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Is "Greetings Earthling" an appropriate salutation? [webcomic]

Surprise your co-workers or friends by welcoming them with a "Greetings Earthling!" Try to guess if they are wondering if you are an alien or human being. If you aren't sure, the internet's Triangle of Knowledge waits to help: Yahoo Answers,, and Quora. Great answers came from Quora, including one from an astronaut! Here's the original question posted:

Does greetings, earthling imply you are an alien or greeting your fellow earthling?

An informative 465-word answer was given by Michael Wilson. He explored terms like: "pragmatics of conversation" and "the Maxim of Quantity." The answer is so good, that I transformed his answer into a webcomic. Please enjoy and share on twitter. (The astronaut answer is below the webcomic.)

Greetings, Earthling [webcomic]

Quora not only dished up that great detailed answer, but former NASA Astronaut Garret Reisman also responded!
Astronaut: my customary greeting was hello, Earthling!
Looking at this guy's profile online, it seems legit. Astronauts are so cool. If a real-life astronaut says this phrase, then it's immediately in the cool book of salutations to regularly say. resulted in some quicky goofball answers:
used by a terran to address other terran
an alien would call us terrans not earthlings
Humorous that he keeps calling Earthlings as terrans. I had to google terrans to see what in the world they are. (For the unknowing: aliens call humans terrans). Crowtrobot confirms that aliens don't use the word "earthlings."

Yahoo Answers also yielded some quick bites. The best response coming from "Mike":
I never heard an alien say that
Mike gives a very logical answer. However, I never met a logical alien, so I don't think they are logical.

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