S T R E E T  A R T
Project Desciption Need Do What Timing
Weeble-Wooble Taking off from the shape and physics of Weeble-Wobble people, these pieces would have a plaster bottom with wires sticking out the top providing the infrastructure for the paster covered canvas on the top. Rough and beat up look, yet they continue to stand. Leave on sidewalks in Chicago.      
Communication/web cups Similar to "Communication" done in 1997, except this is quicker to construct and install. Stick 'em in parks all over Chicago.   make web out of string warm weather
picture of people
on street with angel
Take picture of people at a a busy part of Chicago (where people will be there the next day. i.e. commuters). The next day post the picture of people except there is an angel photoshopped into the photo. ref of angles research need to buy digitial camera
pictures of wings on
side of building
Leave drawings or sculptures of wings on the ground leaning up against a building. (Maybe photograph too.) wings make  
drawings of eaten fruit
on cardboard
Leave drawings of fruit on cardboard around the city. Some will picture fruit eaten, some full. pix of eaten fruit take pictures  
playing cards Get a beat up deck of cards. Write inscriptions on them as though someone was writing notes to themselves to help improve themself.   make it  
Key Ring Leave a ring of keys somewhere in the city. Make keys very interesting as to what they are. Leave a note for contact. Set of locks w/keys buy  
Key Loop Attach a locked box on something in downtown Chicago with a note pointing out where the key is.      
P A I N T I N G S & S C U L P T U R E
Project Desciption Need Do What Timing
3D goldfish castle Painting of goldfish and a plastic castle in a fish bowl. View is from inside and below. Everything is dramatic in perspective and very spherized. Title will appear on the painting: "_______"-Ani DiFranco. Style would be similar to my illustrations. Colors: Bright orange and blue colors. Approximate size: 2 foot by 3 foot. pix of goldfish
aquarium castle
picture of castle
take pictures

3D bees
I have a slight fear of bees, so I thought it would be interesting to make a big painting of bees with dramatic perspective. Approximate size: 2 foot by 3 foot. pix of bees research library  
Capitalist Pigs A ____(name of instrument)______ with the words "Capitalist Pigs" loosely inscribed on the face. piano tuner things
wooden bowl
Project Desciption Need Do What Timing
Cows on Parade
plastic figurine accompaniment
Paint little plastic animals and set them beside the Cows on Parade in Chicago.
plastic animal figures paint the little figures  
Cows on Parade website In one day see all 300 cows that are spread throughout Chicago. Archive this trip and the cows with pictures and a website.   research route
take pictures
need to buy digitial camera
Street/net Stick a form on a street in Chicago asking for some sort of response. People would write on the sheet. After one week I take this sheet down, scan it into the computer and post it on the web for responses. After a week on the web, print out the sheet with the original street responses and the new web responses and post it back on the street. While this loop continues, both the street and the web would advertise each other's location and encourage people to visit and leave their thoughts.   do trial run
work on computer
Scroll bars Draw computer scroll bars on the ground with chalk. The scroll bars would connect one on top of the other to form a line. This line would be slightly curved to form a spiral. Take pictures of this spiral in parts so when I put it on the computer, you can only see one part at a time. But when you click on the up or down arrow, you "move" along the line and move ether outside or inside the spiral. As you move outside the spiral, you can see the older parts of the spiral on the inside. pics of ground take pictures need to buy digitial camera
Chicago art website I'd love to put together a website describing the art scene in Chicago for those that are new to it. There would be pictures and descriptions of all the galleries, along with a bunch of other information. An email discussion group would be tightly integrated. pics of galleries
take pictures
ASCII picture with links
that tell story
Create ASCII pictures with links inside the picture that tell stories or expands upon that part of the picture. i.e. an ASCII rendering of a landscape, click on the tree and behind it are two lovers. Yeah, this example is a bit too straightforward, but this overall work has linguistic and semantic possibilities to play with. ideas brainstorm  
Daily pix Every day just take a picture of something that I find interesting. The people who receive this email will receive a little fragment of my day.   take pictures need to buy digitial camera
Adopt a net plant Set nursery of real live plants. People over the internet can sign up for a plant. Each person would have to email me to tell me when to water it and take care of their plant. Pictures would be updated weekly. Everyone can see everyone else's plants. If someone doesn't email me, their plant will die. I can imagine some people would get upset over this and they can complain about this person killing their plant. plant ideas
pics of plant
take pictures
need to buy digitial camera
Moving words +/-     execute  
Clark Street CD/web   pics of Clark St. take pictures need to buy digitial camera
Chicago morning commute
video game
  pics of loop take pictures need to buy digitial camera

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