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One alley, 16 discarded Christmas trees

Michael, Miles, Deb, Fulton, Morris, Eugene, Leon, Carolyn, Walter, Emily, Jovie, Buddy, Pom Pom, Foom Foom, Francisco, Chuck

Walking down the alley in suburban Oak Park, Christmas trees lay next to most garbage cans. The alley becomes like a Christmas tree lot, post-Christmas. Need a Christmas tree? Take your pick. Most trees are lightly used and varying degrees of dryness.

All the trees laying down, sleeping. These trees are no longer in a home, thus they are homeless. Sleeping in an alley, enduring the cold. Do these trees have a name?

Seeing all these trees makes you wonder if anyone participated in the Christmas Tree Throwing Challenge. Most likely, all these trees were gently placed in the alley. Rest in peace, beloved trees.

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Tom Saaristo

Foom Foom!