"Josephy Beuys / Andy Warhol"Winter 1996
2'w x 3'h
Chalkboard, Techtronix wax print, chalk

Main View
Detail of Text

The crappy Techtronix wax printer. I was able to burn the wax with this method of printing.
The juxtaposition of the famous artists, Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol uses a humorous approach, yet there is an undercurrent of deadpan seriousness.

Themes of cold and warmth are bounced back and forth between the warm Beuys and the cold Warhol. The computer printouts can be considered a cold and impersonal medium, while the burnt edges and melted wax show processes of heat. The blackboard is an item Beuys used very often. The text is silkscreened onto the board ala Warhol. The poem on the blackboard playfully speaks of warmth and cold interchangeably. In contrast, the portraits yield a deadpan serious look.

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