14 Chicago fog photos from Chicagoist

14 fog photos curated by Chicagoist

A fog crawls over Chicago, photographers slide their cameras out to capture the gray beast. Chicagoist selected 14 photos of today’s fog in Chicago. The second featured image is my photo of the Water Tower pumping station.

Fog over Water Tower / Lookingglass Theatre Company

While riding the bus to work, a bit of the sunlight was streaming through the fog above the Water Tower. I pulled my iPhone out to snap some photos of it. Thankfully the iPhone now automatically shoots in HDR, so the levels were pretty decent. The building was a bit dark in the silhouette, but the Filterstorm app quickly fixed that with some curves and a gradient layer mask.

When it came time to upload the image, I skipped Instagram, because I liked this image too much. Any photo I potentially I want to sell, I don’t upload to Instagram, because of their awful rights claiming forever usage of your photos. Instead, I uploaded it to the better service, flickr.

I’m happy that Chicagoist decided to include my photo in their fog collection. Taking photographs in the fog is such a wonderful experience. Some of my best photos are shot in the fog of Chicago. Check out my “Chicago fog” album on flickr with 29 photos.

An album of 29 Chicago fog photos

View all 29 of my Chicago fog photos


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