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Random phone number fun

Take your cell phone number. Enter it into a calculator as a set of digits as numbers, and the dashes as a minus sign. At the end of the phone number, hit the enter/equals button.

Let's take Empire carpet's old number:
773-588-2300= -2115
Of course now it has a 1-800 number:
1-800-588-2300= -3687

A few phone factoids. 989 is the highest area code in America. It's for Upper central Michigan (Mt Pleasant, Saginaw). The highest prefix for the 989 area code is 996 given to Verizon Wireless customers. (source.

Computer industry pioneer Steve Wozniak, a collector of phone numbers, obtained the phone number 888-888-8888, but it proved unusable: Children playing with phones would dial it, resulting in more than a hundred wrong numbers a day. (via wikipedia)

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SWEET!!! tobad i live in australia..

Posted by: bob-jane- T Mart on Apr 22, 08 | 8:52 am

this isz a crz thing

Posted by: n@n@ on Jan 05, 09 | 9:16 am

this is stupid

Posted by: lara on Feb 27, 09 | 6:07 pm

I'm Your Babie's Mama

If u got a baby it belongs 2 me so hand it over!

Posted by: I'm Your Babie's Mama on Feb 27, 09 | 6:09 pm

whey to steve wosniak

Posted by: dhi on Jun 21, 09 | 6:09 am

i don't gettt it?!!?!? what's the point?

Posted by: brittany on Jul 03, 09 | 8:13 pm

a really funny guy: 02084418512

Posted by: on Dec 18, 09 | 11:29 am

i dont get it.

Posted by: Nikoleeeee on Jan 25, 10 | 8:46 pm

? i dont understand! this is stupid

Posted by: cvbn on May 31, 10 | 8:45 pm

i dnt get how its so funn...someone plez explain to me

Posted by: danielle on Aug 12, 10 | 12:17 am

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