11 things that have changed on the CTA since 1996

Abstract CTA Composition

My twin brother has not ridden a Chicago public transit train since 1996. Over IM I shared with him 11 things that have changed on the CTA since 1996:


1) They no longer take tokens

2) There is no conductor in the back of the train that opens and closes the doors

3) People go apple picking on the trains

4) You are not allowed to cross from car to car while on the train.

5) The conductor no longer announces the stops (there’s a recorded voice)


can i take photos with a tripod?


6) No

7) You cannot leave suspicious packages laying around.

8) The following brown line stations have been renovated: Kimball, Kedzie, Fransisco, Rockwell, Western (my stop), Damen, Montrose, Irving Park, Addison, Paulina, Southport, Belmont, Wellington, Diversey, Fullerton, Armitage, Sedgwick, Chicago.

9) All stations are handicapped accessible.

10) All stations have lego boards on the edge of the platform to warn you from falling over into the tracks.

11) People can pay for the train by tapping their wallet against the turnstile


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12 years ago

what can i say? I’m engulfed in chicago suburbia. Now please excuse me while I go buy some pleated pants.

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