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Most frequent word in titles of classic horror and sci-fi movies

Based on this page which has 318 classic horror and sci-fi movie posters, what do you think is the most common word to use in the title?

* beast
* black
* blood
* cat
* creature
* dark
* dead
* dr
* dracula
* earth
* frankenstein
* house
* king
* man
* monster
* night
* outer
* phantom
* space
* vampire
* woman

By Matt Maldre on Jan 26, 04 | 3:48 pm  |   [2233] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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i'm guessing "black". My second guess is "space".

Posted by: on Jan 27, 04 | 7:58 am

I will reveal the answer one week from the original post... So the answer will be announced on Monday, February 2.

Posted by: spudart on Jan 27, 04 | 3:49 pm

I have to guess "Dracula" being a vampire and all.

Posted by: Tom on Jan 28, 04 | 5:04 pm

I vote for dark and night.

Posted by: on Jan 28, 04 | 6:43 pm

i sat at computer the entire day yesterday hitting the refresh button waiting for the answer to be posted. i was very disappointed when midnight came around and there was no answer. i am sad. will the world ever know most common word used in horror and sci-fi movies?

Posted by: on Feb 03, 04 | 7:49 am

I thought maybe I wasn't getting a response for some other reason, but I guess we both might have been canceling each other out by performing the same task.

Put this query right up there with "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?"

Posted by: Tom on Feb 03, 04 | 8:51 am

Here is the answer to the most frequent word in classic horror and sci-fi movie titles... (I delayed it one day, because what good is a horror movie without some suspense? hehe.)

And the winner is... DRACULA! With frankenstein following close behind.

(the number is how many times the word appears in a title)
19 dracula
17 frankenstein
14 monster
12 man
11 earth
11 house
11 space
9 dead
9 night
8 creature
8 dr
7 and
7 beast
7 king
7 outer
7 vampire
6 black
6 blood
6 cat
6 dark
6 phantom
6 woman

Posted by: spudart on Feb 03, 04 | 10:20 am

And for fun, here's the top ten 3-word phrases found in classic horror and sci-fi movies.

6 from outer space
5 attack of the
5 night of the
4 invasion of the
4 of the living
4 the living dead
4 war of the
3 brides of dracula
3 day the earth
3 house of wax

Posted by: spudart on Feb 03, 04 | 10:22 am

Combine the most popular word with the most popular phrase and you get DRACULA FROM OUTER SPACE!!!

Posted by: spudart on Feb 03, 04 | 10:25 am

Heh heh heh

Posted by: Tom on Feb 03, 04 | 10:34 am

erik (and tom).........
oh, what can i say.

Posted by: laura k. on Feb 03, 04 | 5:22 pm

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