for all your help.We still mis Mr. Rainbolt.Thanks for coupon friendly

Posted by: A J Johnson on May 27, 11 | 7:20 pm

I truly appreciate the pharmacy staff at the Walgreens in Brentwood, TN on Carothers/Bakers Bridge. They are always kind a courteous and they know me by name. They are diligent in contacting my doctor for refills and everyone there is very professional. Thanks for all you do!

Posted by: Shirleanne A. on May 27, 11 | 7:51 pm

The employees are always very helpful when I ask them about products or where to find them. So that makes it an easy and quick place to shop. Also they display their sale items well, and always make available at the front of the store, their current add. I always buy all my cosmetics there, because I can try new ones, and they are returnable if you are unhappy, or need to exchange. Also, I feel they are very competitive on prices with other stores.

Posted by: CHERYL BAGNELL on May 27, 11 | 9:43 pm

I thing walgreens is the best store to me . because it open when you need them an they got what you need late night.

Posted by: Teresa Wooten on May 27, 11 | 10:21 pm

great store

Posted by: jimmy fergus on May 27, 11 | 10:48 pm

I appreciate the people at the photo dept. They are always helpful & couteous. I also like that most of the stores are open 24 hours.

Posted by: Bill on May 28, 11 | 9:03 am

This morning when I checked out, the lady at the cash register was very pleasant, smiling, friendly - asked if I had found what I needed. I've never encountered a rude employee in my local Walgreens stores. They could give lessons to some others I've come across!

Posted by: Louise Burns on May 28, 11 | 12:23 pm

I love Walgreens. They are convenient to go to and customer service is great. I love the rewards program! Just cashed in $20 dollars of merchandise. My Walgreens is in Cornelius, Or.

Posted by: Debra on May 28, 11 | 1:27 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens they are fast and friendly,They take there time to help you find what you need and the prices are great,Thanks,Walgreens...

Posted by: David Whitaker on May 28, 11 | 4:12 pm

great place to shop

Posted by: David Whitaker on May 28, 11 | 4:18 pm

All cashiers are very friendly and helpful. Ladies in the pharmacy are very friendly and helpful especially Samantha the pharmacist.

Posted by: Linda Sjulin on May 28, 11 | 4:27 pm

My wife and I have just returned to the UK from a tour, and I felt that I must comment on your Shop Walgreens on Powel street in San Fransisco, very polite checkout staff nothing was too much trouble the shop was clean and well stocked with items that suited every pocket , and very competativewithother outlets, I also shopped at Walgreens on the strip in Las Vegas once again nothing but commendations for the Staff and presentation, I would certainly recommend to Friends.
Matt Gilsenan Liverpool England

Posted by: Matt Gilsenan on May 28, 11 | 4:49 pm

We shop @ Walgreen's now instead of Walmart b/c it is much more convenient & the employees are always very helpful & smiling. They will always help you find something or call another Walgreen's to see if they have what we are looking for. They are extremely helpful.

Posted by: Brenda Bassinger on May 28, 11 | 6:09 pm

The Walgreens #3557 on Crowder Blvd. in New Orleans, La is my neighborhood store. I visit at least 3 or 4 times a week. The employees are friendly and very helpful.

Posted by: Elaine Ker on May 28, 11 | 7:31 pm

recently i chAnge my pharmacy because i thought it was closer to my home boy was i wrong i had to change back to walgreens because they treat you with respect and keep your meds longer i will never make the mistake of changing to any other pharmacy.

Posted by: BLANCA ANDUJO on May 28, 11 | 7:39 pm

My wife and I have always used Walgreens to get our prescriptions filled and buy over the counter medicine. But Walgreens has grown into so much more and we find ourselves buying items there instead of having to go to other stores. We enjoy the professionalism and the fast friendly service you get at Walgreens. We will continue to shop there because the prices are very competitive and the service is great.

Posted by: Steve Foster on May 28, 11 | 9:26 pm

It's always fun to go to Walgreens to
see what is offered each week. I can always find something to buy even if I don't have anything certain to buy when I get inside the door.

Posted by: a. j. kruse on May 28, 11 | 10:05 pm

ALWAYS extremely helpful./ greets me with a smile, asks if I need help or if I found everything............. Ever time I come in she is bending over backwards to be kind and helpful. I look forward to have her be my Clerk. She makes my day.
Also, the People at the Photo Department are GREAT as well.

Posted by: survey # 0772-7275-724 on May 29, 11 | 12:13 am

how do I fill out survey? Can't find the survey form.

Posted by: r. diffin on May 29, 11 | 2:08 am

All the employees are very polite. Most of them greet you when you walk in the door & tell you have a good day when you leave. I will never use another pharmacy!

Posted by: Becca on May 29, 11 | 6:49 am

The staff and manager Matt at the Howell, Mi. 48843 store are an asset to the Walgreen Corporation. The professionalism and empathy for the customer is paramount. they are proactive in their daily approach to being there mentally and physically for each customer! Matt; Ashley; Megan; David and Trevor rock. thank you sooooo much for all you do in photo etc. depts.


Posted by: Glenn on May 29, 11 | 8:19 am


Posted by: MARY ANN on May 29, 11 | 9:43 am

I enjoy going to walgreen, everyone is very nice and are helpful when asked to help me find something.I am glad your store is less than a mile away.

Posted by: shawn ceglanski on May 29, 11 | 9:59 am


Posted by: CARMEN TERRELL on May 29, 11 | 2:50 pm

With CVS across the street I go to Walgreens every time for better bargins and service. Walgreens for me.

Posted by: karon Sheppare on May 29, 11 | 3:45 pm

I was concerned about refilling a prescription from Walgreens in another state, but to my joy the pharmacy at 5630 W.4100 E. in West Valley City Utah, eased my concern when they informed me that Walgreens had all my info stored... and had my prescription ready in a couple hours. I'll never go anywhere else for my prescriptions . I am one very happy customer !

Posted by: Cordelia Richardson on May 29, 11 | 3:52 pm

I shop at Walgreens for years,great Managers,cashiers and the stores is well organize.

Posted by: Vivian Godchaux on May 29, 11 | 7:28 pm

Very pleasant place to shop, everyone is so friendly.

Posted by: M Lang on May 29, 11 | 8:42 pm

good service

Posted by: cappy caparida on May 29, 11 | 9:21 pm

friendly and honest clerk fort payne,al

Posted by: Rebecca Dixson on May 29, 11 | 11:28 pm

i had a wonderful visit the cashier was funny and pleasant and told me a joke that made my day. I had been to a funeral and that joke really helped

Posted by: sherice parks on May 30, 11 | 12:55 am

I love Walgreens in Wallace, N.C. but everytime they have a good sale on something it is gone from the shelf by the afternoon of the first day. Very frustrating if you can't get there as soon as they open. The people are very friendly and courteous! The store just doesn't have enough product.

Posted by: A. Moore on May 30, 11 | 7:40 am

My sister and i went last night to wallgreens to buy our kids some toys when suddenly the lady at the cashier came to us and confronted us in an unfriendly way that she just straighten up the stocks and she doesnt want it mixed up anymore. we got surprise with her attitude. 1 of the customer heard what she just said and told her she should not treat us bad because we are customer. i was wondering if this is how they treat customer at this store.

Posted by: survey # 0469-1271-531 on May 30, 11 | 8:44 am

I think all walgreens cashers and helpers suport everyone find what they want or need.Heck my dad comes here to always gets milkduds

Posted by: TASHA on May 30, 11 | 9:12 am

As a visitor to US I found in the store all I was looking for, and the service was very good

Posted by: Juan Carlos Sanchez M on May 30, 11 | 10:13 am

I like to buy from Walgreens stores because every thing is good ,price ,sale.and all the workers and cashiers are good in the stores in my city El Cajon. Special greats to the cashiers in these stores.

Posted by: Issa Dikho on May 30, 11 | 11:10 am

I've never had any problem with walgreen's thus far,and hope I never do,I enjoy shopping there so far.

Posted by: jack todd on May 30, 11 | 11:10 am

I love Walgreens because of all the good deals. You have

Posted by: laura on May 30, 11 | 12:17 pm


Posted by: jose carrasquillo on May 30, 11 | 12:21 pm

As usual, I went to Walgreens when they had a good sale on a number of things I needed & wanted. AS USUAL, THEY WERE OUT OF THEM. Thanks a lot for wasting my gas & for starting my day off badly.

Posted by: lorraine on May 30, 11 | 12:31 pm


Posted by: jose carrasquillo on May 30, 11 | 12:43 pm

My husband and I enjoy shopping at the walgreens in walterboro the employees and manager are so friendly and always willing to help us find the things that we need. We buy in bulk for ourselves. I especially like the savings with the coupons; We are amazed sometimes at the savings when the cashiers starts to take of the coupons discounts. It helps because we are on a tight budget. Its a great place to shop and a pleasant place to shop.

09284273445 21105102016

Posted by: myra on May 30, 11 | 1:59 pm

I fill all my prescriptions at the Carson Ct. Elk River, MN. store, Ada is one of the technicians who helps me with all my questions and refills. She is always friendly, has a smile on her face and wishes me a good day.

Posted by: Donna S. on May 30, 11 | 3:25 pm

I fill all my prescriptions at the Carson Ct. Elk River, MN. store, Ada is one of the technicians who helps me with all my questions and refills. She is always friendly, has a smile on her face and wishes me a good day.

Posted by: Donna S. on May 30, 11 | 3:29 pm

I love walgreens all the staff is very friendly and helpful. I was at the walgreen in cuyahoga falls on Howe Rd and they transferred my medication to walgreens on frank blvd. because it was closer as I live in Canal Fulton.

Posted by: MARTHA NICHOLSON on May 30, 11 | 4:08 pm

We always use Walgreens for all our
perscription. They are great at notifiing
us we we need a refill or if we have a
problem with our order. They are always prompt and courteous.

today was my first time to usw the photo shop with my new digital camera.
they were most helpful and patient. great savings!

Posted by: louise weathers on May 30, 11 | 4:17 pm

survey #0520-3257-469

My daughter had a baby shower for our first grandchild. I was eager to have my photos processed. Twice I was helped by a very CHEERFUL and HELPFUL lady. I truly appreciated her help in ordering my photos in in a book. She was very patient! This was extremely rare service these days. I will use Walgreens photo department again because of her.

Posted by: Gloria on May 30, 11 | 5:52 pm

Walgreens is awsome! Walgreens has all medicen and other stuff for people to survive.

Posted by: Adan on May 30, 11 | 6:29 pm

Walgreens cashiers are almost always helpful and willing to answer your questions, hte hours are convenient.

Posted by: lito on May 30, 11 | 7:24 pm

for the past few months I'm on Prescrition for Cholestrol "LIPITOR"I used to collect every month from walgreen which was near to my Place, LA.I moved to Westminster couple of weeks and I went to Walgreens for the same prescrition which is in Anaheim and they refused to give me the same .they told me I 've to check my cholestrol again before the prescriptin. That was good suggetion so I did . The very next week I got a message from the walgreens to come and collect my prescription.They aleady got my records from my Physician In LOS angeles. It seems they really care about humens. I appreciate.

Posted by: Asif Parkar on May 30, 11 | 11:17 pm

I visit the 24 hour Walgreens at 1221 N. Lake St in Aurora, Illinois, quit often for prescriptions and refills. The pharmacy staff is always very helpful and courtious. If I come in and wait for a refill my wait time is always short. I would like to thank them for giving prompt service and taking time to always make sure I know any changes in my prescriptions. I makes my life easier.
Susan L. Smith

Posted by: Susan L. Smith on May 31, 11 | 12:28 am

I love walgreens, great sale, great coupon deal.

Posted by: lily on May 31, 11 | 2:50 am

When on the road and you need a product ,Walgreens is the first place I think of.

Posted by: Cindy Ewell on May 31, 11 | 3:50 am

Walgreens is so clean or organized.
The cashiers are friendly and more than willing to help.

Posted by: elizabeth bunch on May 31, 11 | 8:23 am

enjoy shopping walgreens

Posted by: william argo on May 31, 11 | 11:13 am

I Love Walgreens,that's where I always go to get my prescriptions:)I love that it's very clean & friendly service also

Posted by: Elizabeth Chriswell on May 31, 11 | 11:45 am

I visted the walgreens near my job and needed a pain reliever for my back. I only wanted to purchase a small container. After helping me find what I need I was in line to pay. While I was at the check out, the young lady that helped me found what a sale on walgreen brand that double offering for same price I was paying. The assistant I received was outstanding.

Posted by: Dianna Wilson on May 31, 11 | 12:00 pm

Great service by all three people I talked with. So courteous and pleasant!

Posted by: Ruth Galbreath on May 31, 11 | 1:31 pm

This Walgreens is my neighborhood store. I frequently go at least twice a week. I should remember the employees names but I don't I just remember that all the cashiers I have dealt with are very friendly and helpful. If I need something from Walgreens, I rather go to my neighborhood, because the one close to me at work in Doral, they are very unpleasant.

Posted by: Maribel Berrios on May 31, 11 | 2:36 pm

This Walgreens is my neighborhood store. I frequent it at least once or twice a week. I should remember the employees names but I don't I just remember that all the cashiers I have dealt with are very friendly and helpful, My husband and I enjoy shopping at the walgreens in walterboro the employees and manager are so friendly and always willing to help us find the things that we need. We buy in bulk for ourselves. I especially like the savings with the coupons; We are amazed sometimes at the savings when the cashiers starts to take of the coupons discounts. It helps because we are on a tight budget. Its a great place to shop and a pleasant place to shop.

Posted by: Maribel Berrios on May 31, 11 | 2:42 pm


Posted by: LINWOOD& BETTIE MCCOY on May 31, 11 | 2:46 pm

I had a prescription that I thought was only $2.00 and as I had $3.00 in my billfold I headed for my favorite Walgreens!
All went well until the clerk said that will be $6.00.
I hunted through my billfold for any hidden bills which I sometimes have a habit of doing. I couldn't find any so I said, "I will have to come back." I left and drove back home. My wife handed her embarrassed husband a ten dollar bill. I drove back to the drive up window at Walgreens and the same clerk said, let's see that address is and quoted back my address to me. I looked at her and said, " That is correct," as I gave her my $10 bill. She had a big smile on her face and gave me back my change and prescription. I will never forget the gentleness of this clerk who rescued me from an embarrassing situation. I gave he a "12" on my scale of "1-10" This young lady will go far at Walgreens! If I could give her a raise in pay, I WOULD!
A Thankful Jim

Posted by: Jim Gootee on May 31, 11 | 2:50 pm

Are we to write a short essay instead of taking a survey? I like the Walgreen's near my office on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach, CA. I don't know the names of the cashiers, but they are friendly. One suggested I buy some Extreme gum, and I liked it a lot. But I can't buy the candy they recommend because my dentist doesn't want me eating candy. Oh, well.
I buy sodas and chips and routine medications like antacids and allergy meds from Walgreen's. I am thinking about transferring my prescriptions because this Walgreen's is so convenient . . .

Posted by: Pat Combs on May 31, 11 | 3:05 pm

Easy in, Easy out.
Bought one, got one free

Posted by: Marvin Geller on May 31, 11 | 3:16 pm

very good walgreens ..

Posted by: yailet on May 31, 11 | 3:20 pm

Shopping at Walgreens is always a pleasure. I visited the location located on Loop 336 North in Conroe, Texas. The merchandise is easily found and the personnel are friendly and helpful

Posted by: Martha McDonald on May 31, 11 | 3:32 pm

yes i enjoy shopping at walgreens the people are very nice they know how to treat there customer and thats why i love walgreens cause i all ways get great customer service thank you walgreens.

Posted by: chrishana rene chapman on May 31, 11 | 3:49 pm

wagreens is a good store

Posted by: drue on May 31, 11 | 4:13 pm

She was very help full and kind.

Posted by: estil bolin on May 31, 11 | 4:50 pm

I love walgreens , it is very clean an wanderfull place to visit , I am buy every week at walgreens,

Posted by: NERY DIAZ DOMINGUEZ on May 31, 11 | 5:18 pm

The clerk was fine but her appearance was drab.
I like Walgreen's prices and the coupons which are available at the time one shops.

Posted by: Margaret West on May 31, 11 | 5:42 pm

walgreens is the best place to go too.You can get every thing there at walgreens.Walgreens well help you with every thing you need when your there.The peoples there are every nice to you n well help you with what every you need when your there.Walgreens is the best place peoples sould go there when they need something.

Posted by: Jessica on May 31, 11 | 6:31 pm


Posted by: Tamsen on May 31, 11 | 7:03 pm


Posted by: Tamsen on May 31, 11 | 7:33 pm

we had the nicest person help us in cosmetics today she was terrific

Posted by: wilma on May 31, 11 | 8:46 pm

After leaving my husband in the ICU at our local hospital I wanted to get him a get well card, so i stopped at my Cleburne,Texas Walgreen. They always have friendly helpful employees. I love the store, the employees and I care deeply that they all go so far out of their way to help us always. For some reason Walgreen seems to have come across the correct way to hire their employees. Have never run across a bad tempered one in any Walgreen store. Kudos to you

Posted by: Lawreen Plumlee on May 31, 11 | 11:07 pm

I entered your Walgreens today and saw a "new attitude". What a teriffic surprise. I had not been in this store for over 6 months. Your manager and clerks were exteremly friendly, helpful and curtious. I was so pleased that I will now refer business your direction. This is what customer service is all about. I know, I was a drug retail manager for 10 years in the late 70's. I would of hired the three employee's you had working today to work for me.

Posted by: David P. Boyd on Jun 01, 11 | 4:54 am

I entered your Walgreens today and saw a "new attitude". What a teriffic surprise. I had not been in this store for over 6 months. Your manager and clerks were exteremly friendly, helpful and curtious. I was so pleased that I will now refer business your direction. This is what customer service is all about. I know, I was a drug retail manager for 10 years in the late 70's. I would of hired the three employee's you had working today to work for me.

5020 Madison Ave. Sacramento.

Posted by: David P. Boyd on Jun 01, 11 | 4:56 am

I love Walgreens and shop there on a regular basis however after entering these contests about 3 times a week.. all of a sudden I can get there with this tellwag address...frustrating. Can you provide some informations please??

Posted by: donna vargas on Jun 01, 11 | 11:42 am

Thanks to more walmart!!!!! The Walgreens experience was wonderful! The people are pleasant and the place is very clean. At walmart, had to wait in a line to pay then wait in another line for the pharmacist to bag the script. Why do I need to wait in line two times for my script? Just not right! THANKS WALGREENS!!!!!

Posted by: Deb Schilli on Jun 01, 11 | 11:45 am

I'm in our Walgreens at least 3 times a week! The people are so friendly and helpful. I also wait for Sunday's paperso I can get the many specials for the week. The pharmacy is so helpful as well! We live in a small city, and Walgreens is the best store to shop in.

Posted by: Carol Cain on Jun 01, 11 | 11:47 am

The Walgreens at Belmont and Central in Chicago IL have the greatest people working there. They are always so helpful and friendly that they know my little ones name and he knows each and every worker there.

Posted by: Terri Montalbano on Jun 01, 11 | 12:11 pm


Posted by: margaret d bruce on Jun 01, 11 | 12:11 pm

l love to buy at walgreens ezetop recharge phones of family back home phone card and the cashier people very friendly at also approachable specially here at jeralemon branch.

thank you

Posted by: joel ponce on Jun 01, 11 | 1:39 pm

MY store at Rowan Rd & 54 is the best. Organized, clean, great Pharmacy and a very helpful clerk in the Cosmetic Department. Everyone is always friendly and I have noticed a trend occuring. When you ask for a specific item, the clerks are more than willing to not only give you the aisle # but guide you to the products you request. I like it, retired from a customer service job I held for over 30 years. This is exactly how a company gets rep[eat business.

Posted by: Ed on Jun 01, 11 | 2:01 pm

I had really good service this morning early. My husband just had surgery and needed some medicine early. (6:30 am.)

Posted by: Bonnie Mitchell on Jun 01, 11 | 2:10 pm

I enjoy shopping the store for great price,
friendly people and clean store.

Posted by: Donaldlee wright on Jun 01, 11 | 2:32 pm

Big Bear Lake Ca. store is great! I have enjoyed that store alot since it`s opened not long ago. My life depends on the pharmacy there so I feel safe and can go on with my life thank you all at Walgreens. P.S. The money I have saved there is huge thanks again. Richard Gonzales

Posted by: richard gonzales on Jun 01, 11 | 2:35 pm

Every one there is always helpfull and polite. Thats why we always go there

Posted by: Jaynine on Jun 01, 11 | 4:58 pm

At Walgreen;s I save a considerable amount of money on my prescriptions and buying bargains on merchandise using coupons or just posted on the shelves. The staff always cheerfully gives rain checks for items sold out. When I ask any pharmacist, pharmacy tech or associate working the counter or on the floor for assistance, they instantly, cheerfully and effectively oblige. The staff is friendly with a, cheerful "We're here to help" attitude.

Posted by: James Coburn on Jun 01, 11 | 5:06 pm

Love the saving at walgreens and get all my perscriptions filled there in a timely manner!!! Thanks alot they remember me thats how good they are :)

Posted by: Tara on Jun 01, 11 | 6:52 pm

I pick Walgreen because it is very convience for shopping there is no big line chares are working very ugently and smile so often.

Posted by: Riet on Jun 01, 11 | 7:34 pm

I enjoy shopping at our Viroqua Walgreens as it is always clean and the staff is polite fast and knowlegable about products

Posted by: Diane Coyne on Jun 01, 11 | 8:10 pm

very pleased

Posted by: fonda roy on Jun 01, 11 | 11:46 pm


Posted by: fonda roy on Jun 01, 11 | 11:52 pm

Great stores
J Snell

Posted by: John Snell on Jun 02, 11 | 6:34 am

My Walgreens at 2606 E. Ash St., Goldsboro, NC are always helpful, friendly, and quick to respond. Marie
Bennett at this store is an exceptional employee.

Posted by: Sue Bennett on Jun 02, 11 | 6:54 am

Excellent service Favorite cashier is Lindsay

Speedy service with a smile

4211 Winterville Pkqy
Winterville, NC 28590

Posted by: James Epps on Jun 02, 11 | 2:18 pm

The people in The Cherry Valley Wallgreens are really friendly and always willing to help.

Posted by: Linda on Jun 02, 11 | 2:28 pm

my Walgreens at 1800 State 44 New Smyrna Beach, Fl are nice, helpful and is willing to do an extra step just to help out a customer.

Posted by: faye on Jun 02, 11 | 3:05 pm

Great helpful service. Experienced staff.

Posted by: Gordon Carlson on Jun 02, 11 | 3:20 pm

very polite and helpful

Posted by: pat storey on Jun 02, 11 | 3:40 pm

I was told to leave my name & e-mail.
I did that & here is my phone number.

Posted by: KaraLynn Turner on Jun 02, 11 | 4:02 pm

Always have what I need. Cashiers always friendly and helpful. Great prices! Great sales!

Posted by: Pam on Jun 02, 11 | 4:15 pm

Love Walgreens

Posted by: Aliceann Kealey on Jun 02, 11 | 4:15 pm

The staff at Walgreens in Silver Spring shores are very nice. Always pleasant and never to busy to help the customers.

Posted by: ophelia daSilva on Jun 02, 11 | 5:23 pm

keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: melody on Jun 02, 11 | 6:25 pm

The cashier was real nice, I come in daily and she knows what I need and is very friendly.

Posted by: Debrah Leek on Jun 02, 11 | 7:03 pm

Love Walgreens. They are always very helpful in the pharmacy. If i have any questions they look it up for me. They are real good about calling when my prescriptions are ready
Lynn Haven, Fl 32444 is my Walgreens

Posted by: Judy Edgecombe on Jun 02, 11 | 8:48 pm

i like walgreens because is open 24 hours and all peoples that work there are very nice

Posted by: maribel on Jun 02, 11 | 9:04 pm

i like walgreens cuz their everywhere..and so easy to shop and they have all the vitamins that i need.

Posted by: juan garcia on Jun 02, 11 | 9:19 pm

The Pharmacy staff at my local Walgreens is exceptional. Not only, they are pleasant, but also, they are knowledgeable. Lisa is an amazing pharmacist as well as a caring person.

The entire store is clean, well organized and filled with competent managers and sales personnel.

Posted by: M. R. Doc Michaud, Ph.D. on Jun 02, 11 | 9:56 pm

We very much appreciated the extra care and attention given to us today by Heidi at our local Walgreen's. She took extra time to make sure our passport photos looked good and even found a shirt in the store to provide a better color contrast to the white background.

Posted by: Ted Rosshirt on Jun 02, 11 | 11:39 pm

I like the way that the store is so organized and clean. I love the in store rebates that you have. It brings a lot of savings to my family.

Posted by: Eva A Hansen on Jun 03, 11 | 12:38 am

I enjoy the convenience of my local Walgreens. I do not always want to deal with the larger retail stores and appreciate the help that is always offered to me when I visit the corner Walgreens!

Posted by: Terri on Jun 03, 11 | 9:08 am

good store.good people here in southeast Texas.Dianne and John are real helpers when you need help.

Posted by: william hiles sr on Jun 03, 11 | 10:29 am

My last visit to Walgreens was delightful. The store personnel were very helpful in helping me to find products. The cashier was
extremely nice, paying attention to detail with all of my coupons. I love to shop at Walgreens.

Posted by: William on Jun 03, 11 | 10:40 am

i always enjoy visiting the walgreens on seymour and reading rd.,in cincinnati ohio;they are so professional in all departments,and don't mind helping out if you lost,or can't find an item;plus i have friends that work there who always help to make day a little btighter,less stressful,b/c they smile,and show genuine care,concern.i switched from krogers pharmacy due to their lack of care,concern,and feel right at home for all of my family's healthcare,personal needs,thnx walgreens,without u me and my family would be lost!

Posted by: trakila on Jun 03, 11 | 12:05 pm

Being a senior citizen, it is always a pleasure put in and pick my medications because the pharmacy is so familiar with and my medications and always make sure I understand how to take my medications. Also, the store is convenient, prices are great and I enjoy browsing around the store while waiting for my prescriptions to be filled.
I love my Wlagreens.

Posted by: Dorothy Hopkins on Jun 03, 11 | 12:45 pm

The Walgreen's Pharmacy on Bush&Hyde has very Professional & NICE people working there, they always remember my name and greet me when I come in. I shop at many of the stores and I love the prices and the nice people who work there, and I find a store wherever I happen to be in S.F. Walgreen's is my favorite store.
Kenny Patchen

Posted by: Kenny Patchen on Jun 03, 11 | 1:28 pm

I Love Walgreens, The One I Go To Needs Much Needed Help, At Registers And Pharmacy!!!

Posted by: Wilfred Negron on Jun 03, 11 | 3:18 pm

estoy muy contento con la atencion.

Posted by: carlos on Jun 03, 11 | 3:43 pm

I get all my prescriptons at Walgreeens at 145 Littleton Rd. , Westford, MA
. Laurie is the pharmacist I usually deal with. She is an exemplary employee. She is always so helpful. Although she works late hours she is always very pleasant and doesn't tell anyone her problems.
Your other employees are also very helpful when asked where a product is and taking their time to make sure you find it.
I don't know how you get your employees to be so happy but keep it up because it's working. My only complaint is the selection of prescriptions are all made by Watson. Their formulas are not the same as other drugs and they are not as effective. Certain meds I buy at CVS because of this. Other than that Walgreens is my Pharmacy of choice.

Posted by: Deb K on Jun 03, 11 | 4:57 pm

I got what I was loking for and cahier Maysvel was very polite. Thanks Wallgreens

Posted by: Carlos Mena on Jun 03, 11 | 6:16 pm

I go to the Walgreen close to my house and everyone there has always been helpful and will try and answer any questions you have or at least if they don't know they go and find out
for you, which you don't find that much anymore in stores.

Posted by: Anita Walker on Jun 03, 11 | 8:46 pm

Always have a pleasant cashier helping me at the Adams/State street store...I was sorry to see my favorite Walgreens go at Jackson and State...remodeling???? or gone for good ( I hope NOT)

Posted by: Catherine Mega on Jun 03, 11 | 9:21 pm

Very good customer service

Posted by: Minimol Johnson on Jun 03, 11 | 10:41 pm

Walgreens is a great place to shop

Posted by: tonykaufman on Jun 04, 11 | 2:19 am

Amy is hard working and you can tell she really cares about her customers. She is always friendly and willing to answer questions.

Posted by: Becky on Jun 04, 11 | 5:03 pm

very good sevice everytime I shop at Walgreens 1101S Sanderson ave Hemet,CA 92545

Posted by: Hau Nguyen on Jun 04, 11 | 5:42 pm

I am 76 years old and have been a Walgreens shopper for many years. I use your store at 830 3rd street, San Rafael,Ca. I can say nothing but good things about the Walgreen Co, it's People, and it's service. But what I would like you and anyone that reads this comment is this. Last July my Dr called walgreens and ordered a drug for me, when I went to pick it up the pharmacist told the that I was alergic to that drug and that she had called my Dr to confirm and the Dr immediately changed the drug. If it wasn't for that pharmacist I would not writing this comment. I think I will have to say, Thank God and Walgreens, I am a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER

Posted by: Thomas Wilkinson on Jun 04, 11 | 7:33 pm

Walgreens has excelent sales and their employees are always very kind.

Posted by: Jewel Strachan on Jun 04, 11 | 8:08 pm

I just went there for the first time,They are about 4 blocks away. I like what I experienced.

Posted by: Carrie on Jun 04, 11 | 11:34 pm

I am visiting California from Colorado I needed some help in my medications transfer and they were helpful in making the transfer. I am pleased with Walgreen customer service both in Colorado and California.

Posted by: Judy Mann on Jun 05, 11 | 3:49 am

develop my pictures at my local Walgreens always pleased with customer service.

Posted by: Barbara Albertson on Jun 05, 11 | 8:59 am

since Walgreen's advertises so many grocery items, then the store should be stocked as a grocery store.
example: coffee in ad on sunday at $6.49, shopped at 730am on sunday, out of coffee, next delivery Thursday.
unacceptable, and so are the rain checks. i have had a rain check since may 6 and still the product has not been in the store.
better management is needed.

Posted by: LINDA on Jun 05, 11 | 9:53 am

Yesterday I visited the Walgreens on Cermak and Cicero, in Cicero Il. at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. There is a very nice older woman in your cosmetic dept. that is always very nice and very helpful. I dont know her name,but i will ask next time I go. I frequent your store often,i get all my medications and daily household stuff there. Its always a pleasure.

Posted by: Marco on Jun 05, 11 | 11:34 am

i shall be completly honest with this survey, i have been going this particular wallgreens for a while/ but this is the first time the whole store is nice ,, i would love for this to continue because i love the store... my whole family shops there. the cashier was really nice and funny.. and when i was searching for a particular item i found employees who actually care about helping me.. ;)

Posted by: karina sanchez on Jun 05, 11 | 12:08 pm

Hi Andrew Toney here i like to shop at walgreen be cause every time i enter the store the frist thing i see is a smailey face and i here a happy greeting .I think that,s a very nice thing in this day and time and the place is very clean the items you looking for are not hard to fine .and i notice that if it seem that you can,t fine what you are looking for someone is right there to help you , THANK,S WALGREENS

Posted by: Andrew Toney on Jun 05, 11 | 12:09 pm

Walgreens pharmacists are amazing. They take the time to review your prescriptions with you and answer any questions you may have!

Posted by: Linda Azcarul on Jun 05, 11 | 1:33 pm

i have prescriptions filled at walgreens by a friendly and knowledgable staff. also convenient for everyday items.

Posted by: melissa a burkett-timm on Jun 05, 11 | 3:27 pm

Between myself and my husband John we have a couple of thousand dollars worth of prescriptions filled at Walgreen's every month. My husband alone takes 11 different medicines. All this could cause a lot of confusion but the manager and Techs get it done well and on time.
Walgreen's Rocks
Thanks, Jean

Posted by: Jean on Jun 05, 11 | 3:37 pm

My cashier was very attentive, friendly and looked directly at me! Quick service and a pleasant "Was there anything else that you need?". Overall a very good experience.

Posted by: Melissa Mullins on Jun 05, 11 | 11:00 pm


Posted by: pho banh on Jun 06, 11 | 11:35 am

I shop at my Walgreens on a weekly shopping experience is always a pleasure.I find my store always stocked with the weekly ad products.thank you for having such a nice store.

Posted by: ronald glenn on Jun 06, 11 | 12:06 pm

the service was very friendly

Posted by: Katherine Collier on Jun 06, 11 | 12:48 pm

I picked up my mother's medication at the pharmacy on Decatur and 215, here in Las Vegas...I had a good experience with them, having to take in several new prescriptions, along with picking up her other 5 medications. They had the medications ready to pick-up in a timely manner. The service is friendly and quick. My mom changed her pharmacy from Targets to Walgreen's because of the hours. I have only good things to say about the fast and friendly service. On picking up other items in the store the cashier's are always helpful and friendly.

Posted by: Teresa A. on Jun 06, 11 | 12:57 pm

It seems like every time I change prescription to save money after few months you jack up the price. I am going to another pharmacy!

Posted by: kenneth lopes on Jun 06, 11 | 12:58 pm

I always have a good experience when I shop at Walgreens. Maybe only once it wasn't and that person is no longer there. Also I go to the same one all the time, because to me they have the best employees, and they more friendlier then the one in Downtown, Wilmington. And the one that I go to is also downstairs from my job, so I would recommend Walgreens@ 1A Trolley Square Wilmington,De,19806

Posted by: Jamila Miller on Jun 06, 11 | 2:51 pm

Walgreens personnel are always nice and easy to deal with. I like shopping in our Indian Trail Walgreens.

Posted by: Margaret Doris on Jun 06, 11 | 2:51 pm

the casher was very nice she said hello thank u have a nice day and she was fast too. i use to shop at cvs i will change to walgreens because its faster and the price is cheper too.

Posted by: robbie marshall on Jun 06, 11 | 4:58 pm

I have only used this Walgreens 3 times but, everytime I'm there I am greeted with a smile and Welcome to Walgreens. And I was looking for a couple different items and the sales associate was most helpful.

Posted by: Lisa on Jun 06, 11 | 5:39 pm

I am going every Sunday to Walgreens after church.They help me with informations,change my stafs for another product or money,they care about customers so you feel good in this store,like at your home.

Posted by: Jelka Vlahović on Jun 06, 11 | 6:51 pm

I always get great service at our local Walgreens!

Posted by: Mike Spudic on Jun 06, 11 | 7:24 pm

My experience at Walgreen's was excellent, both by phone and in the store in person. Very helpful and efficient.

Posted by: Luchi Sarmiento on Jun 06, 11 | 7:32 pm

i found everything iwant at walgreensomepeople say walmart i say walgreen...

Posted by: cutris pitts on Jun 06, 11 | 10:54 pm

Walgreens Sunday ads always get me off to a good shopping spree, I am never disapplinted in what I seek.
Marie Hindery
6300 Sand Point Way NE #205
Seattle, WA. 98115

Posted by: Marie Hindery on Jun 07, 11 | 9:52 am

Sunday newspaper ads get my attention. I clip coupons and shop th bargains. I am never disappointed.

Posted by: Marie Hindery on Jun 07, 11 | 9:57 am

I went into walgreens not knowing anything about tampons and the cashier of the beauty dept was very helpfull thank you walgreens

Posted by: randolph snyder on Jun 07, 11 | 10:12 am

Speedy drive through for pharmacy pickup!

Posted by: John Shores on Jun 07, 11 | 1:26 pm

It is always so nice there and i love the service

Posted by: Jennifer taylor on Jun 07, 11 | 1:33 pm

My favorite cashier is Rosalie, she is knowledgeable about the products, she helps me find what I need, she is kind and courteous and caring. She works at Walgreens in Trashers Corner, Bothell, Washington, 98012

Posted by: Jacinta Wilder on Jun 07, 11 | 2:09 pm

Walgreens has become my favorite lunchtime pass time! Im at a new location with my job and walgreens is next door. I never thought i would turn into a coupon clipping momma, but now i check the weekly listing and always find a deal!

Posted by: yashica on Jun 07, 11 | 3:02 pm

I had a good visit at the walgreens on broadway and polk street. The staff was very helpful, I needed to make a phone call when I was without my phone and the clerk offered to let me use his personal cell phone. Thank you Wallgreens for being there! Also, I'd like to thank the pharmacy technicians for their discreet and non-judgemental service.

Posted by: alicen wun drland on Jun 07, 11 | 4:05 pm

I was so happy, when I went to exchange something,that there was no questions at all!!!!!!!! The lady was so pleasant, I almost could not believe it. I want to thank you very much.

Posted by: Pat Rochelle on Jun 07, 11 | 6:54 pm

The service is very good everytime I visist the store. Most of the time I am greeded when I walk in the store and when I leave. I feel like they appreciate my business.

Posted by: jean Walker on Jun 07, 11 | 8:51 pm

I have been a customer of Walgreen's ever since they opened their Conyers store. I've found they have friendly people & their always ready to help you.

Posted by: Carol on Jun 07, 11 | 9:13 pm

I love to go to Walgreens to have my distal photos printed. Walgreens is only one the drugstores that ofers photos in a matte finish. They do a awesome job. They always have photo coupons. I am very happy shopping there. I always find what I need.

Posted by: Carol DeMary on Jun 08, 11 | 12:59 am

I was plesently surprized when i saw my sales ticket that i was given a $2.90 savings that I did'nt know about.

Thank you Walgreens

Posted by: Don Yancey on Jun 08, 11 | 8:34 am

I have been a satisfied customer for 10 years now. I am always impressed with the customer service. Walgreens has some great sales also. I have certain items that I only purchase at Walgreens. I was very excited when I heard we were finally getting a Walgreens in spearfish.
Sincerely, Lia

Posted by: Lia Jagow on Jun 08, 11 | 11:40 am

Making you feel like they care about you

Posted by: Lee Darling on Jun 08, 11 | 4:05 pm

Every one was. Very. Helpful

Posted by: leroy dukes on Jun 08, 11 | 9:13 pm

I love the Walgreens store in Shepherdsville, Ky. It is clean and well organized. I have no trouble finding anything I need. I also love the sales. It really helps to save when you are on a fixed income Thanks also for the wonderful people that are always willing to help, and the ease of checking out.

Posted by: Sharron on Jun 09, 11 | 2:23 am

i like the service.

Posted by: don killam on Jun 09, 11 | 8:09 am

I walked in, looking for a sign, batteries, and before I found it, Linda was at my elbow. "May I help you/" She did, right to checking me out. I like that; that's Walgreen service I've been dealing with Walgreen stores since 1945 when they had soda fountains.

Posted by: Al Schauseil on Jun 09, 11 | 2:23 pm

No matter where I shop, I always wind up buying at Walgreen's. This includes all my prescriptions. Not only are the prices cheaper, but the atmosphere is always friendly and mucho helful. I have been using the same store for 15 years since I moved here.


Posted by: Jeanne Cooper on Jun 09, 11 | 3:28 pm

I am a transplanted Walgreens fan!! I moved to Whittier, CA. and found my "newest" Walgreen store just two miles from home: how convenient! That takes care of my prescriptions, developing pictures, seasonal shopping for misc. gifts, and all around neat shopping!! Where else can you go and find such a grand supply of all the stuff you need without having to walk around three football fields?? Walgreens, you're the best in my book!!!

Posted by: GAYLE SERATT on Jun 09, 11 | 4:25 pm

thank you for being nice and helping people find thing.

Posted by: robert love on Jun 09, 11 | 8:17 pm

Shopping at either Walgreens by my home is so easy. The stores are bright, and user friendly!

Posted by: Tammy Esser on Jun 10, 11 | 2:55 am

Very clean, cashiers always helpful. Barbara is so kind she helped me carrier my bags to my car. I was looking for a walker and she suggest I use my medicaid and call 1866 wagyess. That will help with my budget.

Posted by: jolynn. on Jun 10, 11 | 5:08 pm

I travel 30 miles away to go to the Walgreen in moses lake. The employees are very kind and there always available to help me with whatever i need.

Posted by: Carol Haas on Jun 10, 11 | 6:35 pm

wallgreens does me good

Posted by: charles torson on Jun 10, 11 | 11:34 pm

very nice people everytime i shop.

Posted by: jacqueline griffin on Jun 11, 11 | 8:28 am

were very helpful to find what I needed. were very polite and certious.

Posted by: Charles Cox on Jun 11, 11 | 9:40 am

use walgreens for all my drug store needs, the store is always clean and staffed with good help. I reciently bought a bottle of "dune" perfume for my wifes birthday and the clerk alo sold me $4.oo bag to put it in and reminded me to buy a birthday card before she rang me up. she was good for the store and helped me at the same time--jtb

Posted by: john t baker on Jun 11, 11 | 12:07 pm

Very helpful associates. Found things I needed on sale...

Posted by: Carol Cierpial on Jun 11, 11 | 3:15 pm

Everytime i visit walgreens I am always able to find what i need with no problems because the shelves are always well stocked and if I cannot find a item someone is always available to help me get what I need or they will suggest a rain check. and will tyell me what day to come get the item i was looking for. The staff that is at walgreens is always helpful and polite. thats why I go out of my way to get to the 9th st n. location

Posted by: lisa marshall on Jun 11, 11 | 3:33 pm

i will never shopat walgreens again i have never been treated so bad by a manager and employee in my life and will never be talked about like that when i bring a problem to a managers attention and he all but calls me a liar with words like how do i know thats what happened and why is it i only have problems with you when has has only met me one other time when he wrote out a rain check he doesnt know me from adam i do pesonal shopping for local people and i will be sending out emails to my clients and encourage them to not shop there

Posted by: renee on Jun 11, 11 | 5:09 pm

The pharmacy department was very quick and helpful. They were able to look up my prescription even though I didn't have my number.

Posted by: C. Marcelius on Jun 11, 11 | 5:33 pm

Iwas VERY disappointed in the pharmacy. I turned in 3 prescriptions to be filled and they could only give me SIX pills of ONE prescription. They were out of all 3 products. This was on a Saturday & they said it would be Monday before they could fill them IF they received them by then. I'm going back to WalMart for my prescriptions!!!

Posted by: Sharon Hamilton on Jun 11, 11 | 6:29 pm


Posted by: G. Stilwell on Jun 12, 11 | 12:01 pm

I shop at a Walgreens near North Ave and Cicero and on a previous visit I droped off pictures for developing. Two days later I received a call from the store and was informed that they left a message for me the day of my visit. Seems I had dropped some money and the cashier could not catch me to return it. In the call I was told the money would be waiting for me when I return. Normally Juwana is helpful and pleasent but I want too commend her honesty and efforts to return the money. Thank you Juwana.

Posted by: C. Pierce on Jun 12, 11 | 1:44 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens because I know I can find what I need. If I need help, the employees are always there and ready to help. Today I had help in finding the right nail polish and Kodak film. Walgreens is good for our town.

Posted by: Sue White on Jun 12, 11 | 4:41 pm

Great experience with photos. Got a great deal and photo expert helped us do everything including using the coupon. We got 150 photos in 30 minutes for $15. What a great experience!

Posted by: jan jones on Jun 12, 11 | 7:51 pm

I appreciate the teller's friendly disposition.

Posted by: James Hawkins on Jun 13, 11 | 5:16 am

i really love going walgreens the pharmacy they are fast when they arent busy they are vrey kind

Posted by: melissa ramos on Jun 13, 11 | 2:12 pm

We've started coming to Walgreens in just the past few months. Roberta at your Burlington, WA store is particularly helpful and knowledgeable. I've seen her handle some VERY difficult customers with grace and courtesy.

Posted by: Tom Howard on Jun 13, 11 | 5:00 pm

I took the phone survey, only asked me one question, when I got to the age #9, asked me name only, How could this be entered in contest? Slanted?

Posted by: charles phillips on Jun 13, 11 | 5:12 pm

me gusta mucho el servicio de la farmacia ylos productos de la tienda

Posted by: ubaldoflores on Jun 13, 11 | 10:33 pm

I lov there specials

Posted by: Edna Luz Ventura on Jun 13, 11 | 10:38 pm

the pharmacy was very helpful they are very kind and understanding when i have ?s thanks walgreen.

Posted by: ubaldoflores on Jun 13, 11 | 10:41 pm

thank walgreen pharmacy you are helpful and kind

Posted by: ubaldoflores on Jun 13, 11 | 10:45 pm

I started taking prescription from walgreens about my Children's since 2004 the year I came in this Country. I always visit Skillman and Abrams Road.the Zip code is 75231 the people Are wonderful. I get medicine for my wife and my Children's hoping to hear from you I remain this far. It's Paul

Posted by: on Jun 14, 11 | 2:20 am

I want to thank the walgreens for helping the community within the U.S.for giving people a hope of life to live.

Posted by: on Jun 14, 11 | 2:36 am

Always greeted with a smile, always very helpful with all my needs, love shopping at my local Walgreens!

Posted by: myvdurham on Jun 14, 11 | 8:23 am

i love shopping at walgreens because i get my meds filled there and in our small town, it is the only pharmacy open all night. so great for me! and they are always so friendly, anytime of the day or night.

Posted by: PAULA POWERS on Jun 14, 11 | 9:30 am

After 2 months searching i finaly found whatever i need.It a great store

Posted by: SALLY on Jun 14, 11 | 1:36 pm

Thanks walgreen customer services and pharmacy.They help me friendly .

Posted by: SALLY on Jun 14, 11 | 1:52 pm


Posted by: JOSEPH J QUINN on Jun 14, 11 | 2:23 pm

walgreens always has the medicines that i need,when i need them and with a free smile!

Posted by: Toby/Grand Bay on Jun 14, 11 | 2:45 pm


Posted by: cynthia on Jun 14, 11 | 3:56 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens, everyone's always friendly & helpful when i need assitance. Thank You to all Walgreen employes for being so wonderful

Posted by: Yvette French on Jun 14, 11 | 4:44 pm

I enjoy going to Walgreens, because they are always greeting me in a very friendly way. Walgreens also has everything that I'm looking for at any time.

Posted by: Galdino on Jun 14, 11 | 7:16 pm

I've had horrible experiences with quite a few pharmacies. My physician across the street recommended your pharmacy to fill my prescription. Was I surprised at the difference. I like Mr. Sin(?) because he was very thorough but not pushy. Then I found that Ms. Phough is in your store 2x a week and I will return more often now. She is very professional and always has a smile. Mr. Sin is the same.

I was also surprised that my husband (who has passed away many years ago) filled his p rescriptions at your store. And being as fussy about prompt service and accuracies, he selected your store to purchase his medications. Guess he had good taste.

Posted by: Jacqueline on Jun 14, 11 | 8:14 pm

yes no need to complain to managment they never call you back and they dont care if you are a happy customer or not so back to the real truth there is no need to shop there or recomend my client dont shop there either

Posted by: renee on Jun 14, 11 | 8:15 pm

Ian Campbell in the photo department at store #1646 was an extremly nice individual whom is an asset to Walgreens. He made an ordinary day an extrodinary day. Also Ethel in the pharmacy dept. all make shopping in that store very pleasurable.

Posted by: LaVerne on Jun 14, 11 | 9:09 pm

I like walgreens and enjoy going there for the retail aspect. however, it has not mattered what state I am in I always end up having issues with the pharmacy part of walgreeens, I completely refuse to use the pharmacy. Store is always clean and staff is very friendly.

Posted by: Kelly H on Jun 14, 11 | 10:50 pm

I visit Walgreens at least once a week & everyone is always helpful & very friendly!!!

Posted by: Sandra on Jun 15, 11 | 12:13 am

The female pharmacist, Helen, went out of her way to help us determine the least amount the to pay on our presritions!! She was pleasant, and very helpful,

Posted by: Bonnie Almaraz on Jun 15, 11 | 12:24 am

i shop with coupon all the time the manager is great. iget my meds there. the emplores are friendly

Posted by: nancy quigley on Jun 15, 11 | 3:09 am

Very nice and helpful.

Posted by: Ray Russ on Jun 15, 11 | 8:26 am

Everyone is very nice and helpful.
I enjoy shopping at walgreens .

Posted by: Ray Russ on Jun 15, 11 | 8:30 am

I love my Walgreens. I can count on them to have everything I need including food at reasonable prices. The hours are convenient and the stores are always clean. I love the employees to, they are always friendly. I could go to other drug stores , but my experience at Walgreens is always pleasant. So I'm a loyal Walgreens customer.

Posted by: Patrice Morris on Jun 15, 11 | 11:54 am

I like walgreens. Today @walgreens asked what's unique about your walgreens. I responded with: "Pilar the best cashier in the world (430 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. Store #2742) RT @walgreens: What makes your Walgreens unique?"

Posted by: spudart on Jun 15, 11 | 2:53 pm

i just want to be a winner;-)!!!

Posted by: David on Jun 15, 11 | 3:14 pm

My Walgreens is so convenient. The prices are very good. I am thankful that i've never had a bad experience in the 5 years that i've shopped there.

Posted by: april jones on Jun 15, 11 | 5:54 pm

I was warmly greeted by Alma, who helped me find everything I was looking for and then proceeded to ring me up at the register. And even though she wore many hats helping me that day, she was friendly, went out of her way to be helpful and was efficient every step of the way. Alma is hands down my favorite!

Posted by: Perry Walton-Weber on Jun 15, 11 | 7:02 pm

great service at store in knightdale. nc

Posted by: Lisa on Jun 15, 11 | 7:10 pm

Everything in Walgreens is better: the service, the employ's attention, the greetings when you enter at it, the prices, each produt. I like to go there because is great go to Walgreens every moment that I need it...and I found that I need...

Posted by: ENID D. VILLAMIL MORENO on Jun 15, 11 | 9:07 pm

Helpfull staff,great customer service.I use the photo dept fooen.

Posted by: angelo montana on Jun 15, 11 | 9:52 pm

My favorite cashier is Norma. She is always helpful, very curtious and funny. She always greats us with a smile and a small conversation starter " hows your day so far". That shows me that she cares about the customers and makes them feel appriciated.

Posted by: robpineda on Jun 15, 11 | 11:47 pm

I like the 24 hours Walgreens at Northside in Miami, Florida simply ood.because I can go there anytime of the day or night. The Phramacy needs much improvement. The mix up prescriptions and don't have them ready on time. But, when I can get in and get out with what I came for in a reasonable time, it is all good. I like the cashier thats smile and handle the customers with TLC when they are getting on your last nerve.

Posted by: Veronica Y. Morrison on Jun 16, 11 | 8:21 am

I was pleased with the varity of canes but when I went to Kroger they had The one that I got much cheeper.

Posted by: cathy Edwards on Jun 16, 11 | 8:32 am

walgreensis a great place to shop always has everything i need

Posted by: sandy on Jun 16, 11 | 9:48 am

I shop there all of my drugs.and Ive been surprise because the attendents know me by name.I dont have to wait for long.

Posted by: jose polanco on Jun 16, 11 | 12:24 pm

i was treated with so much respect.and i appreciate it

Posted by: dedeair on Jun 16, 11 | 12:26 pm


Posted by: ALBERT REET on Jun 16, 11 | 3:29 pm

I really like the people they are all very helpful. I find that I'm shopping for more and more food items as Walgreen's adds to what they offer.

Posted by: Robert Griese on Jun 16, 11 | 3:52 pm

i love walgreens. always great selections in make up.

Posted by: STACEY on Jun 16, 11 | 4:08 pm

We like Marcus. He goes out of his way to assure you get the most value out of your coupons. Very friendly and helpful in finding items you need. Thank you Marcus.

Posted by: Carolyn on Jun 16, 11 | 4:35 pm

Gidget helped me find the correct make-up for me. She worked with me in a capable and kind way, using her knowledge of mske up needs for my skin type.
She kept the products I purchased at her cash reg. while I shopped other departments, and was ready to sheck me out, having found money saving coupons for my purchases.
I appreciated Gidget's concern and help.

Posted by: Bonnie B. Lindquist on Jun 16, 11 | 5:23 pm

Every one at Walgreens if always helpful and pleasant

Posted by: Nancy on Jun 16, 11 | 6:53 pm

Today was the first time I have visited a Walgreens and I could not have been happier. Everyone was so very helpful

Posted by: Marie on Jun 16, 11 | 10:07 pm

I live next to Walgreens and I always like to shop there. All workers are nice and helpful.

Posted by: on Jun 17, 11 | 2:22 am


Posted by: Maryann Rigdon on Jun 17, 11 | 10:24 am

You get in and pick up what want and leave... that fast...good set up

Posted by: Lydia B. Garcia on Jun 17, 11 | 10:41 am

just down the street or around the corner I can always find what I need.
Use a coupon or buy one get one free.
I Love Walgreens

Posted by: lauretta dye on Jun 17, 11 | 11:16 am

LOVE WALLGREENS!! Always fast segrvice and very kind workers always helful!

Posted by: ANGELA on Jun 17, 11 | 11:24 am

I love going to Walgreen's vs CVS,they show and help you in so many ways to help you save with coupons from walgreens and things are already at a reasonable price!I shop there often,thanks...

Posted by: sandra on Jun 17, 11 | 12:42 pm

My wife and I visit this Walgreens often and and find all the employees to be very friendly and helpful. At this particular visit the store manager waited on us. He was extremely paitient with us and answered all of our many questions about our questions

Posted by: Jack Duncan on Jun 17, 11 | 2:40 pm

I love the service. And the cashier always keeping me coming back. I enjoy walgreens.

Posted by: Jeremy Crum on Jun 17, 11 | 3:41 pm

I went to buy Father's Day cards. I entered the store, went right to the card section, picked out my cards and checked out by a really sweet young girl.

Walgreens is always a pleasant shopping experience for me.

Posted by: Karen Ambrose on Jun 17, 11 | 10:12 pm

The clerks and pharmacists at the Walgreens in Melbourne Florida are all so friendly; and acknowledge me by my name each time I go to pick up my prescription.The service is very good.

Posted by: William H. on Jun 18, 11 | 6:51 am

they know and answer all my concerns about my medication

Posted by: louis on Jun 18, 11 | 11:18 am

very nice people

Posted by: briggsfryer on Jun 18, 11 | 2:08 pm


Posted by: Pablo on Jun 18, 11 | 4:00 pm

I always shop at Walgreens, now there a new walgreen that just open a few block from my home..

Posted by: Rebecca Velazquez on Jun 18, 11 | 4:35 pm

Whenever I need an important item, I can always count on Walgreens to find it for me. Most times, I shop at two or three other types of Stores, then realized, "I should have gone to Walgreens", they have everything you need in one Store". That's the Truth!

Posted by: Cris Colon on Jun 18, 11 | 5:56 pm

Walgreens is a nice store with lively employees that are always very helpful !!! It's a perfect store for me to just run in and grab what I need. Walgreens also is a great store because it has many sales or items just with good prices!!

Posted by: Heather Perez on Jun 18, 11 | 10:31 pm

Very pleased with the service and offers to help when you have a question.

Posted by: bill d on Jun 18, 11 | 10:38 pm

iam a wallgreens shopper i have gotten my medication from there i buy all my books from there iam a reader they have all my house things there wallgreens is my store if you never been there you must go you'll love it and there prices thank wallgreens

Posted by: velma williams on Jun 19, 11 | 4:35 pm

Walgreen's is perfect for my family and all our needs, Anytime and Anyday! As a single mother of 5 children the prices and the stock this is so so my 1st stop shop!

Posted by: Nicole Two Crow on Jun 19, 11 | 8:26 pm

... I am ALWAYS pleased by the employees friendliness at the store I shop at on Johnson Ferry Rd., always have been and am sure I always will be! THANKS !
Paul B.

Posted by: Paul B. on Jun 19, 11 | 9:25 pm

Great and helpful service .... just what I want when I need something !

Posted by: Doreen One on Jun 19, 11 | 11:32 pm

The No. Bellmore location is convenient for us, well-staffed and the associates are knowledgable and polite. The only complaint we have: sale items are frequently not in stock. That is, items are advertised but apparently never shipped to the store in time for the sale. This happens all the time at every location in this area.

Posted by: Steve R. on Jun 20, 11 | 7:05 am

Walgreen drug has locations throughout the US, and our information can be very helpful if we forget to take our medications with us when we travel since our information can be accessed from all of the Walgreen locations.

Posted by: Abe Epstein on Jun 20, 11 | 10:09 am

It is a really good buy make-up and othe thinks is like it

Posted by: Jennifer on Jun 20, 11 | 10:52 am

My Walgreens in Cohasset, MA is wonderful. The clerks are friendly, polite and helpful. I go there for everything:precripstions, gifts, Christmas Cards. It is also extremely convenient.

Posted by: Sharada on Jun 20, 11 | 11:56 am

My Walgreens in Bergenfield NJ is a pleasure to shop in. The shelves are nicely stocked and the store is clean and welcoming. I love checking the circulars each week for the sales.

Posted by: Monica P. on Jun 20, 11 | 3:35 pm

Ever time i shop at walgreens.The service is always fast and the cashiers are always helpful and nice. I love shoping at walgreens.

Posted by: GRADY BUTLER on Jun 20, 11 | 4:15 pm

My walgreens is at 1955 w Texas Ave Fairfield and the staff there is great.Walgreens rocks. I love shopping there the staff is always nice and helpful. And the service is fast keep it up walgreens.

Posted by: GRADY BUTLER on Jun 20, 11 | 4:39 pm

I love Walgreens!

Posted by: Shelley Robertson on Jun 20, 11 | 9:02 pm

I Always shop at walgreens for all my meds & pictures. and anythang else

Posted by: billy collins on Jun 20, 11 | 11:30 pm

it is so nice to be called to let us know that our priscription is ready, even reminding us of the location. sometimes you do forget. that is so cool. this is what service is all about.

Posted by: a. malcolm on Jun 21, 11 | 7:26 am

i love walgreens, and am there every day just about. i buy my ciggies there, and get all my scripts at their pharmacy. their pharmacy staff is great, and acommodates me every day!


Posted by: missy mccormack on Jun 21, 11 | 8:47 am

Always quick and the store is always very well organized. Always shop this store.

Posted by: Jonathan on Jun 21, 11 | 8:52 am

excellent service, very helpful and nice

Posted by: Joseph Meshriky on Jun 21, 11 | 12:48 pm

i like your store because it has good prices and nice employees and good place for work

Posted by: raul on Jun 21, 11 | 2:54 pm

After I WOKE UP the cashier, the service was semi-adequate

Posted by: Clarkie Baby on Jun 21, 11 | 2:56 pm

Sue is so very helpful in the Walgreen store in Oregon Wisconsin photo department. There was a mixup and my photos had to be selected again today at the Kiosk machine, and she apologized and it wasn't even her fault. She then printed my photos right away as I waited. She's always so friendly and cooperative to customers and has such a sweet way with us consumers. She needs a raise for that, she's priceless as an employee!

Posted by: Mary Giese on Jun 21, 11 | 6:32 pm

I enjoyed my shopping at Walgreens in Fairport, New York. The store is very clean, and easy to shop. The cashier was very pleasant and very knowledgeable.

Posted by: Ellen Hinds on Jun 21, 11 | 8:31 pm

The Wallgreens at which I made a purchase today does NOT greet customers, or ask if you need help, or in any way provide any service. It's every man for himself, or woman as the case may be. Also, this customer service survey is a joke.

Posted by: Jennie Smith on Jun 21, 11 | 9:14 pm

I love Walgreens because, you can find Walgreen everywhere you go and they are well organized with friendly employees.

Posted by: Abib on Jun 21, 11 | 11:06 pm

I always shop at walgreens the have everything I need and I also get my daughter medication there every month.

Posted by: piedad esquivel on Jun 22, 11 | 7:14 am

Walgreens is everywhere and the pharmacy manager and the staff are great. They listen, very patient, and explain thoroughly regarding your prescriptions. Great sales and find what I need at great prices.

Posted by: Evie Wilson on Jun 22, 11 | 11:16 am

I have been shopping at Walgrenns for Years. I find their staff to be highly professional and very helpful at all times. Great Job.

Posted by: Charles Sharp on Jun 22, 11 | 12:00 pm

what happened to the survey website......this is new and I don't like it as it requires too much personal informatioon

Posted by: jane bigdon on Jun 22, 11 | 12:02 pm

great custom service in edinburg,tx

Posted by: julie carcano on Jun 22, 11 | 2:30 pm

I love the helpful cashiers.

Posted by: Teresa fritz on Jun 22, 11 | 3:24 pm

Today I shopped at Walgreens on Packard & Layton in Cudahy WI.
One of the employees went up and beyond with her survice, Her name was Rebecca. We shopped the between 4:30 and 5:30 P.M. on Wednesday, June 22nd, I would have her acknowledged as the best Employerr in your store. I was greatly impressed by her care and pleasant personality. Please let her know that she did receive this praise. She deserves it
Pat Tracy

Posted by: Patricia Tracy on Jun 23, 11 | 2:31 am

I have been shopping at walgreens for37 years and everyone is always helpful and couteous. They are my go to drug store.

Posted by: jack pereira on Jun 23, 11 | 8:14 am

I was anxious to get a gravity chair as advertised in a Walgreen flyer. I went to the store in Green Bay, WI - Cardinal Lane location and they did not have any. Robert tried every store in Gr. Bay that the computer showed had them in stock but to no avail, everyone was out. He told me he would check in the morning if he could find one. You won't believe this but he did find one and he drove to the Appleton area to pick it up. Yes, he went personally to pick it up. Now that's a person who cares about the customers. Thanks, Roberts - that was beyond the call of duty but I truly appreciated it.

Posted by: A. LaFave on Jun 23, 11 | 9:09 am

Tasha was so helpful in Pharmacy. I recently lost my job and benefits and she offered and helped me with Walgreens Prescription Savings club enrollment. Tasha was positive and a life saver. Im taken care thanks to walgreens and tasha.

Posted by: Lori Kohler on Jun 23, 11 | 12:45 pm

quick service to get needed debitcards for a vacation

Posted by: n.neil on Jun 23, 11 | 1:41 pm

Anna has been more than helpful I would give her a 9 for every time I have been in the store.
Where is the survey about the store.

Gilberta Simon

Posted by: Gilberta Simon on Jun 23, 11 | 3:45 pm

The cashiers and photo people are always very helpful and friendly. We have digital photos preocessed there and they are very helpful and give fast service.

Posted by: Chet Larson on Jun 23, 11 | 4:09 pm

The cashiers and photo people are always very friendly and helpful. I appreciate the fast service in getting digital prints.

Posted by: Chet Larson on Jun 23, 11 | 4:12 pm

i love walgreens in freeport. i go there everyday to every other day. the 3 cashiers r always great and polite. its like family almost. they have great sales on alot of products.

Posted by: brian b. on Jun 23, 11 | 5:27 pm

Today I picked up my wife's prescription from 1585 Randolph Ave St. Paul, MN store and the Pharmasist (female) is cheerful and remined me how my has to take her medicine. She is realy client oriented.

Posted by: NURILIGN HAILEYESUS on Jun 23, 11 | 7:49 pm

Today I picked up a prescription for my wife(Amelework Gemechu) from 1585 Randolph Ave St. Paul, MN around 7:00 PM; the pharamasist who delivered me is realy client oriented and told me how my wife should take the tablet.I apprecciate her!

Posted by: NURILIGN HAILEYESUS on Jun 23, 11 | 8:10 pm

A great store, with lots of sale items. Fast & courtious cashiers. Easy to locate, what I am looking for.

Posted by: Patc Callahan on Jun 23, 11 | 9:22 pm


Posted by: C. KEELIN on Jun 23, 11 | 10:13 pm

i love wallgreens coz i can get all my stuff there. my favorite brand of hair remover is there(veet,sinsetive) also all my pics. i can copy it there anytime besides of pics my medicines are there thank you wallgreens.

Posted by: johnny oyao on Jun 24, 11 | 7:21 am

My first trip to WALGREEN's in Dayville
CT was FAB-U-LOUS. The staff is very
professional. The minute I walked in
the young man who worked that thursday NIGHT, asked right away---
may I help you? I found my items in no time at all. Walgreen's prices are
very competive with WALMART---believe it or not, with the price of gas it's worth the visit.

Posted by: janice rice on Jun 24, 11 | 7:58 am

very friendly ,kind ready to help
got me in & out fast

Posted by: robert b. gale on Jun 24, 11 | 10:47 am

I bob Gale am real I had kind, fast,and
conciderit service think you

Posted by: robert b. gale on Jun 24, 11 | 10:54 am

Always wonderful service at15442 N Ave, Sun City, AZ store. We have our prescriptions sent there. They seem to have some great specials on just about anything, wine, distilled water, and many more values over other stores. I really can't think of any improvements at this time.

Posted by: Ken Owen on Jun 24, 11 | 11:45 am

Walgreen's Great

Posted by: George Neal on Jun 24, 11 | 6:26 pm

It's always a pleasure to shop at Walgreens. The staff is always very helpful.

Posted by: Elaine Arzuaga on Jun 24, 11 | 6:32 pm

I love shopping at Wallgreen because of the discount and time saved. The whole group work together and even the manager is on her feet all day. Prompt service, cashier with a smile, friendly business environment. Great set up. Bravo Walgreen Pharmacy store at 215 Westheimer, Houston Tx.

Posted by: phillips otubaga on Jun 24, 11 | 7:22 pm

I appreciate the customer service
provided by the Walgreen Cashier and Associates.

Posted by: A. Bhambhani on Jun 24, 11 | 7:35 pm

I love going to Walgreens in Chandler Heights, Gilbert, AZ because of the friendly and wonderful service that I get from June, the Cashier and Beauty Consultant. She always greets me with a smile and helps me find what I need at a great price! She is courteous, knowledgeable, amiable and a great asset to the organization. Walgreens Pharmacy seem to have good deals and specials at all times... but having good staff who cares about customers is a bonus :)

Posted by: Eva G. on Jun 24, 11 | 7:50 pm

I go to Walgreens just about evey other day. They always have what I need and the sales are great. My favrotie cashier is Ananu. She is freindly and remembers both my husband and I everytime we come in. She is always ready to help us find whatever we need. Today I picked up a RX in drive up and bothe the clerk and the parmacist were helpful, friendly and answered my questions to my satisfaction.

Posted by: Tonya Eliott on Jun 24, 11 | 8:14 pm

enjoyed shopping at walgreens using the flyer coupons. got everything for half off or more. Thanks.

Posted by: mark jones on Jun 25, 11 | 4:09 am

While visiting the pharmaacy at the Walgreens at 780 Glen St. Fayetteville, Ga. I had excellent service fromo Lynne
Davidson...She's always pleasent and
very professional

Posted by: Carol Jackson on Jun 25, 11 | 8:37 am

our Walgreens NEVER has things ready when they say they will..Its on Southwest Parkway, Wichita falls, tx

Posted by: Judy on Jun 25, 11 | 9:46 am

There is a hispanic cashier at the walgreens on army trail road and glen ellyn road. I believe that she is a front cashier. She is always so friendly and helpful.

Posted by: Jeanette Santos on Jun 25, 11 | 9:52 am

I have been shopping in Walgreens all my life but since they opened Walgreens/59 South and Grand Parkway, Sugar Land, Texas, I go there all the time, I buy my medicine and all the health products bc I find good offers and the cashiers are very nice and helpful, they always inform what
they have in special if you don't see it. Thank you WALGREENS!

Posted by: Martha Reyna on Jun 25, 11 | 9:55 am

I would really like to complete the survey, where is it?

Posted by: Jo Broderick on Jun 25, 11 | 10:53 am

hey, service is good! only hope you guys
dont move your stuff around so much cause people find it convenient and fast
to know your stuff stays in one place

Posted by: rusty on Jun 25, 11 | 1:56 pm


Posted by: RICKEY L BERRY on Jun 25, 11 | 3:18 pm

always friendly and helpful. would not go any where else for prescriptions

Posted by: on Jun 25, 11 | 4:20 pm

I always have a favorable shopping experience at Walgreens. I especially like the coupons for grocery items and the cartridge refill and photo areas.

Posted by: Raymond Jenkins on Jun 25, 11 | 5:20 pm

Hello Walgreens,

Like the fact that the store is always clean. Product to purchase is always recent. That there is a clerk at the registers to check us out quickly. You have awesome sales. THanks for bringing Walgreens to Nebraska City , NE 58410

Our Family is a loyal customer,
Carolyn Teten

Posted by: Carolyn Teten on Jun 26, 11 | 6:54 am

good expierence.

Posted by: Jean Mac on Jun 26, 11 | 11:52 am

There's no other store like Wallgreens,In fact,The store is very clean,If you can't find an item,their is someone their to help you find it.And every cashier there is very helpful. A customer for life, The carrasco family

Posted by: anthony carrasco on Jun 26, 11 | 12:15 pm

We love Walgreens! We actually have a CVS closer to our home, however the service there cannot be compared to Walgreens. Everyone is helpful, friendly, and the Pharmacy care is second to none!
I cannot even tell you when we have stopped at CVS.....IT IS NOT AN OPTION for us!

Posted by: Jack Lemons on Jun 26, 11 | 6:44 pm

we live in a very small, rural town in New Mexico. Our Walgreens is always clean and well stocked, with a cheerful, helpful staff. It is a real asset to this area.

Posted by: myrna douglas on Jun 26, 11 | 7:06 pm

I went in to get a MoneyPak card and as always the employes where kind and polite.Thank You All for the service you offer.

Posted by: Kevin Ray Johnson on Jun 26, 11 | 11:35 pm

I always have a great experience when shopping at walgreens

Posted by: wendy on Jun 27, 11 | 10:13 am

They are very prompt and friendly.

Posted by: snike91 on Jun 27, 11 | 1:17 pm

I Like to shop at Walgreens because the clerks are always helpful, I appreciate that I can usually count on excellent service.

Posted by: Dexter Dennis on Jun 27, 11 | 3:52 pm

I went to shoping in walgreens in nogales arizona, the lady who works in the store were helpful, friendly and answered my questions to my satisfaction

Posted by: maria jose navarro platt on Jun 27, 11 | 4:06 pm

I always enjoy shopping at Walgreen's and go at leastonce a week. Every cashier and other employees have been extremely courteous and always took time to answer any questions that I might have. However, the one thing that brings me back continuously is the customer service I get in the photo department. I had just sdtarted to use a digital camera and didn't know how to use the machine, The clerk gave me all the instructions and made sure that it had started developing pictures. I re-turn all the time just to use the machine.

Posted by: Patricia Smith on Jun 27, 11 | 4:21 pm

walmart,is a friendly store to shop at ,and get a of the ass. you need to find what you need.

Posted by: mitchell sanders on Jun 27, 11 | 11:42 pm

Service & price always great at my Walgreen store.

Posted by: Steve Tremain on Jun 28, 11 | 11:30 am

Walgreens is a nice place to shop. But the pharmacy is always slow. There is always a shortage of techs. The Walgreens merchandise is very expensive. Overall, I do like to shop there.

Posted by: Romonia Chamberlain on Jun 28, 11 | 12:38 pm

i would like to win a total of 5.000 dollars cash

Posted by: john paradowski on Jun 28, 11 | 12:38 pm

i like the store walgreens.

Posted by: german on Jun 28, 11 | 1:14 pm

I was greeted promptly and taken care of immediatly.

Posted by: robert mansfield on Jun 28, 11 | 5:29 pm

My favorite people at my Walgreens are the Pharmacists. Chris and Julie are two names but everyone in the dept. is very helpful. I know that with a question about doses, combining meds, or directions on how to use the meds, I will be given an answer or explanation right away. Many times these are the ones who assist me when my doctor is not reachable. I won't take my scripts to any other pharmacy because these people can be depended on for good service.

Posted by: Bets on Jun 28, 11 | 6:42 pm

Walgreens is one of the stores I like to shop in, it has great prices and very nice cashiers. The store is clean and so put together. My cashier I had was named Nicole, she was very polite and she compliments on the items I bought.

Posted by: Ashley on Jun 28, 11 | 11:59 pm

I usually love to shop at Walgreens except when I have to deal with some of the pharmasist's. There are some, not all, that think they are doctors. If a doctor has perscribed something for a patient, it is not the pharmasist place to call the doctor to scare their office into changing the orders, days supply etc. I have noticed that doctors offices are afraid of the pharmasist's for some reason and will do what a pharmasist will tell them to do. I had a problem and my doctor had perscribed a medication and the day supply etc. But the busy body pharmasist called the dr.'s nurse/assistant and scared her into changing the day supply etc. I finally had to speak with the doctor and he did not even know this had happened and changed the orders back to the original orders and day supply. Now I know it is nessasary for pharmasist to watch the medications etc for patients and I know that medications are abused by patients and by doctors but sometimes I feel they go to far and try to scare the doctors offices into doing as they say or they will make complaints to whomever they call. And doctors do not want the hassel and will do whatever is told to them to do. This is wrong and should be stopped.

Posted by: KIM TEAGUE on Jun 29, 11 | 8:51 am

Walgreens is a good store. And they give good service to anybody that walks in. When I walked in today they said hello and welcome. And when I was wondering if they had something the staff asked me what I was looking for. She went to looking for it and when she counldnt find it she offered something else. Well I love going to walgreens because they at any need and If they don't have it they offer something else!!!!

Posted by: Sarah gullett on Jun 29, 11 | 4:31 pm

This Walgreens is my neighborhood store. I frequent it at least once or twice a week. I should remember the employees names but I don't I just remember that all the cashiers I have dealt with are very friendly and helpful,
I love Walgreens because, you can find Walgreen everywhere you go and they are well organized with friendly employees

Posted by: scarlette morales on Jun 29, 11 | 6:29 pm

I always have a great time when I visit a Walgreens...The attention and the service is excellent.....Be forever the good Walgreens Team!

Posted by: Nioves Moreno on Jun 29, 11 | 10:33 pm

Good attention, good service...Good Team!!!

Posted by: Nioves Moreno on Jun 29, 11 | 10:45 pm

I love that you can return anything at any time .they wii refund your money without questios

Posted by: jose polanco on Jun 30, 11 | 8:46 am

The cashiers are very friendly and helpful at the walgreens i go to.I have not had a problem with any of them and i go 3times a wk.

Posted by: Missy on Jun 30, 11 | 12:09 pm

Always have had a pleasant experiance at Wal-Greens. Sometimes what they advertise is unavailable. Will continue to shop there.

Posted by: Carol Crawford on Jun 30, 11 | 1:46 pm

I have been a customer of Walgreens for many years the cashiers are always so helpful and friendly until I became ill the past mo. and started using the pharmacy my Doc. called in a prescripition and its never ready 3 or 4 hrs later then mon I had Chemo Doc. called in Presc. again to start that pm without even calling myself nor the doc. to let them know that they did not have the med. I needed and 2 days later called n said it was ready by that time I was in bad shape had just called the doc. and told her no they haven't filled presc. she was livid that they didn't return a call to her to let her know they could not get the meds. I needed for days that kind of pharmacy noone needs.

Posted by: mary cowart on Jun 30, 11 | 2:28 pm

My Walgreen's is EZ to get to--I can be there in 2 minutes and out of there and home in 2more. It is clean and quiet. with almost all the things I need from a huge grocery. Everyone there is always very helpful and speedy. They are friendly without being overly friendly. I'm glad Walgreen's are more available now.

Posted by: Jane Patton on Jun 30, 11 | 3:20 pm


but THEY SHOULD ORDER MORE of the GOLD Virginia Slimms 100 Cigarettes because 3 out of 4 times that I go there they have only One Pack left and I alwways by 2 at a time because of the price break on 2 packs. I have told them over and over but the clerk tells the manager but next time they still ionly have that ONE pack that was there last time. I had to drive 2 mi,es to the next walgreens to get some there also I could have gone across the street to A CVS drugstore to get some......... The cashier always appoligizes but the manager or the person ordering is NOT doing his/her job.... GW

Posted by: g w hIPPE on Jun 30, 11 | 6:03 pm

Everyone is always courteous and helpful when I visit in search of a medication or cosmetic. Nice clean store and cool, with this heat we are having in Az.

Posted by: on Jun 30, 11 | 6:12 pm

Picked up prescrition but a dosing page was not attached. I called Walgreens and I was asked to go pick up a copy. While picking up the dosing/prescription page, they realized they had given me less pills than were required

Posted by: Marina Avila on Jun 30, 11 | 6:23 pm

I enjoy shopping at my Walgreens. everyone is very courteous and helpful.

Posted by: Attea Barnes on Jun 30, 11 | 8:09 pm

I enjoy my Walgreen store. I am so pleased to see that you hired a young man who cannot hear or speak. He is kind and helpful and he was a neighbor of mine before we moved. Thank you. It is always a pleasant experience to shop at my neighborhood Walgreens.

Posted by: Attea Barnes on Jun 30, 11 | 8:21 pm

I have gone to Walgreens for so long can't begin to tell you! My both daughters were on Meds very early in life, Always were treated well! Even when it was 2:00 -3:00 in the Morning after leaving the ER. Now with age both my husband and I take at least 4 Meds a day each. We even got a flu shot there. I think it's great also that you are now doing animal shots! I have bought all kinds of gifts there also, and of course just shopping items! Love the store!! Thanks!

Posted by: Sharon Clark-Cote on Jun 30, 11 | 9:19 pm

The Walgreen's Pharmacy saved my husband from having a bad reaction
because of missing his medicine when
his doctor failed to return their fax.
What is supposed to be a nice family
holiday could have been a disaster.

Posted by: Nancy on Jun 30, 11 | 10:12 pm

Recently had some 400 photos processed and a DVD made. Was done in two trips and with the help of a different employee each time. They were extremely pleasant, patient, and helpful. That'll keep me coming back.

Posted by: Tom McAvoy on Jul 01, 11 | 4:38 am

my exprince in the store was very welcoming and warming.

Posted by: April Ortiz on Jul 01, 11 | 8:51 am

I love our Walgreens. Super nice workers, Sandra was today. One stop shop for a birthday gift and card. Contact solution and much needed half and half Plus got cash back to go to yard sales !! Life should be this easy !

Posted by: Julie S on Jul 01, 11 | 9:13 am

The employes are always polite courteous and helpful. Especiallt Dorothy.

Posted by: William Synnott on Jul 01, 11 | 11:37 am


Posted by: CINDY MINER on Jul 01, 11 | 11:51 am

Linda at the 26th street Bradenton Fl is great

Posted by: roseanne duggan on Jul 01, 11 | 11:52 am

They are courteous, cheerful polite. They are not only your employees they are also friends and neighbors. i hav wedone business with these people at two separate locations On 27th Street here in Lincoln,

Posted by: William Synnott on Jul 01, 11 | 12:20 pm

The cosmetics girls I believe their name are Seda and Saren are so helpful! I come in almost everyday and go straight to them!

Posted by: Candace on Jul 01, 11 | 1:29 pm

Walgreens does an exceptional job with their employee training. Employees are always knowledgeable and helpful.

Posted by: JoAnn L. Allen on Jul 01, 11 | 1:47 pm


Posted by: Carolina on Jul 01, 11 | 3:21 pm

I am very dissapointed with your company. You advertised Maxwell House Coffee at $6.99/I went 3 times during the week and they never had receive the "coffee from the warehouse".

Posted by: Rosa M. Acevedo on Jul 01, 11 | 7:03 pm

I love the Walgreens near my work always so nice and helpful. One girl named Rechel is always very helpful and seems to get me to buy extra, love it

Posted by: Star on Jul 01, 11 | 7:06 pm

I have had a great experience with the sales people in Walgreens. The are friendly and informative.

Posted by: CAROLYN on Jul 01, 11 | 7:08 pm

I love the Walgreens I goto in inglewood Ca.. They have a parking spot for pregnant and customers with infants. I am 8 months and that parking spot comes n handy... plus the cashiers are very friendly and welcome you as you come in the

Posted by: Ashanti Phannix on Jul 01, 11 | 10:32 pm

Always go to walgreens for specific items. Always beats the big box store. They make u feel more welcome

Posted by: nancy on Jul 02, 11 | 7:28 am

It's very easy to shop at Walgreens, employees are helpful and answer all questions.

Posted by: Carolyn Miller on Jul 02, 11 | 9:11 am

I was very impressed by the attention and help I received by David and Pedro at Walgreens on Broadway, Revere Ma. They showed me how to get my prints from my digital camera. No matter what I asked, they were very patience. Nice to take time out to praise someone .

Posted by: JACKIE on Jul 02, 11 | 10:47 am

Thanks for great products at good prices.

Posted by: Barrett on Jul 02, 11 | 10:57 am

I purchase a particular type of floor wax that only Walgreens carries in our area. The manager stated they were out but would be getting some in on the next shipment. I told him how good the wax was and he stated that they would try and keep some extra in stock. Today they had the product and I purchased all he had on the shelf. I also like the cashier, Christine, as he is very friendly and goes the extra mile to help. Kodo's for having such an exceptional staff at the local Walgreen's store.

Posted by: SANDRA on Jul 02, 11 | 11:32 am

Pharmacist was professional and courteous. He also showed me a way to save on my prescription. He didn't have to do that.

Posted by: Pastor "B" on Jul 02, 11 | 1:12 pm

Seems like their cashier is waiting for the customer to check out. No waiting for the shopper.

Posted by: JDAVIS on Jul 02, 11 | 1:32 pm

Marisa is great and exceptional helpful!

Posted by: George on Jul 02, 11 | 1:51 pm

The cashier was active and conscientious. She was considerate and good-natured . She asked if anyone needed help and she was becoming and extroverted.

Posted by: CHANDA on Jul 02, 11 | 1:58 pm

i dont like to go to walgreen in carpentersville. the sale man is not pleasant he cheated me in balance due do not gave me exact change .he cheated me one dollar this area population is particular ethinicity so they cosider as everybody is same .i purchased items to day july o2nd my rfn number 0450-2270-704211070220he cheated me 48 cent .

Posted by: joseph k mani on Jul 02, 11 | 7:56 pm

Walgreen has been a very good place for me to shop, I like to go there because it has very good prices on many of their products, customer service is good . I keep my eyes open for good deal and have been able to find many at Walgreen thus far.

Posted by: Jesse Scotton Jr. on Jul 02, 11 | 8:59 pm

This week, for the first time in a long time, I had a very pleasant cashier. The Store Manager, however, is always very helpful. Thanks Walgreens!!

Posted by: L. Hollan on Jul 02, 11 | 9:07 pm

jill evars she is a teck at the walgreens i shop at well to some it up i dont think she ever has a bad day she is allways helpfull and very nice if you ask she will find out thats something you dont find now days

Posted by: joel l lott on Jul 03, 11 | 9:40 am

I like the service,its nice to see knowlegeable employees for a change

Posted by: Ron Horine on Jul 03, 11 | 12:58 pm


Posted by: SHIRLEY ZIEGLER on Jul 03, 11 | 2:58 pm

The Manager is an incompetent at the Walgreen in El Paso, Texas store 10090.
I purchased and item going by the price listed and at the cash register. The cashier tells me the price is different because I got the wrong size. I advised her that I got the item where it listed the price of $1.99. She returned with the price label in her hand, which showed $1.99. They stocked their merchandise wrong. They are incapable of correcting their own mistakes. What happened to the customers always right? Do I need to read the fine print for every single item I purchase? This just shows what a bunch of idiots work at that store starting with the manager that can’t get his shot together. The cashier said she asked the manager and they cannot give the price listed. I told her I am not the one who stocks their merchandise, and that the store needs to honor the price since it was their mistake. They refused and this is the second time this happened to me in this store with the same manager. This is the last time i shop at this Walgreens.

Posted by: Nydia on Jul 03, 11 | 3:06 pm

I love our Walgreens! We have the friendliest cashiers and most helpful staff.

Posted by: Tracy Rider on Jul 03, 11 | 3:19 pm

walgreens in bellingham ma. is nicer than most i've been to. have not had a bad experience yet.

Posted by: joanne conklin on Jul 03, 11 | 3:27 pm

The newWalgreen store in Twin Falls, Id,on Washington St. N. is very close to us. We have found the store's merchandise and prices are reasonable and convenient. All of the clerks are friendly and helpful when we are looking for a speciic article. I especially liked the clerk who waited on me tonight as she helped me find what I was looking for.

Posted by: Pat Higgins on Jul 03, 11 | 9:51 pm

i always love walgreens its the best store that i go to and low prizes toalso i like going there all the time

Posted by: lori grove on Jul 04, 11 | 12:06 am

i like walgreen its my best store in the wold and they have the best things there and low prize toalso eveyone should go there for there stores toalso

Posted by: lori grove on Jul 04, 11 | 12:31 am

I have a Walgreen store close to my
home, and enjoy visiting there often.
I especially like their photo dept. where
I can get my digital photos processed
quickly and efficiently. I also find many
lovely cards there. The cashier service
is generally very friendly and efficient,
and I like being able to go to alternate
locations when the main one has a long
line . For a few items, I can go to the
photo dept. or cosmetics dept.- very
convenient. Thanks, Wallgreen!

Posted by: Marilyn Highland on Jul 04, 11 | 8:13 am

The service at my local Walgreens is always customer friendly, be it cashier or management. When the store is out of coupon items the manager is quick to issue rain-checks, which makes me feel my business is essential.

Posted by: Keith Montgomery on Jul 04, 11 | 12:55 pm

The experience that I had at Walgreens in Boca Raton, FL on Yamato Road was terrible! I dropped off 3 prescriptions and was told to come back in 1 hours. I went back and only 1 was ready, It took me 3 trips to the pharmacy to pick up 2 prescriptions. I am still waiting for the third since June 30.

Posted by: Smith on Jul 04, 11 | 2:46 pm

Walgreens is simply the Best!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Robert D. Clayton Jr. on Jul 04, 11 | 5:47 pm

I like all of the cashiers at Wallgreens,
beacusethey are nice and very recponcible.

Posted by: kathryn on Jul 04, 11 | 10:11 pm

The. People work in Walgreens do great job

Posted by: amaury on Jul 04, 11 | 11:04 pm

super service by friendly people. I needed a new coffeemaker in a hurry. They fixed me up in a hurry

Posted by: William Synnott on Jul 04, 11 | 11:11 pm

Jerome, Dorothy, Scarlett, all the employees at your vine street store in Lincoln are great people.

Posted by: William Synnott on Jul 04, 11 | 11:14 pm

The people work in this. Walgreens do exelent job

Posted by: amaury on Jul 04, 11 | 11:25 pm

Today I purchased out of walgrens and the enteract been myself and your employee, the repor was fantastic during and after transaction. you are to me, top-notch. so that you, and i'll be shopping with you soon! again thankyou.

Posted by: joemarc miller on Jul 05, 11 | 2:17 am

The cashiers alway help me with special coupons and how to use them to get the best deal

Posted by: mary welzant on Jul 05, 11 | 9:41 am

The store is very clean and everyone is very polite.

Posted by: I love shopping at walgreen.Everyone is very helpful. on Jul 05, 11 | 1:04 pm

I do a lot of scrapbooking so go to Walgreen's quite often for my pictures. Everyone I have dealt with have been very helpful and pleasant.

Posted by: Sharyn Gallaway on Jul 05, 11 | 3:14 pm

did I win?

Posted by: emily schwarz on Jul 05, 11 | 3:54 pm

excellent bargains. Nice,courteous,and helpful clerks.

Posted by: Nancy J. Ramoz on Jul 05, 11 | 4:45 pm

Enjoyed my visits to Walgreens as they are always helpful and direct me to the correct isles and products. I love the location on S. Federal Blvd and Alameda, only a mile away from my home. Always clean and bright with fair prices and they always have my skin products and are open late in case of an emeergency! One of my favorite stores because in my neighborhood.

Posted by: Virginia Weins on Jul 05, 11 | 6:19 pm

I like my neighborhood Walgreens, They are very nice.

Posted by: Yolinda Carroll on Jul 05, 11 | 6:26 pm

I really enjoy shopping at Walgreens store. Everyone is so helpful and pleasant, especially Ronne (?) She is always there when I go in and asks if there is something she can help me with. Then I usually see her at the checkout.

Posted by: Nancy Alstad on Jul 05, 11 | 9:55 pm

I always find great bagains at .....WALGREENS. I look at the weekly ads for coupons,and buy needed products at really good prices.

Posted by: Juanita Streeter on Jul 05, 11 | 10:29 pm

I visit the walgreens on 740 w diversy almost daily because it is very close to my job and I find everything I need and always catch weekly sales! Tomorrow when I go get my daily treat I wil ask the cashiernhis name, hes always courteous and informative.

Posted by: yashica on Jul 06, 11 | 10:26 am


Posted by: karla torres on Jul 06, 11 | 1:16 pm

thanks for your store off HWY7 and hopeins crossroads in hopkins MN. now if there was a curb cut from the trail to the parking lot that would be swell. I drive a 3 wheeled cart and have to go out in more heavy traffic to get to your store.

thanks for your time.

Posted by: Judy V on Jul 06, 11 | 1:41 pm


Posted by: billyv on Jul 06, 11 | 2:48 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens - employees are courteous and helpful.

Posted by: Peggy Pattillo on Jul 06, 11 | 3:06 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens - employees are always courteous and helpful.

Posted by: Peggy Pattillo on Jul 06, 11 | 3:09 pm

Easy In And Out.

Posted by: albert carr on Jul 06, 11 | 4:05 pm

i go through the pharmacy window and i can pick up my perscriptions fast.

Posted by: melissa williams on Jul 06, 11 | 4:08 pm

I went to one of your stores in Oklahoma, at NE 23rd and Classen. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I have delt with a great deal of pharmacies and had a large number of medications filled. Never was I treated like I was today. They were rude, lost my perscriptions for a bit. Took over 5 hours to fill them. The ones they could not fill, they did not take the time to call the doctor to address the issues. Heaven forbid I need these meds to live. I will never go to another walgreens again. I will take my prescriptions else where.

Posted by: Melissa J Lee on Jul 06, 11 | 5:54 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens.

Posted by: Adrienne Carroll on Jul 06, 11 | 6:29 pm

I love walgreens, the customer service is very good, and the employees know their stock. The camera department is exceptional.

Posted by: Marianne Jensen on Jul 06, 11 | 6:43 pm

Great service, always friendly

Posted by: Sue Lyons on Jul 06, 11 | 8:30 pm

Always clean and courteous service. In & out convenience.

Posted by: Kim Young on Jul 06, 11 | 9:45 pm


Posted by: M.G.GALVAN on Jul 06, 11 | 10:41 pm

I Love going to Walgreens, first because my daughter used to work there and I found my medications, candy and etc there. Then, I loved the Pharmacist advise on how to take medications and told me how it affects me, or if there are any drug interactions. To know if I can take them with a meal, or not was very important. To avoid the sun was helpful to know. Then I go there to get groceries and things for the house, for me and my son. Also, now I buy toys for my 5 year old grandson. Surveys are cool here! It allows me to let you know that I Love to shop at Walgreens!

Posted by: Vanessa on Jul 07, 11 | 12:08 am

i love to go to walgreens when this one (blck offense but that is the way to describe her) is there,she is the cashier most of the time.
she actually talks to you and jokes around with you,she one of the people who dont treat me like a absolute kid.
oh and did i mention i am 11 years old?
so that means for atleats 5 years i have noticed how most people treat me like a baby.
and i realze that most of the time i was like 6 or 8 , but still.
shes the reason i want to go back , i mean i beg my mom everytime
and ofcourse my mom gives in and i turn my trip to walgreen into practically a trip to disneyworld

Posted by: jamie richardson on Jul 07, 11 | 6:25 am

Able to locate what I needed quickly.

Posted by: J Shaw Skinner on Jul 07, 11 | 8:54 am

walgreen this the only store near me. so l go their every day.

Posted by: sherryedwards on Jul 07, 11 | 9:36 am

I shop at Walgreens quite often. They are always willing to help and their stores seem more American than most retail outlets.

Posted by: Marie Morrisette on Jul 07, 11 | 9:54 am

I enjoy my visits at Walgreens they always have everything that I am looking for. And the people that work there are very nice and always ask if I need help.

Posted by: Marilyn Bennett on Jul 07, 11 | 12:24 pm

Wallmart is handy for me whrn my doctor orders new medicine and I can pick it on the same day. Most of my prescriptios are filled by mail order tat usually takes up to five days for delivery. Employees at our local Walgreens are very kind and help find a and particual item located in the store.

Posted by: Chuck on Jul 07, 11 | 1:36 pm

Everthing in the store is great!! I never have a problem there.

Posted by: Betty Hill on Jul 07, 11 | 2:41 pm

I do not mind going to walgreens,specially when Saba is working the cash register,she knowswhat i want ,and very helpful shoping at walgreens is better then ever

Posted by: ronald e smartt on Jul 07, 11 | 2:56 pm

The service I recieced was awfull
The cashier was talking to the other cashier the whole time. No customer service at all! Really poor job

Posted by: Karen on Jul 07, 11 | 4:22 pm

good costumer service

Posted by: shande ponton on Jul 07, 11 | 6:19 pm

Pam at the Bastrop Hwy. 71 West Walgreen's is very customer friendly, courteous, polite, and efficient. I really appreciate having her s a cashier.

Posted by: Sam Jones Jr. on Jul 07, 11 | 7:47 pm

My Walgreens visit today was pleasant! Earlier this week, I had a big disagreement with one of the drivethrough tellers, so today I went in and dealt with the Pharmacists on duty Hardy. He was respectl, considerate if my past issue, and gave me the type if service I'm used to at Walgreens! He even gave me measures to speed my process next time! good job on redeeming my perception of Walgreens

Posted by: Courtney Turner on Jul 07, 11 | 10:56 pm

We have a new Walgreens in our town, I love the store, but when you have a sale I have problems getting the sale items, I like 1 percent milk, you have it in gallon sizes, but no half gallon size, which is the sale this week, not only the milk but other things, why not order some extra?

Posted by: regina minton on Jul 08, 11 | 9:11 am

I love shopping at Walgreens, can't beat the prices

Posted by: Donna on Jul 08, 11 | 10:13 am

All the clerks a Wallgreens are always very helpful and curtious. They are quick to find another clerk to help you if they are not familiar with a particular product. Love my Wallgreens Store.

Posted by: Judy Coulston on Jul 08, 11 | 10:56 am


Posted by: GLENDA on Jul 08, 11 | 11:45 am

I went to Walgreens because my son told me about a product he gets at his Walgreens in Florida, I was glad they had the same stuff I needed states away! also, the people who work their wear name tags , which is great for shoppers who can't find products, (me) I was helped as soon as I asked, and yet she ( the woman working for Walgreens was busy and on her way ..helping someone else, she walked me to my product and was very kind. keep it up , customer service is generally very bad. sincerely.

Posted by: Lorraine on Jul 08, 11 | 1:28 pm

I shop at your Walgreens in Rome N.Y. 201 south James Street. I'm always greeted with a smile and always get help when needed. Every employee there is great. Especially Desa in photo.Absolutely a wonderful manager Tony ! I won't go any where else.

Posted by: Jody on Jul 08, 11 | 5:14 pm

I just came from Wal Greens and it was a plesent visit . i Got what i needed and was in and out. It's close to my home and never too crowded. One of my faovrite store's .

Posted by: Anabel Montantes on Jul 08, 11 | 6:09 pm

I love the attitude, accuracy, knowledge, of all the pharmacists at MY Walgreens. I just started getting ALL my prescription drugs at my Walgreens. The Pharmacists know me already. Today I said I am here to pick up meds for .....I couldn't get it out and the little lady "told me what I had ordered". That is fantastic!! They always ask if I have any questions about the medications I just received or they will advise me of any medicine interactions. I had a good pharmacy before but Walgreens is TOPS for me, including the prices. You are fairly new in myn little town and I am glad you are here!!

Posted by: Cherry Parker on Jul 08, 11 | 6:44 pm

I live in Brewer, Maine. The Walgreen's on Wilson Street is part of our weekly routine. We rent Red Box movies often and stop inside the store to pick up little things we need for the night. We never encounter any problems finding things, untill tonight. We ran out of the orange recycle bags. I searched everywhere and was unable to find them. Nigel, the cashier, noticed me searching with no luck and helped me find what I was looking for. It was very observant of him to notice I could not find what I needed. I was really pleased with Nigel's attentiveness.

Posted by: M.Harriman on Jul 08, 11 | 7:47 pm

I recently went to walgreens in plainville ct to purchase a prescription. I usually have my scripts filled here, but this particular one is new for me. Of all things I needed my ID in order to purchase it, but I had my wallet stolen from me about a week ago with all my personal belongings in it so I couldn't provide this to the pharmacy. I was nervous about not having my Id, but they made it so easy for me when I explained my situation about the whole wallet issue. I provide some other personal info which made things allot better. I really needed this medicine and they took the time to work with me under these cirrcumstances and I am truly grateful!! I know if I would have gone to CVS in town without my Id I would have meaner left the store with my medicine. This experience has definately changed were I will be shopping for my medicine and another items I may need in the future. Thank you walgreens for the great customer service and the relief I felt to know that there are reasonable people in the world that understand that things happen in life that aren't in our control and that there is always some way things can be done.

Posted by: Shannon Eddy on Jul 08, 11 | 11:02 pm

I liked the sale that was in the walgreen's add. It would be nice if it were mailed to our residant.

Posted by: on Jul 09, 11 | 8:49 am

I would like if Walgreen's add mailed to our residant.

Posted by: on Jul 09, 11 | 8:51 am

why you asking so many comments. in order to finish this survey?

Posted by: on Jul 09, 11 | 8:52 am

My Walgreens store is just a couple blocks from my house so its super handy to me. I keep all my prescriptions there. Everytime I go into the store Im greeted with what seems like a friendly host. Thank you Walgreens for being an ideal one stop shop.

Posted by: Stacy Smith on Jul 09, 11 | 9:53 am

Our new Walgreens is a nice change from the other drug stores in my area. I know I can go there and find most anything I want there. It's a nice big store, clean and attractively designed, with a few fun and interesting odds and ends tucked in among all the must haves.
Cynthia, the cashier, greeted me so pleasantly when I entered and when she noticed I had an armful of stuff without having gotten a basket, she offered to keep it up front for me until I had finished shopping. As far as I'm concerned, such a pleasant employee and atmosphere will keep me coming back!

Posted by: Leann Marshall on Jul 09, 11 | 4:58 pm

i like the store

Posted by: kathleen joyce on Jul 09, 11 | 6:46 pm

good service and prices

Posted by: patsy mayhue on Jul 09, 11 | 8:33 pm

I had Jennifer at Wlgreens wail on me at the pharmarcy deptment and she was prompt and very polite. I was extremly happy with the service.

Posted by: patti wheat on Jul 10, 11 | 10:14 am

Love the cash reward coupons and the great sales.

Posted by: lea on Jul 10, 11 | 12:32 pm

Always there for us. Thank you.

Posted by: Ruth G on Jul 10, 11 | 2:52 pm

Pamela at Walgreens in Queen Creek, AZ is always so helpful and polite!!

Posted by: Peggy on Jul 10, 11 | 3:02 pm

I love my neighborhood Walgreens I have foung so many deals advertised and on the clearence shelves that it keeps me comming back even when I don't need anything I can't resist stopping in to check out the clearence items. at any Walgreens I may drive by I also purchased the walgreenns drug card for additional savings I have also found better deals on some grocery items than at the grocer. Keep up the good work Walgreens . Wilma

Posted by: Wilma Jiles on Jul 10, 11 | 4:45 pm

good service and great prices

Posted by: susan on Jul 10, 11 | 4:49 pm

I love Walgreens, when I need something, I find right aways and I do not have to wait longtime at the casier.

Posted by: Dao Rose on Jul 10, 11 | 5:54 pm

i love shoping at walgreens everybody always treat me right

Posted by: terrell manning on Jul 11, 11 | 2:06 am

Cashier t at 7751 49th Street, Pinellas Park, FL was very helpful in giving advice on a lucky bamboo plant I had purchased.

Posted by: Bonnie Anderson on Jul 11, 11 | 11:45 am

I'M very happy to buy in Walgreens. They have good service and I found everything I need.

Posted by: Nancy Garcia T. on Jul 11, 11 | 1:02 pm

I feel good buying at Walgreens, always I found evrything I need.

Posted by: Nancy Garcia T. on Jul 11, 11 | 1:06 pm

I was overcharged on two items!

Posted by: Cindy Lynch on Jul 11, 11 | 2:17 pm

I have a walgreens close to my house and I do a lot of shopping and their service and workers are great. Angela Patrick is a friendly and knows a great deal about medicines.

Posted by: larry bellmore on Jul 11, 11 | 3:16 pm

i enjoy shopping at walgreens i used walgreens in fl and now in tn i think walgreens is the best thay are very good to ever one i know.

Posted by: roy hughes on Jul 11, 11 | 4:42 pm

How do I enter this survey contest for 3,000

Posted by: johntrentham on Jul 11, 11 | 6:56 pm

pharmacy was really helpful answering queations and finding what we needed

Posted by: elizabeth on Jul 11, 11 | 7:18 pm

I have had allways good experience in Wallgreens. Very nice people work in Paoli, PA Wallgreens :)

Posted by: Zuzana on Jul 11, 11 | 7:22 pm

The staff is very helppful and answers all the questions I may have.

Posted by: bernard on Jul 11, 11 | 7:46 pm

I too, want to know how to enter this contest.....

Posted by: June on Jul 12, 11 | 10:49 am

I really appreciate the attentive and courteouos sales associates and pharmacists at my local Walgreen's. They are always friendly.

Posted by: Teressa Zellner on Jul 12, 11 | 11:57 am

I do not know what I would do with out walgreens , you guys are great . You always have what I am looking for and at the best price. Everyone goes out of their way to help you . Do not change any thing!

Posted by: patty jensen on Jul 12, 11 | 2:21 pm

clerk and pharmacist were helpful.

Posted by: suzanne on Jul 12, 11 | 4:42 pm

Went into Walgreens in Yorktown, on route 17 (@173). The store is so beautiful and the employees so kind. Maureen checked me out and a young lady( about1:30) saw me looking for some item and she said "Are you finding everything okay" and she took me to the item I was looking for. Today is July 12, 2011,

Posted by: sylvia leighty on Jul 12, 11 | 7:33 pm

I go to the Walgreens in Lambertville, MI I always have a pleasent esperious, every one is very helpful.

Posted by: Anna Maria Roe on Jul 12, 11 | 7:37 pm

The cashier was great, she helded me receive a $9.99 discount on my purchase. She even followed me over to the items location in the store for an price check. the service was outstanding.

Posted by: Lord Robinson on Jul 12, 11 | 9:40 pm

Service was awesome. Thank you

Posted by: Jim E on Jul 12, 11 | 10:00 pm

I like best about Walgreens is their support of persons w/disabilitieis. This is information that I most recently learned. I could not be more impressed with this corporations awareness on how best to use the talents that exist in these individuals. I had other things to share, but this new information over shadowed all the other good things that I like about walgreens.

Posted by: Sandra Wade on Jul 12, 11 | 10:20 pm

I love to shop here. I look forward to the weekly sales. Everyone here at this Wall Greens (6205 Westcreek Dr. Fort Worth Texas ) are just friendly and wonderful people. Its great when you walk in and have all them friendly faces waiting to help you.

Posted by: Blanca Muscara on Jul 13, 11 | 12:35 pm

I needed two items and the clerk was very efficient in showing me where each item was. She was courtest and friendly and efficient. Some thing you don't find in other stores. I did want some grey hair pins but was informed that this item was not carried by Walgreens.

Posted by: Charles Gipe on Jul 13, 11 | 2:05 pm

this is my walgreens i like shopping at walgreen they have ever thing i need for home ,school and church.

Posted by: joseph glasco on Jul 13, 11 | 3:33 pm

Walgreens employees are pleasant, knowledgeable and VERY helpful. When you walk up to the cash register and no one is there, blink - and someone appears. Although the store is small and not everything is carried there, it is always kept clean and well-stocked.

Posted by: Cathy KC on Jul 13, 11 | 5:24 pm

i went into okeechobee florida store today and had a great experience with the photo tech. she helped me do my pictures she was busy but still made time in between for me. i have never had a bad experience in this store and the manager is great. thank you again. survey # 0407-5252-984 password 3110-7132-016 walgreens #4075

Posted by: barbara coveny on Jul 13, 11 | 6:07 pm

I have had problems with Wagreens.. Not just one but several. I would not make this comment if it was a single store.
One cahier refused my cash said no change was available for a purchase.
Atm Debit was down and required exact change for purchsae.

Several cahiers at a store refused my purshase because my freind did not have ID for my liguor purchase. We are both over 60. This was not the first time this cashier had carded us. We never returned to that store.

At one store I slipped and fell and hurt myself (back strain) I should have gone to ER. Six months later I was forced to accept a $750.00 payout, or I would be stuck with $8,000 medical bill. I still suffer the pain, and I have not insurance.

I have several more bad experiences with Walgreens store from California to New Mexico (as I travel) But the list is long .. I will not shop Walgreens for even a candy bar. Well You make your experiences and as freindly as I am, those cashiers are not people I would allow to work for my employer.

Posted by: Michael on Jul 13, 11 | 7:24 pm

I had a very nice visit at Walgreens today. I had not been there for several months, but the cashier was very friendly and remembered me.

Posted by: Patrick Wold on Jul 13, 11 | 7:57 pm

El servicio de walgreens en general es muy bueno y todos mantienen un trato agradable y servicial

Posted by: regla gonzalez on Jul 13, 11 | 8:31 pm

The Walgreens store I visit is always clean and the cashiers are always friendly and courteous.

Posted by: Carlene on Jul 14, 11 | 7:10 am

I go to the Walgreens's almost every morning and there is one cashier that is always very nice and friendly named Ken. He doesn't mind taking the basket from you when you are through with it and he is should be an example for his coworkers.

Posted by: alison scott on Jul 14, 11 | 9:35 am

I'm always greeted by any employee that approaches me when i enter store with a polite hi and asked if i need any assistance.even though headed to pharmacy to pick up a prescription if i should need to buy anything else and cant find it right away,the employee takes me right to the product,now that's service that other pharmacies don't do

Posted by: David Pellett on Jul 14, 11 | 10:36 am

THANK YOU DONNA @ 8488 W BROWN DEER RD, Walgreens. I always go there to get my (2) packs of cigarettes every 4 days or so. She always asks me if I want the Reeses cups and I usually answer, "I already got one bad habit, I sure don't need another." Well as I was leaving this time she added something new: "Would you like your change?" I was walking out with $5 due me. Thanks again Donna for your honesty.

Posted by: VALERIE GARRISON on Jul 14, 11 | 12:28 pm

Today i had to find a multivamin and i had no trouble finding them. Your workers are very nice to speak with.Thank You for that.

Posted by: Eleanor Roukey on Jul 14, 11 | 1:43 pm

I felt that some of the people were having an off day not as friendly as usual.

Posted by: susan on Jul 14, 11 | 1:51 pm

I asked some items that I need in Walgreen, and the clerk was very nice and efficient in showing me where each item was. She was courtesy and friendly.

Posted by: Georgia on Jul 14, 11 | 4:00 pm

Walgreens is the best. I absolutely love the store Walgreens. They always have everythong I need.

Posted by: Valerie Del Moral on Jul 14, 11 | 6:12 pm

Chandler, AZ nice pharmacist "Aman." He has a cute laugh, is very reassuring AND at check out he sorted through my many coupons--reminded me to get more items--for the 3/$2.00 and asked me about my coming vacation!

Posted by: nancy jordan on Jul 14, 11 | 8:46 pm

It is a delight to shop at Walgreens. I find the employee's are very helpful and it is a relaxed experience. Thank you very much.

Posted by: Pat on Jul 15, 11 | 12:00 am

I always have a great experience when I shop at walgreens. The help is are very willing to help. It is a very calm emperience. Thank you

Posted by: Pat on Jul 15, 11 | 12:06 am

i luv that u can get every thing there at one time

Posted by: Jamie Hardin on Jul 15, 11 | 1:02 pm

everybody that work there were polite, friendly,real clean,everthing was easy to find.

Posted by: BRIDGETT LANDER on Jul 15, 11 | 4:20 pm

All the cashiers at my Walgreens #3459 are kind and well informed. They will let you know when something is on sale and you didn't even know about it. Also for a small size store they have an excellent selection of goods to choose from. I especially like the morning cashier, but I cant remember her name at present. I will try to get it next time I see her.

Posted by: Maureen Stephens on Jul 15, 11 | 5:11 pm

Ever since I lived in Florida I started going to WalGreens...I fell in love with the store.
Now I am back in NY and I always go to your store.
So much to chosse from, clothes, food , plants all of the every day needs...
Also your employes are very helpful and polite... Your stores are clean and if something is advertised you have it in the store...
Thank you for your " stores "
Nancy Schulz

Posted by: Nancy Schulz on Jul 15, 11 | 6:42 pm

Mostly, I like Walgreen's except when they advertise things and then don't have them in stock. However, they seem to be doing better with this now. This store always seems a little grimy to me. The man who checked me out (I only had 4 rolls of toilet tissue on sale) was very cold and distant. He didn't smile or greet me. He was a very tall, slender, older man. When he handed me my dollars in change, they were all rumpled up and I dropped one. While he didn't say anything, he was clearly annoyed at the time I was taking. (There was only one other person in line behind me.) Of your three stores here in Terre Haute, IN, this is the one I like least. The one on Highway 41 and Johnson Ave seems the cleanest (newest), and the one on Lafayette and Ft. Harrison Rd. is my next favorite.

Posted by: C Minnette on Jul 15, 11 | 6:53 pm

Between my husband and I, we are regular visitors to Walgreens. I have never met a rude person...everyone is so friendly, helpful, knowledgable. I almost feel as though, instead of having to go pick up our medication....I am going to visit friends...

Posted by: Pat Kennedy on Jul 15, 11 | 8:00 pm

Love Wallgreens, always have! Went in today to change out my propane tank and couldn't get the words out and the lady working the register was extra patient and helpful and knew what i wanted without me even being able to talk! Always awesome service!

Posted by: Adam D on Jul 15, 11 | 9:09 pm

I enjoy gong to Walgreens the staff is friendly and smiles when I come in. Very helpful if I can't find things in the store. I also enjoy the music they play. Will continue to shop there. Can always find something dirrerent in he store where other stores don't have for any occassion.

Posted by: vickie on Jul 16, 11 | 12:25 am

My name is John, and I live in Racine County Wisconsin, and every-time I shop at the store Walgreens, no-matter day or night, I always get greeted with a smile when I shop for something. Walgreens showed more greeting before Walmart ever came to Racine. My family and I are very HAPPY that we have a Walgreens that give us a greeting no matter what time of the night.

Posted by: John Sabala on Jul 16, 11 | 6:13 am

I Love Walgreens! The Staff is very potite and helpful and I especially love the selection of items and prices! I shop at the Walgreens in Lakeville, Mass.

Posted by: Sherry on Jul 16, 11 | 8:22 am

Every experience at Wallgreens is a pleasant experience.I've been going to the store for over 30 years and never had a bad cashier or pharmacy attendant

Posted by: Karyl Hamm-Zackery on Jul 16, 11 | 10:52 am

I usually do not shop Walgreen pharmacy on Saturdays. This last weekend I did. The intern working the counter, was much more pleasant than those that work during the week.

Posted by: Karen on Jul 16, 11 | 11:56 am

i like your stores, everybody is helpful and have fast service. the photo department is convienient and fast.

Posted by: martin on Jul 16, 11 | 12:11 pm

I have always had good service when I go to Walgreens.

Posted by: Greg seabaugh on Jul 16, 11 | 1:28 pm

I love Walgreens.

Posted by: Greg seabaugh on Jul 16, 11 | 1:34 pm

I Love Walgreen's and there GREAT PHARMACY SERVICE'S! I wouldn't shoppe anywhere eles... My STORE My PHARMACY WALGREENS.

Posted by: Christina Fischer on Jul 16, 11 | 1:54 pm

your pharmacist have saved me money,have always been the courteous
of all stors clerks i ever encauntered'
good god they are helpful,both in fl and pa

Posted by: al scala on Jul 16, 11 | 1:57 pm

Wal-greens is my favorite store, I love the service the store layout and the prices on most things and when they have items on clearence, it is amazing at the savings. I go to Wal-greens at least evey other da.

Posted by: crystal on Jul 16, 11 | 8:28 pm

walgreens the workers go out of their way, to be nice to you. and if you have a question, they will answer the best they can.

Posted by: glenda alvey on Jul 17, 11 | 8:15 am

Very good service, store is nice and clean, everyone is very friendly and helpful, will go back.

Posted by: Carolyn on Jul 17, 11 | 9:01 am

Always great service and clean, clean store. People are so nice there at all Walgreens

Posted by: jahern on Jul 17, 11 | 11:55 am

The Walgreens in Binghamton, NY is always clean and bright. the cashiers are polite and quick. It is a pleasnt place to shop

Posted by: nancy on Jul 17, 11 | 1:40 pm

so far being a walgreen customer i dont encounter problem in my vesit

Posted by: leopolds on Jul 17, 11 | 7:57 pm

l Love Walgreens, I can get what is needed and leave. Glad Walgreens are in our neighborhoods everywhere!.

Posted by: Phequitta l.. Boyce on Jul 17, 11 | 10:51 pm

l Love Walgreens, I can get what is needed and leave. Glad Walgreens are in our neighborhoods everywhere!.

Posted by: Phequitta l.. Boyce on Jul 17, 11 | 10:51 pm

i found everything i needed and the sale items were available which is not the case on some other stores.

Posted by: Frances V. Llaguno on Jul 17, 11 | 11:44 pm

I found everything i needed specially the one's on sale that's available which is not usually the case in some other stores who advertised for sale and when you go there,either it's gone or they will give you a "raincheck" instead.

Posted by: Frances V. Llaguno on Jul 17, 11 | 11:50 pm

I always end up buying more than what I need. I like that I can find what I need plus more.

Posted by: Pat on Jul 18, 11 | 1:08 am

I get all our medicine at Walgreen;and
a lot more supplements. The staff is
friendly and caring. They answer ques-
tions about my medicines. I am 83 and
proud of our Walgreen store.
Password: 0110-7162-016

Posted by: Beverly Martin on Jul 18, 11 | 9:08 am

can not find the 3'000 sweepstakes survey should be the first thing I see after opening your web site I know I will never win but I don't have a chance because I can't find it on your web page to enter

Posted by: barbara worboys on Jul 18, 11 | 9:21 am

Being male and shopping for cosmetics for my disabled wife, who can't get out, is truly an exasperating experience. Luckily Vicki at my favorite store was there to make it pleasant and easy. She is truly great!!

Posted by: jeff on Jul 18, 11 | 9:39 am

I have always been helped if I needed it

Posted by: pcox on Jul 18, 11 | 10:14 am

I was in the Walgreens Greensburg store for the my first time today, Monday 18 July 2011 at 11:20 AM.
I do not recall the kind and efficient lady who waited on me as I paid for my purchase, however hopefully this time stamp record would connect to her name.
My grandmother only shopped at Walgreens in Galveston when I was a boy, I was always impressed, it appears the Walgreens Greensburg follows the same pattern. also there was a young man on staff also and he was very very helpful and kind.

Posted by: Duncan D. Aker, Jr. on Jul 18, 11 | 11:55 am

We go to Walgreens several times a week and have always had great service. The pharmacy staff are all pleasant and remember our names. They are very professional and friendly. I also like the fact that if we are traveling we can get our prescriptions refilled at any Walgreen's. We feel Walgreen's is the best.

Posted by: Barbara Kepple on Jul 18, 11 | 2:33 pm

I get most of my prescriptions filled at the Walgreens in Goodyear. Everyone is always very helpful and cheerful.

Posted by: Cheri on Jul 18, 11 | 4:13 pm

I love Walgreens...

Posted by: melissa garde on Jul 18, 11 | 6:26 pm


Posted by: ALBA on Jul 18, 11 | 6:29 pm


Posted by: Carl Ferguson on Jul 18, 11 | 6:39 pm

Oh Yeah I was in there the other day and saved 3 dollars on a 18 pk of bud light! yeah

Posted by: Frank Martinez on Jul 18, 11 | 7:58 pm

I love the fact that the techs and pharmacist know my name and ask how I am doing every time I go to the store. Also, they have wonderful sales on toys that my children like.

Posted by: Shannon Robbins on Jul 18, 11 | 10:08 pm

I get all of my prescriptions filled at the Walgreens in Harrison, AR. There is only two nice people working there....Robin and Tina. Otherwise, the service is horrendous. The drive thru takes sometimes 20 to 30 minutes. The pharmacists balk on 75% of what the doctors prescribe causing service to be even slower. I will be moving my business elsewhere as it doesn't seem to be appreciated at Walgreens. Thank you.

Posted by: Dave on Jul 18, 11 | 11:23 pm

Tracy at Walgreens Galesburg Fremont Street store was very helpful in the photo department 0450-4250-284 survey number... she has helped me more than once and deserves credit from the store for helping customeers.

Posted by: Kathy Miller on Jul 19, 11 | 10:54 am

I picked up my meds today. The young lady that helped me is always nice and friendly with a big smile .I wished I could remember her name.She knows who I am as soon as she sees me.It doesn`t matter if I`m inside or in my car.

Posted by: Mary Lovett on Jul 19, 11 | 11:46 am


Posted by: maria t pena on Jul 19, 11 | 3:56 pm

I took my Mom who has demetia to Walgreens and she wanted to make a purchase by herself, without my help. The cashier was very patient and helpful.

Posted by: Laura Duncan on Jul 19, 11 | 5:17 pm

keep up the good work

Posted by: Liz on Jul 19, 11 | 7:11 pm

When I shop at the Walgreens near my house the employees are always so nice and helpful.

Posted by: Stacey on Jul 19, 11 | 7:30 pm

walgreens es un lugar donde podemos comprar todo lo que necesitamos tanto como medicamentos , articulos de uso personal,ademas de comidas , bebidas, juguetes, efectos electricos ,etc, con muy buenas ofertas de precios, en todas sus mercancias que estimulan las ventas, ademas de poseer clinicas movil para mejorar la salud y calidad de vida de las comunidades a lo largo del pais , farmacias las 24 horas ,con servicio al volante y despachos de recetas facil y rapido en cualquier Walgreens.

posted : Carmen Debien julio 19,11/10:50 PM

Posted by: Carmen Debien on Jul 19, 11 | 9:04 pm

ILove walgreens.....Its right down the street, and I am always treated like a member of the Walgreen family. Great service every visit.

Posted by: James Young on Jul 19, 11 | 10:25 pm

Rx always ready quickly and employees are most helpful someone always ask if i found everything okay or do i need help finding something.

Posted by: Ray Kees on Jul 20, 11 | 9:38 am

I do nornally go to CVS. ( I know, I said it!) But today I choise Walgreens today. The clerks all asked "if there was something they can help me find?". Very clean store and up beat customer service.
I will return!

Posted by: Missy on Jul 20, 11 | 11:05 am

I live in Berkeley Cal and I shop at Walgreens on San Pablo. Without fail when I go inside I'm greeted in a friendly manner. The store manager is always helpful even if he is busy....ALWAYS!

Posted by: GoddessMotherofOrisha on Jul 20, 11 | 1:55 pm

I always look forward to visit my Hixson Walgreens. The staff are always available to answer any questions that I may have, greets me with a warm hello, I feel as if they know me. Thank you Walgreen employees!

Posted by: Wanda on Jul 20, 11 | 2:45 pm

I was asked by two of your employees if I found everything I was looking for. I appreciate this since I am over 80 years old. Thank you.

Posted by: Eldon McKinley on Jul 20, 11 | 3:11 pm

walgreens is close by and the service is usally fast the cashiers are always helpful and nice.
you don't have enough products in stock on the sale items, always out.

Posted by: arlene on Jul 20, 11 | 3:24 pm

Walgreen's has everything you need. You are doing fantastic Walgreen. Good job last but not least there employers they are doing there job right.

Posted by: Gerardo on Jul 20, 11 | 4:54 pm

More shop. More Save, Is Walgreens

Posted by: Joshua on Jul 20, 11 | 5:13 pm

I went to walgreens today to buy a box of chocolates, the cashier was really nice his name is DJ ( David Junior) at store #7147 located on Broadway and Harry.

Posted by: Fatima Gomez on Jul 20, 11 | 11:31 pm

Hi, my name is Nicole Monges,and I'm a diabetic, and i ALWAYS ONLY got to Walgreens for all of my prescriptions. They have GREAT cashiers, and service. They're all VERY nice and kind. And they always have a smile on their face. Thats one thing i need to cheer me up for the day. Also, may i add, i don't have a favorite cashier. ALL of the cashiers are my ffavorite. Like i said above, they ALL are nice, and have a GREAT attitude. Everytime i go, its ALWAYS a warm welcome into Walgreens. Last time i went, when i left the store, i was laughing and giggling. And it's all because og WALGREENS :D

Posted by: Nicole on Jul 21, 11 | 9:34 am

I go to walgreens all the time. Everyone there is always so nice and helpful. The prices are always the best prices. Overall the customer service is amazing. I've never been disappointed. Thanks, and I hope everyone keeps up the great work...

Posted by: Nazareth Taylor on Jul 21, 11 | 9:58 am

I practily live at Walgeeens... On Charlotte Pike in Nashville Tn. Great and fast RX. service and everyone is so helpful.God bless them all......

Posted by: Rhonda on Jul 21, 11 | 10:44 am

Nice store slow sevice never enough people on registers have to wait in line all the time.very annoying

Posted by: Pris Miller on Jul 21, 11 | 12:20 pm

I go to Walgreens for the great products and prices. Every Walgreens visit is a good experience whether I'm dropping off film to be developed or to buy an item on sale. The cashiers are always nice, helpful, friendly and courteous. All in all a great store.

Posted by: Diana Cruz on Jul 21, 11 | 1:48 pm

all the while that i have lived in the stste of TX i have always shopped at walgreens. i use to use the one on mayfield, i moved and now i use the one on medlock &green oaks, i really love walgreens on mayfield & medlock, it made me feel good when the people in the pharm know you by name, everyone is always firendly and helpful at both.

Posted by: Cassandra Williams on Jul 21, 11 | 2:15 pm

i was very pleased with the way i was waited on. it took just minutes and i was out the door. very pleased

Posted by: burton ducharme on Jul 21, 11 | 2:49 pm

I love our Walgreens in Charleston, WV, better deals than Rite Aid. I want to go their everyday but can't, and the workers are great and helpful. Thanks Walgreen's for putting a store in our city.

Posted by: Karen on Jul 21, 11 | 3:49 pm

I do my Christmas shopping at Walgreens. Need I say more!!! (In Ft.Worth, Tx).

Posted by: Ray Gomez on Jul 21, 11 | 5:57 pm

The training that you do with your employees is nothing less than extrodinary. Either that or you only hire the most respectful,caring people in my area. From the Pharmassit to the stock person. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I work for a Dept. within the Government that deals with people during very tough situations. Dealing with these survivors can be very trying at times and very stresssful. I would really like to know who trains your people so that maybe myself and others I work with can reap the benifits of your type of training..

Posted by: Christopher A. Craft on Jul 21, 11 | 7:14 pm

i like the store it is very clean

Posted by: romeo on Jul 21, 11 | 7:39 pm

the visit was pleasant, the cahsier was helpful and the store was nice and clean

Posted by: TAMIKO on Jul 22, 11 | 9:19 am

The Walgreens clerk Norma is very pleasant and helpful. Her Number is 201

Posted by: Mary Jo Travillian on Jul 22, 11 | 9:58 am


Posted by: PAW on Jul 22, 11 | 10:33 am

I Like walgreens the people who worked there are great people always ready to help you, the store is clean not hard to fine what your looking for i buy alot of product and walgreens product are great. I would tell my friends and family to go there.

Posted by: Diane malcolm on Jul 22, 11 | 11:21 am

i like that walgreens is doing this.

Posted by: Veta Calloway on Jul 22, 11 | 11:52 am



Posted by: JERRIE BOLTON on Jul 22, 11 | 5:37 pm

I always receive the best customer service at Walgreens. Not only is the customer service excellent but they always have the best prices compared to other comparable stores.

Posted by: Diana on Jul 22, 11 | 7:32 pm

I go to the Walgreens in Red Bank,TN and every time I go there I'm greeted with a smile.And the store is always clean.Everything is always where its easy to find.Everyone is always help full.I will always shop there.

Posted by: Judith Villalon on Jul 22, 11 | 9:51 pm

megusta comprar los productos de bellesa de walgreens

Posted by: matilde valle on Jul 23, 11 | 12:01 am


Posted by: matilde valle on Jul 23, 11 | 12:10 am

I love walgreens! As a general rule, the items you find on the shelves today will still be in the same isle tomorrow...can't say that about some of the big box stores!

Posted by: C Del Nagro on Jul 23, 11 | 2:27 pm

this is my quick and go to favorite store because I dont like big stores and long lines,so far ive had no problem with none of the stores everyone is always polite and ready to greet you at the door.thank you.

Posted by: mitzi on Jul 23, 11 | 3:23 pm

me gusta comprar en walgreen,pues me atienden muy bien y es mi tienda favorita para comprar mis medicinas.

Posted by: maria cristina martinez on Jul 23, 11 | 4:39 pm

Walgreens is good at bargains. They have lots of items you need in there.

Posted by: Gellica fay menor on Jul 23, 11 | 9:45 pm

service at cash register always fast. workers always ready to help. they even come to you to ask if you need help.

Posted by: Lawrence Opoku on Jul 23, 11 | 10:33 pm

the young lady had a smile and playfuly said hi to my lil boy,this is good custmer service!!!

Posted by: jasmin on Jul 23, 11 | 11:17 pm

My prescription is on a 90 day cycle, last cycle I called it in, went to the store, it wasn't ready at pickup. I made a second trip and learned the med wasn't in stock, I received a few pills to tide me over. I complained to the manager and included " you aren't the only pharmacy in town". This cycle-same story, I went to pick it up and received 12 pills versus 170. This requires another trip. Do you have computers to track med usage and meds in stock? I'm going across the street after this one-Wal-Mart or the grocery store can take a shot at SERVICE.

Posted by: ken parkinson on Jul 24, 11 | 8:22 am

love going to walgreens-always friendly and upbeat

Posted by: sandy s. on Jul 24, 11 | 9:18 am

Qick & fast service

Posted by: Lorenzo on Jul 24, 11 | 11:17 am

i like Walgreen because it is a good place to get medication and there help full to everone

Posted by: carmelita briel on Jul 24, 11 | 11:37 am


Posted by: John K. Nyemetz on Jul 24, 11 | 12:13 pm

always in and out. their fast and helpful. good sale's

Posted by: phillip clark on Jul 24, 11 | 12:45 pm

When I was unable to find the Iem I was looking for the stor manager was right there to help.

Posted by: Robert Greenebaum on Jul 24, 11 | 3:12 pm

I always like this particular store. They are very helpful. The man who manages the Photo Department is particularly helpful.

Posted by: Tim Dailey on Jul 24, 11 | 4:02 pm

I like to shop by coupons. The make-up counter woman offered her help when I was looking for candy. She found more for me and then offered to do my check out when I was ready. There was a long line for check out so I went to the make-up counter and she was basically there waiting for me. Awesome, thnx.

Posted by: Janice on Jul 24, 11 | 7:36 pm

Cahsier was pleasant and very helpfull

Posted by: Tim Schmidt on Jul 24, 11 | 7:38 pm

i like to buy my all pharma requirement for the walgreen , i dont kn know it attract me .

Posted by: Patel on Jul 24, 11 | 10:22 pm

I shop weekly at the Walgreens in Olympia, WA. I have the most wonderful, and knowledgable cashier. She is very helpful with the weekly ad and makes my shopping experience great. I shop at that store because of her great customer service. I do not remember her name. She has glasses and greyish hair and worked the make-up counter yesterday afternoon. (7-24-11)

Posted by: Rachel Hook on Jul 25, 11 | 10:02 am

I have just recently moved to this area and I have begun to use Walgreen more and more. I love how clean it is, how friendly the employees are and also how incredibly helpful when I need something. I love, love, love the savings I get from Walgreens and how much they have to offer. They recognize me now when I go in because I'm in so frequently. Thanks Walgreens!

Posted by: Jennifer on Jul 25, 11 | 10:26 am


Posted by: FANNIE CARSWELL on Jul 25, 11 | 1:09 pm

Walgreen friendly and help full and there nice to you .

Posted by: carmelita briel on Jul 25, 11 | 1:11 pm


Posted by: CONNIE RIVERA on Jul 25, 11 | 1:42 pm

I'm not sure of his name but he's a young man at the front register and he greets every customer that comes in and tells every customer good bye and have a wonderful day there has been times I have seen customers ignore him and he will just look at the customer in front of him and smile He's just seems like a positive happy person and I think that is just awesome ! :)

Posted by: Alicia on Jul 25, 11 | 2:02 pm

I have been with walgreens for 13 years, and with auto refills on my meds, I am very please thank you.

Posted by: Robert Young Sr on Jul 25, 11 | 2:13 pm

laura in the pharmacy is the best!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: carol hair on Jul 25, 11 | 2:24 pm

i goto walgreen every other weekend i love to check the sale ,and the worker are very friendly

Posted by: on Jul 25, 11 | 2:54 pm

Good service/good sales

Posted by: Umer Ismail on Jul 25, 11 | 4:04 pm

I have been trading with Walgreens for a long time. Everyone there is always helpful.

Posted by: Sylvester Shields on Jul 25, 11 | 7:08 pm

There was a special needs customer in front of me while I was in line. The Cashier made a point of addressing him by name and thanking him for coming in. It put a big smile on the customer and was a very nice thing to witness. The Cashiers in the Health and Beauty supplies always go out of their way to help. They even let me know what products are on special.

Posted by: Denise on Jul 25, 11 | 7:29 pm

Jan who works in cosmetics dept, mountain home, ar is always helpful, kind, courteous & well informed about products. I try to check out with her when I can.

Posted by: Lavon Lannoo on Jul 25, 11 | 8:32 pm

Walgreens is a nice general anD DepenDing on the town the cashiers are very in many stores the younger workers Do not take their jobs as a place to not play anD to be attentive to customers not their frienDs. The olDer folks have a better work ethic!

Posted by: Peter P. on Jul 25, 11 | 11:18 pm

When the sale starts on Sunday, they are ALWAYS out of stock early on some register rewards products and alot of sale products. And then they say they ran out when you ask if they have any items in back to restock. Really, in just one or two hours after opening they are out of stock? Very disappointing. It's not all stores but one select store. Have talked to mgr. and corporate but nothing has changed.

Posted by: Jack on Jul 26, 11 | 10:32 am

I visit wallgreens once or twice a week and it's a good environment.

Posted by: Gabriel on Jul 26, 11 | 11:28 am

I have had problems getting items on sale as they never carry enough. Today the nice clerk advised me she could take my name and number and call me when in, that they would save it for me. If this works it will be wonderful. But they should have enough stock of sale items.

Posted by: Pam Coty on Jul 26, 11 | 12:23 pm


Posted by: ANTONIO BURNS on Jul 26, 11 | 12:55 pm

The Walgreen's on Panama City ch, FL is great because all the representatives who work there are very knowledgeable and I would have to rate all of them who know their job well and no matter what Person you ask they all know where the items are located. I would say they are the BEST>

Posted by: Ginny on Jul 26, 11 | 1:19 pm


Posted by: Maudeen on Jul 26, 11 | 1:20 pm

The Norwood Walgreeen in Cincinnati, has outstanding, knowlegeable, professional at this store. Others should pattern after this store. Keep up the good work. Your are second to none.

Posted by: Curtis Whaley on Jul 26, 11 | 6:00 pm

I was trying to take the survey. How do I find it.

Posted by: Gina Herndon on Jul 26, 11 | 6:10 pm



Posted by: GENO on Jul 26, 11 | 6:32 pm

I love my walgreens here in Cortez Co.Every one there is so kindand there service.

Posted by: Jan on Jul 26, 11 | 8:24 pm

have been shopping at Walgreens since I was a little girl with my grandmother. The people who work there have always been pleasant . I shop at the Walgreens on 2234 in Missouri City now, and the workers are always very helpful when I can't find something they will help me find it. The the Pharmacist and his staff always are very polite and helpful with a smile if I have any questions. I like to shop where I feel comfortable, and get excellent service

Posted by: E. MACK on Jul 26, 11 | 9:47 pm

Hello. Wish to bring to your attention. Terrific Employer . Pompano Bch Store. Atlantic Ave.
Name ..Cathie Pelaez. been there for over ten years. So Friendly . Helpful In every way. nothing is too much for her
What a Gal . Hope she gets a Big Thank You ....Betty*

Posted by: Betty Young. on Jul 26, 11 | 9:52 pm

good service keeps me coming back for picture developing and also for my prescriptions

Posted by: Gerardo Villarreal on Jul 26, 11 | 10:09 pm

Nice service every time. When you need help finding something they don't just tell you what isle it's in they actually walk with you to find the item you're looking for. Also when you ask for comparison of one item to the next they actually take the time to tell you what product is the best. I'm thankful for all the workers at the Walgreens in Quincy IL.

Posted by: Kim on Jul 26, 11 | 10:42 pm

It was good shop.

Posted by: Umm sultan on Jul 27, 11 | 12:22 am

I love how fast they take care of the customers and they always ask if you need anything else.

Posted by: Deborah Bland on Jul 27, 11 | 7:04 am

I shopping walgreens less then before becauas they do not carey my faverit product.

Posted by: jianm kim on Jul 27, 11 | 7:14 am

Very helpful and friendly staff. It's a pleasure shopping there.

Posted by: Mona on Jul 27, 11 | 8:05 am

Walgreen's is the store! I have visited it this week at least 4 times! I'm glad that it is close to my home too! The renovations are coming out wonderful and the employees are very helpful and friendly.!

Posted by: Michelle Windham on Jul 27, 11 | 8:21 am

On Tuesday, July 26th, I visited the Walgreens on West Burnside at 21st Ave. in Portland, Oregon. Alison, who was working in the Photo department was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable, as I scanned almost 200 photos. Because the scanner would only allow you to scan 24 before starting over again, Alison helped me through the tedious process, which took almost 2 hours.

Alison is truly a wonderful representative of Walgreens!

Posted by: John Simich on Jul 27, 11 | 9:16 am

I enjoy shopping at Walgreen's because of the completeness of the number of products it presents, which gives me an opportunity to browse and make selections I had not previously decided upon. I have found the staff always willingly helpful and especially my favorite cashier, LELY, who always has a ready smile and a cheerful comment about some current topic. I shop at the Mountain View Walgreen's on the corner of Grant Road and El Camino.

Posted by: Robert D.Thompson on Jul 27, 11 | 12:22 pm

I love walgreens, if I need to use the pharmacy they are open 24 hrs. very convenient!

Posted by: lisa on Jul 27, 11 | 1:28 pm

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