Year: 2003

as little as you want

With raisinets I like how you can eat as much as you want. Only want a nibble? Then just take a few. But with a candy bar, it’s like you have to eat the whole thing. This has got to be a metaphor for something, i’m not sure what yet.

donuts vs. doughnuts

* doughnuts have dough. i.e. Dunkin’ Donuts (yes, ironic, it should be Dunkin’ Doughnuts)* donuts are those light airy donuts that have no dough. i.e. Krispy Kreme. They are called “donut”, because they “Do nuthing”.

the pipe conspiracy

Awhile ago, i pondered what’s the name for the | character? Now, I think there is a “|” conspiracy: it has no name it has no meaning it’s even spelled wrong on PC keyboards with the gap in the middle There’s gotta be some coverup on the | character. Thanks to DaynaGreen214 for the IM …

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art book club

I’m starting up an art book club to read books on art. Interested? Please join at:


time killer: I took all the numbers and capital letters to see what elements are the most popular. 1234567890QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMall (100%) 145ERTYUIPDFGHJKLBNMverticals (56%) 2356890QRUOPSDGJCBrounds (50%) 12457ERTIOPDFHLZhorizontals (44%) 247WYAKZXVMRNdiagonals (36%) 6890QROPDBclosed rounds (28%) 247Zdiagonal right only–no left (11%) RNdiagonal left only–no right (6%) thanks to Tom Saaristo for our initial IM conversation about this.


The thesaurus has no entry for the word “nothing“. How ironic.

Joe Lieberman’s Dark Side

Joe Lieberman is Darth Sidious (Emperor Paltpatine). Palpatine was an unassuming yet ambitious Senator in the Galactic Republic.Liebermann an unassuming yet ambtious Senator in the United States Government. Palpatine promised to reunite the disaffected, and bring order and justice to the government. Liebermann promised to reunite the disaffected, and bring order and justice to the …

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The new national craze

Electric Pencil Sharpening ClubsI started the first one here at work. I strongly encourage everyone to start their own chapter. Here’s the pencil sharpening quote of the day: “There’s a fine line between a sharp pencil and dull pencil.” ~Matt Maldre, 2003.

eagle on the moon

On the back of the Susan B. Anthony dollair coin is an image of a eagle on the moon! Wha-Wha-What? Is this crazy? 1) This eagle does not have a space helmet on to breath.2) This eagle could not have flown from earth to the moon, it’s just too far.


The 2nd law of thermodynamics states getting a larger fridge at work will mean that people will just jam it with even more food. This is also known as TheWeistro‘s Law. He’s the brains behind the law.

a good pairing

wear cherry chapstick and drink Dr. Pepper