Year: 2003

inverted christmas tree

January 7, 2003: It would be easier to hang Christmas ornaments on an upside-down tree, because none of the branches get in the way. ~conversation with John Weistroffer Wow, three years after this conversation and companies are actually now selling upside-down Christmas trees.

question mark

Where does the question mark start? From the dot moving up and into the curl? Or from the inside curl moving outward and down into the dot?

tricky soda pop companies

Having to look on the inside label, instead of under the cap, is very tricky by soda companies. It makes the drinker want to drink more fast, “did i win? did i win?”. The compeition for this one is: “Dr. Pepper Win a Spider-mand DVD. 1 of 100 Sony Home Theaters or Thousands of other …

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i wish i was a foosball man* shish-ka-bobbed to a pole* being spun head over heels* moving in perfect unison with the other players in my line


today’s date is 01/02/03

Comcast Customer Service illustration

A freelance project where I provided this illustration and some words on a platter. They wanted a hispanic call center man, and an African-American women in a hard hat. They were to add their own words to the platter and to the circle.