"The All American Fight:
Jackson Pollock vs. James Dean"
Winter 1996
2' x 2'-masonite, 2'3" x 6'-oil

1'9' x 2'3"-oil
2" plastic letters
Oil Pastel on paper and masonite, Gallery Letters, Sawdust

Floor View
Whole Piece

The Gallery for loaning these Gallery letters to me. And also a BIG thanks to Steve, the art building janitor, for all his help on how to construct this piece.
Two American icons, Jackson Pollock and James Dean duke it out in the All-American Fight. While Pollock slugs Dean, he is also mimicking his archetypical violent paintbrush strokes as famously portrayed in Life magazine. James Dean is violently falling back, yet he retains a look on his face as though he is acting this scene.

The two figures were positioned against an American flag, but now they are displaced from the American society in which they were so strongly rooted. This act of displacement echoes their "bad boy" reputations. The title on the floor acts in the same manner. The square sign above the drawing holds the ghost of the letters. This ghost effect also reflects the dramatic deaths of both of these icons.

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