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Archive | July, 2003

TMS tradeshow

I thought the TMS tradeshow was today. It’s the annual company wide event where all the divisions and departments get together. Each section has their own table and they talk about what they do. I was to man our booth for an hour or so. But it’s not until wednesday

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aunt coming

Going home tomorrow, cuz my Aunt Carol is coming in from overseas (she’s on vacation this time of year). But my brother can’t come, cuz he’s got a wedding to go to. That’s bummer. But we’ll probably still play some croquet.

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big boats in chicago

Today some of the big boats are coming down the river from the lake (but not beyond the michigan ave bridge). There aren’t enough parking spots on lake michigan by navy pier, so they are parking some of the big fancy old boats on the river. I took some pics. But my camera has been […]

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bazer site update templates finished

I finished the templates for the Mark Bazer website, and after work today, I’ll be showing Mark the files and how to update his site. I have a feeling that it’s gonna take alotta time to show him everything. I would show you the beta of the site, but he wants me to keep it […]

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Mark Bazer website

Mark Bazer writes a funny humor column. He liked the job that I did for his sell sheet, so he asked me to design his website. Client: Mark Bazer (After I worked on the site, the current live site has changed signficantly design. Please view the original sample of my work below)%%2003markbazer_site_full.jpg]

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UFO Shooting Camera

UFO Shooting Camera

View this %%265-6561_IMG_400.jpg]image and answer this question: A) Does this toy shoot out discs that look like UFOs or B) Does this toy shoot discs at UFOs? inspired by mindbending power of the alien, David Rothkopf

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high school reunion callback

Called Heather back about the high school reunion. It was weird, cuz the phone rang like four times and I was expecting to leave a message. But there was a click and a pause, and I was like, “uh hello?” And she was all out of breath. Then her fax machine started to go off […]

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difference between British and American croquet

And then talking about the difference between British croquet and American croquet: “The point might be made: is not such American exuberance, and the harsh price it often exacts, preferable to what Max Shulman has called the “awfully finicky, nit-picking type” of British game? Woolcott [an American], who cunningly laid out his grounds beside a […]

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