Year: 2002

Copy protected CDs?

Dutch consumer electronics maker Philips, the co-creator of the CD, is opposed to the recent trend in copy-protected audio-CDs that contain countermeasures that prevent playback on computers and, in some unintended cases, normal CD players as well. The controversial new anti-copying technology introduces minute errors to the CDs, or changes the location of data on …

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This blog is back, no more xanga

After trying out for the past couple weeks, I decided to return back to this blog. Especially since I found a way to add comments! I also did some research on different blog systems. Check out my reviews and grades at:

testing my comment system

this is test for my comments system

the new flat screened iMac

Apple had been super hyping this on their website for weeks with lines such as “it will change your life”“This one is big. Even by our standards”“Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away,”“5 days to MacWorld San Francisco. Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond.” So i was thinking this was gonna …

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Anytime something techy goes wrong, blame the “Y2K+2” bug and you will be so cool. You can do it for the rest of 2002.

Muppet Gloves

It’s winter time and I was digging through my closet for some gloves. I pulled out a pair of gloves that were black and I was happy, because I have a black jacket. So I wore them. They are super fuzzy gloves both on the outside and on the inside. As I did basic tasks …

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Transient Collector

I found this on the Tribune intranet job listings. Can you imagine having this job? Hounding down people who don’t pay for their Chicago Tribune? ugh. Transient Collector: This position includes the collection and credit review of annual transient revenue in excess of $40 million; controlling the continuation of credit extension on all transient accounts, …

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