17 years ago I decided to use the name ‘spudart’ instead of ‘krankekunst’

The origin of the spudart name 17 years ago

The spudart name came from a problem most college graduates faced in the mid-1990s: losing your school email address after graduation.

Email had just gained widespread use during the 90s, so for most college students at the time, it was their only email address. Schools like mine (Illinois Wesleyan University) didn’t allow graduates to keep their email address. Thankfully there was a startup email service named “hotmail” that everyone was signing up in droves.

This was before Microsoft bought hotmail and made it one of their corporate drones. Back in the day hotmail was cool. Note: back in the day IN THE 1990s. 17 years later, a hotmail email address is only cool if you use it ironically. +Looking at all my friends and colleagues who still use hotmail as their primary personal email address+

Back to 1997. I was graduating from IWU and therefore losing my one and only email address I ever had. Needing a new email address, I hopped on the hotmail bandwagon. But what to name my email address? I came up with the “spudart” name because of the great german artists who spoke of art and potatoes.

“Well if there is anything at all which manifests everything artists are supposed to be or have – the delight in innovativity, creativity, spontaneity, productivity, creating entirely out of oneself and so on – then it is the potato.” Sigmar Polke

Spudart it became.

My other option besides spudart was krankekunst. My freshman year my school job was working in the sculpture lab. The seniors that year in the sculpture lab would say KRANKEKUNST as a fun phrase. They would be working on some artwork and then all of the sudden they would exclaim KRANKEKUNST!

It’s fun to say. Krankekunst. However, the meaning isn’t as fun. Krankekunst means sick art.

I’m glad I went with spudart.

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