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Any stuff relating to the VISUAL ARTS in the CHICAGOland area.

-Future art events in Chicago
(i.e. shows, exhibits, openings, performances, talks, art fairs)

-Opinions, reviews, thoughts on art events you've seen

-Opinions on art galleries and musuems in Chicago

-Artists living in Chicagoland area

-Future art contests in Chicagoland area

-Art Jobs available and jobs needed postings in Chicago

-Good Books, magazine article recommendations
(i.e. comments on Chicago Tribune art articles)

-Any Questions and requests for help

-Surviving in the real world tips (and questions)
(i.e. How to work in the Chicago art market)

-Art theory/ideas/thoughts
(i.e. comments on the ideas behind a Chicago artist)

New! "Chihuly in the Park" at Chicago's Garfield Conservatory.

Check out the largest list of links on the web about this event
There are links to reviews, press releases, Mayor Daley's speech, pictures, schedules, and much much more!


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