Year: 2001

South side of Chicago has a new star

did you know that the Cubs new pitching coach, Larry Rothschild, grew up on the south side of Chicago? “Rothschild, 47, who grew up in Beverly on Chicago’s South Side”,1984,165661,00.html

G.I.Joe back in the comics

G.I.Joe is back in the comic books! First time since 1994. #1 just got released this month. It’s got Snake Eyes on the cover. Cobra Commander is bringing back Zartan, Tomax, Xamot, Major Bludd, and the deadly Destro! here’s the URL to preview the comic, download desktop pictures, join the email group, and to buy …

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I really don’t like pigeons. They are like rats with wings. Please DO NOT ever feed pigeons. They are disgusting animals that poop everywhere. I wish the city would get rid of all pigeons. Today at lunch they were flying swarms at me. It was actually quite humourous as it seemed like something out of …

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Croquet School on hold until 2002

Looks like I’m going to have to wait until next year for my croquet classes. It looks like it took a bit longer to build the new monster USCA headquarters in Florida. Originally the croquet america website said that there would be classes in november and december. But now all official public events have been …

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Home-made Submarines

Link of the Week:



Find sports partners

Find sports partners!Form or join teams!Find coaces or venues! I just set up the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk on this site.


Look out! I’m gonna have fast internet at home, with 24/7 connection! 🙂

Croquet School

I’m thinking about going to the USCA croquet school for 3 days in Florida at the brand new USCA headquarters.Anyone interested in going? Let me know at: [email][/email] 1. 3 days of instruction (18 hours)2. Use of all necessary equipment3. Official USCA rulebook4. Official USCA shot-making manual5. Morning coffee and refreshments6. Daily Lunch7. Frameable certificate …

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