Year: 2002

The Great Spot War on Jupiter

Jupiter’s Great Spot WarIt’s happening right now! The great Red Spot is colliding with the Great white spot on Jupiter. This sort of battle on this magnitude hasn’t happened since 1975. The overlord red spot vs. the underdog white spot. Who will win? Who will walk away an ashamed loser? My money is on the …

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Groundhog Day Card 2002

Groundhog’s Day Card 2002 On 02/02/2002 Groundhog’s day, these two groundhogs both came out of their homes to predict the spring or winter. However you cannot have two groundhogs predicting the season. Therefore, it made most logical sense for them to duke it out in croquet for the title of “Groundhog Supreme.” See a couple …

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My email to NASA about Space Balloons… Don’t toss ’em away!

Balloons have been used for decades to conduct scientific studies. NASA balloons are constructed of thin, 0.002-centimeter (0.8 mil), polyethylene film, about the same thickness as ordinary sandwich wrap and are as big as the Louisana Superdome. In order to take down the balloon after the study is over, the fabric is ripped causing to …

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Roll out (transformers and president bush)

President Bush’s state of the union address announced a new creed for America, “roll out.” Isn’t that from Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots in Transformers? “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

Are there less clouds in winter?

Is it just me or has anyone noticed there tends to be less clouds in wintertime?

Controversial Memorial for September 11

A plan to erect a bronze statue of three firemen raising a flag at Ground Zero in front of a Brooklyn firehouse has sparked controversy. The statue is based on an iconic Associated Press photo widely reproduced after September 11, but the artist has changed the firefighters from being all white to one white, one …

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Front row at blue man group

Last night a couple friends and i saw blue man from the very front row! Check back soon for I will post my thoughts and pictures on this event!

$100 Art Piece Stolen

The piece from acrylic paint and real money was up for a month before someone noticed the $100 bill was missing. Whoever took it left five 20 dollar bills in place, but the artist claims the pieced is ‘ruined’” Make sure you read the comments on this page too. They are quite funny.

Copy protected CDs?

Dutch consumer electronics maker Philips, the co-creator of the CD, is opposed to the recent trend in copy-protected audio-CDs that contain countermeasures that prevent playback on computers and, in some unintended cases, normal CD players as well. The controversial new anti-copying technology introduces minute errors to the CDs, or changes the location of data on …

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This blog is back, no more xanga

After trying out for the past couple weeks, I decided to return back to this blog. Especially since I found a way to add comments! I also did some research on different blog systems. Check out my reviews and grades at:

testing my comment system

this is test for my comments system