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Editor's Pick

one of my cameraphone photos on textamerica is an "editor's pick" today (look on the right hand side of textamerica's website for the editor's pick list.

...newer photos have now been put up on the editor's pick list, bumping mine off. Given how some of those photos look, it's not the biggest honor in the world. ;-)

By Matt Maldre on Jan 28, 04 | 12:23 pm  |   [1922] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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From the site: "How to get picked: ADD TEXT"

I'm all for that! I want to see some captions and/or titles for the pictures. Sometimes I don't know what I'm looking at or where it was taken. I think that's important information, it helps to tell the story. Even if you're doing a total "art" shot, it should at least have a title.

Posted by: Tom on Jan 28, 04 | 4:59 pm

When initially posting the images to textamerica from my phone. I only add a title. I will later add a longer description. It just takes so long to key in the description on the phone. By the time i key it in, it's like the event woulda happened hours ago.

So if you sign up to get notifications when a new photo has been posted to my chicago moblog, you will get an email immediately after i post something. But it may take an hour or longer for me to post up a longer description.

Posted by: spudart on Jan 28, 04 | 5:16 pm

Oh! Of course! I never thought about what you had to go through, like typing out a sentence or tow on the keypad of the phone! What a nightmare ~

Speaking of typing, I can't believe it's the 21st century and we are still using keyboards and keypads! Seems like someone out there would have come up with an effective, affordable, alternative by now.

Posted by: Tom on Jan 29, 04 | 5:56 am

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