12 things I love about Chicago’s CTA public transit

We love public transit, we hate public transit. Occasionally there are days that challenge us, as the Chicagoist demonstrates with its post, “9 Unfortunate Thoughts We’re All Are Having On The CTA.” While releasing angst about commuting can be therapeutic; on a daily basis being negative can wear you down. Instead it’s good to be thankful and focus on the positive.

There will always be hiccups and bad incidents that happen on public transit, but there are also many wonderful things that occur while on the bus and train. Here’s 12 good thoughts about riding public transit in Chicago.

1) Getting weekly free concerts while waiting for the bus next to the side door of the Green Mill.

Sweet! The Green Mill's side window is open

2) Getting home faster, when a train that goes express.

Long exposure at Damen

3) Buses filled with inflatable toys

The inflatable 81 Lawrence bus

4) Holiday train!

CTA Holiday Train

5) Doing somersaults in the aisles of an empty CTA train

Such an empty, empty train

6) Vinyl ads transforming the entire interior of the train

I totally feel like I'm riding in the Darth Vader train with all this night scenery advertisements

7) Inspiring messages via street art at CTA stations

You are meant for amazing things

8) People watching

Winner of best St. Patrick's Day coat

9) Throwing paper airplanes from the elevated platform (view entire set)

The patient paper airplane: Part 2 of 2

10) Drawing on foggy bus and train windows (view entire set)

Snowman drawing on window

11) Art on Track (view entire set)

The plant car is by far the best car for Art on Track

12) Beautiful views from elevated platforms

Pano sunset at Sheridan red line CTA

(All photos taken by Matt Maldre.)


What are things that you love about the CTA? Please leave your thoughts in the comments or on your favorite social media channel. This question appears on Yahoo Answers, Reddit, ask.com, Quora, Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

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