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The many plazas of Millennium Park in Chicago

Meet at the Plaza in Millennium Park. Where is "the plaza?" Millennium Park is home to the following plaza with the following names:
• AT&T Plaza
• Ameritech Plaza
• SBC Plaza
• McCormick Tribune Plaza
• Plaza at Park Grill
• Park Grill Plaza
and Daley Bicentennial Plaza across the street.

Which of these is "The Plaza?"
Answer: It's "The Plaza at Park Grill."

Here's a diagram explaining all the plazas in Millennium Park.

Next time I go to Millennium Park, I'm gonna bring some chalk with me and create Maldre Plaza. Location to be determined. Perhaps I'll blog about it. Stay tuned.

By Matt Maldre on Aug 24, 09 | 4:47 pm  |   [3256] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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I'm rethinking the name Maldre Plaza. It should be a corporate name to fit in with the other plazas at Millennium Park.

Posted by: spudart on Aug 24, 09 | 5:07 pm

If you're thinking of renaming Maldre Plaza to something with a corporate name, then consider building a coporate empire with the name "Maldre".

Posted by: unlikelymoose on Aug 25, 09 | 9:00 am

The various plaza names within Millennium Park is quite fitting given the segmented nature of the park. Don't get me wrong. I love Millennium Park and it's great that the city of Chicago took on such an enormous project to enhance this wonderful city especially considering the site was previously a big giant gaping hole in the ground (literally). However, when visiting Millennium Park, it has less of a real park feel given the zealous installation of sidewalks. Does Mayor Daley have a cousin in the sidewalk making business? I think so.

Posted by: unlikelymoose on Aug 25, 09 | 9:04 am

Oh i love the millennium park and all the different attractions in it. Oh yes. it's just funny how there can be such confusion with all the plaza names. Especially since one of them is simple called "The Plaza." It becomes a problem when you try to meet someone and you say "at the plaza." It's like when meeting people up at the Taste and saying, "let's meet by buckingham fountain." When the fountain is super-huge with tons of people during the taste. One time in high school--before cell phone days--we missed someone, because we didn't define what side of the fountain.

Posted by: spudart on Aug 25, 09 | 9:59 am

Maybe they thought you wanted to meet them in the city Grant Park, IL and not Grant Park the park in Chicago.
more info on Grant Park, IL:

Posted by: unlikelymoose on Aug 25, 09 | 7:51 pm

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