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Walgreens shoppers with a receipt can fill out a survey and win $3,000 CASH. You can fill out the form and tell about your experiences from your recent Walgreens visit.

Great Walgreens cashiers are the best. I have a favorite cashier at the Walgreens across from the Tribune Tower in Chicago. Her name is Pilar. Today I got one of those receipts from Walgreens that says "How are we doing? Enter our monthly sweepstakes for $3,000 CASH. Visit to take a short survey about this Walgreens visit." Pilar delightfully pointed out to me that I should go to the website and fill out the survey. So I did. Who doesn't want to win $3,000 CASH?

There's a question on the survey, "What did you like most about your recent visit to Walgreens? (PLEASE BE SPECIFIC)" I love how they put in all caps "PLEASE BE SPECIFIC." My response:

The cashier Pilar was wonderful, as always. Pilar is the #1 reason why I go to Walgreens almost every day after lunch. She's a delightful older woman that truly enjoys her job. She recommends yummy candy to me. She's nice and sweet. Has great attention to detail. Pilar knows what I like and she points out great deals to me. Pilar is able to resolve problems in a professional manner. Very friendly. Very helpful.
A few steps down in the survey they asked to rate the cashier by these five qualities:
Greeting or acknowledging you
Helping you quickly
Being knowledgeable about the locations of products
Being able to resolve any problems or provide options to help you
Making you feel they care about you
Next time I'm going to construct my "Please be specific" essay to follow these five points. It's fun giving praise to cashiers.

Here's some praises other Walgreens shoppers gave to their cashiers:
"Very accomodating. Always helpful. They deal with people from all over the world." --Frank Davis

"I love to shop walgreens because they have real good deals. the cashiers are very helpful with finding things and knowing where everythings located at." --Alice

"I love going to walgreens cause they have almost everything I need for school and holidays ect.. the list goes on I go there everytime I get some spending money :))" --DeMarco Horace
Do you have a favorite cashier, either at Walgreens or elsewhere?
Please tell us about your favorite cashier in the comments. Thank you.

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the clerks were most helpful finding some of the items I purchased.

Posted by: Mary on Jul 27, 11 | 1:39 pm

my local store is great. however, where is the survey?

Posted by: rick on Jul 27, 11 | 2:57 pm

really nice place

Posted by: lisa jenkins on Jul 27, 11 | 3:33 pm

I waited over 10 minutes for someone to come so I could get my pictures and the only cashier in the store had to call someone out of the break room for me to get help. I did not think it was very effiecient to have everyone on break at the same time. Won't return to get pictures done there again.

Posted by: ed kougl on Jul 27, 11 | 8:52 pm


Posted by: dulce lopez on Jul 27, 11 | 10:07 pm

7/17/11 was the first i decided to have my prescription done at around 8am. The cashier was one of the warmest and friendly person I have had the preasure to meet. She took my precription and answer basic questions on your service. She also spoke to my INS and asked them to send me another card. I received email notification and am thrilled with the exprience I had yesterday. I am going to transfer all my pharmacy needs to Walgreen.

Posted by: Milvian Acosta on Jul 28, 11 | 7:23 am

This morning a new cashier was on duty and as I was checking out she asked did I need anything else. Then proceeds to name off a few things. I told her she must be on commission as she was trying to see if I forgot something. Very friendly for early in the morning. The ladies in the camera department are always helpful to get my pictures made.

Posted by: jOSEPH L lUSSI on Jul 28, 11 | 8:36 am

Love Walgreens take advantage of as many weekly cupons as possible.

Posted by: D Hudson on Jul 28, 11 | 9:12 am

good products, like the raw nuts, almonds, etc.

Posted by: jesse mcgaha on Jul 28, 11 | 11:21 am


Posted by: JEAN DESANTIS on Jul 28, 11 | 12:22 pm

Walgreens has a wonderful pharmacy plan for $20.00 a year which saves me hundreds of dollars. All the pharmacists are friendly and helpful. My favorite cashier is Shirley at an Anoka, MN store.

Posted by: Terry on Jul 28, 11 | 12:50 pm

love the pharmacy dept..they get you in and out quickly and are so friendly

Posted by: mellisa on Jul 28, 11 | 12:55 pm

very courtious and friendly employees. They don't rush you or make you feel like you are a bother. Of course people in Texas are pretty much like that anyway!
Thanks you Walgreens!!

Posted by: terri on Jul 28, 11 | 1:35 pm

I bought a diet soda from Walgreens, and it exploded. It could have poked my eye out. Not happy - Walgreens sucks.

Posted by: Tim on Jul 28, 11 | 3:45 pm


Posted by: MARCUS BROUSSARD on Jul 28, 11 | 6:34 pm

Great photo department

Posted by: Lorraine Behlmer on Jul 28, 11 | 7:22 pm

I love Walgreens because they are always available for whatever I need from prescriptions to products. They are always friendly and courteous. I believe they are the best.

Posted by: Charlene on Jul 28, 11 | 9:05 pm

Walgreens is always available for whatever I may need from prescriptions to products even when we go to other cities. The associates are courteous and friendly. My family share in my thought about Walgreens. We are customers for life.

Posted by: Charlene on Jul 28, 11 | 9:19 pm

I went into a Walgreens today Jul 28 to purchase Maybelline Mascara and I noticed that there was a coupon for Maybelline I picked up the coupon and to make sure I asked the so called Cosmetic Consultant Maria this Hispanic woman which couldnt smile if her life depended on it. I asked her If i could use the coupon to purchase any mascara she replied you got it from there and she pointed to the Maybelline add that had the coupons and I said yes i know that is where I picked it up from however may I use it for any of the mascaras. She FREAKED OUT over my question and told me to talk to the Manager Just as she said that the Manager Kenneth turned the corner and I asked him we both read it and we concluded that yes l was able to. I then explained to Kenneth what had happened with his so called Cosmetic Consultant right in Front of her Manager she started yelling at me that she didnt have the answer just the Manager WOW I told her I didnt need to be yelled at that way I was the customer and I turned to the Manager and said do U see how confrontational she was to me U allow your employees to talk to your customers like that. He said he was going to have a talk with her which i doubt he did. This Walgreens is here in San Francisco 25 Point Lobos ave Maria the so called Cosmetic Consultant /bull dog do ever go there with cosmetic questions

Posted by: De on Jul 28, 11 | 9:42 pm

I love walgreens it like a one stop service shop for me I love the fact that I can buy transit passes or use my bank atm there it is so convenient for me they are just about everywhere and the employees that work there are very friendly.

Posted by: Anthony on Jul 28, 11 | 10:58 pm

Gracias Walgreens por sus ofertas y precio.y la atencion de los trabajadores.

Posted by: Beatriz Gamez Uvalle on Jul 29, 11 | 12:59 am

I always get great service from JoEllen in your phote department at our Walgreens in Poland,Ohio

Posted by: fsg211 on Jul 29, 11 | 6:36 am

I love my Walgreen's at Sterns and County Farm Road in Hanover Park, IL! My favorite cashier is Amanda. She is always so sweet and helpful. She even asks me how my grand children are and how my aging Mom is doing. I go there 2 to 3 times a week and all of their employees are the greatest, from the managers, to Sue in cosmetics (she is fantastic)! Sue usually has a coupon for me on the cosmetics I buy. They always greet me with smiles and help me out. I like the pharmacists, too. It's a wonderful place to shop!

Posted by: Narda Rothermel on Jul 29, 11 | 11:25 am

I go to Walgreens daily ..Such a clean store and the help there are always welcoming you ...The staff in the pharmacy department are wonderful !!

Posted by: janis on Jul 29, 11 | 11:42 am

I always shop at The Wallgreen's on King's Ranch road in Gold Canyon. The service is great and courtase. Get help in finding things. I can't think of anything bad about this store. Thank you for all the good service.

Posted by: Alvina Kormann on Jul 29, 11 | 12:22 pm

The Walgreen's here in Neenah WI is great !! The pharmacy greats me using my name and is very Thorough. The floor personal and cashiers are helpful, informative quick yet courtesy and precise. Walgreenes carries such a wide variety it's often a one stop shop for me. A over all great place to shop.

Posted by: Patricia Stumpf on Jul 29, 11 | 12:32 pm

The front clerk and the Pharmasist both greeted me. (The pharmacy by name.) He informed me that there was a problem with one item on the prescription. By the time I came back to pick it up, everything was A -ok. They work wonders here while working with people from all parts of the world. We are a vacation destination here.

Posted by: Frank Davis on Jul 29, 11 | 4:08 pm

Very accomodating. Always helpful. They deal with people from all over the world.

Posted by: Frank Davis on Jul 29, 11 | 4:20 pm

Visited the Kuna Walgrens store for the first time.

Everything was neat, clean and the help was very courtous.

Bought my household needs which were competively priced. Even Walgrens house brand.

Good show. I will return again.

Posted by: Walt Cook on Jul 29, 11 | 5:06 pm

I can't begin to tell you what a great staff you have at the Parr Dr Store located in The Villages, FL. The pharmacist was exceptional with his professional manner and his explanation of a prescription that we were trying to have filled. Needless to say we did not know that many drugs have to have a prior authorization from your health insurer before being dispensed. What a relief to us when a pharmacist knows exactly what to do and takes the time to care that it gets done properly. Hat's off to the pharmacist and his fine staff at the above location. We will start dealing the Walgreen's from now on!! TY for being there. Now you need to come into the Wildwood area, since that is where we are located!! Pat J.

Posted by: Pat Jett on Jul 29, 11 | 5:10 pm

The pharmacists went out of their way to help me find a medicine that my 12 year old daughter could safely use with her heart defect. It made the trip a lot shorter and gave us something we felt secure using.

Posted by: Pat Vick on Jul 29, 11 | 6:08 pm

I am not familar with my digital camera so I just hand them my camera and they help me through the process and they have even done everything for me. I get personal attention and help thats why I always go there to have my pictures done.

Posted by: Annette Clark on Jul 29, 11 | 8:29 pm

very convenience, the products and also the schedule:-)

Posted by: Karla Rodriguez on Jul 29, 11 | 8:52 pm


Posted by: jill wittenberg on Jul 29, 11 | 9:32 pm

Walgreen's is one store in our area that I enjoy shooping in. Everyone is friendly and helpful. That really is good when I can't find what I am looking for. The employes are [;easand and helpful.

Posted by: Ann Beebe on Jul 29, 11 | 10:03 pm


Posted by: Elizabeth Garrett on Jul 30, 11 | 12:46 am

its just nice too see so many sales when times are tough like these and when your waiting for prescriptions to go and take advantage especially on house hold items and other stuff that my kid enjoys and the staff are very friendly

Posted by: anthony rhein on Jul 30, 11 | 1:22 am

I live in FL & was in DE for a family funeral. I went to Walgreens to pick up a few things like soap, shampoo, etc. I found the cashier to be friendly, courteous, and very knowledgable. I normally shop at the Walgreens in Largo, FL, and have always found its employees to be so. I appreciate your being there! (LOVE YOURSALES TOO!)

Posted by: Christine Rosselli on Jul 30, 11 | 5:36 am


Posted by: DIANE on Jul 30, 11 | 6:35 am

I have always used walgreens for my personal pharmacy and they show amazing customer service both professional and personal. I had severe surgery today and was not able to drive nor walk after. I explained the circumstances to the Pharmacy tech and she was able to help me right away and was legitimately concerned about my Pain level and how I was doing. Sometimes people need that extra inspiration and smile and walgreens always seems to take that extra step. Walgreens knows how to build a relationship with their customers rather then it just being a part of their job and it really shows. Thanks !

Posted by: Kayla on Jul 30, 11 | 6:38 am

Allways clean, got gourmets soda which is cool. Your pharmacist gave me a emergency minifill when my refill wasn't called in. He also fax my doc to remind them without being asked to. These kind of things easily lead to loyalty. Thanks.

Posted by: kevin meriwether on Jul 30, 11 | 9:15 am

This is one of the friendliest stores in town. Very clean and organized too. Have been coming here for 6 years to this location and have always had a great experience.

Posted by: Leslie Franco on Jul 30, 11 | 11:31 am

I've just become aware of the resurgence of Walgreen's - wherever I am - whenever I need a pharmacy, I look for Walgreen's. Service ia always excellent, the stores are always very clean and I am impressed by it's commitment to hiring people with disabilities. On top of all this, the prices are excellent.

Posted by: Barbara on Jul 30, 11 | 1:32 pm

I love to shop walgreens because they have real good deals. the cashiers are very helpful with finding things and knowing where everythings located at.

Posted by: alice on Jul 30, 11 | 1:34 pm

walgreens staff is very friendly and full of knowledge!!! but what i like the most is the short waiting period

Posted by: danielle on Jul 30, 11 | 3:03 pm

Very friendly and very helpful

Posted by: Elizabeth Tomes on Jul 30, 11 | 3:42 pm

Everyone at the Tomball Walgreens is very helpful and friendly.

Posted by: hjt on Jul 30, 11 | 4:33 pm

I love visiting our hometown Walgreen's, Judy is always helpful when we can't find something. We always check out at the make-up counter.

Posted by: Wendy on Jul 30, 11 | 5:31 pm

So far, all of my visits to Walgreens have been enjoyable. The employees are always nice and helpful. I look forward each week to find out what is on sale there.

Posted by: Taylor Dowdy on Jul 30, 11 | 5:49 pm

I go to the Greenfield IN store... everything is a mess, cant find anything..move it every day I know they are remodeling, but the store is not old enough to remodel If they werent so conveient I would go to CVS Cherry D. Collins

Posted by: Cherry Collins on Jul 30, 11 | 7:15 pm

Was well pleased with our trip to Lewiston store. was greeted and asked if we need any help found a few good buys and was checked out by a young man and he was very pleasant,and helpful..Keep up the good work on your employees they do make the store.

Posted by: Bots Baird on Jul 30, 11 | 7:42 pm

love to get my prescriptions fom Walgreens, my dog can't wait to go there he knows he gets a treat
certain 88

Posted by: helga egeler on Jul 30, 11 | 8:42 pm

Very helpfull people work at Walgreens!

Posted by: william stickel on Jul 30, 11 | 9:00 pm

Very nice store. Very helpfull people!

Posted by: william stickel on Jul 30, 11 | 9:07 pm

I like when I go to Walgreens they always greet you and ask if there anything they can help you find or need. All the people are friendly and if you have any questions they answer very promptly.

Posted by: Linda on Jul 31, 11 | 2:01 am

Walgreens always has what I need, when I need it. They are all helpful and informative.

Posted by: Jody on Jul 31, 11 | 11:36 am

Walgreens people are always pleasant and helpfull. My scripts are always ready when they say they'll be ready...that's important to me.

Posted by: Nancy on Jul 31, 11 | 11:42 am

I like the savings that I get when I shop at Walgreens in Statesboro Ga, They have helpful employees that will find something for you if you ask them.

Posted by: Paula Osborne on Jul 31, 11 | 4:42 pm

I enjoy Walgreens because the people who work in the Pharmacy are so helpful and friendly. Recently, I saw that I would have run out of a prescription while out of town on business fot two weeks and the clerk advised that they would call my insurance company to ask for a waiver. I advised that I would be leaving early next morning and they advised to have the prescription filled at my destination in FL in a couple of days when my insurance company would approve.
Also, Walgreens is a one stop shop for most items I need.

Posted by: Bill Sizemore on Jul 31, 11 | 4:52 pm

I called before I went, to make sure they had the I tems I needed. they did, but when I arrived to pick the Items up, the cashier seemed to know who I was already.very personable.

Posted by: James T. Lewis on Jul 31, 11 | 6:33 pm

I always find what I need atWalgreens, no matter in I'm at home or visit out of town

Posted by: Mary on Jul 31, 11 | 9:25 pm

Love, love, love, Walgreen's. I love the layout of the store, the seasonal products, the great deals and convenience of your phamarcies. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: kim on Jul 31, 11 | 10:04 pm

My family and I just moved in the neighborhood,so we came from cvs to walgreens.which has helped us out more ways then one. My husband and I have asthma and two kids plus a brand new baby.So Walgreens staying open 24 hours is great for us the customer service would be an eight from one to ten. Some nights the lines are long,but most of the time it's the customer fault. FYI need more sales on baby formula.But for now walgreens has became my family best friend.

Posted by: on Jul 31, 11 | 10:44 pm

i like to shop at walgreens thay treat you like friend and the price is right

Posted by: dianna greene on Aug 01, 11 | 7:34 am


Posted by: BARRY G BEAM on Aug 01, 11 | 7:46 am

Jay, a manager at Renton Walgreens gave me great service while handling a shoplifter!!

Posted by: on Aug 01, 11 | 10:02 am

I love Walgreens because the cashiers are knowledeable about the store and are there to assist. The drive-in pharmancy is helpful in my day to day busy schedule.

Posted by: Brenda lindsey on Aug 01, 11 | 12:21 pm

I like Walgreens. The employees are very nice and helpful at the store located at 16000 Cleveland Ave. North Fort Myers, Fla.

Posted by: George WERTZ on Aug 01, 11 | 1:09 pm

I like Walgreens because the employees are very nice and helpfull I like shopping at Walgreens.

Posted by: George WERTZ on Aug 01, 11 | 1:14 pm

I love any Walgreens!!!! Im always in and out and very friendly staff.

Posted by: Isela Urueta on Aug 01, 11 | 1:46 pm

i love walgreens because there are good sale prices and every week there are new awsome deals and they give good service so im very satisfied at walgreens

Posted by: darshan on Aug 01, 11 | 4:55 pm

the pharmacy is very great its open 24 hours and has great service i will certainly come back

Posted by: darshan on Aug 01, 11 | 5:01 pm

walgreens is my favorite pharmacy. they hve great deals on everyday products, and great service as far as retail nd pharmecutical needs. they're awesome!

Posted by: Jayme Johnson on Aug 01, 11 | 6:46 pm

Walmart is the best they are very fast at filling perscriptions THX Walmart !

Posted by: Mark on Aug 01, 11 | 6:59 pm

i love Walgreens. i just call and make sure i have refills on my meds and they have then ready at a resonsible time... I also buy my laundry soap there. More for my money.l

Posted by: REGINA BURGETT on Aug 01, 11 | 7:37 pm

I like this Walgreens, it's close to my house, has great representatives and their price is affordable for people who have no insurance.

Posted by: Janet on Aug 01, 11 | 7:37 pm


Posted by: SHALL,MARK on Aug 01, 11 | 8:51 pm

I have always had great service at this Walgreens and never feel reluctant to go get anything from there or to put in my photo orders. Everyone at the photo counter is great.

Posted by: April Frankforter on Aug 01, 11 | 10:48 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens! they have great sales.

Posted by: Amy on Aug 02, 11 | 11:46 am

my walgreen's is the best store in Tn.
everyone is so help full, I'm Handi-caped, so when I'm in the store & ask
someone will alway's get it for me, & alway's with a smile,no matter what their doing they get it now.

Posted by: David Bishop on Aug 02, 11 | 4:57 pm

a mi me gusta comprar en walgreens porque tienen buenas ofertas y buenos precios.

Posted by: maria cristina martinez on Aug 02, 11 | 5:01 pm

i like walgreens.

Posted by: maria cristina martinez on Aug 02, 11 | 5:07 pm

i love walgreens store

Posted by: MIKE on Aug 02, 11 | 8:15 pm

what i love the most about walgreens is open 24 hours

Posted by: MIKE on Aug 02, 11 | 8:21 pm

I normally shop at CVS but went into a Walgreens purchased what I was looking for, turns out it wasn't so needed to return. Bad experience & they would not take it back so I went into another Walgreens and they gladly took it back with my receipt! I won't be shopping at Store #7610 but I will return to Store #3851 St, Petersburg, FL

Posted by: Karen Ettinger on Aug 03, 11 | 6:36 am

Had a very good visit today.Really good Store

Posted by: Dorse Hardy on Aug 03, 11 | 8:33 am

I go to
Walgreen's every week, because I get everything what I needed.

Posted by: Janosne Csaszar on Aug 03, 11 | 10:39 am

I had a very pleasant conversation about hair products with a knowledgeable employee ending in a great purchase!

Posted by: Terry Douglass on Aug 03, 11 | 11:58 am

I Love Love Love Walgreens I am happy that there is a Walgreens in every town I go. The pharmacy staff where I get my prescription filled are so very nice and helpful with every question i have regarding my prescriptions. I love that they always have what I need when I go to Walgreens ;-)

Posted by: migdalia mejias on Aug 03, 11 | 3:43 pm

I love walgreens I can always count on my walgreens. Also its LOCAL to where ever I am. Something thats also plesant is the staff is always ready to help i love that. Walgreens as many verities of the stuff I need, want, and love.keep it up walgreens.your great .

Posted by: mccaleb on Aug 03, 11 | 4:41 pm

I love are walgreens everyone is so nice and help full I also like there ice cream we also get are pet items there
I think are walgreens does a outstanding job a lot better then i get at walmart keep it up walgreen.

Posted by: Ken on Aug 03, 11 | 11:41 pm


Posted by: JEAN S on Aug 04, 11 | 2:37 am

walgreens is my favorite drug store. I spot in at least 3 times a week.

Posted by: JEAN S on Aug 04, 11 | 2:45 am

When I have needed my medicine at a short notice. I always can count on my pharmacy to know how to get a hold of the doctor. My pharmacy always have nice people. Our pharmacy even has a bowl of dog treats for when the furry friends come a long. I really don't have a favorite person they are always friendly and ready to serve.

Posted by: Karen Lowe on Aug 04, 11 | 7:51 am

we are truly blessed to have a Walgreens in Oxford NC. The people are very friendly and very helpful, especially Charlie. this store makes shopping easy and convenient for me.

Posted by: patsy on Aug 04, 11 | 8:52 am

I love Walgreen's and there service.....What I have a problem with is the scanners. 60% of the time I have to return to the store because I haven't been charged the correct amount, especially for the sale items. I don't end up saving when you think obout the amount of gas used to return to the store!

Posted by: Gloria on Aug 04, 11 | 12:58 pm

I really like going into walgreens their customer services is excellent.

Posted by: Cathy Huntley on Aug 04, 11 | 1:25 pm

I enjoy shoppping walgreen's and I go there two or three times a week. The people there are helpful and courteous. I can't wait until I need some more items.

Posted by: Kevin Kopriva on Aug 04, 11 | 3:51 pm

I love shopping at walgreeen's. I go there two or three times a week. I enjoy talking with staff there. Your people are very helpful.

Posted by: Kevin Kopriva on Aug 04, 11 | 3:56 pm

Fabulous!! Found everything I needed all in one place. Saved me some time :)

Posted by: Misty on Aug 04, 11 | 3:58 pm

doing business at walgreens on 27th and vine here in lincoln is always a pleasure. The store is spotless and the employees are fantastic

Posted by: William Synnott on Aug 04, 11 | 5:49 pm

I choose to take out the time to personally say that Walgreens is a very efficient store to shop at , and another reasoned why i shop there is because i can get home supplies and cosmetics products and other ect…but what i really like is the exclusive deals such as today i bought some tissue 12rolls for 5 dollars so i bought another pack so what im saying is that Walgreens is a good store to shop and get what you need for a good price.

Posted by: Elona Hawkins on Aug 04, 11 | 6:23 pm


Posted by: MARTHA NICHOLSON on Aug 04, 11 | 8:09 pm


Posted by: MARTHA NICHOLSON on Aug 04, 11 | 8:13 pm

everytime i go to walgreen and i can't find something they are right there to help but sometimes when i go pick medicine it takes them a long time to come to the counter.

Posted by: Jan on Aug 04, 11 | 8:27 pm

like to shop at walgreens they are very friendly people

Posted by: jose on Aug 04, 11 | 9:03 pm

It's the best place I go to get everything I need, the store location 625 Mass Ave Cambridge MA. Very friendly and helpful stuff, nice service every time, when you need help finding something they don't just tell you what isle it's in they actually walk with you to find the item you are looking for, I love walgreens.

Posted by: Haiyu Lu on Aug 05, 11 | 7:09 am

Second visit to walgreens. Very prompt service. The pharmacist technician was very helpful.

Posted by: Roxane on Aug 05, 11 | 9:27 am

I always shop at walgreens at york&irvivg. The staff there are very helpful and the pharmacy staff are just great and very helpful and friendly

Posted by: CONNIE on Aug 05, 11 | 10:03 am

Always like going to Walgreens. They offer great prices on a variety of items and the staff is always pleasant and helpful.

Posted by: stephen on Aug 05, 11 | 1:35 pm

I was upset at the new policey of putting razors behind lock and key. For me it was an inconvenience as i am disabled. But the girl explained to me why and how much money your company had been losing in this product area at this store. She promised that they will try to makeit easier forme when i come in to shop. Could not be angry at such a caring and articulate company representative.

Posted by: Richard G on Aug 05, 11 | 1:50 pm

Wallgreens at the Jefferson Davis Hiway is very clean and the products displayed in an organized way. It is easy to find whatever I want to buy. They advertise their sale and it is easy to check out. I have bought some good stuff on a deal here. It is a great place to shop. The DVD rental service on the side of the building is another great plus.

Posted by: Maribel Matochik on Aug 05, 11 | 2:16 pm

Asked clerk where particular item was located. He directef me to it and checked me out all within 60 seconds. WOW

Posted by: W. P. Wi on Aug 05, 11 | 3:43 pm


Posted by: KEN MOORE on Aug 05, 11 | 3:48 pm

I haqve been filling the survey in for quite a long time but never could know whether any one has ever obtained the prize for $ 3000.00.
I think that it effects nothing whether we join the survey or not.

Posted by: Ansarul Haque on Aug 05, 11 | 4:37 pm

Service was great...quick and easy. I would return to this walgreens.

Posted by: Maria Rosales on Aug 05, 11 | 5:07 pm

I always go to Walgreens on San Tomas & Campbell, in Campbell, CA. It seems that (other than Pharmacy) staff changes, or it seems like they do as I don't really reconize them. However, all of them, whether I know them or not are very professional, they do have Customer Service qualities because many companies do not seem to have that anymore, but they do. They always greet ne with a smile and always seem to be happy to help me in whatever I request.

I will continue to shop there as long as I live in this area. They are great. Pharmacy is just as professional and always helpful with all of my needs.

Posted by: Connie M. Hernandez on Aug 05, 11 | 7:52 pm

I went to pick up my sons adhd medicine and it was late and the young lady told me it would be just a moment. I was very pleased with Walgreens and they are always nice.

Posted by: Anna Locke on Aug 05, 11 | 10:20 pm

The staff at Walgreens at Bellvue, the best I have ever had. They make me feel welcome. I get my medicine there and expecilly Kelly and Michaela in the Pharnacy.
It is a great store to shop at.
Great Place, Great Peolpe

Posted by: Rose on Aug 05, 11 | 10:29 pm

New arrangement and updated registers

Posted by: steph maxwell on Aug 06, 11 | 9:56 am

Walgreens is a filthy hole. There is garbage piled up allover the entire block right by their dumpster which is across the street from me. We have complained to Walgreen managers but they just laugh and tell us to leave the store...they do not care about the neighborhood or the customers. Also none of the employees speak english so you can't tell them when they are overcharging which happens all the time. Not to mention virtually everything in the store is Chinese made crap. BAD FOR AMERICA. Screw Walgreens.

Posted by: nj nd on Aug 06, 11 | 4:13 pm

My local Walgreens is badly organized and often has a long counter wait. The sales help is not very helpful.

Posted by: Arlene Norman on Aug 06, 11 | 4:19 pm


Posted by: TONY KAHLE on Aug 06, 11 | 8:22 pm

I appreciate my neighborhood Walgreens because I can stop in, choose my items and hurry on my way. Cashiers are on the job with pleasant smiles. My items are bagged and off I go!

Posted by: Lori on Aug 06, 11 | 9:19 pm

i would like to commend Keydrick at store # 1783 Conyers GA. he is very polite and takes time to attend to the customers....

Posted by: lisa on Aug 06, 11 | 10:41 pm

it is nice place .

Posted by: ricky on Aug 06, 11 | 11:02 pm

They are always nice helpful and friendly. Treat me like family instead of a customer. I love Walgreens.

Posted by: Mattie Jordan on Aug 07, 11 | 1:14 am

i shop here all the time. but last night the cashier was not friendly at all. she was in a big hurry to get me out of there. so i am not giving her a good report. all the other times the girls were really helpful. i like your specials. they are great.

Posted by: anne on Aug 07, 11 | 8:54 am

very good service

Posted by: belinda on Aug 07, 11 | 9:12 am

i had a great visit the employees were very helpful and friendly .i luv the cosmetic dept my favorite is the jordano lipliners near the cash register i buy them in bulk always i just purcahsed6 and i donated 1 to walk/diabetes ive purcahed many different items hair gels, decorations,meds,cards ,walgreens is the best ! i always find what i need and at a resonable price . THANK YOU WALGREENS!

Posted by: norma on Aug 07, 11 | 10:52 am

I have always likeed going to walgreens because the people are always so friendly and helpful.

Posted by: barry french on Aug 07, 11 | 11:22 am

Walgreen's has always been where i go to pick up what i need weather it baby supply's.cosmetics, medication even clothing items suntan lotion or sunblock for summer fans in summer or heat fan for the winter. CD-rm or DVD for computer , milk, on the go food it just great to know i can count on Walgreen it a lil expensive but you can count on stuff to be there when in need or in a hurry there is a specific one i go to in Chicago on Belmont and Milwaukee but when i cant get there i know that the is one near me in any busy street....thank god for Walgreen's

Posted by: teresa on Aug 07, 11 | 11:27 am

Walgreens has the best of all products with great prices. The help are very kind and helpful

Posted by: Cynthia on Aug 07, 11 | 12:07 pm

I love walgreens because the pharmacy is open 7 days a week and the entire staff is so kind and friendly

Posted by: billy dykes on Aug 07, 11 | 12:16 pm

I love shopping at Walgrens because I can go to the store in my golf cart. It hekps me save money just like the sales at he store.

Posted by: baevaea on Aug 07, 11 | 12:27 pm

I went to Walgreens at Donleson Pike in Nashville TN ( 8/7/11). The service I received from the cashier was very professional.

Posted by: SHERRY cONWELL on Aug 07, 11 | 1:11 pm


Posted by: Cindi on Aug 07, 11 | 1:26 pm

I like to shop at Walgreen's. The people are all friendly and helpful. Walgreen's is the only place I can get one of my prescriptions and I love their hours. Thank you Walgreen's!

Posted by: Shellie on Aug 07, 11 | 1:32 pm

Our Walgreens is very neat and clean. We have always had friendly and helpful
cashiers. Our local store is very busy and many of the suday ads are sold out soon. I don't always get to take advantage of those but I still do alot of shopping at Walgreens.

Posted by: Jean Farmer on Aug 07, 11 | 2:14 pm


Posted by: David Bishop on Aug 07, 11 | 4:08 pm

I enjoy shoping at walgreens, all of the as sociates are really nice and helpful

Posted by: Delree on Aug 07, 11 | 4:10 pm

I have to say there ar enot many stores left that you can shop at and feel welcomed. I have been shopping at Walgreens for many..years.. and my experience has always been present. All the staff are always very polite and ready to assist you and not to mention how they remind you of the savings on items you purchase. Walgreens staff keep it up!!

Posted by: Abel on Aug 07, 11 | 5:23 pm

The new store in Rowland Heights,CA is well stocked and well maintained. The staff isn't impressive. They rarely greet customers as they come in and you often have to wai at check out while they carry-on with personal conversations. More often you have to wait until somebody mans the counter. Such things make me think the store is poorly managed.

Posted by: David Burns on Aug 07, 11 | 5:47 pm

I like the Walgreens where I shop the workers there are very friendly and willing to help

Posted by: Marielle on Aug 07, 11 | 8:35 pm

walgreens is a very nice clean place to visit for just about everything you need for for everyday living and the prices are within my budjet.

Posted by: conrad smith on Aug 07, 11 | 9:31 pm

Walgreens I went to on Point Lobos in San Francisco is undergoing a renovation. A lot of homeless people hanging around outside panhandling or just sitting outside the store. The clerks are tense, like they are worried about how many customers they are processing at any one time. I don't like the one clerk who implies after a work day that it is time for me to go home and rest. It's none of his business what I do when I leave work for the day! I try to reduce visits to this location whenever possible.

Posted by: Annette Shirey on Aug 07, 11 | 10:35 pm

I visited the Walgreens in Burlington, Wisconsin on Sunday Aug 7, 2011. Kara was working in the Photo Department she was so helpful, I was making a photo book, she went the extra mile to help me with this.
I would like to thank her again.

Posted by: Jean on Aug 08, 11 | 6:31 am

Both cashiers I had were very respectful and help each other as a team effort to answer my questions concerning the 6 roles of 35 mm film I had developed. I like the team approach.

Posted by: Joyce Connelly on Aug 08, 11 | 10:17 am

The cashier was slow and disinterested.

Posted by: Mildred on Aug 08, 11 | 11:11 am

Yes they are always very considerate

Posted by: Maureen on Aug 08, 11 | 1:31 pm

The local Walgreens has a good selection but the front cashier could use additional training. staff should be aware of sales and when those sales ends. On more than one occassion items were still on sale and the cashier argued with us and I had to request a manager to straighten it out. Also, this same cashier bragged to us that she cleared out the most recent mm's sale and there was nothing left for the customers.

Posted by: ZIV SABIN on Aug 08, 11 | 3:46 pm

Oh Oh hard to find

Posted by: Harvey Kuperman on Aug 08, 11 | 5:12 pm

I love to go to Walgreens. I worked at a Walgreens 50 years ago in Prove, Utah while going to BYU to college. They always have neat things for sale.

Posted by: Carol Skillings on Aug 08, 11 | 6:24 pm

Walgreens took the time to set me up in the pharmacy with out any hastle it was great no problems great job sherman,tx, Walgreens

Posted by: john wilkerson on Aug 08, 11 | 8:13 pm

Today I was especially pleased when I was in a hurry and the gentlemen in the photo dept helped me to find some plastic sheets that I was having a hard time finding.Very pleasant young man.
Then the gal at the checkout was so helpful when she told me that if I wanted the next size up of Osteo-bi-flex I could get the free pedometer that was in the ad ~~ so I went and got the larger size and was able to register for the free pedometer~ yeah !!
Both of these employees were so pleasant and helpful when they knew that I was in a hurry to get to another appointment. I don't know these two employees names but another gal who takes care of me at other times also greeted me and inquired about my hubby's health and was concerned, her name is Mary Lou and is also very pleasant.
It is a compliment to you to have such caring and courteous employees ~~ thank you and to your employees.

Posted by: Louise on Aug 08, 11 | 8:16 pm

It would be hard to pick my favorite. I have a lot in the pharmacy. They usually know who I am. Not sure this a good thing or not! The ones that know me really go out of their way to make sure I am getting the best price with the W-card or making sure my insurance is is giving me the right price or whatever. Even at times they have either called my Dr. Office if needed. But I do miss John, the pharmaceutics, that use to be at the Mc Henry Modesto, Ca Story. He remembers ever ones names and will make sure everyone is busy. He made sure the pharmacy was run very professionally!

Posted by: Michele Denise Petersen on Aug 08, 11 | 11:51 pm

Your pharmancy goes above and beyond to assist the customer. I assist an 84 year old who often asks the staff to assist with getting refills authorized,
check on status, etc. Functions normally handles by the customer. Each time they extend a helping hand. Thank you

Posted by: HOpe Ireland on Aug 09, 11 | 9:20 am

I love walgreen...not only is it super convenient but I find the prices are lower than the Rite-Aid or CVS which both are les than a mile away and Walgreen almost always has what I'm looking for.

Posted by: donnie on Aug 09, 11 | 11:06 am

I like Walgreens because they have muscle milk that I cant find cheap at like GNC or any other work out store, There nice people working and give up there time for you when I have trouble finding something.

Posted by: chris on Aug 09, 11 | 11:26 am

I love walgreens cause i can go late at nigth to get munchies

Posted by: samuel on Aug 09, 11 | 4:09 pm

Got everything I needed at Walgreens - great savings!!

Posted by: Lynda on Aug 09, 11 | 4:37 pm

We like to shop at Walgreens they have good buys, the store is always clean and the
employees are always very friendly

Posted by: Rodger on Aug 09, 11 | 4:53 pm

Our Orland, ca. store is always clean and all of the staff is always willing to help you in any dept. They greet you and I really appreciate that.

Posted by: nancy r. on Aug 09, 11 | 4:57 pm

I have been a regular customer of walgreens
at vine and galraith rds Hartwell , Ohio. for years, and continue there because they are good to tie customers, carry the products i need and ir's thesame congenial place whwnever I go there.

Posted by: theodorephelps on Aug 09, 11 | 5:05 pm

Walgreens has most anything my friends and I need. Great corner location, plenty of parking and help when I ask for it. Keep it up!

Posted by: Sabina J. Dayton on Aug 09, 11 | 5:12 pm

Password: 6110-8072-016

Posted by: Sabina J. Dayton on Aug 09, 11 | 5:15 pm

I needed 50 note cards for our women's fellowship and WOW - got them on sale 2 boxes for $3.00. Service and assistance is always excellent at Walgreens...Love it!

Posted by: Clara on Aug 09, 11 | 6:18 pm

i would have to say that they have gone above and beyond the norm. they tell me any and every way they know of to help me save money. now who does that ?between 1- 10 at least 9.5 very pleased yours truely Mitch Storm

Posted by: mitchell storm on Aug 09, 11 | 7:40 pm

I was told to try shooting one of my dogs with a water gun to train him not to jump on people. I purchased several water guns for the Grand Kids to play with also. They all have leaked-big time! I filled 4 different water guns and they all leaked water in a steady stream on the floor, and hardly shot water out of the "barrell" of the gun at all. BOOOOOO to walgreens for selling this junk!!!

Posted by: Kaye on Aug 09, 11 | 7:41 pm

I don't know my cashier's name, but she was real friendly. I was looking for a particular perfume..couldn't remember the name, but that it was in a pink box..she helped me find it. Also had to get a phone by the time I got back someone else was in line with a lot of stuff...she quickly apologized to them and rang up my items. Grateful that I didn't have to get back in line again.

Posted by: Karen LaFournier on Aug 09, 11 | 9:00 pm

I don't know my cashier's name, but she was real friendly. I was looking for a particular perfume..couldn't remember the name, but that it was in a pink box..she helped me find it. Also had to get a phone by the time I got back someone else was in line with a lot of stuff...she quickly apologized to them and rang up my items. Grateful that I didn't have to get back in line again.

Posted by: Karen LaFournier on Aug 09, 11 | 9:01 pm

My Favorite Walgreens is 6800 Bass Lake Road Crystal, Minnesota. I go here for almost everything chap-sticks, Tylenol, Alive, lotion etc. The reason I keep coming back is my one good friends from High School works there her name is Kelly. She express the biggest smile whenever she sees me. Kelly has been working at that Walgreens since 2008 she tells me all the deals,and the new incoming products . Kelly keeps me coming back because I miss her and we catch up a bit.. Kell is the best.

Posted by: Leon cheneyon on Aug 10, 11 | 10:54 am

I insist on picking up my wife's prescription every month because the young, beautiful, brunet phymasist knocks me out with her smile. I usually have a short joke ready to get that wonderful smile.
'Works every time.

Posted by: Daryl Pierson on Aug 10, 11 | 12:12 pm

survey 0690-3278-106 My visit to wallgreen's was apleasure.the merchandise was displayed in anorganised manner. If I could not find an item, the staff were eager to help.Mary was very helpfuland has a very warm and caring personality.In a scale of 0-10; I would rank at a level of 9.

Posted by: floyd worsham on Aug 10, 11 | 12:51 pm

Walgreens employees for the most part are very nice. The stores are kept very clean!!!

Posted by: Sonia Coleman on Aug 10, 11 | 1:04 pm

Walgreens is great!!!

Posted by: Gloria Smith on Aug 10, 11 | 4:32 pm

I always find the clerks at Wallgreens to be polite and helpful

Posted by: naomi on Aug 10, 11 | 4:46 pm

The service was satisfactory, and the pharmacy was AWSOME with the questions that I had.

Posted by: Patrick on Aug 10, 11 | 5:14 pm

Good sales -a little bit of everything you have on your shelves good sales

Posted by: DENISE R SILK on Aug 10, 11 | 7:22 pm

I have been shopping at my local Walgreen's for a number of years. I get my prescriptions there and today I got a flu shot- by the pharmacist, no less. Didn't even feel it. I met Neal, the store manager some years ago when I saw Rotary's 4 Way Test on the wall next to the cashier and wondered f he was a Rotarian. I asked to meet him and we have been friends ever since. I check the weekly circular weekly for good buys. The people who work there are very friendly and helpful. Many of them recognize too. I have noted that, that other drug store across the street doesn't do half their business. I know why

Posted by: Bill Simon on Aug 10, 11 | 7:36 pm

Everyone at Walgreens was ever help out good.

Posted by: Hazel Parsons on Aug 10, 11 | 10:20 pm

I visited Walgreens today to pick up my daughter's prescription for an infection. meanwhile I needed water and as associate told me about the Dasani water on sale. i was very pleased with this visit.

Posted by: Erica R. Johnson on Aug 10, 11 | 11:19 pm

Our Walgreen shas been a great help to me my family and friends.So glad we have one in our city.there are so many great deals(like buy one get one free .Great savings in all departments.Who ever does the hiring picked the cream of the crop. Every one of the cashiers clerks are wonderfull with people that shop in their store.I commend everyone of them for going out of their way to help you find what you need,and know about all that is on sale and product knowledge.It is definietly a pleasure to shop where you are treated like family..Thank you for all your help,see you again soon,Kathy

Posted by: Kathy on Aug 10, 11 | 11:33 pm

Very helpful and friendly staff. It's a pleasure shopping there.

Posted by: APRIL on Aug 11, 11 | 12:19 am

Walgreens Is Very Convenient

Posted by: Franky on Aug 11, 11 | 9:49 am

I love Walgreens.........They are always freindly, Also the fact I can go any
where in the US to get my perscriptions filled. No hassel, so easy! Thank you Walgreens. You are the best!

Posted by: carol bandfield on Aug 11, 11 | 10:58 am

Staff are friendly and makes you think that you have shopped there always.

Posted by: connie armes on Aug 11, 11 | 12:58 pm

We like the pharmacy dept girls. They are so helpful.

Posted by: Evelyn Humphrey on Aug 11, 11 | 1:27 pm

I shopped at walgreens and the cashier was very helpful when i couldn't find the folders on sale she ask if I wanted a rain check.

Posted by: Renee Mulka on Aug 11, 11 | 1:55 pm

i love my walgreens they are special that work there.

Posted by: grace on Aug 11, 11 | 5:15 pm

I switched from Walmart pharmacy to Walgreens Pharmacy and it was the best decision I ever made. I like te phamaciests there, they always answer my questions and warn me of my drug interactions. I found out through my doctor tat if he perscribed a medication that had an ingredient, no matter how slight could cause an illergic reaction for me and had them change it to something better. The whole store of employees go out of their way to make me feel welcome. I will not change phamacys again . Way o go Jacksonville,AR. Even my grandson prefers this store.

Posted by: Mary Ricardon on Aug 11, 11 | 10:47 pm

i love walgreens i go there 2 or 3 times a day

Posted by: dawn on Aug 12, 11 | 9:02 am

I went to Walgreens on Jimmy Carter Rd in Norcross, GA , I was looking for Gift Cards, so as soon as I went into the store I saw the cashier and ask her information about the gift cards and she answered all my questions, I selected the gift cards that i wanted to buy, but I did not find the perfect bag to put the gift cards, so I went back to the cashier and she was so kind to help me out to find the right bag for my cards, she was talking all the time and always had a smile on her face, everytime I go to Walgreens always leave happy, thanks Walgreens.

Posted by: Andres Mendez on Aug 12, 11 | 2:25 pm

I Love my Walgreens on the cornor of Fready and MCColl. It is so friendly and clean! And they always have great sales. I vist them every week. The Pharmacy has fast service, which I Love!! I can find most anything i need. From Groceries to Wine, Candy, chips, milk, eggs you name, they have it. Very cheap prices too. Thank-you Walgreens for being there for me every Day :-)

Posted by: Isabel Rivera on Aug 12, 11 | 3:03 pm

I love Walgreens, they are open 24 hrs a day, very accomidable and reasonbly priced.

Posted by: molly moody on Aug 12, 11 | 3:43 pm

I am always happy with any of the employees at our Walgreens. Only the manager doesn't smile or even say hello. There was a great manager named Aaron who was moved to a Walgreens further south of here. He was great. My wife has MS and he did all he could to help her including carrying her purchases out to the car--no matter how much she had, and it was a lot on many occasions. Bring back Aaron.

Posted by: Edward R. May, M.D. on Aug 12, 11 | 4:09 pm

I like Walgreens because each employee treats me as if I were a member of their family. the prices are great, especially when I can purchase one and get one free. Accuracy in filling my prescriptions and remembering my face when I shop for RX or anything else in the store.

Posted by: Pat on Aug 12, 11 | 4:29 pm

I visited Walgreens twice today. The first time I visited to pick up a prescription and purchase allergy tablets. The cashier told me that a lady was before me and to step aside to the next window. Firstly, I did not know the woman was picking up a prescription. I was rudely addressed by a woman half my age. Please and thank you are so missed today. I left the store and returned a few minutes later. The second cashier was much more sociable.

Posted by: William S. Melton on Aug 12, 11 | 8:34 pm

I moved from a very small town that had no Walgreen....I now reside just a few blocks from a Walgreen...I feel like I've won the lottery.
Everything I need...prescriptions, readers, cosmetics, even reasonably priced foods for quick pick up...avoiding the hustle of the supermarket. This is MY store.

Posted by: Dorothy Whiddon on Aug 12, 11 | 8:49 pm

I love Walgreens theya re the best and just know how to treat a acustomer

Posted by: Bryan Torres on Aug 12, 11 | 9:27 pm

Today a kind, helpful young man named Adam@ Walgreens in Round Rock,Tx. helped me by calling my insurance provider. Adam called me back within 30 minutes and reported that I would be receiving a reimbursement credit due to an overcharge on my medicine.
He was efficient and polite and his positivity really brightened my day! Thank you, Adam.

Posted by: Janet on Aug 12, 11 | 10:13 pm


Posted by: RICHARD MATTHEWS on Aug 13, 11 | 7:42 am

I Love The Way That Someone Is Always There When You Need Them. Keep Doing Your Good Deals ON Products. Your A Very Friendly Store At Eau Gallie @ US1. Thank Yoy Keep Up The Good Work.

Posted by: Kathy on Aug 13, 11 | 10:17 am

good store, alwas go back

Posted by: james kovalcik on Aug 13, 11 | 12:16 pm

Always have a good shopping experience at Walgreens. love the variety of products.

Posted by: carol on Aug 13, 11 | 3:02 pm

Always get quick dependable service at our Walgreens store. The cashiers are alwaysm helpful and friendly as well.

Posted by: John Clement on Aug 13, 11 | 3:21 pm

My perscriptions are always waiting at the time they say. The store is neat and clean.

Posted by: Louise on Aug 13, 11 | 3:56 pm

I've gotton my rx at your store for over
15 yrs, lately I've encountered the store not having the rx inside the stores I've visited.

Posted by: FANNIE CARSWELL on Aug 13, 11 | 4:13 pm

Thanks for always baeing there when I need you

Posted by: diana on Aug 13, 11 | 4:33 pm

i just like shoping at walgreens my favrete

Posted by: Mesnard Fevriere on Aug 13, 11 | 9:06 pm

I remember these stores back in the 50's and 60's. They're as great then as now.

Posted by: jerry hill on Aug 13, 11 | 10:00 pm

Every time I go to one of your stores I am always greeted and have always been treated with respe good things you havect with what ever my need is.I go to the store in Pace Fl.32571 They always ask me if they can help me and most of the time I don't need any, I will be walking thriiugh the aisle and look like I am lost or looking for somethiing,I like to see the new things!members26

Posted by: Charlotte McDonald on Aug 14, 11 | 1:21 pm

Our new Walgreen's is wonderful. A delightful shopping experience!

Posted by: Vivian D. Rolek on Aug 14, 11 | 3:47 pm

I always have a great experience at the Walgreens in Lake Oswego, Or.
The same lady seems to wait on me. I believe her empl. # is 1830. Always very pleasant and helpful.

Posted by: n davis on Aug 14, 11 | 5:30 pm

I use the drive-through a lot. But enjoy going inside, so many nice and a lot of new things to look at, and buy.My only complaint of Walgreen's is their phone service.When I call in my prescription for refill,The phone will ring and ring, until I just hang up. What is wrong there!

Posted by: Jean White on Aug 15, 11 | 12:10 pm

walgreens is always clean and has a good selection of alot of different things they always have good sales

Posted by: april hollingsworth on Aug 15, 11 | 5:32 pm

always friendly and very helpful

Posted by: Lisa on Aug 15, 11 | 5:48 pm

Walgreen's is great!! I make copies of pictures there quite often. Everyone is so helpful!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Rosanne on Aug 15, 11 | 7:06 pm

I really like how if you need help with assistance will stop what they are doing and assist you. I really like your sales.

Posted by: Helen on Aug 15, 11 | 9:26 pm

i love walgreens

Posted by: valerietucker on Aug 15, 11 | 9:29 pm

i love the service at walgreens

Posted by: erin on Aug 15, 11 | 10:46 pm

i go to the one on 46844mission blvd fremont ca the girl is so nice her name is kiran she always happy

Posted by: michelle on Aug 15, 11 | 10:56 pm

the TLLWAG website is the poorest website for surveys that I have ever used. No matter what routing you click on, no survey enter appears. You finally get agrivated and really feel that Walgreens is a ripoff on their monthly sweepstakes.

Posted by: Marian Burklund on Aug 16, 11 | 9:32 am

Walgreens at Lauderdale-by-the-sea..has in the last 4 months... gotten progressively worst. Main point of contention....ANY sale item is NOT in stock....sometimes for 3 weeks.
The change in cashiers ....needs more than improvement...a real attitude change..THIS is Not the Hood or Ghetto.

Posted by: Sarah Jackson on Aug 16, 11 | 9:44 am

I have started getting perscriptions at Walgreens, and I love the drive-up window! It's wonderful to have a Walgreen's in our small town in WI. They have great store hours, longer than most stores in town.
The clerks and cashier are very friendly and helpful, always offering their specials at the checkout counter. Last night I picked up the incorrect item, the cashier helped me with the correct one. It saved me a little money as well as reinforcing their good service, which makes me want to return to Walgreens.

Posted by: Char on Aug 16, 11 | 10:17 am

I shop at your Loop 288 store in Denton, TX. The assistant at the pharmacy, Nick, or, as I call him, Nicolas, is courteous, quick, and shows interest in his job. Meredith, another assistant, is equally valuable and a great asset to the pharmacy.

Posted by: Frank R. Perez on Aug 16, 11 | 1:58 pm

It is good that the building is not a massive place but still has everything you need in the store, and is easy to find items you need or also to find help without walking long distance.

Posted by: Noel on Aug 16, 11 | 3:36 pm

my cashier at Walgreens today was Stefani. She was absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful.

Posted by: Sue on Aug 16, 11 | 8:14 pm

I had the best employee help me today in the photo dept. She was polite and very easy to talk to and helped me so much. She went above and beyond!!!

Posted by: Leslie Coates on Aug 16, 11 | 9:37 pm

i enjoy going to wallgreens ,people are really friendly

Posted by: william herbst on Aug 16, 11 | 10:12 pm


Posted by: Jorge Castellon on Aug 17, 11 | 7:56 am

I go to Walgreeens almost every day and have never had a bad experiance there and ALL the employees are friendly and very helpful.

Posted by: RICHARD MCMORRAN on Aug 17, 11 | 10:46 am

walmart in beaumont is vey helpfull. Great photoshop!!

Posted by: mark parker on Aug 17, 11 | 12:30 pm

like to go to walg

Posted by: wanda on Aug 17, 11 | 1:07 pm


Posted by: VALARIE GREENE on Aug 17, 11 | 1:23 pm

I enjoy Walgreens, every one is so nice and helpful .the store is always clean. Great prices. Granbury, Texas store.

Posted by: Ruby Derrick on Aug 17, 11 | 1:36 pm

Great store; friendly staff,good sales and prices.

Posted by: Dr.anthony on Aug 17, 11 | 5:03 pm

I began using Walgreens because of drive through window for my perscriptions. Later I went inside to get special on eggs. I was pleasently suprised with my shopping experience. i.e. employees are polite and helpful, place is clean, good sales, good merchandise seection etc. Store location is in Richmond Hill, GA.

Posted by: Sally Palmer on Aug 17, 11 | 7:40 pm

I love shopping at walgreens great prices .I need help with new lipstick color and a eye liner Joanie the sales clerk was very helpful in choosing the right color for me,when I tried it on at home I was so happy the colors were great can't wait to have Joanie help me again .

Posted by: Liz fredrickson on Aug 17, 11 | 9:42 pm

My last experience shopping at Walgreen was very pleasant productive. I was very impressed with the various products on display. I will continue to shop at Walgreen in the future.

Posted by: Neville Malcolm on Aug 18, 11 | 12:08 am

I shop at walgrren's often. It is one of my favorite places to shop. The price's are very good and a wonderfull selection of item's to pick from. Always buy more than I intended to. My favorite imployee is Becky in Cosmetic's. Great smile and really helpful. I shop at the Walgreen's on Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire, WI, and sometimes also at the one on Clairemont Ave.

Posted by: Judy Ming on Aug 18, 11 | 12:57 pm

I always have a pleasant experience when i shop at my local walgreen's and
most especially the pharamcy staff are very very patient and informative

Posted by: leslie dowd on Aug 18, 11 | 1:02 pm

I always love going into walgreens. The people are so friendly and the store is laid out great. The sales items are always helpful.

Posted by: Sharon Martin on Aug 18, 11 | 5:07 pm

The best worker at the Walgreens on Avenue of the cities in Moline IL is Joyce. She waits on me promptly, gives wonderful help with my Christmas cards, tells me some of the products in the store. If she would go to another store to work, I would follow her there!!

Posted by: Sal on Aug 18, 11 | 5:45 pm

when i visited my walgreens today i could not find the salon paas pain patch so i went to the pharmacy and they came ouy from behind the counter and found them for me. that is really excellent service. my walgreens is in portsmouth va. the best drug store you would want to use.

Posted by: sharon mendoza on Aug 18, 11 | 6:31 pm

walgreens is great i always get and find what i want the staff is always very helpful and very quick i love shopping there.

Posted by: patti on Aug 19, 11 | 6:17 am

I shop at the Walgreens in Chino Valley AZ. at least twice weekly. I take advantage of the coupons and shop for many items. I like the photo dept. The cashiers and overall help are always polite and ready to help. Thank you Walgreens!

Posted by: Elsie North on Aug 19, 11 | 11:20 am

i was getting my medications at cvs i wasnot satisfied with services nor treatment they were giving me . so thats when i change to walgreens pharmacy i am very happy and satisfied they give me the attention i need they take the time to hear me out and try to help me in every way they can thank you so much for your courtesy dont ever change and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Posted by: maritza soto on Aug 19, 11 | 2:31 pm

I love Walgreens, they always have wonderful sales. Shopping is always convient with a friendly atmosphere.

Posted by: Tamilia Brown on Aug 19, 11 | 9:46 pm

I had a good experience at the Walgreen's today at 39th and Belmont in Portland OR.
I thought I thought I had chosen he correct batteries for my booklight but upon showing the cashier the old one I had brought along with me, he determined it was not the right one. He took back the wrong one I had choosen and found the correct one.
This saved me a return trip had I bought the wrong batteries and had had to return them.

Posted by: Vicki Harrison on Aug 19, 11 | 10:32 pm

It is always a joy every time I see June fr the Cosmetics Dept of Walgreen's in Higley-Chandler location. She has a great customer service, very helpful, and cheerful, that I end up buying items not listed on my list. She is one of the reasons why I love going to
Walgreen's in Higley-Chandler... she makes my day!

Posted by: Eva G. on Aug 19, 11 | 10:55 pm

I shop walgreens all the time just love their customer service

Posted by: Ramona on Aug 20, 11 | 11:42 am

I have been using Wallgreens Survey
3,000 sweepstakes.
Is this the same as using

Posted by: Mary Marzuolo on Aug 20, 11 | 11:45 am

Today I was at Walgreens and was met by a very friendly checkout clerk, helpful about my questions about email discounts. Also had a cashier named Harmony who was sweet as can be.

Posted by: Carolyn Tutin on Aug 20, 11 | 1:26 pm

Walgreens is close to home & convient

Posted by: kitti lavonn on Aug 20, 11 | 10:01 pm


Posted by: BARBARA J DOUGLAS on Aug 20, 11 | 10:37 pm


Posted by: DONNA on Aug 21, 11 | 8:17 am

i really like wagreens alot . they haveso much i need daily in life merdicines and alot of houserhold items

Posted by: floyd james on Aug 21, 11 | 1:45 pm

The cashier was nice and very helper

Posted by: Barbara Zeigler on Aug 21, 11 | 2:40 pm

I like Walgreens because they care about how you hurt yourself and if you will be able to do your aftercare correctly. They are a bunch of friendly folk.

Posted by: shannon nichols on Aug 21, 11 | 3:39 pm

I save a lot of money with coupons plus rewards friend of my told me about this offers, I never used coupons or rewards before and when my friend should me how I could not belive how much money I saved.

Posted by: Maria on Aug 21, 11 | 4:01 pm

thanks walgreens for being a 24hour store had to go there at 6:00 to get my son some claritin it's clean and friendly

Posted by: shannon dees on Aug 21, 11 | 4:26 pm

they have a lot of nice things in the store . The people are very courtious cashiers are nice and helpful.

Posted by: FAYE LAMPP on Aug 21, 11 | 7:09 pm

I love Walgreens it is my favorite place to
shop and the pharmacy is great. They
are always so helpful with the many
prescriptions that I have

Posted by: Beth on Aug 21, 11 | 8:25 pm

I like that when I go to print photos the ladies behind the counter will let me know about the latest coupons that are available.

Posted by: Stephanie Emmons on Aug 21, 11 | 8:35 pm

Walgreens Is The Best Store And Pharmacy Around They Sell Just About Evrything And They Have Great Prices .

Posted by: Bria Lawson on Aug 21, 11 | 9:20 pm

Nice experience

Posted by: susan porter on Aug 22, 11 | 9:11 am

The prices are right. Every one is helpful
I needed help with the photo copier,they were courteous and helpful.
Betty Austin

Posted by: Betty Austin on Aug 22, 11 | 10:21 am

I never have any probelms with finding the items priced as in the weekly ad. Cashiers are very helpful.
Thank You

Posted by: Lisa LeCocq on Aug 22, 11 | 10:34 am

The convienient 24 hour pharmacy is why I shop Walgreens.

Posted by: david m taylor on Aug 22, 11 | 11:09 am

good service very courtous

Posted by: francoise bernardini on Aug 22, 11 | 2:04 pm

We always shop walgreens pepole in the rx Dept are very helpfull the check girl at front regester stacy very pleasent also helpfull with a smile on her face thank you walgreens Don&Pat

Posted by: Donald C Koonz on Aug 22, 11 | 3:00 pm

i love to shop at wall greens #04445 rockaway blvd south ozone park ny i shop there all of the time for my prescription i get it in record time and most of all the staff there at the pharmacy are very friendly and always explain to me how to take
my medication great job wallgreens .

Posted by: roopchan on Aug 23, 11 | 12:03 am

Walgreens in Peabody,MA is the best- always great service and also the Pharmacy is always so accurate. Managers are also very helpful!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: sue julius on Aug 23, 11 | 6:12 am

I like the convenience of the Clarksville store location. The store is clean and the employees are helpful and friendly. The prices are a bit high though. I could always go to elsewhere if I wanted cheap or variety. Also I could not locate the survey on this website and I only have 72 hours to fill it out which leaves me with today and tomorrow to find it. Why bother? If they really wanted people to conduct the survey they would have made it easily accessible.

Posted by: Donna SF on Aug 23, 11 | 7:51 am

En el estante de formulas nutricionales hay poca cantidad de Juven. Nada mas ponen 2-3 cajas con 8 paqutes cada una y no en todas las farmacias Walgreens hay

Posted by: eduardo saenz-cardenas on Aug 23, 11 | 11:54 am

I have vacated in Florida the past 7 years and the first place I shop has got to be wall-greens. It's got everything I need under one roof and the staff are always helpful and friendly, I just wish I had a wall-greens at home in Northern Ireland ;)

Tracey B

Posted by: Tracey B on Aug 23, 11 | 2:50 pm

I am a regular customer of Walgreen. I'm always there.They take very good care of me and my prescriptons needs. I feel like a part of the Walgreen's family. The Pharmacist always show concerns about my medical needs. I love Walgreens services very much.

Posted by: James K. Allen on Aug 23, 11 | 3:23 pm

Walgreens is alway a very clean store, and the staff is so nice, and friendly.

Posted by: A. Kay Johnson on Aug 23, 11 | 3:58 pm

Everywhere I go there is a Walgreens and that is so neat for me with traveling so much, you can always depend on getting great service with a friendly smile. There is always someone to help you fine things, especially when in a hurry.
Thanks Walgreens

Posted by: Rita on Aug 23, 11 | 4:28 pm

I go to the local Walgreens several times a week and the clerks are always pleasant and courteous.
Ann McNorrill
posted on August 23 at 8:10

Posted by: Ann McNorrill on Aug 23, 11 | 7:12 pm

I Love Walgreema.

Posted by: Jimmie Fields on Aug 24, 11 | 2:50 pm

I have been shopping at one of your competitors for some time (convenience, specials, etc.), but their newest staff is so incompetent and unaware of their stock, that I visited the NEW Walgreens in Berkeley --- so bright, clean, organized! And such pleasant, smiling, agreeable, helpful clerks who know their buiness! It is out of my way to go there, but well worth the extra mile!

Posted by: Marilyn on Aug 24, 11 | 4:00 pm

e never had problems at walgreens. th

Posted by: laura on Aug 24, 11 | 4:38 pm

I enjoy seeing Donna at the Schofield, WI Walgreen's store. So pleasant and knows what she is doing.

Posted by: Jan on Aug 24, 11 | 5:30 pm

My last experience was great i bought candy that was on sell for 2 for 7 but only purchased 1 after i walked out of the store i realized that i wouldve saved if i had bought 2. So i turned back around & with no problem i was able to purchase the another candy.

Posted by: Quanah Stroman on Aug 25, 11 | 5:32 am

does not always have whats on sale.

Posted by: sharonlake on Aug 25, 11 | 11:11 am

Consistently excellent

Posted by: Marie on Aug 25, 11 | 12:25 pm

i like walgreens way to go

Posted by: vangie fowler on Aug 25, 11 | 1:26 pm

i like walgreens

Posted by: vangie fowler on Aug 25, 11 | 1:28 pm



Posted by: Myrtle Scott on Aug 25, 11 | 1:42 pm

my wife and i use the pharmacy for all of our prescription needs thank you wallgreens and keep up the good work!

Posted by: sylvester gill on Aug 25, 11 | 1:53 pm

I shop at the Walgreens in East Liberty in Pittsburgh, PA. I think Walgreens has the best in merchandise and wonderful employees. The cashiers are all very friendly and helpful. It makes shopping so much easier and fun.

Posted by: Lynne Hughes on Aug 25, 11 | 2:01 pm

I shop at the Walgreens in Rochester, In & am always greeted so nicely by Crystal in the pharmacy.. She has brightened many a day for me.. I am committed to making Walgreens my only drug store to shop..

Posted by: Charlotte Massey on Aug 25, 11 | 3:04 pm

all the employees at store were help
ful to me they did an awesome job

Posted by: John Testa on Aug 25, 11 | 3:15 pm

always helpful

Posted by: Mary C Beld on Aug 25, 11 | 5:18 pm

I have shoipped now for over a year at your Walgreeens at Herndon and West in Fresno, moving in frustration from the CVS Store across the street. I have been more than satisfied. People like Diana and Erika in the Pharmacy are extraordinarily helpful and pleasant.
Great employees. CVS personnel were find as well, but higher-ups limited the Brand Labels I wanted on the shelves...

Posted by: Ardell Barnes on Aug 25, 11 | 5:23 pm

I shop at Walgreens in Bolingbrook because it is conveient and the cashier DENISE always takes good care of me. Welcomes me with a smile and always offers assistance.

Posted by: Kellie on Aug 25, 11 | 5:38 pm

walgreens is convenient employees are friendly and helpful, cashiers are nice to thank you im happy! 8-25-2011 tim at 3:54pm

Posted by: michael.m on Aug 25, 11 | 5:56 pm

Walgreens is very convenient place to get all my things it right down the road from my home

Posted by: carol davidson on Aug 25, 11 | 8:56 pm

the walgreens employees on Lila Ave in Milford, Oh are very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Posted by: jennifer kirby on Aug 25, 11 | 9:11 pm

my experience at walgreen has been very pleasant. If I need assistance i will ask the cashier or someone that on the floor and they were very polite and was very happy to assist me. Walgreen has a lot of products that i cant find at some other stores. This is where I plan to shop.

Posted by: DEBRA TAYLOR on Aug 25, 11 | 10:00 pm

I like to shop at Walgreen. especially my medicine need. The pharmacist is nece and very knwlegeable. The price is right.

Posted by: May on Aug 25, 11 | 10:52 pm


Posted by: jean garrison on Aug 26, 11 | 9:38 am

Mostly all staff at the walgreens I have shopped at are very customer oriented
Keep up the excellent customer service.

Posted by: Delfin B. Gabaldon on Aug 26, 11 | 11:37 am

Walgreens is my favorite drug store for a long time. Staff is friendly and helpful. They have almost anything I am looking for.

Posted by: Christina Stutler on Aug 26, 11 | 12:07 pm

Edna at the pharmacy dept. was extremely rude to me when I questioned her about my charges. She could have said, "The difference in the amount you were expecting to pay is for taxes on the food." Instead she just kept paging for the manager who ended up having to finish her job. Edna was a total bitch!

Posted by: Beth Ames on Aug 26, 11 | 12:26 pm

Excellent help and very friendly.I would anyone to shop at Walgreens.

Posted by: Jim Williams on Aug 26, 11 | 1:46 pm

they were very helpfull.

Posted by: charlotte kestner on Aug 26, 11 | 2:43 pm

very friendly and helpfull.

Posted by: charlotte kestner on Aug 26, 11 | 2:46 pm

Walgreen is a fulfill shopping places, I'm looking for battery anywhere else such as Target, Walmart, Best buy there are nothing, but only Walgreen is full packs of them, So please see Walgreen first for your next shopping,

Posted by: LEE on Aug 26, 11 | 2:51 pm


Posted by: CRAIG KNIGHT on Aug 26, 11 | 3:21 pm

walgreens is very nice for shopingggg:)

Posted by: ana r guerrero on Aug 26, 11 | 4:07 pm

Walgreen's has everything I need when I need it! Its not far from my home and has every type of thing for school and food wise! Its a VERY good store!

Posted by: Rebecca on Aug 26, 11 | 5:18 pm

Walgreens was great i found what i needed

Posted by: anna on Aug 26, 11 | 7:18 pm

Love Walgreens in Winter Haven. The cuttee Lil Hottie is an added bonus.

Posted by: Misty Collins on Aug 27, 11 | 1:15 am

everything is easy to find and the employees are very helpful

Posted by: shelley bray on Aug 27, 11 | 8:38 am

I could sure use the money right now. For my Surgery on my eyes.

Posted by: Jill Snoke on Aug 27, 11 | 9:10 am

Well Walgreens is my favorite store to go too. Its two blocks away from my house and very convenient. The cashiers there are always ready to help in any situation. If i need to find a specific product, or if i just need to know what aisle to look in they are happy to help. What i love the most about walgreens is that you can find everything and anything there!

Posted by: Diana on Aug 27, 11 | 11:25 am

1504 53 rd ave east bradenton...time1:27 on 8-27-11...have never been treated so disgustingly rudely over a dispute with the cashier. when i asked to speak to the manager, the cashier went and got her(cyrstal) and she immediately threw me out of the store without so much as an inquiry as to what the issue was...guess they were upset that I interrupted the subway lunch at the regesiter...a little courtesy in the future will reap more sales

Posted by: bruce on Aug 27, 11 | 12:58 pm

I always find a good deal at walgreens.

Posted by: Mark on Aug 27, 11 | 3:29 pm

i like walgreens a lot . but cvs is better .

Posted by: Eddie Evans on Aug 27, 11 | 3:39 pm

I recently moved from N.C. to Texas and am not familiar with the area. I love pistachio nuts and a neighbor told me that Walgreens had the best and at the best price. He was right. I went in for pistachios and ended up spending $24.11 and was well pleased with the service. You have a new customer.

Posted by: bob moore on Aug 27, 11 | 5:50 pm


Posted by: ROBERT on Aug 27, 11 | 6:24 pm

I always have a great experience when i shop at my neighborhood walgreens in crowley,tx. I love its cleanliness and wide aisles.I love that every time i go back for my weekly vists i find my supplies in its same place every single time.The medical supplies that i buy are always cheaper than any where else..thats why i love my walgreens.

Posted by: linda on Aug 27, 11 | 8:41 pm

walgreens always fast and friendly servie. love walgreens

Posted by: shay on Aug 27, 11 | 9:36 pm

very good

Posted by: marvin shuster, m.d. facs,dabps on Aug 28, 11 | 5:13 am

always a pleasure shopping at Wallgreens.

Posted by: Barb on Aug 28, 11 | 2:48 pm

Great customer service. Employees aslo friendly.

Posted by: on Aug 28, 11 | 2:50 pm

I have recently moved from Winston-Salem,N.C. to Tyler,Texas. I collect wrist watches and have always bought my watch bands at Wallgreens in N.C. but I found out that the Wallgreens in Tyler does not stock them. I did find out that their Wallgreens brand pistachio nuts with sea salt are the best I've ever had and at a good price.

Posted by: bob moore on Aug 28, 11 | 3:15 pm

Love Walgreens, close by and the workers are very knowledgeable and friendly

Posted by: James Darnell on Aug 28, 11 | 3:36 pm

I went to the clerk at the regiser and ask where i could find COQ10 he told the isle number location in the isle. When I saw the price $49.99 it shoched me but then I saw if you bought one you got one free. This sure made it more pleasent to me.I have found many bargans at Wallgreens its great to shop there.

Posted by: Carl Meyer on Aug 28, 11 | 4:53 pm

Great Service by the Assistant Manager in the Lake Forest store. That's one of the reasons I shop at Walgreens.

Posted by: Susan on Aug 28, 11 | 4:55 pm

walgreen is a good place to shop late nites if you have an emergency

Posted by: maria johnson on Aug 28, 11 | 5:12 pm

I was at Walgreens at 27th Ave and Glendale Ave on 08/27/11 and it was a nightmare. First the Pharmacy said the medicine I was prescribed was no longer available and for me to come back Monday, after I get a new prescription. Problem is I am sick now, so I am then advised they now found what my prescription was called for. The Pharmacist couldn't communicate well enough to talk to me as I told him to move the phone speaker closer to his mouth as I couldn't hear him but did he, no, again I don't know what he actually said. But the problem is first they don't have my prescription then they do. Get qualified help is all I can say.

Posted by: Bobbrunansky on Aug 28, 11 | 5:53 pm

We visited our son in Manitowoc, WI and found Amber to be very helpful in finding everything we were shopping for. She was friendly and helpful and checked us out quickly.

Posted by: AARON D. SIEGMAN on Aug 28, 11 | 8:55 pm

Always good service!!

Posted by: on Aug 28, 11 | 11:08 pm

I enjoy the customer service representatives...they are so helpfull and so nice

Posted by: Maria on Aug 29, 11 | 5:15 am

Salespeople at Walgreens in Clinton Maryland have always been pleasant and helpful.

Posted by: Ambrosia Fowler on Aug 29, 11 | 11:13 am

It would be hard for me to single out
a particular pharmacy assistant. they
are all bright and efficient.
This attitude reflects good management at this store

Posted by: james stephenson on Aug 29, 11 | 12:04 pm

Every time I go to Walgreens there is always good service. And if I need help there is always someone that helps.

Posted by: Anne Santillo on Aug 29, 11 | 12:48 pm

I need eye surgery. That money would really help me out.

Posted by: Jill Snoke on Aug 29, 11 | 1:13 pm

Varessa at the cosmetic counter in Purcell, Oklahoma is always friendly, not overbearing, but most of all will volunteer coupons to customers shopping and buying at the counter. What is impressive is she doesn't sound rote like 'greeters' at another franchise. I'm never pressured in Wal-Greens. Varessa is always in a good mood, which is more than I can say for myself.

Posted by: Kay Bunn on Aug 29, 11 | 5:41 pm

Have had great srvice at he La Habra store

Posted by: Bill & Nora on Aug 29, 11 | 5:49 pm

i normally go to the walgreens on new bern avenue raleigh n c and all of the employees are so helpful even on down to rose the cashier

Posted by: SANDRA RICHBURG on Aug 29, 11 | 7:21 pm

like walgreens

Posted by: dale bourland on Aug 29, 11 | 8:43 pm

very good service,and de employe alway smile.

Posted by: clelia on Aug 29, 11 | 9:41 pm

Liz at our neighborhood Walgreens is always helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate the excellent service.

Posted by: valerie vinar on Aug 29, 11 | 11:12 pm

I always get good servics at Walsgreens

Posted by: Anne Dean on Aug 30, 11 | 12:21 am


Posted by: KAREN on Aug 30, 11 | 3:20 am

I visit Walgreens for the pharmacy. At first it was convienent but I liked the survice now all my medications have been transfered to Walgreen. I loved their new tech on perscriptions. Keep up the good work Walgreen.

Posted by: JANET on Aug 30, 11 | 8:51 am

Love pharmacy with high tech system to let you know when perscriptions are ready and if doctors been called. I have transfered all my medications to Walgreen. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Janet on Aug 30, 11 | 8:56 am

The service at wallgreens is outstandingly great.

Posted by: Andres Ramos on Aug 30, 11 | 9:42 am

Walgreens is the only drugstore I go to!! They have all the medications I need and are even nice enough to tell me if there are generics available to save me money!!!

Posted by: JERILYN BARBEE on Aug 30, 11 | 10:27 am

my visit to walgreens on paseo del norte is always great. employees are very helpful, find what you need and find what you want. love it.

Posted by: Janice Aragon on Aug 30, 11 | 10:59 am

I am a frequent walgreens shopper. I love their prices and the friendly customer service I receive everytime I shop

Posted by: Natasha on Aug 30, 11 | 11:29 am

My Walgreens on 3736 S. Scatterfield Rd. Anderson, Indiana has the BEST pharmacy department the employees are always very caring, friendly, and has my prescriptions on time. I would not use any other pharmacy. I love Walgreens!!

Posted by: Angela on Aug 30, 11 | 12:20 pm

What I consider my Walgreens is on corner of Irving Park Rd. and Pulaski, Chicagol. Everyone has been helpful and tells me is I'm buying something that I could get cheaper with a different brand. Of course my
favorite employee is John my cashier. He's
so helpful and I know if I'm having a bad day
he will lighten it up. I love Walgreens. Thank you John and the rest of the staff. See you next time........Probably later! Sincerely yours, Jeannie Burns

Posted by: Jeanne Burns on Aug 30, 11 | 12:25 pm

Everything is fantastic with very friendly
personnel. And they are open 24/7, so if
you ever need anything whatever they're
always OPEN!

Posted by: Johnny A on Aug 30, 11 | 1:42 pm

We fill all of our perscriptions at Walgreen's and this trip was the best service yet. I did not call in before I dropped off the perscription and it was ready for me when I got there. The pharmacist and I got a laugh out of that.

Posted by: Pat Turi on Aug 30, 11 | 1:59 pm

my walgreens only open till 12midnight. If it was open 24/7 I know I would use it. Cause
alot of times we race to beat the clock, especially on weekends because they now sell beer and wine. It's something. Plus they
have baby supplies if you run out in the middle of night. Bye for now; DreamGenie.burns

Posted by: Jeanne Burns on Aug 30, 11 | 2:08 pm

I go to Walgreens for my presriptions every month, besides shopping there somtimes. The employee`s are always friendly n helpful at the store in Portland. And i will always get my prescriptions there

Posted by: Rose Silver on Aug 30, 11 | 4:03 pm

The Walgreens I go to is so convienent.

Posted by: kristin on Aug 30, 11 | 4:38 pm

walgreens is my favorite store and no other store compares but your weekly sales paper has a deal on crest complete(deep clean toothpaste) 5.8 oz you buy 2/$5 and get register reward for $3.00 but all 4 stores in kankakee ilinois has no crest complete. i have my coupons and cannot get this deal. this is not the first time they do not have the product for the sale..please fix this..i do almost all of my shopping every week at walgreens. thank you

Posted by: rita stewart on Aug 30, 11 | 4:51 pm

I enjoy shopping at walgreens because the photo department was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable

Posted by: juana e. aguilar on Aug 30, 11 | 5:26 pm

very friendly staff

Posted by: Spike Pressley on Aug 30, 11 | 5:29 pm


Posted by: Margie Schubert on Aug 30, 11 | 6:58 pm

The employees at Walgreens were very helpful.

Posted by: Donna Hackney on Aug 30, 11 | 9:25 pm

I have been a shopper of walgreens for many years. I have always been very pleased with my expierences at your walgreenn stores close to where i live. i will continue to be a walgreen shopper.Thank you for your interest in my experiences

Posted by: Kelle on Aug 31, 11 | 2:21 am

The Store is Clean and well Stocked. The people are friendly and helpful. If you can't find what you want they don't just tell you where it is,but takes you too it. Usually you can get in and out in a few minutes.

Posted by: Sandra Self on Aug 31, 11 | 7:16 am

Walgreen 24hr. drivethur is really convienent for me as I work 12hr shifts and they are always open when I get off work. It saves me time and gas as not special trip is needed to pickup my prescrips.

Posted by: Lee on Aug 31, 11 | 8:42 am

Walgreens is the best of the three pharmacies in my area. They have everything I need for my daily use. The workers are very helpful.

Posted by: Renee Broner on Aug 31, 11 | 9:11 am

wallgreens is very convient and the hours are great i use wallgreens two or thre times a week posted aug 31/2011

Posted by: ugene s adkins on Aug 31, 11 | 11:21 am

Its always apleasure shopping at walgreens

Posted by: parbotie nanjad on Aug 31, 11 | 12:27 pm

Great experience. Love your sale items. Cashier's are always helpful and friendly.

Posted by: Arthur on Aug 31, 11 | 1:47 pm

I love my Walgreens Shopping experience, fully stocked, opened 24 hrs, flu shots and my Favorite brands of snacks and health care products

Posted by: MSKITTY on Aug 31, 11 | 2:08 pm

I LOVE MY ONE STOP ALL NIGHT SHOP....... Walgreen's in my neighborhood.... I can walk to it! have a Rx filled, any time day or night, always some place where the employee's recognize my family and me. I buy just about everything there. From Wine, snacks make up, to vitamins and I can get a good book to read, a last Minute gift for any occasion! Plus a Card too!..

Posted by: MSKITTY on Aug 31, 11 | 2:15 pm

very nice // feels like an old friend
when i shop at 64 state st /
Milwaukee .WIS

Posted by: mike on Aug 31, 11 | 2:38 pm

walgreens has the most competitive prices in the area i live in

Posted by: keith mason on Aug 31, 11 | 2:46 pm

walgreens is the place to go,always there when I need my meds and for my

Posted by: alex torres on Aug 31, 11 | 3:52 pm

I like walgreens bcuz i go there for just short stops and it is close by.

Posted by: candace killen on Aug 31, 11 | 4:39 pm

Today i went to walgreens to pick up my prescription, and what i like about this place is that my prescriptions are allways ready, and the pharmacists are friendly

Posted by: jesse moya on Aug 31, 11 | 5:11 pm

I like going to walgreens because my prescriptions are always ready, and the pharmacists are friendly.

Posted by: jesse moya on Aug 31, 11 | 5:18 pm

I have always found Walgreen's staff cordial
and most helpful.Their weekly specials are usually better value than most other stores.

Posted by: Sue Cadman on Aug 31, 11 | 7:10 pm

I think that Walgreens is the best of the best. Superior customer service and going that extra mile to meet my needs has always been the pattern that I have experienced at Walgreens.

Posted by: Derrick Shafer on Aug 31, 11 | 8:40 pm

Absolutely flawless service is what I have experienced at Walgreens-every location that I have visited, My favorite cashier is Michael at the Westminster store #8052.

Posted by: Derrick Shafer on Aug 31, 11 | 8:47 pm

Walgreens is my new wal_mart. They have everything we need. Besides it beining less then a block from my house thier pharmacy does not take as long as most other places. They also have the nicest workers. Every time I go I leave with a smile on my face.

Posted by: Marlene arredondo on Aug 31, 11 | 9:02 pm

Walgreens is my new wal_mart. They have everything we need. Besides it beining less then a block from my house thier pharmacy does not take as long as most other places. They also have the nicest workers. Every time I go I leave with a smile on my face.

Posted by: Marlene arredondo on Aug 31, 11 | 9:04 pm

Walgreens is my new wal_mart. They have everything we need. Besides it beining less then a block from my house thier pharmacy does not take as long as most other places. They also have the nicest workers. Every time I go I leave with a smile on my face.

Posted by: Marlene Arredondo on Aug 31, 11 | 9:06 pm

Today I decided to go inside the store instead of the drive thru. As I entered the store I was met with warm smiles and cheery hellos, I felt so much better. You see I wasn't feeling well today. As I approached the pharmacy dept. the pharmacy assistant told me it would be about 20 min. but it took less time than that. I sat down and waited and watched how well everyone was working together and that created a pleasent atmosphere. The real surprise was the pharmacy assistant knew who I was out of the many other customers that were sitting along with me, I really like that it really made me feell really special. They had me in and out in time to pick up my grandson in Pickerington. You see, I was a long way from pickerington at least 17 to 20 miles away. This visit was a very good one. I went into Walgreens not feeling so well and came out feeling a heck of alot better.

Posted by: vivian joe on Sep 01, 11 | 1:37 am

loved my visit

Posted by: vivian joe on Sep 01, 11 | 1:46 am

the staff at my walgreens pharmacy are amazing!!!! Tanya is one of the main reasons we moved from cvs and DCat and Adelle Adrienne... all wonderful

Posted by: todd on Sep 01, 11 | 3:35 am

Since I live in a 24 hour city I am glad my Walgreen's have the same hours!

Posted by: Kathleen Szott on Sep 01, 11 | 8:10 am

I like the fact that I don't have to remembe a card for walgreens and that their coupons automatically work for more then one item.

Posted by: Michelle Warren on Sep 01, 11 | 8:46 am

I needed the device to hang my sunglasses around my neck and the cashier readily led me to the rack that contained them.

Posted by: Edward Vailliencourt on Sep 01, 11 | 9:43 am

On Tuesday, Aug. 30th we visited Walgreens located at Main Street, Norristown, PA. The store was very clean and neat, all cashiers were very polite, helpful, and cooperative. The back to school promotion is unbeatable.

Posted by: Shefali Daniel-McFadden on Sep 01, 11 | 10:35 am

I always enjoy shopping at my Richmond Walgreens -- I find lots of bargins - the cosmetic cashier is always out of her way helpful and courteous -- She usually always checks to out


Posted by: Glynda Love on Sep 01, 11 | 11:14 am

great customer service very friendly:) go walgreeens

Posted by: Sherica Brown on Sep 01, 11 | 11:32 am

I shop at 5 area Walgreens and get the same fine service at all. Prices are good, selection is great and good coupon bargains.

Posted by: Thomas Wallace on Sep 01, 11 | 11:37 am

hola quisiera ganarme ese sorteo gracias

Posted by: diusneky hernandez on Sep 01, 11 | 2:45 pm

hola pues como les decia walgreens es una de mis tienda favorita pues me encanta .me mude de apt y lo primero que hice fue buscar un walgreens y como me queda de cerca uno a 2 millas pues voy todos los dia aungue sea a mirar pq me encanta todo lo que venden alli y siempre tiene muchos especiales como hoy que fui y compre algunas cositas ,mi esposo me dice mira vamos al cvs y yo le digo no no me gusta es mejor walgreens

Posted by: diusneky hernandez on Sep 01, 11 | 2:58 pm

I just moved here in March. My Walgreens is on 1st. Ave SE and I have no favorite there because they are all so very nice & helpful.

Posted by: Patricia on Sep 01, 11 | 4:43 pm

The clerks and pharmasists are always polite, and offer to help you find what you are there for. They can't do enouth for you.

Posted by: Peggy Robin on Sep 01, 11 | 5:23 pm

Allicia at the Martin Way Walgreen in Lacey did a great job helping me with my photo printing. Great help and nice lady.

Posted by: cliff mtichell on Sep 01, 11 | 6:22 pm

Wallgreens is me and my children favorite place to shop! I am very happy with there prices and enjoy the ladies that work there!!They r very courteous and helpfull without an attitude!! Thank you for building 1 in town where there is practically nothing! Enjoying walgreens from buellaville NC!!!

Posted by: Margie Deering on Sep 01, 11 | 7:08 pm

Tonight I went to pick up my prescription
and Jason was taking care of me.Very nice and sharp young man. It was so nice to deal with him. Every time I refill my medication he is always nice.

Posted by: Elizabeth on Sep 01, 11 | 8:56 pm

My husband & I find Walgreens a very convenient place to shop, especially for our pharmacy needs. Since Walgreens is walking distance from our home, we seem to find an excuse to exercise/walk to the store & shop especially if they have sales!!

Posted by: Nita B. Divina on Sep 01, 11 | 9:03 pm

I was in urgent need of Stopain and Walgreens was selling the 8 oz size 2/1 an excellent bargain. The best on-line is 12.99/8 oz - Walgreen price (incl. tx) 17.63.

Posted by: Larry Galuppo on Sep 02, 11 | 12:40 am

The cashier was friendly. She asked how I was doing. I said I came for mess & had bought some other items I asked how was her day & she said she had just started her Shiite & had been very busy.

Posted by: Jennie on Sep 02, 11 | 2:58 am

Walgreens is my favorite...I can find every and anything that I need @ the moment @ a bargain price. The service is truly have employees that go behind their duties to service your needs. Thank you Walgreens @ 919 W. Mercury Blvd, Hpt. VA

Posted by: Phuyllis Banks on Sep 02, 11 | 7:20 am


Posted by: KAT on Sep 02, 11 | 8:51 am

I just left Walgreens and even though every thing was taken care of properly, the cashier did'nt smile once. He was kind but not friendly. I picked up perscription's that are on automatic refill. But we don't get a call anymore that our perscription's are ready. Why is that. I have to call or just go by and ask if they have a perscription for me.

Posted by: Barb Wisner on Sep 02, 11 | 11:03 am

I love the pharmacy at Whitewater Wisconsin department as they (Bob) the pharmist explains all details regarding medications & insurance changes.

Posted by: Sandra on Sep 02, 11 | 4:23 pm

I like usually like to buy at walgreens but today i have a very bad experience, i went and buy a product at walgreens and got that for about 7 dollars then i when to the one in bayside lake .blvd. i told the cashier that the price was diferent in another store, she called the manager Miss. Dixon acting very unfriendly and rude told me as a manager she decide when and how to put her sales that she is diferent from other walgreens stores. I feel sorry for the cashier that she was very sorry for the way the manager was acting with no education. i go and buy at walgreens very often but with attitud like....what do you thing.

Posted by: OFeliaGillingham on Sep 02, 11 | 9:11 pm

MegaN Fex at Wilmington's 17th street walgreens is my favorite. She is always friendly and helpful. She is also very discreet when necessary.

Posted by: Jessica on Sep 03, 11 | 12:21 am

Walgreens is open 24 hours n when i need something i know i can go there and there costumer service is good and they always have a smille on there face n so helpful.

Posted by: HOPE RIVERA on Sep 03, 11 | 4:00 am

Friendly & courteous

Posted by: Patrice Vealey on Sep 03, 11 | 7:49 am

I love Walgreens because its one on every corner and they're never crowded you can get in and out

Posted by: Kendra Simmons on Sep 03, 11 | 11:22 am

I love to shop at walgreens we get all of our stuff at this store with love the veal family.

Posted by: Latoya veal on Sep 03, 11 | 11:53 am

it was good , fast checkout & friendly Cashier

Posted by: samah on Sep 03, 11 | 11:59 am

The store is close to my house, and I buy everything I need for good prices.

Posted by: Jovem Oliveira on Sep 03, 11 | 1:22 pm

The clerk was infectiously happy. In spite of the grumpy person in line in front of me, she was pleasent and patient. Even with very anxious and impatient people behind me, she efficienty dealt with me even though there were some complications in the order. Good job.

Posted by: D.Brown on Sep 03, 11 | 2:53 pm

I like the variety at Walgreen's - whether I'm shopping for a gift or picking up a prescription. The service is always fast and friendly.
Posted by Deb on 9/3/11.

Posted by: Deborah Geiger on Sep 03, 11 | 3:02 pm


Posted by: CYNTHIA AKERS on Sep 03, 11 | 3:24 pm

The cosmetics lady at the store on
Harvey in Auburn, WA was extra
helpful to me in getting the most I
could for my purchase.

Posted by: Patricia Gerend on Sep 03, 11 | 5:06 pm

very satisfied

Posted by: Sol E. Alvarado on Sep 03, 11 | 6:15 pm

i love Walgreens. shop for groceries, medical supplies, household cleaners and a varities of others goods needs,

Posted by: Inez on Sep 03, 11 | 9:03 pm

wallgreen store employees are very helpful my wife is wheel chir bound a woman named karen gose out of way to help her.

Posted by: John Roach on Sep 04, 11 | 12:14 am

I visited two different walgreens today, the first one I visited didn't have the product that was on sale, but the cashier was really nice and helpful, I went to the second one and that's were I got the product I was looking for but the cashier wouldn't take my coupons for what i was buying and she was not very helpful. i only bought 4 products so it was under the limit, so I know I wasn't doing something wrong, so I am not quite sure what was going on.

Posted by: Shannon on Sep 04, 11 | 12:44 am

Wonderful service, neat, and friendly.
I love shoppng at Walgreens

Posted by: Cathy Poppert on Sep 04, 11 | 2:47 am

Sheila noticed me looking at make up foundation and asked if I'd like to try some samples on my skin. She helped me to find just the right one and also showed me where to find coordinating blush and eye shadow, resulting in additional sales. I appreciate her high level of service and adding value to the customer shopping experience as well as to the value to the store due to her wonderful service.
Thank you, Sheila!

Posted by: CAL on Sep 04, 11 | 7:19 am

love the prices at myt Walgreens

Posted by: Rejeana Mizell on Sep 04, 11 | 11:12 am

The is to hard to find. To much junk to go through. Please make it easier to access.

Posted by: Shirley Gilman on Sep 04, 11 | 11:30 am

I always get prompt, courteous service from Walgreens Pharmacy. And I do a lot of buisiness with them.

Posted by: Richard Bilodeau on Sep 04, 11 | 11:55 am

I love walgreens because most employee are friendly and helpful.and thats what we need everytime we enter the door.Most of the time I hope in walgreens drugstore.

Posted by: Lanie B. Castle on Sep 04, 11 | 1:11 pm

I moved to my present residence a short time ago. I have no transportation and have to enlist others. This day I was out with A friend .Returning we passed A Walgreens store, I remarked I needed some items ,my ride replied"I have no time to spare maybe A
couple of minutes". I found the items I needed very quick they were displayed convientlly however the line at the cashier was long,A passing store employee upon request jumped to my aid.

Posted by: Jerry Levenstein on Sep 04, 11 | 2:10 pm

We love shopping at walgreens. Fast & freindly service. thanks

Posted by: Tim Brewer on Sep 04, 11 | 3:14 pm

Shopping at Walgreens is a pleasure it is a very nice store people are very helpful.

Posted by: Faye Lampp on Sep 04, 11 | 3:53 pm

I really like the specials you have on cases of bottled water, and how helpful the employees are

Posted by: john dail on Sep 04, 11 | 5:48 pm

I love the helpful employees and the special coupons on your products

Posted by: john dail on Sep 04, 11 | 5:50 pm

I love shopping at Walgreens, people really don't comment on the Mangers, I would love to recognize one, Mr Sandhu, he is someone you should be proud of, He is a fantastic manager and by the atmosphere in the store when he is around you can tell that his employees love working with him.If I do not find a product out he is always ready to go back to see if there are any in stock. CVS and Rite aid are no match for the Walgreens at First and Nees Fresno Ca

Posted by: Roma Milton on Sep 04, 11 | 6:42 pm

I love the savings I receive every week at Walgreens.

Posted by: Mary on Sep 04, 11 | 8:44 pm

your employees are very helpful my wife is wheelchair bound and Karen even brought presciptions to our home when we were not able to get to the store

Posted by: John Roach on Sep 04, 11 | 11:31 pm

I am always welcome at my locate walgreen #10394 in my neighbor hod all the employees are really nice and freindly and I am able to find what ever I am looking for if not they are always ready to help me find things

Posted by: Linda Reel on Sep 05, 11 | 1:41 pm

I like my Walgreen's but the drive thru is soooo slow that sometimes I want to tear my hair out. Other than that...A-OK

Posted by: Robert E Yount on Sep 05, 11 | 3:16 pm

I like the convenience of parking very close to front door. Ask any employee and they can give you the location of any item you want, no chasing all over the store to find it. Instant answer at pharmacy about availability of "off-the-shelf" medicines. Last but not least, on busiest days quick checkout, open additional register when necessary

Posted by: on Sep 05, 11 | 3:42 pm

I was happy with my WALGREEN SHOPPING TRIP !

Posted by: frank artzer,jr. on Sep 05, 11 | 4:46 pm

i had a great visit at the store found what i needed and right out the store

Posted by: marcus washington on Sep 05, 11 | 6:04 pm

the Walgreens I visited was nice and clean. Customer service reps were great and really acted like they wanted your business

Posted by: Darren Evans on Sep 05, 11 | 6:32 pm

This is the best store to buy good stuff to get better this is the best store for me and for some other people that`s all

Posted by: NIDIA on Sep 05, 11 | 8:08 pm

ilove walgreens

Posted by: khaled khalifa on Sep 06, 11 | 12:45 am

Can't say enough about my local Walgreens. They sometimes carry the only brand I like in over the counter items. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Posted by: Debbie on Sep 06, 11 | 8:09 am


Posted by: ARLENE KROPP on Sep 06, 11 | 9:15 am

I had such a fabulous experience at this particular Walgreens! I went to another store the day before and I could not find anything I wanted. I went in to this store for one thing and came out with several. For starters it was near closing time and I was having trouble making a decision and Paula and the other young lady exercised so much patience with me you would have thought it was the middle of the day. Both ladies helped me make my mind up on what I wanted because I tend to want everything so I need help to cut my purchase down. Paula was able to help me find something I have been searching out forever. Not only that Paula listened to the fact that I have severe skin allergies and made quality recommendations based on that issue. Usually in my shopping experience people could care less and just want you to check out. The other plus for me is that this store had a sale section and I love that. I used to live in Las Vegas and they had a sale section and I could rarely get out of the store without spending less than a hundred dollars. I plan to shop at this Walgreens only now because it was such a positive experience. People that work at this store really care and that is rare. Not to mention a great sale section.

Posted by: Shannon M Cassin on Sep 06, 11 | 10:58 am

I love my Walgreens especially the one in Texas City the whole store is very friendly and helful ,but I also loved the pharmacy dept .there the medication is on time for the husband my husband tells all his relatives and some loves other stores but my husband sticks to Walgreens .So I want to Thank You Guys for being there ....
ms. C.Barragan

Posted by: CristinaBarragan on Sep 06, 11 | 11:13 am

Great service.

Posted by: margi on Sep 06, 11 | 1:43 pm

I shop at Walgreen's in Big Bear Lake. Linda in the cosmetic department is always a great help to me.

Posted by: Terry on Sep 06, 11 | 3:08 pm

I allways have a good expereince at walgreens, the staff is always friendly and helpful and the prices are just right.

Posted by: Robert on Sep 06, 11 | 3:21 pm

always fast and courteous service

Posted by: shelby on Sep 06, 11 | 3:48 pm

My visit to the Walgreens at 9714 NE Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver Washington today was not a pleasant one. I asked the cashier if all the sale items would be deducted from the bill. She just kept ringing everything up without answering my question. She tried adding on to my purchase by asking if I wanted M & M's. I told her I didn't eat that kind of stuff. I was in the process of putting everything in the cart and she asked me twice to sign. I told her as soon as I get this stuff in the cart I would sign. I don't think she liked that remark because when I left she just threw the receipt in my hand. Very poor customer service from this lady. There are to many people standing in line for jobs these days to keep a person like that dealing with the public. I assure you I will never visit that store again as long as she is there. I would tell you her employee number but I don't know how to identify it.

Posted by: Ramona Perkins on Sep 06, 11 | 5:11 pm

I love the photo department, the service is fast and of high quality! Everytime I come in they are friendly and I appreciate their friendiness and efficientcy

Posted by: Terry on Sep 06, 11 | 5:48 pm

me n my family and friends shop in your store at least once aday and this tustin calif. store has the very best in all they do. Again love your store!

Posted by: mike thompson on Sep 06, 11 | 6:49 pm

The employee was very helpfull and informative on the product I purchased

Posted by: diane johnson on Sep 06, 11 | 7:46 pm


Posted by: ROBIN on Sep 06, 11 | 9:07 pm


Posted by: Schiquilla Carpenter on Sep 06, 11 | 9:40 pm

great service at the pharmacy, they even double counted my pill prescription thank you walgreens 419 roanoke,va

Posted by: Lisa on Sep 06, 11 | 10:34 pm

terrific service in the drive through pharmacy at route 419 Roanoke, Virginia

Posted by: Lisa on Sep 06, 11 | 10:39 pm


Posted by: PAM on Sep 06, 11 | 10:46 pm

I love walgreens, pharmacist are professional and polite. Service is fast and efficient! thats the most important to me.

Posted by: ferdie dacunos on Sep 07, 11 | 12:41 am

i like the store tey are not to bad in there prices

Posted by: sandra martin on Sep 07, 11 | 11:50 am

In my world, I couldn't GO without the convenience of a pharmacy drive-thru- Thanks Walgreens!

Posted by: Lindsey Petersen on Sep 07, 11 | 12:43 pm

I am always quite pleased when I shop at Walgreens (11211 S. Dixie Hwy. PINECREST, FL. ESPECIALLY WHEN CARMRL IS WORKING. SHE IS THE BEST.

Posted by: Craig S. Rogowski on Sep 07, 11 | 1:23 pm

The pharmacy staff was very helpful and friendly. They informed me of the sales going on in the store today and filled my prescriptions in a timely fashion. The store on Emmers Lane in Oshkosh is always very neat and clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Posted by: Eddie on Sep 07, 11 | 2:06 pm

The young man in pharmacy was so healthfu. I ask him if I had the right over the counter medicine which the doctor wanted me to take and he said no I will show you. I would have gotten the wrong medicine if he had not helped me. Really appreciated his kindness.
Very friendly and helpful to me.

Posted by: Gladyce on Sep 07, 11 | 5:38 pm

SStore in Bethany OR clean and employees very friendly.

Posted by: BAUMANN on Sep 07, 11 | 5:51 pm

walgreens is on my way home and I stop quite often. The store is always clean and the people are always very pleasent. Thanks Walgreens

Posted by: Patricia Morrison on Sep 07, 11 | 6:30 pm

Walgreens is a great store, every time I go in there I always find what I`m looking for. I live five minutes from my neighborhood Walgreens, everyday i need something for the house and I always run to Walgreens to get it. The store is very well organized, the products are neatly systematized and where they belong. Further, whenever I need to develop pictures, there is always someone there to guide me through. The pharmacy is wonderful at Walgreens; my prescriptions are always done on time and ready to go. It is very important for me to get things on time, and at Walgreens everything is done correctly for the costumer. The cashiers at Walgreens are very friendly, they always ask me if i found everything i needed. Having Walgreens right by my house i definitely use it a lot, with everything i need i can find it at Walgreens. When I`m in need of help, at Walgreen there is always an employee aiding me.

Posted by: iljona on Sep 07, 11 | 8:30 pm

Walgreens always have a good customer service. there always there to assist you... I just love walgreens.

Posted by: shugar serano on Sep 07, 11 | 10:21 pm

I like shopping at walgreen, I fill my prescriptoin, walgreen is my kind of place.
Thanks walgreen

Posted by: Helen on Sep 08, 11 | 1:33 am

I like Walgreen, every since i move to Menifee This is the place I goes to fill my prescriptios and get the things i need most for my home walgreen is clean the staff is pleasant and is patience their photo shop is very nice .
this is my kind of place to shop . their pharmacy is convie.nce for me the 24 hours, are the best

Posted by: Helen sumpter on Sep 08, 11 | 1:54 am

I love Walgreens. They are my favorite place to shop. I take all my film there and get great service. I also get my prescriptions there and the pharmacist knows me by name and always greets me pleasantly and personally. I love that.

Posted by: Linda Warriner on Sep 08, 11 | 9:01 am


Posted by: CHUCK on Sep 08, 11 | 11:04 am


Posted by: RENEA on Sep 08, 11 | 11:20 am

me encanta ir a comprar a walgreen

Posted by: marlene on Sep 08, 11 | 2:31 pm

me gusta comprar en walgrens por la variedad de producto que tienen y por el buen trato a los clientes.

Posted by: maria cristina martinez on Sep 08, 11 | 3:58 pm

The young girl at the makeup counter was so friendly.Her name was Courtny. I shop there quite often.

Posted by: Sheri Perotti on Sep 08, 11 | 5:57 pm

I Like To Shop At WALGREENS For Good Bargains. J.Taylor

Posted by: Jeanette Taylor on Sep 08, 11 | 7:07 pm

I love Walgreen"s

Posted by: Brittany.E.Dixon on Sep 09, 11 | 12:16 am

wallgreens arevery good for all of our rx
and we are seniors

Posted by: John Roach on Sep 09, 11 | 12:17 am

the walgreens staff are very kind and welcoming, the pharmacist came up to the counter to explain my medicine to me. I was so nervous bec this is the first time im going to take a medicine that is for life.Thank you all.

Posted by: rose on Sep 09, 11 | 8:08 am

the walgreens staff are very welcoming, the pharmacist came upfront to talk to me about my medicine since this is the first time i am going to take a medicine that is for life.thanks you

Posted by: rose on Sep 09, 11 | 8:12 am

Very friendly, cheap prices and always a pleasure to shop at Walgreens!

Posted by: Heather on Sep 09, 11 | 10:21 am

A couple of different times, I had to remind the cashier that a particular item had a discounted sign. (After it was already rung up).

Posted by: Elaine Ward on Sep 09, 11 | 11:01 am

I had an important Rx for an inhaler for my lungs. They not only contacted my doctor for the renewal of a needed refill, but called me when it was ready and called me again, when I phoned to see what my [co-pay) cost was. The clerk was really a sweetheart and while manning the counter and drive through at the same time, was prompt and courteous, as was my favorite pharmacist Bran. This is the fairly new Crescent City, California branch. I wasn't feeling very well as I waited my turn, and her reassuring glances as she did her two jobs in one, and let me know she was aware I was waiting, helped me feel bettersomehow. Thanks for your terrific employees and customer service. I was there At 11 IN THE MORNING September the 9th, 2011.

Posted by: Vickey Stamps on Sep 09, 11 | 4:04 pm

I've been going to Walgreen for 8 years
and I've always recieve great services. I wll continue to go to Walgreen for my needs.
Thank you for your great services.

Posted by: James K. Allen on Sep 09, 11 | 4:04 pm

When I walk into Walgreens the first thing I notice is how clean and shiny the floors are. It is always very clean and they are always very courteous.

Posted by: Barbara Sinelnikoff on Sep 09, 11 | 5:07 pm

GOT MY PICTURE DONE. PEOPLE DID NOT WHAT WAS DOING.No superiors around ,people coming in store NO one around help people. Everyone in back.

Posted by: Wilma on Sep 09, 11 | 5:16 pm

Thank Your for the Great Customer Serivice. Great Store, they are always have a smile in their face. Thanks Again!

Posted by: Teresa Yanez on Sep 09, 11 | 5:48 pm

My latest experience was with the pharmacy staff and I want to thank them becuase they were great and took the time that was needed with my prescription. Excellent Service.

Posted by: Teresa Yanez on Sep 09, 11 | 5:54 pm

I love shopping at Walgreens. I get my medicines there .They always have the best selection of hard to find things seasonal items.Never have to wait to long for help if i need it.I would recomend it to everyone.

Posted by: Rene' Vacek on Sep 09, 11 | 6:39 pm

Walgreens Rocks! I found lots of BOGO today that I didnt expect!!!! Thanks a million Walgreens :)

Posted by: Jennifer Hagans on Sep 09, 11 | 8:37 pm

I like being able to get prescription refills on the weekends.

Posted by: Barbara K. on Sep 10, 11 | 11:51 am

I really do like the walgreen off sigman rd in conyers ga. i go there alot using the drive tru and dropping off family members and my perscription for years now and never had a problem. There are three ladies that be there that are very nice and fast to get what you need and get you going. I never had to wait for a long peroid of time unless there are cars in front of me. which is not often like i said they are fast.

Posted by: james richards on Sep 10, 11 | 12:16 pm

i like the walgreen on sigman rd in conyers ga. every time i go there i allways get help if i cant find stuff myself. they are always nice and freindly and i been going there for 5 years so keep up the good work

Posted by: james richards on Sep 10, 11 | 12:21 pm

the Waterloo, IL Walgreens has very courteous people at the checkout - every one of them is helpful and pleasant - every time. I've tried to enter the monthly sweepstakes previously but had the same problem I had today. When the site comes up there is NO SURVEY. oNLY BY navigating around the site did I run accross this option to comment

Posted by: susan vogt on Sep 10, 11 | 4:35 pm

With my limited income, I would have a hard time surviving the cost for my meds. My Pharmacist. has been a great lifesaver. He keeps me and my meducations upto date and helps me with the cost when availablet Thank you WALLGREENS for hiring great help

Posted by: Frank J Skorupa on Sep 10, 11 | 7:17 pm

Your pharmacist at Millbrae was especially
helpful explaining my newest prescription.
She also sugested a flu shot, which she
gave to me that same afternoon.

Posted by: lee zusman on Sep 10, 11 | 8:03 pm

Shelves are never stocked and there is never anybody to speak to or ask a question. I am very dissatisfied with this store. Location is first avenue at 18th street.

Posted by: Rhoda Beckman on Sep 11, 11 | 11:02 am

I think the new store is great and is much bigger and easy to find all sale items.

Posted by: james constantine on Sep 11, 11 | 12:03 pm

This is where I shop all the time and you have much better deals on savings on all products in the store.

Posted by: james constantine on Sep 11, 11 | 12:09 pm

WALGREENS is good place to shop the customer service is excelent they treat every single customer with love and respect.

Posted by: Leandre on Sep 11, 11 | 12:34 pm

I do enjoy going to Walgreens. My favorite person there is a young girl who is always so helpful to me and friendly. She does go out of way to make sure you get what you need. Her name is Brittney Rock. I shop at the one in Crestview on Ferdon Road.

Posted by: Sharon K Roberts on Sep 11, 11 | 2:30 pm

I always go to walgreens because its close and the people that work there are very helpful.

Posted by: Maria Boyzo on Sep 11, 11 | 2:51 pm

first survey and nothing but trouble. Someone is sending surveys whih I did not this is in my junk folder I'm talking 20 plus each day since I did one!

Posted by: Terry on Sep 11, 11 | 2:59 pm

walgreens employees are the best, they are so helpful,,polite, considerate

Posted by: leah ahart on Sep 11, 11 | 4:25 pm

The one thing I enjoy about walgreens is, When you walk in there is always someone to say ,welcome to walgreens, with a smile. And to there is always an employe to help you don't know where to find an item. The people in the pharmacy are very helpful. Thank you for being a great drug store.!

Posted by: Glenda F. Carpenter on Sep 11, 11 | 5:43 pm

I was able to quickly find everything I came for and be on my way. The cashier was fast and courteous .

Posted by: JOSEPH on Sep 11, 11 | 6:48 pm

I been a Walgreens costumer for a long time. I stayed this long because I like everything about the store, specially the personnel. Courteous, ready to help in every possible way and knowing all they have to know about all the merchandise in the store. But the pharmacy manager in the store at NW 16th Ave and 13th St, in Gainesville, Fla.,s is in a league of her own. Absolutely fantastic.Just one example. out of many: today, i just mentioned a problem I was having with my medicines. Right away, she let me know what could be wrong and ways to solution the problem. I tried what she suggested and, VOILa!. problem solved. Thank you, Jessica Jonas, from the bottom of my heart. As long as you are at the store, Walgreens is my store. hand81

Posted by: Ben Veron on Sep 11, 11 | 8:39 pm

i love to go to walgreens because the prices are the best and I love how fast they are in helping you find whatever you need and how fast they wait on you.

Posted by: judith bridges on Sep 12, 11 | 10:37 am


Posted by: BETTY JAMES on Sep 12, 11 | 11:52 am

I really enjoy shopping at Walgreen's because the store that I visit (#897) is always neat and clean, articles are easy to find and the staff are friendly and ready to assist, if I need them. I don't have a favorite cashier but each cashier that has assisted me, whether ringing up my purchases, or aiding me in finding a particular item, is knowledgeable of where everything is and friendly. My Walgreen store is located at 1309 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA

Posted by: Pearl Brown on Sep 12, 11 | 1:17 pm

It's a pleasure shopping there.

Posted by: Yvonne on Sep 12, 11 | 2:02 pm

Quick efficient, friendly. That's what I like!

Posted by: Renee on Sep 12, 11 | 2:31 pm

I love shopping at Wagreens. I can get my medicine filled while I shop. They have all the latest fashions and beauty products, great location, and reasonable prices.

Posted by: Zenobia Ursery on Sep 12, 11 | 2:47 pm

i love walgreens because the casheirs nice

Posted by: rey echon on Sep 12, 11 | 5:14 pm

Walgreens, Hwy 28 East, Pineville, La. Has been serving my family for several years now. We have had a splended relatonship with your personnel. They all have been very friendly and helpful each time I've been there. Stephany is one clerk who has been there from the beginning. She always greets me as if she and I were best friends.
My submit word is seems85.

Posted by: Barbara Fuqua on Sep 12, 11 | 6:02 pm

I like buying things at Walgreens because of the great selection of products there. I can look at the choice of products and the best one for me. The employees have always been a big help for me when I have a question about something. I use the store in south east Auburn, Washington, since it is the closest one to me.

Posted by: Randy Richards on Sep 12, 11 | 9:51 pm

I prefer Walgreens over going into Walmart and battling the crowds.

Posted by: on Sep 13, 11 | 7:44 am

Love going to Walgreens, never an un-
friendly face. Everyone is willing to help
find anything you need.

A called in prescription is always ready
when you request, and if not, you get a
call with the problem and answers.

Great Job Walgreens

Posted by: jean garrison on Sep 13, 11 | 1:22 pm

i never shop at walgreens before but i went this week and i thing they have good costumer servise. so i will be 1 of there costumer know.

Posted by: aracely hernandez on Sep 13, 11 | 1:46 pm

I really like the Walgreens store on Creasy Lane, in Lafayette, Indiana. My husband is handicapped and I have his prescriptions filled at Walgreens. I am able to purchase supplies for him that are difficult to find in other pharmacy stores. It makes a one stop shopping experince for me and that makes life easier! Unfortunately, his most recent prescription refill - the store did not have enough and we had to take our prescription to another pharmacy, or return the next day. I was disappointed. Otherwise, everyone is so friendly and helpful and the store is very convenient.

Posted by: Irene Evans on Sep 13, 11 | 2:18 pm


Posted by: JUDITH WILLIAMS on Sep 13, 11 | 8:33 pm

i just love walgreens wen i first walk in tha music playin is just so relaxing it makes me feel like i amat home sittin in a bubble bath.

Posted by: Eboni on Sep 14, 11 | 12:59 pm

I waited in line for over 15 minutes at Walgreens at 50th and Mills Civic Parkway in West Des Moines, IA, and they waited on 4 people in the drive without looking at me to help me. I was on a short break from work, and it didn't have that kind of time to just wait. I had a short transaction that I needed to do.

Posted by: Paula on Sep 14, 11 | 4:47 pm


Posted by: mike on Sep 14, 11 | 5:47 pm

Walgreens at Mid Rivers in St. Peters, MO. is very professional and clean. I have been in some Walgreens that are not as clean. The people are very friendly. If you can't find a product someone can always help. They know the store very well.

Posted by: Sharon on Sep 14, 11 | 6:59 pm

The service at the camera desk was pleasant, fast,and reasonable. I always take my photo needs to a Walgreens, both here in Bay City, and in Florida. The picture is always the: courtesy, speed, and value.

Posted by: George Richart on Sep 14, 11 | 7:20 pm

I shop at the Walgten's at 5201Beltline Rd. Dallas,, Texas. I find that everyone is friendly and helpful. When I shopped today, Dee helped me locate items that I couldn't find, and even checked on country of origin for me when I requested it. I was checked out by Derrick, who has helped me in the past 2 or 3 times. He is always smiling and pleasant, and even though I haven't seen Derrick in a few months, he remembered me. You are to be commended for having such excellent employees to represent your store.

Posted by: Ina Ayliffe on Sep 14, 11 | 10:19 pm


Posted by: nicolas collado on Sep 15, 11 | 6:32 am

I shop at walgreens in chino,ca. My favorite cashier is Francis. She treats everyone with kindness and respect. great with customers. Speaks very clearly and takes the time to answer questions. I see that she enjoys helping others. I seen her at a market one time and heard her voice talking so sweet and kind to others. Everyone is kind at Walgreens, but they cant beat francis great personality..

Posted by: Ruth on Sep 15, 11 | 10:53 am

I love shopping @ Walgreens. They have just about everything.

Posted by: kita on Sep 15, 11 | 6:03 pm

I love shopping at Walgreens. They have just about everything.

Posted by: kita on Sep 15, 11 | 6:07 pm

Every time I shop at Walgreens and use a COUPON, I find that I only get credit for HALF of the monetary amount that the coupon is worth. I will be looking for my products elsewhere from now on. I think this is coupon FRAUD. Couponers watch your receipts!!!

Posted by: ifloss4u on Sep 16, 11 | 10:54 am

Always find the product I came for. All employees are polite and eager to help me.

Posted by: Jess Bridges, Jr on Sep 16, 11 | 11:49 am

I love my Walgreens. Its convenient to where I live, and they always have sales on or good buys on things that I need the most. Like today,I stop to get some Band aids. On the shelve it said 2/$5 dollars or one for $2.99. But when I went to cash out there was a sale going on and I got 2 boxs for $2.95. How GREAT IS THAT...!!! Love it.

Posted by: Roy Sanders on Sep 16, 11 | 12:25 pm

I do business with walgreen at 27 and Vine in Lincoln Nebraska. The employees are outstandi ng but Dorothy is outstanding. A pleasant and hardworking woman

Posted by: Happygael on Sep 16, 11 | 3:31 pm

Pleasant experience

Posted by: Dee on Sep 16, 11 | 3:55 pm

Walgreens is new to my town. I have started using over the stores. It's easier to get around and find things, than other stores. There is always someone that is looking to help you. It is a joy to shop there.

Posted by: Gary on Sep 16, 11 | 6:54 pm


Posted by: tabatha on Sep 16, 11 | 8:20 pm

Walgreens have just about everything you would need!! I love going in and just looking, I always find something to buy. The people that work there are very helpful.

Posted by: Cynthia on Sep 16, 11 | 8:23 pm

walgreen`s pharmacy is great!

Posted by: jennifer on Sep 16, 11 | 8:25 pm


Posted by: SHERI on Sep 17, 11 | 9:40 am

I wanted to tell everyone that reads this about a lady @ walgreen store #09623 in McDonough Ga Hwy 81 East. Her name is JOYCE. She is up front and so very helpful. She greets everyone with a great big HELLO WELCOME TO WALGREENS! She is so friendly and helpful and I just love going into MY Walgreens.

Posted by: Mrs. Vickers on Sep 17, 11 | 10:00 am


Posted by: CARIDAD TUR DE on Sep 18, 11 | 11:01 am

Gracias walgreens xk simper se encuentra lo k UNO busca.God Bless.

Posted by: Nazira flores on Sep 18, 11 | 1:25 pm

luv luv Walgreens . If I'm feeling down or had a bad day at work I know I will be greeted with a smile and a friendly hello . The employes should be highly comended.

Posted by: Sandy on Sep 18, 11 | 2:14 pm

walgreen is very convenient for me and my family,the prices are reasonable when compared to other stores like CVS. i live closed to Walgreen and my sister used to work there too, is like our family. the sales are very attractive.i shope at walgreen everyday.

Posted by: ferdinand on Sep 18, 11 | 5:13 pm

The staff is very friendly, courteous and knowledgable.

Posted by: Geri on Sep 18, 11 | 5:36 pm

Great company with great people, not a sour puss in the bunch and I have been using Walgreens for many year's.

Posted by: williamg on Sep 19, 11 | 3:48 pm

not happy with the pharmacy in Stamford. Took a perscription in on 9/19 the lady said it would be ready. I went today 9/20 and it still wasn't ready.

one nice clerk is Betsy who works on Tues. & Wed.

Posted by: Darlene on Sep 19, 11 | 6:05 pm

There is one pharmacist who is always very pleasant and helpfuk. His name is Bob and he is one of the pharmacists at the Walgreens in Baraboo, WI. He goes out of his way to make sure you understand everything, is very prompt and courteous.

Posted by: Nicole Tirrel on Sep 19, 11 | 9:53 pm

I like the convenience of Walgreen's drive up for my prescriptions. Plus they have my prescriptions on automatic refill so I never run out. The cashiers are always helpful

Posted by: Anne on Sep 20, 11 | 12:54 pm

Wild about Wags!

Posted by: Marcia on Sep 20, 11 | 3:37 pm

I just returned from a brief visit to buy some OTC medication. I had a few questions; the young lady working in the store was very polite and helpful The cashier was very nice as well. Store is located in Oldsmar, FL at the corner of Tampa Road and Forest Lakes Blvd.
This visit occurred on Tuesday, September 20 at approximately 7:30 PM.

Posted by: T. J. Jones on Sep 20, 11 | 8:26 pm

Wallgreen ismy fav place to shop for my daily needs and good deals also.i lov it.

Posted by: Dolkar chi on Sep 20, 11 | 8:38 pm

Walgreen is my fav place to shop and get good deals.lov it.

Posted by: Dolkar chi on Sep 20, 11 | 8:42 pm

I just moved into this area of cal. from ms. and went to a Walgreens to have my presciptions filled and was treated so nice will make walgreens my place from now on . thanks

Posted by: Dorcas childress on Sep 21, 11 | 8:55 am

I shop in Walgreens often and for items all around the store. I enjoy there are always employees ready to help. Being a senior, I appreciate being able to find such a variety of items without having to walk all around those hugh super-stores. Every community needs a Walgreens. Thanks, Linda in Nashville

Posted by: Linda Palmer on Sep 21, 11 | 8:42 pm

The people at Wallgreen's at Hope, AR are so friendly. My husband and I got our flu shots, and the pharmacist said I had a firm arm and what did I do? I said it was probably from lifting 45 lbs sacks of dog food , he asked what kind of dogs did I have ? I said any kind you want, I had 9 and they were all dogs that were lost, not wanted and needed a home and then he had to tell me about his Lab, so it was a nice visit and I enjoyed it.

Posted by: Patricia Wheelington on Sep 21, 11 | 9:14 pm

I think your clerk named Kathy is very helpful and knows what she is doing always very helpful and knows where every thing is.

Posted by: rosemary on Sep 22, 11 | 9:50 pm

I needed to fill a prescription and the pharmacy I usually frequent was closed at the hour of my need. I had passed up the Walgreen initially but upon my return home I had to go pass it again so I stopped. The Pharmacy was open. Nice. I broused the isles until my order was done, it only too about ten minutes. The nice lady who waited on me was pleasant however I didn't get her name, perhaps I will on my next visit.

Posted by: Herb Banks on Sep 22, 11 | 9:57 pm

I love walgreens. today the cashiers saw tha t I was using coupons, and ask if I would like to see if she had more coupons to help lower my bill even more. I saved $16.00 dollars.

Posted by: cathy on Sep 22, 11 | 9:59 pm

I like to go because everybody is very friendly,very helpfull.

Posted by: Mohammad shaikh on Sep 23, 11 | 5:07 pm

I always have nothing but praise for walgreens at kenne and gulftobay clearwater florida. I am very sick and I have alot of needs andthey always call mr rhoads and there our very helpful and always go out of there to help with a new prescriptions which i have alot ofand this store is wonderfull and I wouldnt go anywhere else for my prescription I love this walgreen!

Posted by: rhoads on Sep 23, 11 | 7:38 pm

Definetely i love walgreens. i always go there.

Posted by: Elizabeth on Sep 23, 11 | 9:28 pm

Visiting from Australia. Visited Middlefield Road,Palo Alto store. Great pharmaceutical advice and service.

Posted by: Adam Raut on Sep 23, 11 | 9:56 pm

I have no favorite cashier. All of them are most helpful and courteous, making shopping at Walgreens a pleasure.

Posted by: Margaret Smith on Sep 25, 11 | 7:46 pm

Walgreens at 3333 Grand Avenue Billings, MT Cashier Martha is great. She smiles, she gets the coupons right, keep her!

Posted by: Mary on Sep 25, 11 | 8:13 pm

just got my flu shot at walgreens. pharmacist was very friendly and kind also very prompt
Faye Shaffer 09-026-11.

Posted by: Faye Shaffer on Sep 26, 11 | 2:28 pm

the pharmacy is great i always have great service, and the flex pay makes is soooo easy and fast,

Posted by: ingrid kirby on Sep 27, 11 | 7:51 am


Posted by: HELEN PEREZ on Sep 27, 11 | 5:29 pm

I am impressed with the sale on grocery itms, and the staff is very courteous and helpful

Posted by: Steve Hinkle on Sep 28, 11 | 8:54 am

the Wallgreens store in Viroqua is a vantastic place to shop if they sold meat then you wouldn't have to shop any where elese, thanks for your stores

Posted by: steve on Sep 28, 11 | 2:47 pm

I love walgreens! Not only is the store location great but the prices are terrific. Me being head-injured, everybody there is so helpful. They always seem to have time to help me. I also enjoy the sale items being up-front. It makes it so much quicker and easier. Thanks again!!

Posted by: cindy gelet on Sep 29, 11 | 11:35 am

went to walgreens and finally i found how this coupon thing works could make me shop more and save more .now thats great to know how things really works so you can take advantage of it

Posted by: marcelle on Sep 29, 11 | 2:21 pm

My visit to Walgreens was wonderful. I recieved my flu shot without any wait time. Cheryl the cashier was very polite and professional and Fawn the pharmacists was so gentle and kind. I finished my shopping and was checked out in the Cosmetic department. The cashier was gracious and eager to help me. Wish all stores offered this quality service.

Posted by: Shelly Adams on Sep 29, 11 | 2:23 pm

We live 30 miles from the nearest Walgreen, yet still find time to usually stop for something. Employees are helpful with how to find items saving time if I happen to be in a hurry. The store is clean, well lighted, and pretty much up to date after our tornado on May 22, 2011. I'l probably keep on shopping there if they continue to be on the ball.

Posted by: Richard E. Graue on Sep 29, 11 | 4:12 pm

Walgreens is always there when you need it. I like the fact you can pick up so many items when getting a prescription filled. Of course the employees are great.

Posted by: William Pritchard on Sep 29, 11 | 5:08 pm

Walgreen's is a good store! I get my perscription filled here and the service is wonderful ! I like the deals they have in there ads on Sundays and the employees are very helpful and friendly.!

Posted by: Derrick Robinson on Sep 29, 11 | 6:31 pm

fast service and nice emploies

Posted by: ahmad zenali on Sep 29, 11 | 10:01 pm

No fuss all quick and friendly at walgreenns.

Posted by: dominic palermo on Sep 30, 11 | 10:03 am

I really like buy my items on Walgreens,the employees always are very helpful and friendly, :)

Posted by: Hilda.G on Sep 30, 11 | 10:15 am

Great place to get all your prescriptions.

Posted by: Thad on Sep 30, 11 | 3:38 pm

The cashier apparently did not have a problem with talking to us about our search for an item we believe was needed. She was very helpful even though we did not find what we were seeking. We appreciated the effort.

Posted by: David on Sep 30, 11 | 6:03 pm

Walgreens,you have friendly store clerks
we enjoy going to your store,it is easy and conveneint,we like your lower prices.
"Welcome to Anchorage,Alaska."

Posted by: Ralph Rastopsoff on Oct 01, 11 | 6:37 pm

walgreens is a graet place to shop.

Posted by: eroy stramler on Oct 01, 11 | 7:55 pm

I have always liked Walgreens ever since I worked for there in 1971. The stores are always clean and the personnel are always kind and thoughtfull!!!
My husband and I had our prescriptions moved there from another store and haven't regretted it since. And that was quite a few years ago. We are very pleased with Walgreens.
Thank you for giving me this time and space to tell you just how we feel!!!
Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Shaver,, Sr..
Oct 1,2011 Friday 10:25 pm

Posted by: Constance Chatham-Shaver on Oct 01, 11 | 9:27 pm

I Myself am very pleased with the costumer service at the Riverside Store. I am always Greeted and Welcomed. The Employees are always helpful and talk to me and treat me like people should be treated. THANK YOU > And keep up the Good work ,and Smiling faces> Kellie

Posted by: Kellie on Oct 02, 11 | 3:38 am

I love the Walgreens store in Marion Ohio, The best store to come to our area in a long time. Everyone is always friendly and helpful when I have questions or concerns, would not think of going anywhere else; I even go there to buy milk and bread because it's so much easier than going to the grocery where you would have to wait in line forever! Love you Walgreens!

Posted by: Barbara Hill on Oct 02, 11 | 12:31 pm

Walgreens, are so convenietly located where ever I go.

The help is very cooperative and helpful.

Posted by: Dorothy Schwartz on Oct 02, 11 | 2:57 pm

Walgreens is fast and ez..

Posted by: earl hall on Oct 02, 11 | 3:40 pm

walgreens is the best

Posted by: bonnie robski on Oct 02, 11 | 5:35 pm

I like the cnvenience of Walgreens, it is only 6 blocks from my house, but I changed from Walmart to walgreen because of the drive through. I just wish they would have a cashier at the window. It is so hard when they have to wait on in store customers and the window. I feel sorry for who ever is on duty.

Posted by: Marlene on Oct 02, 11 | 9:57 pm

i had real good servise at the walgreens on lancaster dr in salem oregon the cashier was very polite and i had service with a smile

Posted by: melissa on Oct 02, 11 | 10:08 pm


Posted by: Pat Lavenka on Oct 03, 11 | 10:36 am

Shopped at 180 Wolf rd. Orland Par, Ill on Oct 2, Cashier was very patient and careful with my coupons so i received credit. I appreciate this

Posted by: Pat on Oct 03, 11 | 10:42 am

Why don't you have the necessary inventory to cover the sale items?
went on Sunday am. to buy the items on sale and there was none to be found.
Can't believe at 7am a hoarde of people bought all there was.

Posted by: Christina Privett on Oct 03, 11 | 1:26 pm

Everyone is so nice and friendly. They act like they know me when I go there. I go frequently for meds and other things.

Posted by: SCox on Oct 03, 11 | 3:06 pm

Love the folks in the pharmacy department. Always courteous and friendly.

Posted by: William Dossmann on Oct 03, 11 | 4:55 pm


Posted by: RICHARD JEPSEN on Oct 03, 11 | 5:21 pm

Walgreens is my choice pharmacy, especially the one located on E. Brainerd Rd. in Chattanooga, TN. It is the most helpful group of cashiers every time I walk in the store, I am always greeted when coming or going. I hope it never changes!

Posted by: Sheila on Oct 03, 11 | 9:23 pm

i go to walgreens every day for something they always have great deals very low prices i love me some wal of the greens.

Posted by: toondo on Oct 04, 11 | 1:42 am

I always have a memorable experience at my Walgreens in Calumet City, IL.

Posted by: Virginia Dejesus Torres on Oct 04, 11 | 5:00 pm

I always have a memorable experience at my Walgreens, in Calumet City, IL. I stopthere maybe four to five times a week. The Pharmacy Department in always helpful.

Posted by: Virginia Dejesus Torres on Oct 04, 11 | 5:03 pm

The sales associates are all very helpful and friendly. They will always help me when needed, and give me helpful hints(I did not know that I could bring back a lipstick that didn't work for me and get my money back)
Wonderful people!!

Posted by: Annie Swayze on Oct 04, 11 | 9:52 pm

I love Walgreens for the very friendly service and good sales they run.

Posted by: Donnie Walton on Oct 05, 11 | 8:35 am

I often stop into the Wallgreens in Hartford, CT... on Wethersfield Ave. The store is easy to navigate, cheery & the employees are always in a good mood... which is nicer than friendly. I've always had a positive experience... which in this day & age... is refreshing.

Posted by: Christina on Oct 05, 11 | 10:10 am

Walgreens has great customer service, efficent, helpful and friendly. They have great bargins on items, and often some unusual items for sale. I find what I need easily from grocery, pharmceutical, to home supplies.

Posted by: Jill Logan on Oct 05, 11 | 12:27 pm


Posted by: TERRY WOODWARD on Oct 05, 11 | 5:15 pm

I was in the Cosmetics Dept. and the sales person took me right there so that I didn't have to wait in line.

Posted by: Jeanie Wilson on Oct 05, 11 | 5:40 pm

I just love walgreens. I go in there 3 to 5 times a week. I buy quite a bit there.

Posted by: Ray Moyer on Oct 06, 11 | 8:10 am

I love shopping at walgreens. it a one stop shop pharmcy and more. very convience and reasonble.

Posted by: vera monette on Oct 06, 11 | 8:17 am

I love shopping at Walgreen, you supply all the products I need and like. the service is excellent and the staff is so friendly and helpful. I favorite sales person is Torrie at the Walgreen in the white oak shopping center.

Posted by: vikki davis on Oct 06, 11 | 8:18 am

i love shopping at walgreens. it is truly is a one stop shop.also convenience and reasonable prices.

Posted by: vera monette on Oct 06, 11 | 8:23 am

It sure fills good after a long day I can come to Walgreen and find all my shopping needs, pick up prescriptions, household items, develop my pictures, etc. the convenient is just awesome right next to the grocery store and if the lines in the grocery store is to long, i don't have to wait, i just call it a day, go to Walgreen, pick up my dinner and WA- LAR home sweet home , no long lines for me, Love U Walgreen.

Posted by: vikki davis on Oct 06, 11 | 8:27 am

I took a roll of film to the Washtenaw, Ann Arbor store. The men in the photograph department were most helpful and pleasant to work with.

Posted by: Margaret Bennett on Oct 06, 11 | 8:34 am

The pharmacists are well trained and trust worthy for me. I could trust them to provide me with the utmost professional care.

Posted by: Sandy on Oct 06, 11 | 4:14 pm

I Love shopping at walgreens and people are nice and helpful.

Posted by: Rey Bonifacio on Oct 06, 11 | 5:56 pm

Walgreens is well located with good parking available . Usually I'm short on time and have always received prompt help in finding the item I'm looking for. Well qualified help.

Posted by: Rush Kelley on Oct 06, 11 | 6:47 pm

My Walgreens has the greatest store manager. Awesome pharmacists & techs. GREAT Customer service DAILY A REFLECTION OF THEIR LEADER of COURSE 3298 Cerrillos Rd SFNM

Posted by: Angela Martinez on Oct 07, 11 | 1:41 pm

My Walgreens has the greatest store manager. Awesome pharmacists & techs. GREAT Customer service DAILY A REFLECTION OF THEIR LEADER of COURSE 3298 Cerrillos Rd SFNM

Posted by: Angela Martinez on Oct 07, 11 | 1:44 pm


Posted by: alphonso on Oct 07, 11 | 2:41 pm

I love walgreens it's my favor drogs store Thera is way

Posted by: Alvaro mancilla on Oct 07, 11 | 4:18 pm

I shop at your store at least 6 times a weeek and always receive great service. Thank You for the great customer service!

Posted by: Sallie Elian on Oct 07, 11 | 4:23 pm

I could not ask for a nicer cashier. She greeted me with an enthusiastic "Good morning, how are you today" (also had a very warm smile).
I go to Walgreens for our prescriptions and many other things as well. They are always competitive with the other stores.
I will continue to be a Walgreens customer as long as they keep pleasant employees like this one.

Posted by: Ed Bernhardt on Oct 07, 11 | 6:21 pm

Ilike the service that couple casher give on there very nice people

Posted by: Pearline Thomas on Oct 07, 11 | 8:09 pm

I always receive good service when I shop at Walgreens

Posted by: Sylvester Helmers on Oct 07, 11 | 8:26 pm

I enjoy going to Walgreens, the people are soo friendly. If I have a problem they can usually take care of it. Shane is the most friendly, and he talks like he really cares. We lost one of our dogs to heart failure this morning, he was genually sorry for us. the store is always clean. /The manager actually came to us to see if we needed anything, he was so king. I love shopping at walgreens!

Posted by: ADEE on Oct 07, 11 | 9:42 pm

I'm very comfortable with the 2 Walgreen's that we shop at. The 1 on Sumter & 41 has a young man who we really like. We've never had a problem.

Posted by: Judy Macdonald on Oct 08, 11 | 7:02 am

I can always find what I am searching for and more at Walgreens. It is quick and easy.

Posted by: Barb on Oct 08, 11 | 9:42 am

Great Store..... Pharmacist actual assisted me.... That was excellent...

Posted by: Bonnie on Oct 08, 11 | 10:59 am

"There's a Way"

A visit I did choose to make
For a need to fill that day.
An urgent calling, if you will,
With time fast running away.

"There's a Walgreens" came a shout.
And the problem seemed to fade.
An answer at our doorstep.
A solution not to trade.

In moments our needs fulfilled,
Our questions put to bay.
Satisfaction was indeed guaranteed.
We did confirm, "There's a way!"

Posted by: Alan M. Potter on Oct 08, 11 | 5:06 pm

I always go to Walgreen for my
Dog Snacks. They always have the large bags and at a reasonable price. Thanks Walgreens.
Helen Hughbanks

Posted by: Helen Hughbasnks on Oct 08, 11 | 9:12 pm

I would like to compliment Traci in the Photo Dept., in Tucson at River & 1st. Ave. She has ALWAYS greeted me with a smile and has a wonderful disposition! Her knowledge about photo processing has always been such a big help to me. Of course there are others that can answer my questions but her smile, her personality makes me feel like she's a family member of mine! Thanks Traci!

Posted by: Mary Hughes on Oct 09, 11 | 10:11 am

I visit Walgreens at least once a week. I have always found the customer service to be courteous and very helpful to their customers. It is very convenient also that they are open long hours.

Posted by: Anna Marie Symonds on Oct 09, 11 | 3:09 pm

I have always received friendly and courteous service at Walgreen's either its at the Checkout line, Pharmacy, Photo or Cosmetic. I leave will pleased.

Posted by: Earnestine Mosley on Oct 09, 11 | 6:58 pm

I like having pharmacy open 24 hrs.

Posted by: RENEE on Oct 09, 11 | 7:25 pm

Yesterday i went too Walgreens in Memphis TN?The cashiers was amazing they help with finding the rite medicine that my Daugther needs.Thanks Walgreens for quick and friendly service. your store get a 10! ;~)

Posted by: JANET HAMILTON on Oct 10, 11 | 8:24 am

pharmacy tech. Donnie in Leicester , NC is the most rude person I have ever been in front of at a pharmacy . because of him I am looking to change pharmacies even though this one is very convenient for me.

Posted by: sam on Oct 10, 11 | 8:35 am

I stopped in at Walgreens in Meadville Pa
for my flu shot, was happy to see that
Laura was working. She gave me my shot
last year. She is a very sweet, very nice
personality, and very attractive. She is the
reason that I went there this year. I like the
employees in that store, if I can't find
something they are happy to assist me.
I like the way I am treated when I walk in
to Walgreens in Meadville Pa.
Thanks Laura

Posted by: Richard Ward on Oct 10, 11 | 9:15 am

i have not had any problems all the cashiers and managers are helpful

Posted by: sandra on Oct 10, 11 | 9:42 am

I shop few time to get medince (like Bayer or bange) sometime when things on sale. The things I plan get were sold out darn it.

Posted by: Eva Allott on Oct 10, 11 | 10:00 am


Posted by: FANNIE CARSWELL on Oct 10, 11 | 10:33 am

I think Jim the Pharmacist in Medina is the best one that you would ever want to have as your pharmacist. He is very friendly, helpful & just a very smart person & very knowledgeable of his medicines. I wish there were more like him around here.

Posted by: mskeh46 on Oct 10, 11 | 11:40 am

On yesterday (Sunday), after leaving church, I needed to visit my Walgreens in Westwego, LA. I could not help but think about pleasant and upbeat all of the employees are; when I think about having to give up that quality tim with family. You do an excellent job in selection your staff. And that 's the way it is no matter what day...or what time of day.(*****) You have my rating__ 5 STARS! THANKS!

Posted by: Edward J. on Oct 10, 11 | 1:14 pm

i like my walgreens in cocoa, fl just fine

Posted by: nancy on Oct 10, 11 | 2:26 pm

It was a great day the vitamins were buy one get one free. How I found out was when i was looking for my girlfriends birthday card i spotted the sale. All i can say is thats our place to get the body, hair and health essentials. Also other items. Thanks for the down to earth pricing.

Posted by: Dennis Nazarok on Oct 10, 11 | 2:34 pm

I like the as seen on tv items.

Posted by: Patricia Hanson on Oct 10, 11 | 3:04 pm

i rreallylike the items at wallgreens. They are always a good price. You have a variety of items that i havn't seen elswhere GREAT JOB

Posted by: Karen Aguilar on Oct 10, 11 | 3:58 pm

I love our local Walgreens! It is always clean and the personnal is wonderful and helpful. I love going there! I will make an extra trip their just to see the personnel I am familiar with. They are wonderful!

Posted by: Tina Jara on Oct 10, 11 | 4:29 pm

Our local Walgreens is in Lehigh Acres, Florida. I love to go in their in the morning, when the employees I know are on duty. I love the atmosphere and the helpfulness they posses. The store is clean and the employees are very sweet and considerate. I feel like I'm in a small country home town store. You know everyone and they know you. It's an awesome feeling!Manny, one of my favorite employees there is so wonderful and positive, I truly feel blessed to see her smile everytime I walk through those doors. We are so lucky to have wonderful people working at our walgreens. Thank you Lehigh Walgreens!!!

Posted by: Tina Jara on Oct 10, 11 | 4:42 pm

you need to make the monthly sweepstakes easier to locate..all I get is coupons .

Posted by: chemain on Oct 10, 11 | 5:50 pm

My friend in missouri ordered photos for me and the next day I picked them up at walgreens. Amasing

Posted by: Joan Hasvenor on Oct 10, 11 | 6:13 pm

Even though a family member gets her medication at Walmart, I always stick with Walgreens. I moved to Michigan 5 years ago, and I was looking for a pharmacy that was accurate, the tecs were friendly and trustworthy. Needless to say, i am a Walgreen fan and loyal customer...

Posted by: Shannon Keefe on Oct 10, 11 | 7:49 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens. I drove all over looking for a one hour photo and they were the only one that had it. The staff is always very nice. Plus they have pretty much everything I need so I don't always have to go to a big grocery store.

Posted by: Tina on Oct 11, 11 | 9:05 am

Everytime I go to Walgreens, the service is wonderful. The staff is always very helpful and I am in and out in a timely fashion.

Posted by: on Oct 11, 11 | 11:04 am

Gainesville Florida Tower Road, needs some major Help, horrible store, out of stock, items rings wrong price, over charged, rude, long wait, store is nasty . Amazing CVS is next door, Never again at this walgreens

Posted by: sue on Oct 11, 11 | 11:22 am

Pleasant cashier that showed me an alternative to a purchase I was making to save money.
Loved the savings which is the main reason I went there in the first place.

Posted by: Julia Custer on Oct 11, 11 | 12:28 pm

We have shopped at Walgreens ever since it was opened in Hurricane, Utah and have always been very satisfy with the service, and especially in the pharmacy because of the Pharmacist that we have known for many years and who has been so helpful for all those years.

Posted by: Ferel Campbell on Oct 11, 11 | 1:57 pm


Posted by: Bill Mahalaris on Oct 11, 11 | 5:07 pm

the pharmacy employees at the store on the swc 27th& carefree hyw Phoenix are fantastic especialy Barbra

Posted by: Emil Opalski on Oct 11, 11 | 6:41 pm

I receive the best service at Wallgreens. Every employee is friendly and is helpful. I ask a question and someone always has an answer.

Posted by: Lois Burton on Oct 11, 11 | 10:43 pm

We are seniors and enjoy shopping at walgreens for their specials and good prices.

Posted by: Paula Osborne on Oct 12, 11 | 7:49 am

I go to the Walgreens at 151st and Ridegewiew in Olathe KS. The Pharmacy staff especially the pharamist is always pleasant and helpful. He has an easygoing manner which he displays not only to the customers but his co-workers. He never appears to be annoyed when they need assisttance. I dont' know his name it maybe Phil. The store is well run always stocked with anything I need and the entire staff is pleasant from the front counter help-photo staff and I often see the manager working the floor. Just a great place to do business. I actually switched from the local CVS to Walgreens for all of our needs.
Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Posted by: Janice Nelson on Oct 12, 11 | 10:02 am

Every time I shop in my local Walgreens I receive excellent service for all of my needs

Posted by: Tina Blair on Oct 12, 11 | 10:04 am

I am so glad Walgreens is 5 minutes from me. I am there at least 3 times a week fort something Love all the awesome deals/sales. Thanks Walgreens.

Posted by: Mary Bruins on Oct 12, 11 | 10:41 am

If all of the staff in other retail stores were as pleasant as the Walgreens where I shop, it would certainly be a delight. When I go shopping, there isn't always enough time to stand and look for something,but at Walgreens they help you to find whatever it is that you are looking for and they are helpful and friendly!!

Posted by: Ann Johnson on Oct 12, 11 | 11:19 am

i love my walgreens,i went in to pick up my scripts and ended up buying alot. i always do.

Posted by: david on Oct 12, 11 | 12:03 pm

I had the pleasure of encountering Bernice at Walgreens. She was so kind and helpful in the photo dept. She is a wonderful asset to your company!

Posted by: Kitty Williams on Oct 12, 11 | 12:40 pm

I had a couple of problems with prescriptions and the Walgreen staff was very helpful in explaining my options....

Posted by: Bob Morrison on Oct 12, 11 | 4:30 pm

Everytime I go to this store, I am welcomed like an old friend, especially the cosmetics department. They have demonstrations by well trained attendants on different products they have on special. The store I shop has some very interesting items, I look forward to not only shopping but browsing for items that are new to the market. This store also has seasonel clothes that I find very cute, I even found a faux leather jacket that looks like an expensive one I saw at Norstroms! And if you only need milk, they have that too! If you want a movie, they have the Redbox outside, so Walgreens can be almost a one stop store !! I recommond this store to everyone, especially those that are in a hurry and need it NOW!

Posted by: Jennifer on Oct 12, 11 | 5:59 pm

I was very disappointed with my last visit to wallgreens. The prescription I need has gone up in price 3 times in the last year. I joined the savings club and now my prescription has been removed,I paid for the savings card and now I don't even save anything.

Posted by: Amber townley on Oct 12, 11 | 6:08 pm

walgreens is the best store

Posted by: Luz on Oct 12, 11 | 6:45 pm

I especially like the pharmacists; they are professional, caring individuals. They go the "extra mile" to take care of customers, especially the elderly.
The cashiers are very polite, accurate in their dealings, and always smiling. Everyone needs a smile nowadays.

Posted by: NELDA on Oct 12, 11 | 7:27 pm

i love to shop at walgreen for all my costmatice needs. i always find what i am looking.

Posted by: lynn hicks on Oct 12, 11 | 7:51 pm

Today I shopped @ Walgreens because I needed a prescription filled for my grandson. He also needed pain reliever.A pharmasist employee got the pain reliever for me. Upon checking out the cashier informed me I could get a second one free.Two for one,without her advice I would not have known,and this was a $6.00 savings.

Posted by: Mary on Oct 12, 11 | 9:00 pm

There was a long line at the main cashier and another employee came without being asked and asked if she could help the next customer in line.

I went to her cashier and she was very sweet and effecient, I was out in no time.

I love Walgreens!

Posted by: S.Lange on Oct 12, 11 | 9:19 pm

It was a great experience, it's so convinient, the service was great. Thank you

Posted by: Gabriel Vargas on Oct 12, 11 | 9:43 pm

walgreens has great items on sell every department is quiick with customer service

Posted by: sylvia looney on Oct 13, 11 | 8:27 am

All stores in my area are friendly and clean

Posted by: Angie on Oct 13, 11 | 10:50 am

thewallgreens on 14th street inabilene texasalways good and kind to me rachelvotaw

Posted by: rachel on Oct 13, 11 | 1:39 pm

I really like the easy access to the products i need.Everything is marked on each isle.I also like the different selections of the same item, at least you have a choice of what you want.

Posted by: frank piotrowski on Oct 13, 11 | 2:14 pm

I use walgreens for my perscriptions. Always done on time , with a complete explanation of the medicine. Very convenient and professional.

Posted by: jlemma on Oct 13, 11 | 3:06 pm

I was charged for 2 bottles of Nice Grape Soda, but only bought one. That notwithstanding, we are true Wag customers for everything we need, including the pharmacy which has the greatest pharmacist I've ever dealt with..

Posted by: Jay Hamlin on Oct 13, 11 | 4:20 pm

Walgreens shines in every way. Well stocked clean stores, friendly helpful personnel, good prices and lots of sale items.

The Walgreen Participation in the recent AARP convention was outstanding. Very good information delivered by knowledgeable staff.

Thank you
Linda Caston Temple City CA

Posted by: Linda Caston on Oct 13, 11 | 4:38 pm

Ifind that Wallgreen's staff and very helpful.friendly and also give good service.They awswered my questions to my satisfaction.

Posted by: David on Oct 14, 11 | 1:51 am

I received very helpful and corteous service when I shop at the Elk Grove Walgreen' store.

Posted by: Gloria Dean Horace on Oct 14, 11 | 9:53 am

Sherri, was the cashier and she was very helpful and friendly.

Posted by: ANNA ODOM on Oct 14, 11 | 10:34 am

I just love my Walgreen's in Hanover Park, IL at County Farm and Stearns Road. I get my RX's there and shop there 2 or 3 times a week. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and ask about my family and how I am doing. I save so much time and money here. They have a great selection of products, and if I need something special, they will order it for me. Sue, in the cosmetics department is awesome! Sheis so knowledgeable about products and even gives me coupons for my hair and makeup products! Thank you, Walgreens!

Posted by: Narda Rothermel on Oct 14, 11 | 11:54 am

Walgreen's is my favorite store.
Everything is easy to find and I love my cashier of whom I've not seen lately her name is Vicki

Posted by: Jane on Oct 14, 11 | 12:56 pm

I realy enjoy shopping at walgreen because of completness of the store i can get any thing what i want. and the store is convienent for me cause walgreen is close to my home, i am glad i visit walgreen every other days.

Posted by: eskdar on Oct 14, 11 | 1:02 pm


Posted by: WILLIAM WIEGAND on Oct 14, 11 | 5:44 pm

I like the 24 hour service. Employees are always helpful.

Posted by: Linda Blackburn on Oct 14, 11 | 7:12 pm

I enjoy Wallgreens, because they carry a wide assortment of items; besides drugs; and pharmacy; and they always have competivie or lower, prices. The employees of the store, are very friendly. My only gripe: I would not use the pharmacy for my monthly medications; because of bad experiances;..told they would be ready in 45 minutes; and when i went in two hours later; they told my son, that they would be ready in just a few minutes. 20 minutes later we got them. This has happened more then once, and with different friends of mine. The Pharmacy either needs moreemployees; or needs to be more efficient in filling them on time.

Posted by: guy on Oct 14, 11 | 8:56 pm

I love how fast they take care of the customers and they always ask if you need anything else

Posted by: DebbieH on Oct 15, 11 | 8:59 am

wallgreen: store clean,stocked correctly and maintains a wide variety necessary items for daily living.Pharmacy: excellent staff,carries complete line of drugs, rare drug types ordered immediately when needed drug prices are very reasonable.Staff:employees are considerate and caring as well as being trained for the position requirements. all in all a very nice place to shop.

Posted by: rion coffey on Oct 15, 11 | 11:34 am

Walgreens has good sales. The problem that I constantly encounter is a shortage of items on sale that is contingent upon the neighbor that I shop in. In my neighbor hood of Hollis Queens, there is always a shortage of items on sale. The shortage of weekly sale items is also mimicked in the Walgreens situtuated in the surrounding proximity. When I visit stores in other locations (e.g. Franklin Square, NY.) the stores are well stocked and I can obtain sale items. When contingent

Posted by: Bryant Johnson on Oct 15, 11 | 7:21 pm

the pharmacy employees are very respectible, and kind to their customers. I also love the 24 hour convenence. and the cleanliness of the store.

Posted by: angela bell on Oct 15, 11 | 7:57 pm

im happy what store

Posted by: on Oct 15, 11 | 8:47 pm

A very good store

Posted by: Fe' on Oct 16, 11 | 10:19 am

I have been submitting the $3000 survey questions for over 4 years. I have never won. I never hear of anyone winning. I don't think they award anyone.

Posted by: Rich on Oct 16, 11 | 10:45 am

She always speaks to me when I come in. All the employees do. I am a regular day and night, as I have to have a lot of prescriptions filled, but I also buy items up front. They are friendly, supportive of my needs as I am disabled, give me good service, and have no problem should I need to return an item. They make it easy and do it quickly. The woman who works days, talks with me for some time if there isn't a customer behind me, and we enjoy talking. She is a good employee and helps everyone with their needs. This is the Columbia, Tn. store, James Campbell Pkwy. Thanks, C. Lovell

Posted by: Day cashier/name ? on Oct 16, 11 | 2:36 pm

Love this store, allways have everything i need & the sales are good

Posted by: mjhugg on Oct 16, 11 | 3:59 pm

Cashiers r very helpful no matter what time of the day or night i go in . They r very polite ,and helpfull.they go out of there way to help you....i do not have any complaints about any one of the walgreens employees at pleasanthill in bellalago ...

Posted by: nicole on Oct 16, 11 | 8:22 pm

Walgreen's employees here in Lambertville, MI are ALL KIND AND FRIENDLY. The only problem I ever find is the fact tht sale items are not stocked heavily enough so often you have made a trip for nothing.

Posted by: Deanna Shaud on Oct 17, 11 | 7:20 am

OMG! I spent the first 7 1/2 years of my life in Lambertville!

Posted by: Tom on Oct 17, 11 | 4:22 pm


Posted by: MYRON RIGGERT on Oct 17, 11 | 4:44 pm

I've been very pleased with service in general at my local Walgreens which is close to my home. Service is quick and friendly. Susan took care of my pharmcy order today in just a few seconds.

Posted by: Dave on Oct 17, 11 | 4:48 pm

I thought I had a mail in order of a vital inhaler for my treatment of Empysema, but the refill there somehow fell through the cracks. I went for 7 days thinking it would arrive in the mail and it didn't. I got a local RX at Walgreen and in two hours it was filled and in my hands with a minimal co-pay. It will help so much with my breathing. Thank you Wal-Green

Posted by: Vickey Stamps on Oct 17, 11 | 9:12 pm

Walgreen's prices and service are great

Posted by: Frances Sikorski on Oct 17, 11 | 9:44 pm

I always enjoy my visits. Since I live alone
a friendly smile, and helpful comments are
very appreciated. I was only at the drive-thru yesterday and the service was
prompt and friendly. Since I cannot walk
well anymore, I do appreciate being able
to pick some grocery items as well.
Thank you for hiring and training such lovely
and helpful people.

Posted by: Avis Taylor on Oct 18, 11 | 3:08 am

The young man who helped me in the photo lab made sure that my pictures were printed quickly, as I wanted to get them in the mail.

Posted by: Don Farr on Oct 18, 11 | 10:54 am

My Walgreen's on Rte 200 & 80th Ave in Ocala, FL is best described in the following way:


Posted by: Rudy Dagnello on Oct 18, 11 | 12:06 pm

everyone in the pharmacy department is so nice. My husband is quite ill and I am in there several times a week and they are always nice and cheerful. Today I needed two refills and the clerk Heather even added some sort of store coupon to help us out

Posted by: jackie hopkins on Oct 18, 11 | 4:30 pm

muy buena la atencion de todos los trabajadores hasta dan muchas ganas de volver de nuevo

Posted by: miguel on Oct 18, 11 | 6:01 pm

Stopped at local WalGreen store & found everything I needed and the Clerks were as usual very helpful & friendly.

Posted by: Sylvia Neiwert on Oct 18, 11 | 8:34 pm

I love shopping at welgreens! The cashiers r very helpful & there's always great sales...

Posted by: Dorena on Oct 18, 11 | 8:54 pm

Love Walgreens get the basics I need with out having to go to Wal-Mart or Target for the quick things I need

Posted by: Richard G. Giachino on Oct 18, 11 | 9:46 pm

always enjoy going to wallgreens

Posted by: james almany on Oct 19, 11 | 8:15 am

everyone in wallgreens is always friendly and helpful

Posted by: james almany on Oct 19, 11 | 8:18 am

I do love to shop at Walgreens. The personal are ways friendly, and willing to help you find items, that you need.

Posted by: John Smith on Oct 19, 11 | 10:44 am

i love the conveience and hours of each walgreens store!

Posted by: donald l crawford jr on Oct 19, 11 | 3:01 pm

i love my walgreens! e. 29th & university desmoines iowa

Posted by: donald l crawford jr on Oct 19, 11 | 3:06 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens for many reasons... prompt and efficient service... knowledgeable cashiers.. no "out-of-stocks"... neat, clean and orderly.

Posted by: jack P. Johnson on Oct 19, 11 | 5:13 pm

I go to Walgreens because I can get in and out quickly. I do not have a favorite person at Walgreens. I like the coupons, quick service, and easy access from the parking lot.

Posted by: T.P. Murphy on Oct 20, 11 | 7:49 am

Most important and convenient is that Walgreen by me is open24 hours also the employees at pharmacy and cosmetic counter are very helpful . thank you.

Posted by: Cecilia Mariott on Oct 20, 11 | 8:17 am


Posted by: HENRY LINLEY on Oct 20, 11 | 11:41 am

Excellent service as always in Pharmacy Dept. Very polite and knowledgeable.

Posted by: Ruth on Oct 20, 11 | 2:57 pm

I have been going to walgreen for hears...pharmacists are Great!!

Posted by: Sonia on Oct 20, 11 | 4:40 pm

I love Walgreens because a lot of your
Shopping needs are taken care of

Posted by: Donnie Wellington on Oct 20, 11 | 5:17 pm

i realy enjoy shopping at walgreens its the nerest store from my house has great deals....

Posted by: davina on Oct 21, 11 | 12:27 am

Went into a Walgreens on Research and Gosling. In Texas. I live in Montgomery and usually shop there but my doctor is next to the Shenandoa store. My mother in law took her pictures there in to the Shenandoa store while we waited for my appointment. Poor quality. Yellow pictures. They guy there didn't care. Tallish boy. Never use him. I think his name was Raymond. Very rude. Did not care. Mumbled and did not look you in the eye. No people skills. I will never go back. We now take our money to CVS. That one bad apple ruined the entire batch, my mother in law said. That boy is causing money to be lost in your store. If people will not stay for pictures due to his rudeness they sure enough will not buy anything else as they walk out the door. No waiting for picturs then no sales my mother law saids to me as people wait. Do not go to the store on Gosling and Research. Rude store.

Posted by: Juane Johnson on Oct 21, 11 | 8:04 am

Use their photo services for regular 35 mm and they do a great job.

Posted by: Ruth Wagner on Oct 21, 11 | 10:10 am

Convenient, courteous, professional.

Posted by: Linda on Oct 21, 11 | 12:56 pm

fast and easy

Posted by: andy wood on Oct 21, 11 | 8:33 pm

Hi this is Oscar. The experienc at Walgreens was great it not to many time that u can go to a convenience story n get good service. Love Walgreens and I will be visiting them again.

Posted by: Oscar on Oct 22, 11 | 8:44 am

I liked the courtesy I received from the Walgreens staff today. The service was fast also.

Posted by: David Stiles on Oct 22, 11 | 3:20 pm

I realy enjoy getting my medication at Walgreens. I shop at the Walgreens on Robert C.Byrd Dr,Beckley,WV.Ever one is very nice and always has a smile. Thank you! Keep up the great work. Ron Robinson

Posted by: Rondell L.Robinson on Oct 22, 11 | 5:01 pm

i love galgreens.

Posted by: angel cardona on Oct 22, 11 | 9:59 pm

always pros at walgreens very helpful

Posted by: bob hoey on Oct 22, 11 | 11:33 pm

wonderful place to shop; very helpful and friendly staff.

Posted by: Mark Spalding on Oct 23, 11 | 8:06 am

i love to go be honest the variety in cosmetics,toys,candy,low price of cigarettes is amazing.
love it.go once a week.
god bless sheryl hebert wise

Posted by: sheryl wise on Oct 23, 11 | 1:00 pm

We have shopped in the walgreens store here in town since it opened. But today is the first time a manager told my husband the wrong price on coke products. he went ahead and paid the price and did not return it cause of the headache to get this done. Now we know we can not trust Walgreens management and need to watch everyone who works there not to cheat customers.

Posted by: Donna Linker on Oct 23, 11 | 3:15 pm


Posted by: SUE KOENIG on Oct 24, 11 | 11:01 am

Walgreens has become my favorite store. I look forward to the add in the paper each week. Your coupons are awesome! I have saved so much money. You always have everything I want. Thanks!!

Posted by: patt on Oct 24, 11 | 11:23 am



Posted by: STEVEN on Oct 24, 11 | 12:32 pm

Wallgreens should not put the medications in plastic bags and then staple the receipt to that plastic bag... it is already difficult for seniors the get to the meds because of the bottle safety options thats understandable, however now you've added a plastic bag which is difficult to open and people who are weak or have autoimmune issues arthritis can't open these bags. Use that money to pass on savings on to customers in another area like selling a medicine bag that is re usable that is easy to open. not that tuff plastic bag with a staple in that can injure.

Posted by: TERRI on Oct 24, 11 | 7:38 pm

I almost always have prompt, courteous service when I use the pharmacy & shop at Walgreens.

Posted by: Mitzee on Oct 24, 11 | 8:59 pm

Love walgreens they the best. they greet u wen u walkin in n they always help u out wen needed.

Posted by: nery camacho on Oct 24, 11 | 10:10 pm

Walgreens is my neighborhood stove.I can walk to it, But most of the time I don,t. I always receive great service and asked if I found everything I needed.Excellent serice...I visit Walgreens several times a day, I get fast service It's in a very good location I really like the stove it is clean the people that work there are very nice and very respectfull and throughtfull and always have a smile that makes my day.

Posted by: Ann Breadmore on Oct 25, 11 | 8:29 am

I want to tell you that you have a dedicated and caring employee named Janice who went out of her way to help me find insect repellant for my 2 year old granddaughter one night about 10 PM . I really appreciate her kindness and caring attitude and think you should be aware that your customer service is top rate. I will continue shopping at this location at Store 6141 as I really like your employees. Thank you.

Posted by: Anne on Oct 25, 11 | 11:06 am

i love walgreens for its convenient locations and great customer service. no trouble to the them and no difficulty finding specific merchandise.

Posted by: rojelio de la cruz jr on Oct 25, 11 | 11:14 am

I always have a pleasant experience at Walgreens.
They are always very helpful with finding what I'm
looking for.

Posted by: Wilber Eades on Oct 25, 11 | 5:34 pm

They were great, but lack of communication with one another as employee's.

Posted by: Shannon on Oct 26, 11 | 12:50 pm

I just got back from having a prescription filled. It was a horrible experience. I had to wate 20 minutes before they came to the window so I could drop off my prescription. I was told to come back in 30 minutes to pick it up. When I returned there was a lady in front of me I was behind her for 15 minutes they never came to the window
she left. I pulled up and waited aboust 20 minutes and no one came to the window I rang the buzzer and no one paid any attention. I looked inside the window and 1 person was waiting on customers at the window in the store and one person was filling prescriptions and two people were standing reading a book. I was finally wated on 30 minutes later I had surgery yesterday and I was in severe pain. I feel that the store at 1403 S. Wooddrive in Okmulgee, OK needs supervision in the pharmacy dept.

Posted by: Carol Chandler on Oct 26, 11 | 3:13 pm

I just left your store at 1403 South Wood Drive, Okmulgee, Ok. I had a horrible experience. I went to the drive through because I had surgery yesterday and didn't feel like walking in the store. I waited 15 minutes before I was waited on. I was told to come back in 30 min. to pick up my prescription. Upon returning there was a car in front of me she waited 15 minutes that I know of and no one came to the window she left. I pulled up rang the buzzer and no one paid any attention to me. I looked in the window and one person was waiting on customers at the window in the store and one person was filling orders and two people were in the corner reading a magazine finally 20 minutes later I was waited on. I feel this store needs some supervision in the Pharmacy dept.

Posted by: Carol Chandler on Oct 26, 11 | 3:30 pm

Walgreens always gives excellent service -- especially Kathleen!
Thank you Kathleen!

Posted by: Frances on Oct 26, 11 | 4:49 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreen's; it is convenient for me and I have always been treated with courtesy; I appreciate the special sale items too.
The photo shop is outstanding and the wait is very short for outstanding service.

Posted by: EDITH KELLEY on Oct 26, 11 | 5:33 pm

How in the heck do I get to the survey? So frustrating!!

Posted by: Patty Manders on Oct 26, 11 | 10:23 pm

I shop at the new Walgreen's store in Lincoln, CA. The Managers and all the employees are friendly and helpful. The other day I went in to buy the fleece throws that were on sale. I did not see colors on the shelf that I wanted, and asked David if there were more somewhere else in the store. He went to the backroom, brought out a full box, and even helped me match up the sets I wanted. That is typical of the employees at this store. All keepers!

Posted by: Jeanie Robertson on Oct 27, 11 | 2:16 am

this was at the walgreens on boundry st in beaufort sc, I had a very old important photo that I wanted to try and clean up, I had no idea how to work the photo kiosk even tho I had worked in a photo lab some years back, Larry, was working photo that day and he walked-did the entire process for me, he was very fast and understood how to use the equipment, and he talked to me the entire time, explaining things, asking about the photo, giving the type of customer service I expect but rarely receive these days. He is great, happy he was there to help me, survey number 1125-2255-345 password 3111-0242-116

Posted by: terri johnson on Oct 27, 11 | 7:30 am

Never shop at Research and Gosling in The woodlands tx. Idiot man working in the photo area. Walks off as you speak to him.He knows it all. You know nothing.

Posted by: Terri Carr on Oct 27, 11 | 9:57 am

win money

Posted by: tammy on Oct 27, 11 | 12:50 pm

I love shopping at WalGreens stores.

Posted by: Joyce on Oct 27, 11 | 3:49 pm

la farmacia ha sido una vendicion tan serca de mi hogar me ha salvado de tantas situasines y emergencias..gracias sigan adelante

Posted by: G.LOPEZ on Oct 27, 11 | 5:44 pm

I truly appreciate all the wonderfull sales.
Especially the paper towels , toilet tissue, and sodas.

Posted by: Yonnie preston on Oct 27, 11 | 7:48 pm


Posted by: kim on Oct 27, 11 | 9:29 pm

I enjoy going to Walgreens because they are the only ones who sell my Archie comic books that I truly love. Most of all they are wonderful people to chat with. And the pharmacy techs are very informative and take time to explaing things to you.

Posted by: Joyce on Oct 28, 11 | 7:10 am

I like walgreens because its very awesome because when my hubby and me go to far what i need i love walgreen the fact that every were i go i can fine a walgreen on some corner and they alway have good offers walgreen is friendly and good staffed always willing to help if they cant find what similar product along with great sales ,thank you very much walgreen is a verry good store and handles my prescriptions fast.

Posted by: julie chapa on Oct 28, 11 | 9:13 am

shopping at walgreens was wonderful as it is the only place that i can find this cerrtain candy

Posted by: sandy corbin on Oct 28, 11 | 10:03 am

I enjoy going to the Walgreens on Military and Marbach in San Antonio, Texas because they have the Archie comic books that I still love to read. And most of all the pharmacy techs there are very informative when it comes to explaining the types of medication that I'm on. The clerks there are very friendly and they help when you can't find a certain item. Never had a problem with them.

Posted by: Joyce on Oct 28, 11 | 10:19 am

I bought two Halloween cards for grandchilldren on Wednesday. Wanted to buy one for my mother but you had nothing for an adult.

When I was checking out the clerk (very pleasant) was telling a group of customers that people really DO win this particular contest and showed us a list of winners. That is why I decided to fill out this very convaluted survey.

Where is the part of this survey that will contain the specific information you need to identify the store etc?

Posted by: Jane Mathieu on Oct 28, 11 | 11:19 am

It has all my needs.

Posted by: Robert Beardsley on Oct 28, 11 | 11:37 am

just came back home from picking up my wifes perscriptions an another very nice experiancy with wallgreens employees. the store 0nsw117ave and72sw miami was as usual ,a very easy time to shop. the store was very clean,orderly even for this time of the yearnthe holidays coming up. i woult recomend walgreens . thanks. for the opertunity. for expression bob barry

Posted by: bob barry on Oct 28, 11 | 3:29 pm

I was a customer at C.V.S..but I change pharmacy because they never had all my medicine.So I change to Walgreens and Im happy I did.The cashiers know ou by name which I love it makes the visit personal.The store is always clean. And well stocked.So two thumps up for Walgreens Store.

Posted by: Tina Outlaw on Oct 28, 11 | 5:54 pm

Good experience at Walgreens. Especially convenient for flu shot.

Posted by: Mary on Oct 28, 11 | 9:59 pm

everyone nice

Posted by: william smith on Oct 29, 11 | 9:42 am

Posted by: RUBEN COLON on Oct 29, 11 | 10:10 am


Posted by: RUBEN COLON on Oct 29, 11 | 10:15 am

I always have a great experience when going to Walgreen's. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. The store is always clean and well organized. A valuable member of our community.

Posted by: Sandie on Oct 29, 11 | 10:33 am

Shopping at walgreens(Washington Court House,Ohio) is always a pleasure. The people are always pleasant and eager to help in every way the can.

Posted by: verl wilson on Oct 29, 11 | 11:15 am

Daphne is our (one of them) tech. been a customer at the local Walgreens for 4 years and find all the employees incl the pharmacists to be helpful, they normally greet me by name.

Posted by: john deloache on Oct 29, 11 | 1:26 pm

I trust the farmacy at walgreens

Posted by: Leo O. Guerrero on Oct 29, 11 | 2:26 pm

Walgreens is a great place to shop!

Posted by: S. Tarpenning on Oct 29, 11 | 7:03 pm

Excelent service

Posted by: belgica on Oct 29, 11 | 11:18 pm



Posted by: RICHARD WATERS on Oct 30, 11 | 2:01 pm

I like shopping at walgreens because the prices are cheap and they always have a sale for the items that I purchase.

Posted by: Jocelyn West on Oct 30, 11 | 4:52 pm

This store in Greenwood,Indiana has great selection of Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries.Can't get enough of that sweet,sweet

Posted by: Gary Fishburn in Indy on Oct 30, 11 | 5:36 pm

It was very poor services I received from Kahului, Maui's Walgreens. She was so mean and poor attitude. That kind of attitude they have that is the reason why people on Maui don't want to go to the Walgreens. They must educate or select their employee more better person. I don't think I go to the Walgreens again. Very Poor services and attitude.

Posted by: SM on Oct 31, 11 | 12:51 am

I like your store except for the fact that you do not have an electric wheel chair, like Fred Mayers has.
I would like "brouse", when I shop . I cannot stand long enough, so I quickly pick up an item or two, and check out.

Posted by: Van Gibson on Oct 31, 11 | 5:43 pm

At Walgreens they always meet you with a smile.

Posted by: Edwin on Oct 31, 11 | 6:43 pm

I could write a book. Number one, My husband require so much medicine that our co-pays alone are approximately $ 1200 a month. We both have severe life threatening diseases. The pharmacy crew and I are on a first name basis. They have set me up with the text message system which is great. The other employees are just as good. I have written letters to the Corporate office, telling them how wonderful their store is and the professionalism of all employees, from pharmacy, to makeup and custodians. I have needed several things that were no longer in stock and they always do their best to order them. I usually get them in one business day and they always put my merchandise back with my name on it. I used to work with one of the cosmetic ladies 30 years ago in another store and we are like family. I often get truly aggravated with the public for treating the pharmacists so badly. My solution is to take them treats almost every day. Yesterday I took the whole store Breakfast tacos. Several times a week I take them bags of candy and today I have made them homeade cookies. I tell people to be nice to them for they have gone to school for years and most still owe student loans etc. My daughter being a psychiatric RN in the field I understand the time and money it takes to become such a professional. I have written notes to the store, pharmacy, encouraging them daily to do their best and ignore the ugliness of the general public. I just think the public should be more understanding of the lack of help they receive everyday and how hard they work to get every prescription right. They call Dr's.,take phone orders, do faxes and look up insurance and medicare programs constantly. I'm not trying to get the $3000 dollars, however it would be nice. I would just apply it to our prescription co-pays. This store in Kerrville Texas is by far the most pleasant shopping experience I can ever have. The people as I said are like family and we are all on a first name basis. The corporate office wrote me back and expressed their appreciation of their store and most importantly their employees. I could not make my day without visiting Walgreens.That being said they also are involved in my personal well-being. They are always quick to ask how my husband and parents who are disabled. These people are truly a God send. Thank you very much for allowing me to speak freely about my Walgreen store. Sincerely Niki Spenrath, Kerrville, Texas 78028

Posted by: Niki Spenrath on Nov 01, 11 | 7:19 am

To whom it may concern:
I am a Pharmacist by profession and I am really impress by the service I get from the employees at Walgreen in Barnhart. Prompt and "Service with a Smile".Thank you.God Bless.

Posted by: Sr. Mary on Nov 01, 11 | 3:27 pm

Since "redecorating" the Walgreen's on Coolidge/9Mi Rd. in Oak Park,MI. it is very difficult to find products, the store looks junky, and most sales items are unavailable. Most of the personnel are very friendly and helpful.

Posted by: Pat Curry on Nov 01, 11 | 3:58 pm

Walgreen is so awesome with sales

Posted by: karen lemos on Nov 01, 11 | 5:12 pm

I appreciate our neighborhood Walgreens in Morton Grove, IL. All the people are extremely friendly and helpful. However, I was in Glenview today, so I went to the one at Lake and Waukegan. I wanted to pay by my credit card, but the machine did not work properly. The clerk was trying to help me and nearly broke the machine. In the meantimes, about 5 people lined up, and there was no other clerk.
It is a very nice 24 hour store, but I don't know if I want to go back there. I did talk to the assistant manager. He was very nice and told me he will take care of it. I hope so. Itsuko

Posted by: Itsuko Mizuno on Nov 01, 11 | 7:28 pm

I enjoy shopping at Walgreens, when I have a question about a product I buy, there is always a courteous staff ready to help. I love the specials that are in the adds. Mammie Soliz, i especially helpful when it comes to any electronic device I dont comprehend. Thank you for being Walgreens.

Posted by: Gloria Mejia on Nov 01, 11 | 9:22 pm

I love the way they have automatic refill and call you when it's ready. I don't even have to remember when I need to call in for refills.

Posted by: on Nov 02, 11 | 9:43 am

I go to the Walgreens in Pleasanton Texas. Every employee in that store is outstanding. If I was able to work ,I would love to work there.

Posted by: C. Tadpole Clark on Nov 02, 11 | 2:04 pm

Always great service when I visit my local walgreens.

Posted by: brandy on Nov 02, 11 | 7:20 pm

Walgreens employees are very helpful. all over the whole store.

Posted by: Christine Hodgson on Nov 03, 11 | 9:21 am

The 24 hour service. The employees
and the pharmacy personal are extremely helpful and friendly every time.

Posted by: CAROL THORTON on Nov 04, 11 | 12:57 pm

Great shopping, since its the only near by drug store, i can reach on a power chair, prices are great and people are everything they should be, good, kind people.
Richard Carpenter

Posted by: Richard W Carpenter on Nov 04, 11 | 12:59 pm

the pharmacy staff is very friendly and helpful, the only thing is they give you a pick up time and you go back and still wait up to a 1/2 hour. they fill prescriptions fast need to give a exact time it will be ready.

Posted by: Cynthia Metcalf on Nov 04, 11 | 4:48 pm

i love walgreens great people very helpful.

Posted by: James Oscar Tribett on Nov 04, 11 | 6:48 pm

Why people are helpful at Walgreens is , they seem to have something special, working at a great store.Pharmacy people all are great when i pick up my meds,ask Q's and make sure i need to take to the drugist if I need to, always a smile and a greeting of have a nice day, not much people say that now day.I enjoy it every time i visit, for so many years going, kepp up your spirit and happy holiday Walgreens
Richard Carpenter

Posted by: Richard W Carpenter on Nov 04, 11 | 7:34 pm

Great people and a great store, Medicare part D plan is something, thank god.Your Pharmacist know what is the right one for you, getting your meds on time, great prices, Thank you Walgreens, happy Holidays
Richard Carpenter

Posted by: Richard W Carpenter on Nov 04, 11 | 7:44 pm

My favorite pharmacy ! What great people.

Posted by: Dan Rosenberg on Nov 04, 11 | 8:06 pm

I love Walgreens. I love the specials. It is so convient. I live within walking distance. The prices are resonable for a convient store.

Posted by: Sheila Dickens on Nov 05, 11 | 3:01 pm

frome Rite., too walg.

The staff at Walgreens is always cheerful and helpful --- Products are kept up to date and are easy to find -

Posted by: ellen mcgowan on Nov 06, 11 | 2:23 pm

I shop at 19203 Stone Oak Pkwy. I love going there because I know Teresa is always there with a big smile, keeping me posted on sales, knows my name, and knows where everything in the store is. She's always saving me time and money with coupon offers. Teresa is why I shop there and not CVS closer to my house.

Posted by: Carlota on Nov 06, 11 | 5:23 pm

MY shopping experience at Walgreens today was very pleasing.

Posted by: Benjamin Bradlely on Nov 07, 11 | 12:16 am

I love my Walgreens pharmacy at
Cherry Lane and 10 Mile in Meridian, ID. Most of my shopping is through the Rx pharmacy. All clerks are excellent and greet me by name. Even the pharmacists are so friendly and seem to care that I get good service.

Posted by: Jeanette Sarazin on Nov 07, 11 | 10:24 am

I enjoy going to Walgreens. I am always treated nicely and often asked by sales people if there is anything they can help me find,Cashiers are always friendly and it is an overall wonderful shopping experience.

Posted by: Tracy Howard on Nov 07, 11 | 10:49 am

I travel thru seral of our stetes and when necessary,I look for a Wallgreens Pharmacy because I know of their intent to be helpfull

Posted by: Richard J Lewis on Nov 07, 11 | 11:13 am

Walgreens only put their customers first and attend to them in a prompt manner when ever a customer needs assistance

Posted by: Yaw on Nov 07, 11 | 12:10 pm

Dexter at the Walgreens photo shop in Honolulu(Kapiolani) helped me with the computer set-up for Walgreens digital camera. He was very helpful as the computer had a new set-up which I wasn't use to. Thanks to him I succeeded in completing my pictures.

Posted by: Victoria Chung on Nov 07, 11 | 12:17 pm

You can get help from any of the clerks

Posted by: JDAVIS on Nov 07, 11 | 12:45 pm

I like Walgreens because they always seem to have what need, sepecially my last minute needs

Posted by: Patricia Hudson on Nov 07, 11 | 1:02 pm

I have a have nice cahsier at Walgreen's in Barnesville Ga , his Name is Travis

Posted by: Jory Tidwell on Nov 07, 11 | 2:09 pm

Walgreens is amazing! Best prices in town.

Posted by: Shermie on Nov 07, 11 | 2:17 pm

Cashier was not up to date on an ad in their flyer, we told her dr pepper was a pepsi product and she said no, but we know it was so we didn't get what we wanted,

Posted by: Larry J. Keel on Nov 07, 11 | 5:02 pm

I love the variety Walgreen's has to offer. They always have the cutest holiday items. They have a little bit of everything. Great deals on photo prints.
I visit the Walgreens by my house often.

Posted by: Mel on Nov 07, 11 | 9:15 pm

I shop at Walgeens in Layafette, TN. The check out lady Betty is so kind & helpful.

Posted by: Val Halliburton on Nov 07, 11 | 10:31 pm

I shop Walgreens for the quick service and quality products.

Posted by: Rhonda Stewart on Nov 07, 11 | 11:22 pm

nice store
good sales
and a bathroom also

Posted by: Idelia Louise Moody on Nov 08, 11 | 3:43 am

walgreens is my agreat store I get al my medicine there never a problem.

Posted by: adela wong on Nov 08, 11 | 7:45 am

Walgreens employees are very smart,if the person don't know the answer to you question they will find some one who knows which is very slim. I wouldn't shop anywhere else.

Posted by: Mary Howerton on Nov 08, 11 | 9:41 am

there is a big problem with my pham. Yesterday they said they had sent 3 medication request too my Dr. and my prersription was denied so I called the dr again and was told they received NO Faxs. She finally got the problem solved. The other problems I have is with a controlled pain pill. While trying to get my medication in the right dose that worked for, there were several times I had called my doctor whotold the pham, to release a refill a few days early. Then there is always the issue of ins. coverage so I tell them I will pay for it myself and there is still issues. I did check with another store and they have a three day policy for early presriptions, and if there is a problem they will call my doctor.

Posted by: Theresa on Nov 08, 11 | 11:30 am

Im always shopping at walgreens because with the coupons that they are always giving, i can save a lot especially at this time of economic crises ,walgreens help me to meet my daily needs in a lower prices plus extra savings.

Posted by: Juanita Lumactud on Nov 08, 11 | 12:08 pm

Cashier did not have on a name badge, but she has a VERY BAD attitude problem (today 11-8-11; 10:00AM) Walgreens on 62nd Avenue South and 9th Street South.

Posted by: on Nov 08, 11 | 2:50 pm

every time i go to walgreens everyone all ways nice with smileing faces

Posted by: john on Nov 08, 11 | 5:27 pm

I will never use the Walgreens Pharmacy In Decatur Illinois again! They are located 1311 N. State route 48. I dropped off a script Sunday 11/07/2011 and went to pick it up Tuesday and guess what. It had not been filled. I left and came back later to pick it up. Got home and they didn't fill my script properly. I don't live in town so I called and complained and they said they would fix it. My wife went and picked up the remainder of my script that they shorted me and they recharge her for the full script. Had to make a fourth trip back town to straighten out their poorly run pharmacy!! Gas at $3.79 a gallon, I can't afford walgreens type of savings!! I will be shopping at the new CVS Pharmacy right down the road from now on. They also have a 24 hr. Pharmacy and people that stay awake on the job!!

Posted by: Mike E. on Nov 08, 11 | 5:46 pm

I absolutely love Walgreens! It's such an easy and fast stop. You don't have to fight the large parking lot crowd or long lines and the store is just the right size to make it a quick shopping experience.

Posted by: Cassie Taylor on Nov 08, 11 | 6:56 pm


Posted by: Aline M George on Nov 08, 11 | 9:11 pm


Posted by: reanna on Nov 08, 11 | 9:52 pm

great job from the cashiers at the Hudson and Lenoir NC stores

Posted by: Doris Summerlin on Nov 09, 11 | 5:22 am

The guy stocker known as RL of the NW at the Woodlands store on Research, has a job with Walgreens even though he is known on the streets. Acts clean but a punk with major pure rocks. Poor ethics at Walgreens. They do not keep your family safe.

Posted by: Carl Corona on Nov 09, 11 | 7:40 am

The pharmacist and staff are very helful and friendly.

Posted by: Ceferino Perez on Nov 09, 11 | 8:18 am

My first Walgreen experience was on Main St. Milwaukee, Wis. in 1961. This was always our first stop coming from Great Lakes Navy training Center.

I moved to Fl. in 1976 and used Walgreens ever since, first in Stuart, Fl. and now in St Augustine, Fl. I have always gotten wonderful service from every store. I love the store clerks in St Augustine.

In December I find that I must give up my Walgreen Drug stores and move on. It is NOT what I wanted. The big dogs at Walgreens and E-Scripts decided not to play nice in the same sandbox and my Tricare prescriptions will not be filled at Walgreens without me paying full price.

It is with the greatest heavy heart that I must say goodby to the many friends I have made here.

Posted by: Andrew Campbell on Nov 09, 11 | 11:01 am

Tuesday I went to the walgreens in Oswego, Il. I frequently visit this store. When I walked in the front door I felt like it was a totally different store, the easy going atmonoshere was gone, it felt like it was unfriendly at least to me. I did have an incedent where one of the employees who was stocking shelves, she decided instead of going around my shopping cart, she hit it, I was right there looking at something on the shelf and I was right there . I moved out of the way and said excuse me, she looked at me and said nothing. I have been a customer since it opened and I was really upset with this whole episode. I do know that there is new management and I had an uncomfortable visit.

Posted by: Karen on Nov 09, 11 | 2:45 pm

Great buys, however, Walgreens doesn't carry any natural vitamin E, they only have synthetic.

Posted by: Edward Phillips on Nov 09, 11 | 3:06 pm

I've always gotten good service at Walgreens. Never had to complain about anything. I especially like the Pharmacy. They are always helpful and answer my every question.
Thanks Walgreens for wonderful service.

Happy Customer
Patti McDermott

Posted by: Patti McDermott on Nov 09, 11 | 3:26 pm

The service was very good and found just what I needed. The clerk was very helpful and pleasant.

Posted by: Elsie Conrad on Nov 09, 11 | 4:45 pm

I shop at walgreens on 10th street east & ave k in lancaster,ca.
Gerri who is a clerk at this store gives
the best costomer service that I have seen in the retail industery you shoud
be proud to have her as a employee

Posted by: Jerry on Nov 09, 11 | 6:02 pm

i love shopping at walgreens because of the friendly,helpful peopleand prices. need not say more......

Posted by: verl wilson on Nov 09, 11 | 6:42 pm

i love walgreens because they are open 24 hours a day ;)

Posted by: christy keller on Nov 09, 11 | 9:16 pm

I visit my local Walgreens two or three times a week. I find them always to be cheerful and helpful.
On todays visit the manager was up to his elbows in shelf restocking, stopped to help me find the products that I needed. Keep up the good work and we need more employees like you have.

Posted by: KKOWENS on Nov 10, 11 | 8:44 am

Pharmacy personnel are great, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable. Also like the way the store is stocked.

Posted by: Sandra on Nov 10, 11 | 9:45 am

front checker needs help at counter

Posted by: ina or john good on Nov 10, 11 | 10:25 am

What i like about walgreens they are very convenient when ever you need them their always open to help you with whatever you need and they are so nice and pleasant when their serving you. I just left walgreens and i had no problem at all of getting the medication that i needed. Thank you walgreens.

Posted by: Avis on Nov 10, 11 | 12:59 pm

I shop at the Walgreens at Holden's beach,N.C. They have not been open long,but have friendly employees.My favorite person is demona Ludlum,She works all over the store and is very helpful with helping me find products.She will at times arrange a special table of the newest costmics and I get hooked right away!She is very knowledgeable as to were products are located and the ones that work the best!She always greets me with a smile and makes my shopping experience fun.She likes to joke and is very helpful with keeping me updated on the lasrest trend of makeup.She is a wonderful person and Walgreens is very blessed to have her on their team!!!

Posted by: Nancy Smith on Nov 10, 11 | 2:05 pm

Very friendly employees

Posted by: Kathey on Nov 10, 11 | 2:36 pm

Went in for my annual flu shot and the gal working with me was very polite and thorough. I don't think they could have been friendlier. They were efficient and knowledgeable. A very pleasant experience, especially when getting a shot in the arm!

Posted by: Larry on Nov 10, 11 | 2:38 pm

On my very few visits to the Walgreens pharmacy I did not find the folks in the pharmacy dept. very friendly or helpful. Now the other chashiers at Walgreens seemed friendly.

Posted by: Cynthia Daugereaux on Nov 10, 11 | 4:38 pm

Looked all over town for items not found elsewhere & Walgreen's had them. Was served by a charming Walgreen's employee named Diane who had worked for Walgreen's since she was 16. Such a long career must say a lot for employee experience. Will always go to Walgreen's for items I can't find elsewhere.

Posted by: Ann on Nov 11, 11 | 10:44 am

On my recent visit, I was informed, that on photofinishing two copies had to be purchased. I take many pictures and discard the unfavorable ones I prefered the choice of one or two sets. Since this is Walgreens policy, I plan to do business elsewhere.

Posted by: ron ambrosius on Nov 11, 11 | 2:34 pm


Posted by: TRUMAN on Nov 11, 11 | 7:14 pm

very good service every time I visit

Posted by: Brenda on Nov 12, 11 | 1:42 pm

very good service every time I visit

Posted by: Brenda on Nov 12, 11 | 1:48 pm

I would like to say that the pharmacists at the Walgreens on Wolf Rd and Larraway in Frankfort, Il. are the absolute best. They go out of their way EVERY time to help you. Thanks guys.

Posted by: Carole M. on Nov 12, 11 | 4:01 pm

There used to a KFC WHERE MY WALGREENS is now , but i am very thankful for MY WALGREENS .They always have what they advertise and are always helpful. They also have a big variety of my needs and i don't have to drive all over town. thank you Walgreens!! Everyone working there are so polite and friendly.

Posted by: DEE SANDERSON on Nov 12, 11 | 7:20 pm

I needed my printer ink cartridges refilled and it was getting late on Saturday afternoon. Other stores were closing. It was nice to realize that the Walgreen's in Dixon ILL could do what I needed until 10:00 P.M.

Posted by: Ed Morris on Nov 12, 11 | 7:52 pm

I met the most wonderful employee today @ Walgreen. His sense of humor was exciting while talking about politics. We both agreed that this was going to be a very interesting race for the White House.

Posted by: Latease Albritton on Nov 12, 11 | 10:21 pm

I love going to walgreens. The employees are very helpful and you can tell they like what they do. I can always find what I need. If I can't there is always help available.

Posted by: Pat on Nov 13, 11 | 12:06 am

Everyone speaks to me, asks if I'm finding what I'm looking for and helps me find it. Checkout ladies are very friendly.

Posted by: Ann on Nov 13, 11 | 6:18 pm

entre a walgreens a comprar aspirinas y me gusto mucho la tienda, yo soy de chile, y pedi alluda para que me vendieran, y me atendieron muy bien y amables, felicito a todos los que atienden en ese local, muy bien...saludos,

Posted by: alvaro sanhueza on Nov 13, 11 | 7:42 pm

Went to CVS for they did not have the needed items I wanted. Walgreens had it though. Alittle out of my way. But I won't make the same mistake twice now!!! Thank-you

Posted by: mark on Nov 14, 11 | 2:20 pm

I trade at Walgreens of its convenience and location.

Posted by: Dolores Watkins on Nov 14, 11 | 5:47 pm

The service is very good and highly exceeds the service rendered by this website. We are told to enter a survey and are then subjected to coments praising Walgreens for many months past. What happened to the survey? Is business so poor that Wa;greems can not afford to pay out the $3,000.00? In that case, drop the farce being presented to the public

Posted by: Bill Stith on Nov 14, 11 | 10:42 pm

Well Thay gave me the wrong meds. but thay took care of the problem rightaway

Posted by: graywizard on Nov 15, 11 | 1:13 pm

Been at this Walgreens & shopping for
2 yrs. & the people there ate great.
They are very helpful, especialy Donna
& Mike.

Posted by: Fran on Nov 15, 11 | 3:06 pm

I recently moved and was delighted to find Walgreens so close....2 blocks away. I use the drivethru to pick up my medications since I use a walker. Every person I've had contact with, by phone and at the window has been WONDERFUL!!! My favorite though is a gray-haired lady who is so sweet. I recently had a shift in insurance and have been experiencing sticker shock in the cost of the medications. Yesterday one of the medications for 90 days was more than I could pay for. There were a couple of cars behind me so she asked me to go back around behind those cars and she'd have it reduced to a 30 day supply. When I got back to the window it was ready for me and she was SO pleasant to me.. I LOVE THIS STORE!!!!!

Posted by: Mary Nelson on Nov 15, 11 | 4:13 pm

siempre voy a walgreens por todos mis mtambien utilizo mucho sus ofertas y buen servicio en generaledicamentos, ademas

Posted by: teresita rios on Nov 15, 11 | 5:47 pm

i love Walgreen what ever i am looking for its there

Posted by: Tenisha Fleming on Nov 15, 11 | 5:48 pm

no comprendo que pasa aun no encuentro la pag para el numero de recibo y password

Posted by: teresita rios on Nov 15, 11 | 5:51 pm

Walgreen is my favorite drugstore shop. I shop at three different ones 2 in one town and one in alother. I get all my meds there and buy other goodies too. Just today my husband got me three pair of the little slippers for 10.00. Great prices too. All ashiers are nice. Never had a bad one. You are great at training your folks

Posted by: D. Smith on Nov 15, 11 | 6:18 pm

the pharmacy is always helpful & takes the time to explain in detail for you

Posted by: david voorhies on Nov 15, 11 | 10:53 pm

I enjoy the 24 hr service. Nothing compares in my small town.

Posted by: Deena Bailey on Nov 16, 11 | 6:04 am

I have been a regular pharmacy customer at my neighborhood Walgreens for over 7 years. The pharmacists, TIm and Tom, are always helpful and have my prescriptions ready on time. It seems to me that the store would benefit by increasing the clerical staff, in the pharmacy, so that the pharmacists did not spend much of their time behind the cash register

Posted by: Kenneth C. Shanklin on Nov 16, 11 | 10:35 am

I love shopping at Walgreen. The cashiers have always been friendly, however, I had a rather negative experience with the pharmacy department. This was a store located at 1081 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN. I walked up to get a prescription filled and the young lady was on the phone, she told them to hold long enough to take my prescription. There was no greeting nor apology for being on the phone. She then begin to fill my prescription and continued her phone conversation. My concern was not only the lack of customer service, but, her ability to pay attention to detail when filling my prescription. I'm not sure how she was able to do both well. Prescription errors has caused deaths. I was very uncomfortable with this transaction. She did ask if I had any questions and asked me to step to the side for a consult. This person was not better; she quickly told me a few things and dismissed me. I later call the store manager and reported the whole unpleasant experience with her. She apologized and stated they where short staffed. This was my first and I hope last unpleasant experience with Walgreens.

Posted by: Gail Demonbreun on Nov 16, 11 | 11:38 am

me and my husband love wal greens in copperas cove texas its very convenient compared to wal mart or heb..... never had a problem find are hoilday deco... wal greens have it all love you guys

Posted by: jasmine raspberry on Nov 16, 11 | 12:09 pm

Never have a problem at Walgreens.

Posted by: John Carlson on Nov 16, 11 | 2:46 pm

It's wonderful to find an electronic-savvy young woman patient with a Luddite. My cashier (I'm afraid I don't know her name) was very helpful with my refill request for my cell phone (this was at the Paradise Circle store in Woodland Park, CO.

Posted by: Claudia Pino on Nov 16, 11 | 4:14 pm

no comment

Posted by: BOB on Nov 16, 11 | 4:52 pm

walgreens is a really nice store

Posted by: Charles Jones JR on Nov 16, 11 | 6:24 pm

When ever I enter Walgreens Drug Store, I am always greetded with a smile and recognized as a person rather than just another potential customer. This is a very comfortable feeling. Walgreen's can be trusted for accurate information

Posted by: gloria lawson on Nov 17, 11 | 9:32 am

I love Walgreens because the employees are so friendly andI can usually find bargains, especially the suppliments we take.

Posted by: N. E. Carpenter on Nov 17, 11 | 11:32 am

I love the customer service, the greeting when you enter the store and the thank you when you exit.

Posted by: Robert Garrett on Nov 17, 11 | 12:56 pm

i went to three other stores befor i got what i was looking for, at walgreens

Posted by: jimmy on Nov 17, 11 | 2:08 pm

Wallgreen es el lugar perfecto que tememos yo i mi familia para aser nustras compras por sienpre esta enn servicio las 24 horas del dia por eso amo a wallgreen de todo corazon por es el mejor lugar para comprar las medesinas o cualquier cosa y las personas que trabajan siempre estan atenta con esa. Atendimiento a los clientes. Por eso yo les recomiendo wallgreen que siempre agan sus compras. Como. Wallgreen. No ay otra los. Trabajadores de walllgreen son muy especiales. Para atender. Grasias esto es todo

Posted by: dario delcid on Nov 17, 11 | 8:18 pm

I was very pleased with the efficiency and politeness of the staff at drive up window.

Posted by: Jimwalters on Nov 18, 11 | 7:58 am

Our Walgreens has great customer service. I never have to look around to find someone to check me out. At the pharmacy across the street I always have to search for someone to come check me out! Also I like Walgreens photo service. They are always very helpful when I am making prints.

Posted by: judy pack on Nov 18, 11 | 11:01 am

I like Walgreen they answer your question when you have one and they are very nice people that work at Walgreen's they are so helpful.thank you Walgreen for being so kind

Posted by: sharon on Nov 18, 11 | 1:20 pm

quick & easy shopping

Posted by: Joan Scariati on Nov 18, 11 | 2:06 pm

We stopped at the Walgreens in New Braunfels in Texas. We got what we went for and they were givinbg flu shots. That was so convienent and we got all our needs taken care of in one location.

Posted by: Betty on Nov 18, 11 | 2:16 pm

The pharmacy personnel outdid themselves lookikng for a prescription, that was faxed by my Dr. offfice, but my Ins. wouldn't cover. It was all myfault trying to get a refil on a new prescription, that had not yet been filled. They finally persevered & were able toget the correction. Good for them.

Posted by: H.Diane on Nov 18, 11 | 4:36 pm

Wallgreens always has the right stuff at the right price!

Posted by: Scott Leazott on Nov 18, 11 | 6:58 pm

My family and I absolutely love Walgreens in Jacksonville,Al. Adam Pike and his crew are the greatest. They are all very thoughtful and curtious and answer all or questions no matter what.

Posted by: Daniel Barger on Nov 18, 11 | 7:38 pm

I like the idea that I can get my HP ink cartridge refilled at Walgreens,but it is not price competative with Wal Mart.I was charged 12.99 plus tax and all the sales clerk did was put .40 cents worth of ink in a cartridge that I provided.This not a service but it does qualify as a rip off and I will not return for the service unless there is a DRASTIC cut in price.
I an NOT interested in helping to fund the CEO of Walgreens expensive vacation and all I really want is to be charged a reasonable fee to reink my equipment.A fee of five or six dollars would earn my repeat business.
Walgreens needs to step up to this issue and stop overchargeing for ink esp. when we provide the cartridge!I was robbed!
Yours truly,
out of my money,and out of your store!

Posted by: Dan Burress on Nov 18, 11 | 11:40 pm

jolynn is a excellent cashier, sales person. on a scale from 1 to 10 she is a 9

Posted by: susan jorden on Nov 19, 11 | 2:10 am

i just love walgreens, always great service, jolynn is a great sales person/ cashier. she remembers who you are thats awsome. i would rate jolynn a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10

Posted by: susan jorden on Nov 19, 11 | 2:18 am

I went to Walgreens and the product I needed was not there. The Manager went to another Walgreens to get the two items I needed. He was back within 15-20 minutes. What great service.
I will continue to go to Walgreens.

Posted by: Gale Oliver on Nov 19, 11 | 1:41 pm

always fast and friendly service

Posted by: cheryl stitzel on Nov 19, 11 | 1:52 pm

walgreens 24 hour drive up window is the olny way to go

Posted by: george kibat on Nov 19, 11 | 2:34 pm


Posted by: Rush Kelley on Nov 19, 11 | 4:43 pm

I,ve behave to en going to walgreens for forty years, thee people are very nice and helpful .I have one certain person that works in the pharmacy that I really like. He helps me get a low price on my medcine,because it is so expensive. He knows my name so I don,t always have to tell him. I like going to walgreens than any other store.

Posted by: gladys murray on Nov 19, 11 | 6:07 pm

Love walgreens only the one @1377 ne stephens st. roseburg, OR ~ There is one lady there, I feel like she's family. She's always helping me , she's friendly, She know's every answer to every question I ask. I like buying her little candy deals at her checkstand. She's enthusiastic, always has a smile, and I've NEVER seen her,as much as have a bad tone w/ a customer. Not to mention we are always sharing a laugh, ever if I'm only there for a minute.

Posted by: misty Nicholson on Nov 19, 11 | 10:17 pm

I was recently in Walgreens I ask the Pharmacist for help with a list of thing my dr wanted me to take she was awesome. Went I went to check out the cashier was kind courteous. I will keep shopping there thank you very much.

Posted by: Jody Schlecht on Nov 20, 11 | 3:49 am

Walgreens is always a pleasure to shop at.
Very friendly atmosphere. Shop there very often

Posted by: on Nov 20, 11 | 5:38 pm

It was really great!!!!

Posted by: Michael J Hone on Nov 20, 11 | 7:00 pm

I have shopped at Walgreens for many years and it is still my favorite place to shop for perscriptions, some groceries, cosmetics etc.
All the clercks are friendly, and seem to care that you found everything you wanted, and help you find it.
Teri Rasmussen.

Posted by: teri r. on Nov 21, 11 | 8:45 am

The walgreens cashers are very nice I have been going to the pharmacy for year everyone that's works their is very helpful

Posted by: stevi on Nov 21, 11 | 2:43 pm

When I needed assistance with locating a product each sales person I asked were nice and helpful. They had knowledge of where everything was and were very patient and took time to help me find what I needed.

Posted by: Sophia on Nov 21, 11 | 4:20 pm


Posted by: roxxy on Nov 21, 11 | 5:15 pm

attempted to enter your survey sweepstakes at several times with no luck. what do I have to do?

Posted by: Alan on Nov 21, 11 | 6:18 pm

Quick & courteous always!

Posted by: HUE TRAN on Nov 21, 11 | 6:20 pm

i recently visited the 24 hr walgreens in coral springs. the pharmacist" MOE" was so extremely helpful in explaining my medication and even advised me a phone number to contact about receiving a patient program that I could enroll in to save me money on my medication. no other pharmacist has ever offered me that info. HATS OFF TO YOU'MOE' for making my visit to Walgreens a wonderful and educational expierience!

Posted by: leslie castilonia on Nov 22, 11 | 10:36 am

I like walgreens. It's convenient as it is on the way to my church and my kids school. I can always find good employees, great service, and good sales. I have no problem finding what I need. All the stores I visit are laid out very well and if I do have trouble, the employees are ready to help. It's nice knowing you don't have to wait in long lines and you are treated as a real person, not a pocketbook. Keep the good work up Walgreens. You're #1.

Posted by: MARABETH FLETCHER on Nov 22, 11 | 12:18 pm

I love shopping at Walgreen's and my favorite cashier is Belle because she always goes above and beyond to help me with whatever I need. I shop at the Walgreens in Fort Collins, CO right off of Harmony Road and Timberline.

Posted by: Elizabeth Pastore on Nov 22, 11 | 3:25 pm

I shop at Walgreen's all the time and Jamie in the pharmacy is my best buddy and I also think Belle is the most friendly cashier there. I shop at the Walgreens in Fort Collins, CO right off Harmony Road and Timberline.

Posted by: Betty Pastore on Nov 22, 11 | 3:39 pm

walgreens is the best i buy my food there like milk and eggs becouse i dont have a car and its just right around the corner

Posted by: xiomara Lobo on Nov 22, 11 | 3:57 pm

We were able to get the kinds of things we had looked for in 4 other stores.

Posted by: Shirley Barnes on Nov 22, 11 | 4:11 pm

The service at Walgreen's is great!
You can always find the items you are
looking for.


Posted by: Marilyn on Nov 22, 11 | 10:31 pm

fine experince

Posted by: heather o'connell on Nov 23, 11 | 2:50 pm

The pharmacist was very helpful in getting my
insulin syringes. The price was reasonable also.
Thank you.

Posted by: Gregory Pilcher on Nov 25, 11 | 12:52 am

I enjoy going to walgreens. everyone is always so nice. If i can't find something there is always someone to help. the store is always very clean.

Posted by: P.LAWR on Nov 25, 11 | 11:02 am

Every time i shop at walgreens thay are so kind the same poeple are there thats nice to see thay know you and traet you like thats your store in hampton i love it its cloce and clean i would work there thay are great. thank you cheryl

Posted by: cheryl cawley on Nov 26, 11 | 11:06 am

very good prices and services the cashiers always had smile

Posted by: mayra on Nov 27, 11 | 6:22 pm

I love going to walgreens cause they have almost everything I need for school and holidays ect.. the list goes on I go there everytime I get some spending money :))

Posted by: DeMarco Horace on Nov 27, 11 | 10:19 pm

Remember the soda stand, back in the day at any given Drug store(pharmys).Have a soda are coffee while you wait for your medications, wonder where they are now, I bet they still be great bussiness if someone cornered the market on them, bring back the soda stands back to your local drug store. Today I belive its the people that make the great store.Walgreens is the place I trust.

Posted by: Richard W Carpenter on Nov 28, 11 | 6:17 pm

i love wal greens

Posted by: Teresa Wooten on Dec 01, 11 | 8:38 pm

I enjoy Walgreen's especially due to a young lady by the name of Shelli. Shelli is always more than helpful with everything I have ever asked about. If she doesn't know the answer she will tell you so. She has the most beautiful smile and contagious laugh of anyone I have ever met. I can be down in the dumps and go in to Walgreens and see her beautiful smile and friendliness she makeds the blues turn to pur sunshine.
Walgreens has a real asset to have her in their store. Give her the credit she so deserves.

Posted by: Carol Mailho on Dec 02, 11 | 1:17 pm

WE love walgreen because they have just about everything that you need. They are close to our home. We are in our mids 60th and it is hard to get around.

Posted by: Carolyn Seaborn on Dec 02, 11 | 7:42 pm

the walgreen store in northlake il. is a very friendly place to shop for some good deals . the pharmacy is also full of friendly people,even if they are buisy at the time i need info.

Posted by: john webb on Dec 03, 11 | 4:35 pm

Shopping at Walgreen's is an enjoyable experience. It doesn't matter what I go in to buy, I will go around the store, looking at other things on display.As a result, I frequently get other things that was on display and caught my eye!

Posted by: mary jane martin on Dec 03, 11 | 8:58 pm

Walgreens has nice displays and often causes me to buy more items than I had intende to buy...Also, personel are pleasant and helpful.

Posted by: mary jane martin on Dec 03, 11 | 9:03 pm

Have fun shopping at Walgreens!

Posted by: mary jane martin on Dec 03, 11 | 9:11 pm

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