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Toy vacancy in downtown Chicago

Within the last two years, ALL the toy stores in downtown Chicago have closed.
* Toys R Us on State Street (Summer 2003?)
* FAO Schwartz on Michigan Ave (January 2003)
* KB Toys in Merchandise Mart (January 2004)

Where am I gonna buy my toys? We need a "toys in downtown chicago" movement!

Or maybe i should just start selling toys at my desk at work. Here it is:

New toy store opens in Tribune Tower on 14th floor.

January 29, 2004

With the all the toy stores now closed in the downtown Chicago area, Matt Maldre Tribune employee has decided to fill the void. While standing on his desk clutching a finger rocket and whirly ball, Maldre exclaims, "People downtown NEED to purchase toys. The Tribune 14th floor toy store will fill that empty void and bring joy back to Chicago for everyone!"

By Matt Maldre on Jan 29, 04 | 4:01 pm  |   [8920] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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Can you open an outlet on Michigan Ave. somewhere?

I have been buying my toys on line at Toys R Us is linked to Amazon and the only FAO Schwart I know is in NY. There is an FAO Schweetz in the Water Tower Mall in Chicago, but they don't sell toys [unless they are candy-related]

Posted by: Tom on Jan 30, 04 | 2:04 pm

i think there's an FAO in Carson Pirie Scott on State?

Posted by: laura k. on Feb 04, 04 | 5:56 pm

how much are you charging for that plastic gun that shoots those foam disks with the hole in the middle? or have all those disks gone missing since those disk-shooting rampages i used to go on in your Cornelia apt?

Posted by: laura k. on Feb 04, 04 | 5:58 pm

There's an FAO Schwarz at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Vegas, as well. Not that this helps you much, I know . . .

Posted by: crissy on Feb 04, 04 | 6:05 pm

Those foam disk shooters are one of the official office weapons on the 14th floor of the Tribune Tower. In fact, they will soon be the standard defensive mechanism on every floor. (as post on the spudart blog in December 2002.)

Posted by: spudart on Feb 04, 04 | 9:52 pm

the prob with that disk gun is the jamming. sometimes you have to shoot a lot of disks in rapid succession, and after about 5 shots it stops working. this could be a serious problem. i think this malfunction should be fixed before the next big foam-disk-shooter war. or there should be a recall.

Posted by: laura k. on Feb 05, 04 | 5:20 am

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