12 reasons to start the Christmas Stick tradition

My first annual tradition of decorating the Christmas stick

Have problems with your Christmas tree? Consider a Christmas stick. Sound crazy? Yeah, it is, but I’ve been doing it for three years and I love it.

Love your Christmas tree? Of course you do, Christmas trees are beloved. You don’t have to rid yourself of the Christmas tree. You can consider the Christmas stick as a complement to your tree.

Here’s 12 solid reasons to start using the Christmas stick tradition in your household.

1) Can display on shelf

Can’t find that perfect spot in the house for the tree? The Christmas stick doesn’t have that problem. There’s no need to move stuff around.

2) The ornaments hang properly

It would be easier to hang Christmas ornaments on an upside-down tree, because none of the branches get in the way. The same holds true for a Christmas stick.

3) Easy disposal

What happens with a Christmas tree? You have to bag it up. Or carry it out to the curb. Or maybe even drive it down to some recycle center. Blah. With a Christmas stick you just toss it back in the yard.

4) No needle mess

Find needles around the house months after Christmas? Christmas sticks don’t have needles. No mess.

5) Quirky, unique

Everyone does the Christmas tree (well, nearly everyone), but who does a Christmas stick? You can be unique.

6) Good for leftover ornaments

Have leftover ornaments that didn’t fit on the Christmas tree? Stick ’em on the Christmas stick! Or maybe you are starting a new collection of ornaments. Let’s say you have a handful of Star Wars ornaments. You can hang them all on the Christmas stick!

7) Good for starting ornament collections

Don’t have enough ornaments? Your Christmas stick will look full with your starting collection of ornaments.

8) Easy pickup

While Christmas tree orchards are fun, they can be a long drive. Your Christmas stick can be as near as your backyard.

9) Fun to hunt for the stick

Home Depot is not exactly the most Christmas-esque place to get a tree. All the trees are wrapped up and you don’t know exactly what you are getting. With a Christmas stick, you know exactly what you are getting. Plus, you can find your stick in any place around where you live. You can make it into a game.

10) Everyone can pick their own stick

Ever have a hard time deciding on which tree to get? With Christmas trees you don’t usually pick more than one. But with a Christmas stick, everyone gets to pick a stick!

11) Pick a fun location to find your stick

Look for stick in your favorite park. you can’t chop down a tree in your favorite park, but you can pick up a stick.

12) Recalls true meaning of Christmas

The Christmas tree tradition has become so familiar that we forget the true meaning behind the Christmas tree. But with a Christmas stick, it makes you wonder why a Christmas stick. I’ll tell you why.

  • The stick is made out of wood.
  • The wood calls to mind Jesus’ manger where he was born.
  • The wood also foreshadows Christ’s death on a wooden cross. The branch is also representative of the family tree of Christ. Does the family tree sound like a stretch? It’s not. For over 4,000 years people anticipated the coming of the Saviour. The lineage of the Saviour was a key element of who he is. Bust open the first chapter of the first book of the New Testament, Matthew 1, and you’ll see the lineage of Joseph with 41 names. Luke, the third book of the New Testament, lists the lineage of Jesus’ mother, Mary, with 76 names at Luke 3:23-38.

BONUS 13) See comments below

The Christmas stick does not have to replace the Christmas tree. You can still have your Christmas tree and the Christmas stick! Start the tradition today! If you do a Christmas stick, please let me know in the comments or at your favorite social media channel: pinterest, facebook, google plus, tumblr, stumbleupon, flickr, twitter, or reddit.

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Tom Saaristo
10 years ago

Clever and cool

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