The image of a plain beige flag, created in the style of Impressionist painters, is now ready. It embodies the unique brushstrokes, light, and atmosphere characteristic of Impressionist art.

Reclaiming the ‘beige flag’: celebrating everyday uniqueness

Embracing our quirks! Did you know the term ‘beige flag’ isn’t just for relationships anymore? It’s about celebrating the unique, everyday traits that make us who we are. From consistent breakfast routines to peculiar music tastes, let’s celebrate our individuality!

2023 December podcast episodes

Every day, I queue up a handful of podcast episodes to listen to. I keep these episodes in monthly playlists on Spotify. Here is the December playlist if you are interested.

Seeking microphone suggestions

On a quest for the perfect microphone! Looking for one that’s as versatile as my interests – podcasts, capturing nature sounds, and family videos. Any tech wizards with recommendations?

What are you thankful for (2023 Thanksgiving)

During the Thanksgiving festivities at my wife’s parents’ house, my mother-in-law initiated a charming tradition. She asked everyone to write down their expressions of gratitude on small orange pumpkins. Here’s an edited version of the thoughts I shared: I started the list with something physically small. Then, each point covers a progressively bigger thing.

MapMyIP: a new online game

Embark on a digital treasure hunt with MapMyIP! 📍 Discover the fascinating world where your IP address meets the globe. Ready to find out where you digitally ‘live’? Play now and explore the uncharted territories of the internet!