100,000s of artists are leaving Instagram for an app called Cara

Instagram will use your art, because you use their app. It’s time to drop Instagram.

Is Cara the solution? The artwork on there is really high-level. I signed up for Cara, but I don’t think I’ll really be using it. At this point, I can’t picture myself putting any of my drawings or art on Instagram. Over time, I might change my opinion and post stuff on Instagram again. But really, this is the time to kill Instagram.

Instagram was always a feature-poor service. I wish I could point the non-artists to some place else, but Flickr limits you to 1,000 photos for their free level. Many people I follow on Instagram don’t have 1,000 photos. But there are many who do have well over 1,000 images. After 1,000, it costs $73/year. Ouch.

The end story is: Do you support Meta making images that look like YOUR art? No way.

Please consider this: stop using Instagram to post your art. Otherwise, you might see your art being generated by their AI.

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