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radio show idea--word of the show

It would be fun to have a one word themed two-hour radio show. Before each show, you pick one word. Then you play songs that have that word in the title. Some exmaples of words: "boogie" or "kiss" or "ain't". Just sort your mp3 list and it becomes quite apparent how many songs have the same word in the title.

By Matt Maldre on Jan 18, 04 | 2:56 pm  |   [2094] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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didn't we have that idea for our radio show? it didn't work very well because it was in the pre-MP3 days. college radio stations are so lucky nowadays with their flootin' ta' lootin' MP3 collections and such. Why back in my day, we had to pay for our music. And we had to go to drive our auto-mobiles to the store to get it too!

Posted by: on Jan 19, 04 | 8:24 am

yeah, they were called MP1 back then.

Posted by: spudart on Jan 22, 04 | 11:05 am

lyke omg thats such a good idea! totally! make the cards!

Posted by: becky on Jan 23, 04 | 4:03 pm

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