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The largest list of links for Chicago art that I have ever seen on the web! Incredible!

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  Art Institute of Chicago
comprises both a museum and art school.
  Chicago   Chicago Academy of Sciences
  Chicago   Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design
featuring Landmark Chicago, a permanent exhibition celebrating Chicago's position as the world capital of historical and contemporary landmarks of modern architecture.
  Chicago Cultural Center
architectural showplace for the lively and visual arts, presenting more than 1,000 free programs and exhibitions annually.
  Chicago   David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art
  Chicago   DuSable Museum of African American History
  Elmhurst   Elmhurst Art Museum
  Field Museum
  Museum of Contemporary Art
one of America's largest art museum sites, it offers broad exploration of the museum's permanent collection, current exhibitions and other facilities.
  Chicago   Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
  Chicago   Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art - Northwestern University
      Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum
  Chicago   Oriental Institute
  Chicago   Renaissance Society
   Chicago   American Society of Media Photographers
  Chicago   Artnet
  Chicago   Arts and Business Council of Chicago
bringing together the arts and business communities.
  Oak Park & River Forest   Arts in Cyberpark
  Chicago   C.A.C.A. (Chicago Art Critics Association)
River North
  C.A.D.A. (Chicago Art Dealers Association)
  Chicago   Chicago Artists' Coalition
works toward the education of the general public regarding the value of the visual arts to society and the provision of professional and educational services for artists and the arts community.
  Chicago   Chicago Filmmakers
  Chicago   Chicago Historical Society
  Chicago   Chinese Fine Arts Society
non-profit organization promoting Chinese arts and music by bridging the East and the West.
  Wheaton   DuPage Art League
  Evanston   Evanston Art Center
  Chicago   Friends Of The Arts
not-for-profit arts support group, hosting group exhibitions featuring emerging and established artists.
  Chicago   Gallery 37
internationally recognized program for young, urban artists. Its programs offer culturally diverse youth training in the arts with professional artists.
  Chicago   Illinois Arts Council
encourages the development of the arts in Illinois with funding, programs, and support.
  Chicago   Illinois Humanities Council
nonprofit education foundation that promotes greater public understanding of and appreciation for the humanities through its grants and programs.
  Chicago   Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
includes a calendar of outsider art exhibits, a large listing of outsider art museums and galleries, as well as articles from our newsletter, "The Outsider."
  Chicago   Lot 33
now closed
  Chicago   NEA
  Chicago   New Art Examiner
  Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
information about classes, workshops, and exhibitions.
  Park Ridge   Park Ridge Art League
  Chicago   P-Form Magazine
  Skokie   Skokie Art Guild
  Highland Park   Suburban Fine Arts Center
  Chicago   Textile Arts Centre of Chicago
  Chicago   University & College Designers Association
committed to promoting excellence in visual communications for educational institutions.
  Chicago   Unofficial Soup Kitchen
a poetry jamboree and traveling minstrel show, a small press publishing concern, a guerrilla community advocacy outfit, and now, a web site for artists.
  -   1/Quarterly
  -   7/3 Split Gallery
  -   Aaron Galleries
  Robert Henry Adams Fine Art
  Alaska Shop, The
Chicago - collection of Inuit art.
  -   Jean Albano Gallery
  Aldo Graphics
  -   Architech Gallery of Architectural Art
  -   Anatomically Correct
  Anchor Graphics
  Richard Reed Armstrong Fine Art
  Chicago   Aron Packer
  ARC Gallery
  -   Art House
  -   Andrew Bae Gallery
  -   Frederick Backer, Inc.
  Peter Bartlow Gallery
  Mary Bell Galleries
  -   Bella Vista Fine Art Gallery
  Chicago   Betty Rymer Gallery of SAIC
  -   Body Builder and Sportsman
  -   Rita Bucheit, Ltd.
  -   Bucket Rider
  -   Russell Bowman Art Advisory
  -   Butcher Shop
  Chicago   Byron Roche
  -   Valerie Carberry Gallery
  -   Chicago Artists' Collective
  -   Chicago Art Source
  Chicago Center for the Print & Poster
Chicago - featuring contemporary printmakers and
specializing in Swiss and European vintage posters.
  -   Chouinard Gallery
  -   Melanee Cooper Gallery
  -   Douglas Dawson Gallery
  Chicago   David Leonardis Gallery
  -   Dead Tech Gallery
  -   Deluxe Projects
  DePaul University Art Gallery
  -   Dogmatic Gallery
  -   DriveThru Studios
  Arlington Heights   Dunton Fine Art Gallery
Arlington Heights - oil paintings, sculptures, southwestern art,
and other selections.
  -   Dupreau Gallery
  The Eastern Gallery
  -   Catherine Edelman Gallery
  -   FLATFILE Galleries
  Chicago   Floating World Gallery
Chicago - specializes in Japanese woodblock prints and paintings.
  -   Fleur Gallery
  Evanston   Folkworks Gallery
  -   Foundry Metal Art Gallery
  -   Function + Art
  -   Uncle Freddy
  Oskar Friedl Gallery
  -   Gahlberg Gallery
College of DuPage's Gallery
  -   Galeria Gala
  -   Gallery 2
  Chicago   Gallery 1633
Chicago - space for experienced artists to show new styles and emerging artists gain public exposure within a nuturing and positive surroundings.
  Gallery 312
  -   Gallery 415
  -   GardenFresh
  -   Gescheidle
  -   The Golden Triangle
  Chicago   Graphic Expectations
Chicago - source for movie posters and unique artwork.
  Richard Gray Gallery
  -   The Green House
  -   Green Room Gallery
  -   G.R. N'Namdi Gallery
  -   Gruen Galleries
  Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery
  Habatat Galleries
  Carl Hammer Gallery
  -   Hart Gallery
  -   Heaven Gallery
  Rhonda Hoffman Gallery
  Havana Gallery Ltd.
  -   Hildt Galleries
  -   Hockshop Gallery
  -   Hyde Park Art Center
  -   Idao Gallery
  -   Illinois Alliance for the Arts
  -   Illinois Arts Alliance
  Illinois Art Gallery
features art by past and contemporary Illinois artists and artisans.
  Chicago   Images Photographic Gallery
Highland Park - created to promote the arts on the Internet, and provide a place for unrecognized artists to exhibit their work.
  INSIDEART art gallery
Chicago - dedicated to helping people find, enjoy, and buy contemporary art they like and can afford.
  Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
  -   I Space
  Kenyon Oppenheimer, Inc
Chicago - fine art dealer specializing in natural history prints. Also providing restoration, conservation and archival framing services.
  Chicago   Khayman Arts, Incorporated
Chicago - dedicated to the paintings, drawings and sculptures of Patty Hlava and the murals of Mike Schulbaum.
  Klein Art Works
Chicago - includes current exhibition information and links to related sites.
  Lill Street Gallery
  La Llorona Gallery
  -   Landmark Arts Gallery
  Chicago   Lane Tech Art Gallery
online exhibit of WPA murals and artwork housed in Lane Technical High School.
  -   LIPA Gallery
  Chicago   Lockport Gallery
Lockport - exhibitions by past and contemporary Illinois artists and artisans, educational and interpretive activities, tours, publications and research opportunities.
  -   Lora D. Art Gallery
  R.H. Love Galleries
  -   Luxery Goods
  Evanston   Maple Avenue Gallery
  Marx-Sauders Gallery, Ltd.
  Lake Forest   Gallery McMahon
  -   Mongerson Galleries
  -   Mess Hall
  -   Peter Miller Gallery Ltd.
  Lake Forest   Portraits Chicago
  -   Ann Nathan Gallery
  -   No Place Like
  -   Printworks Gallery
  -   Richard Norton Gallery
  -   Open End
  Orca Aart Gallery
  Chicago   Oskar Friedl
Chicago - interactive multimedia works, virtual photography,
installations, CD-ROMs, and e-design.
  Chicago   Ovid's Maxim
Bloomingdale - art gallery, framing service, education and more.
  -   Pagoda Red
  Perimeter Gallery
  -   Maya Polsky Gallery
  -   Polvo Art
  -   Portals Ltd.
  Primitive Art Works
  -   Printworks
  Chicago   Randolph Street Gallery
closed in 1998
  R H Love Galleries
  Chicago   Rhona Hoffman Gallery
  Richard Gray Gallery
  Robert Henry Adams Fine Art
  -   The Roof
  Judy A Saslow Gallery
  Schneider Gallery
  -   Schopf Gallery
  Sherman Gallery
  -   Gallery SixFourFive
  Chicago   Spencer Weisz Galleries
  Galena   Spring Street Gallery
  -   Standard Gallery
  Highwood   Street Level Gallery
  -   Suitable Gallery
  TBA Exhibition Space
  -   Temporary Services
  -   Three Walls
  Tobai International
  -   Track House
  -   Treadway Gallery
  Chicago   Uncomfortable Spaces Galleries
Chicago - an unofficial listing of current exhibitions at
the Uncomfortable Spaces galleries
  Chicago Lincoln Park &
  Unique Presence
Chicago - gallery of contemporary American crafts.
  -   Unit B
  -   Vale Craft Gallery
  Chicago   Vedanta Gallery
  -   Walsh Gallery
  -   Linda Warren Gallery
  -   Western Exhibitions
  -   White Walls
  WomanMade Gallery
a non-profit organization supporting women in the arts by providing opportunities and advocacy through thematic exhibitions and workshops.
  -   Yollocalli Youth Museum
  Donald Young Gallery
  -   Zg Gallery
  Zolla/Lieberman Gallery
  -   Zygman Voss Gallery
      Information Sites
  Evanston   (Art)^n Laboratory
in Evanston
  Minneapolis   Arts Midwest
  -   Art Pilsen
  Chicago   Art resources
  -   Bridge Magazine
  Chicago   Centerstage Chicago
guide to local music, bars, film, dancing, theater, restaurants, literature, art and lodging. Includes the Virtual El Guide to nightlife.
  -   Chicago Art Galleries
  Chicago   Chicago Artists Net
  Chicago   Chicago Artists Net
find Chicago artists, galleries, theatres, performers, performances and openings; view samples of art.
  Chicago   Chicago Live
guide to food, music, arts, and nightlife.
  Chicago   Chicago Reader
weekly listings
  Chicago   Chicago-Scene.Com
searchable database of events in the nightclub, bar, restaurant, music and party scene.
  Chicago   City-Life
entertainment directory of art, cuisine, history and sports.
  Chicago   Lot 33
  Chicago   Metromix Arts & Entertainment Guide
includes articles on bars, restaurants, music, movies, art, recreation, shopping and more.
  Chicago   Newcity Chicago
online weekly edition covering art, film, stage, music and more.
  -   Mouth to Mouth
  -   Panel House
  -   Site of Big Shoulders
  -   Ten by Ten Magazine
  Chicago   U-Turn magazine
      Art Events
  Chicago   Around the Coyote
Navy Pier
  Art Chicago at Navy Pier
annual contemporary art expo held every May featuring the works of artists presented by US and international galleries.
  Chicago   Chicago's Annual 57th Street Art Fair
Midwest's oldest juried art fair, June 7-8, 1997, on theUniversity of Chicago campus.
  Chicago    International Vintage Poster Fair
Navy Pier
world's largest outdoor sculpture exhibition, held annually.
Navy Pier
  SOFA (Sculpture Objects Fine Art)
  -   Stray Show
  Chicagoland Area   Mega-list of Chicago Art Schools and Programs
Again, the largest I 've ever seen for Chicago!
N. Western Ave.
  Genesis Artists Village


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