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deadly toy of 2003

Toys and weapons have always gone hand-in-hand. But have they gone too far? Witness as brutal, medieval weapons now inspire a new breed of toys.

It's so dangerous, it appears on the official top ten worst toys for 2003!

By Matt Maldre on Jan 02, 04 | 12:55 pm  |   [2170] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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Thanks to dave the deadly beetle for this post... oh like two months ago, i finally posted it! yay!

Posted by: spudart on Jan 02, 04 | 1:04 pm

oh. i've seen that toy. It's weird. Doesn't it light up when you strike a surface? Someone at my office has it. It cracked and is leaking. It's pretty gross.

Posted by: on Jan 05, 04 | 8:08 am

Some of them light up, others don't. I found these for sale on the streets of NY a couple of years ago. They were all the rage. I saw one open up and leak its' slime. It's pretty gross.

Posted by: Tom on Jan 05, 04 | 11:17 am

Really? slime inside? I thought it was water.

Posted by: spudart on Jan 22, 04 | 11:30 am

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