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A Peeps rendition of Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field: Peepley Field

A friend of mine, Andy Matznick, had a contest at his work to build a scene using Peeps as the focus. His Peeply Field scene won.

By Matt Maldre on Mar 25, 05 | 10:44 am  |   [9260] Hits  |   permalink | archives

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The easter grass for ivy is a nice touch.

Posted by: spudart on Mar 25, 05 | 10:47 am

I can't even imagine any other scene even coming close to winning! Look at their little hats and jerseys!! Well done, Andy!! I'd give you a prize too, but it looks like you have enough Peeps!

Posted by: Tom on Mar 25, 05 | 11:40 am

When me and my sister were little we used to call farts peeps because we didn't know the actual word for farts.

Now, peeps (the candy) always makes us laugh.

Posted by: Andy on Mar 25, 05 | 12:15 pm

yea, its real funny to have a candy named after what you thought was the word for fart. needless to say we never ate peeps.

Posted by: lisa on Mar 25, 05 | 12:23 pm

Looks like the Peeps are getting Wrigley Field ready for the Cubs to come to town! Can you imagine their suprise when they arrive and see the entire park filled with Peeps!?

Posted by: spudart on Mar 25, 05 | 9:43 pm

uh, thats peeply field matt.

Posted by: lisa on Mar 26, 05 | 7:28 am

looks like this post made Gapers Block.....

Posted by: laura on Mar 26, 05 | 6:45 pm

I have learned about this at school today!

Posted by: loiver on Apr 03, 05 | 7:18 pm

Peeply Field is still the best. here's the 2010 peep entries for the Chicago Tribune peeps contest.,0,2565551.photogallery

My favorite is the bus one. That poor bus!. It's all tilted. And peeps are busting out the top! Oh that green one is trying to squeeze in. Push green one! push! Aww, they are all mused up against the window in the front.

Posted by: spudart on Apr 13, 10 | 2:35 pm

And cuz the Chicago Tribune galleries are so great and they don't let you link directly to the image, here's a screenshot.

Posted by: spudart on Apr 13, 10 | 5:50 pm


Posted by: sparx on Apr 13, 10 | 6:26 pm

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