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4 must-see art shows at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013

Upcoming exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago

I'm really excited for the Art Institute's upcoming shows in 2013.

The Artist and the Poet
February 1, 2013–June 2, 2013
My girlfriend is a writer and I'm an artist. We shall happily go to this exhibit together.

Picasso and Chicago
February 20, 2013–May 12, 2013
The title sounds very interesting how it's not just a Picasso show but a show about Picasso and Chicago. I hope all of the 250 pieces relate to Picasso in Chicago. But I'm betting that it will be more like, "here's 250 Picasso artworks... oh yeah, and three of 'em are related to Chicago." Even if that's the case, I certainly welcome the opportunity to enjoy 250 Picasso works in one exhibit. UPDATE: after reading the full-length description, it seems this show's angle will be on chicago collectors of Picasso. Sometimes that can be interesting. We'll see how the tute plays this one.

They Seek a City: Chicago and the Art of Migration, 1910–1950
March 3, 2013–June 2, 2013
Another interesting title. My sister works at the National Archives, so it would be fun to see this show with her.

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity
June 26, 2013–September 22, 2013
Not only is this a great show, but I hope some gallery or other art museum will do a complementary exhibit demonstrating how fashion of our day ties into art.

Check out the Art Institute's full list of upcoming exhibits and let me know which ones you would like to see.

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