Stylish paper bag masks from the 1950s

When you think of a paper bag mask, what image comes to mind?

I think of an embarrassed sports fan sitting in the stands. His team losing so bad, that he took a paper bag and put it over his head to make himself anonymous, wishing to not be identified with his loser team. The mask typically has just two holes cut out for the eyes.

50 years ago, the paper bag mask was a form of art. The cartoonist and illustrator Saul Steinberg hosted cocktail parties where the guests wore paper bag masks. The styles are so so deliciously late 1950s. See 33 images.

Image is from the hintmag article, “Paper-Bag Masks from 50 Years Ago

I’d love to see illustrators today make paper masks, and the type of style from today’s trends they would implement.

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