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04/12/2000 Jane Engle Chicago Sun-Times ART SHOWS SPARK TRAVEL PLANS
04/26/2000 Anne Bowhay Daily Southtown SUBURBAN ARTS SCENE IS MULLED
Area battles image as step-child of city
04/27/2000 Kristen Zambo The Star ART SHOW TO EXHIBIT STUDENT WORK
04/28/2000 Margaret Hawkins Chicago Sun-Times GALLERY GLANCE
Opposite aspects of the human body inspire the works of two artists now showing at Roy Boyd Gallery. While one explores the pure mathematical miracle of the genetic code, the other looks at the messy, visceral earthiness of the body and all its functions.
04/21/00 Margaret Hawkins Chicago Sun-Times BATHED IN BEAUTY
Polish photographer Katarzyna Kozyra made a splash at the 1999 Venice Biennale with her video installation titled "The Men's Bathhouse." Kozyra created the piece by disguising herself as a man and sneaking a video camera into an all-male Budapest bathhouse to capture candid footage of men doing whatever they do there.
04/16/00 Alan G. Artner Chicago Tribune NAME THAT THEME
In a tacit agreement to mark the first year of the new century, many art museums are highlighting their permanent collections rather than sending masterpieces away on loan and hosting big traveling attractions. The Museum of Contemporary Art's contrib...
04/14/2000 Alan G. Artner Chicago Tribune OF ALL THE ART-RELATED EXPOSITIONS that take place in the Chicago area each year, there are only two I look forward to: the fall Modernism show in Winnetka and the spring International Vintage Poster Fair downtown. This is the weekend for the ninth in ...
04/13/2000 Alan G. Artner Chicago Tribune WHARTON WORKS STILL RIGOROUS, YET WHIMSICAL
The best of Margaret Wharton's early chair constructions were deep and light and serious and frivolous all at once. But the majority of them were done more than 20 years ago, and a lot has happened in her art since then. Wharton's recent work, at the...
04/09/2000 Alan G Artner Chicago Tribune DIGITAL GIFT
Northwestern University's Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art has received a $350,000 gift for the establishment of an advanced digital classroom gallery in the museum's new facility scheduled to open Sept. 23. The 500-square-foot space, named for Manh...
  Alan G Artner Metromix NAME THAT THEME
Tribune art critic Alan Artner comments on the MCA's new exhibit, "Age of Influence," which pulls together pieces from the museum's permanent collection and organizes them loosely around millennial themes.
04/07/00 Margaret Hawkins
Chicago Sun-Times GALLERY GLANCE
Gallery offerings range from the sublime to the evil to the comfortably domestic this month, including religious icons and toaster designs. Here are some highlights:
04/07/00 Margaret Hawkins Chicago Sun-Times SWEET SEDUCTIONS
Phyllis Bramson's newest paintings invite us into a succulent, private delirium. The painter might have been high on cotton candy when she painted them, so suffused are they with a sugary, frosty, creamy dreaminess that creates taste sensations in the viewer as surely as the sweets they resemble.
Beginning July 17, more than 250 Egyptian artifacts will be on display in Chicago at the Art Institute for "Pharaohs of the Sun: Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tutankhamen."
04/07/00 Alan G. Artner Chicago Tribune VIENNA-BORN ARTIST RUDOLPH INGERLE (1879-1950) was a celebrated Chicago landscape painter whose work seldom treated our city. In the mid teens of the last century, he helped found the Society of Ozark Painters and, later, took as an enduring subject t
04/06/00 Margaret Hawkins Chicago Sun-Times GALLERIES EXPAND INTO BETTER SPACES
The multimedia MCA exhibit sparks reflections on the various forces at work in society, just as those forces inspire its artists.


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